Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

17 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



AMMANFORD. We regret to leam of the indisposition of MI. W. Lock Smith, the magistrates' clerk. He was unable to be present at the last Police Court. I At the Mission Room, Arcade, an impor- tant lecture was delivered by Mr. A. Chidzoy, Swansea, the subject being Christ's Reign on Earth." There was a large gathering. The Association Club Selection fcommittee met on Monday night and selected the follow- ing team to oppose Skewen on Saturday at Ammanford:—Goal, Cudlip; full-backs, Bob Thomas and Shaw; half-backs, A. N. Other, Morgan, and Brinkworth; forwards, Popple, Parrot, Thomas, Twist, and C. Rees. The Rev. J. Lee, the resident minister of the Wesleyan Church, read a very weli- composed paper on The Methodist Hymn Book at the Wesley Guild on Thursday evening last. The Guild, which has recently been constituted for the benefit of the younger members of the church, has several interesting items to be presented during the winter session. At the Christian Temple, on Wednesday afternoon, the Rev. D. Tecwyn Evans, B.A., Birkenhead, delivered a powerful sermon. In the evening, the rev. gentleman delivered a very interesting lecture on Ann Griffiths, the Welsh Hymnologist." The chair was occupied by Mr. W. Cathan Davies, presi- dent of the local Free Church Council. There were large attendances both afternoon and evening. At the Public Hall, Tumble, on Saturday evening last, the Ammanford Choir gave ren- derings of Ar Doriad Dydd and God goeth up." There was a large audience, and the choir received a great ovation. Mr. Gwilym R. Jones conducted in his usual inimitable manner. During the evening, solo numbers were given by Madam Bessie Morris, Mr. W. T. Rees, Mr. W. T. Rhys, and Mr. T. J. Bowen (violin). Relvryskow, the world's champion wrestler, is attracting great crowds to the Palace this week. His challenge has been accepted on more than one occasion by local men. On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Mr. Jimmy Morris, a local athlete, gave an excellent ex- hibition, and was thrown in a time of 9 minutes 2 eeconds. This evening, Relwyskvw has offered and accepted a challenge to wrestle Mr. W. H. Crowe, of the Lucania Billiard Hall. This contest should prove an enormous attraction. At the Welsh Vegetable Show, held at Newport, Mon., last week, the winner of the Daily Herald Silver Challenge Shield for the best single exhibit was Mr. J. W. Jones, Tirydail Square. The event attracted a keen competition. The coveted prize had to be won out outright. Mr. Jones featured' 18 curate, the juckes commenting on the I uniqueness of the quality. The shield is valued £20, and was open to members of societies affiliated to the Monmouthshire Fede- ration of Allotment Holders' Associations.* The successful grower is a son of Mr. John Jones, also a well-known Amman Valley com- petitor. A notable fact is that Mr. Jones held back his collection from the other classes, to enable him to gain superiority in the more important section. One of the finest selection of artistes took part in a reception accorded to Priv. Teddy Morgan, of Maesyquaire Road, the last of the soldier-members to return to the Christian Temple. Priv. Morgan, it can be said, has served for a considerable period, and has seen active service in Mesopotamia and elsewhere. The vestry was well filled on Monday night, and the proceedings, over which the respected pastor, the Rev. D. Tegfan Davies, presided, was one of the most enthusiastic of events promoted by the church. A Gwaun-cae- gurwen party attended, and provided a capital programme of songs and recitations. These artistes included the renowned Madame Ceinwen Morris-Thomas, Miss Sarah Evan6, Miss Jennie Evans (Gamant), Mr. Howells, a prominent baritone, and Miss Mayveril Jones, a capable elocutionist. Mi. Gwilym R. Jones very ably accompanied. A general meeting of the Ammanford and District Allotment and Gardeners' Association was held on Saturday evening last, when it was decided to hold a horticultural showto- wards the end of August, 1920. It was decided, in addition, that the Urban Council be approached with the view of exercising their powers under the Land Settlements (Facilities) Act. The effect of these pro- vision* is that, failing acquisition by agree- ment, it will only be necessary for the Coun- cil to make a compulsory order, and then it would be possible for them to take possession of land on the expiration of fourteen days' notice. The question of running an Allot- ment and Gardeners' Association candidate for the next Urban Council election was under discussion. The secretary if Mr. S. Jones, Duffryn Stores, Tirydail Square, who would be glad if other secretaries of similar shows proposed to be held in the district would communicate with him, enclosing dates, so that there will be no clashing of interests.

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