Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

4 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



"ICAl (JF CHARGES. The only way to Reach the People in these Districts is to Advertise in the Chronicle. Special Quotations for Tradesmen' s Advertisements. Auctioneer*' Advertisement* 3d. per line. Legal, Municipal, and Public Noticei 6d. Parliamentary Notice. 9d. „ Paragraph Advertisements amongst New. 6d. „ Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 20 Words, 1/6; and 3d. for each 8 additional words. Miscellaneous Wants, For Sales, To Lets, 21 Words for 1/ 3d. for every addi- tional 8 words. Three Insertions for 2/ Small Advertisements, unless prepaid, will be charged 6d. per line. All Orders and Money must be addressed: AmmAN VALLEY CHRONICLE." QUAY STREET, AMMANFORD. Prepaid Advertisements. GROCER Y Assistant or Haulier, five years' experience in Trade, wants Situation; Ammanford or near.—Apply X., Chronicle Office, Amman ford. FOR SALE.-Typical Welsh Mountain Pony, 2629 (W.S.B.) Governess Car, and Harness complete.—F or price and parti- culars, apply Samways, Maesybont, Llan- debie. 11 for 1/ Four pigs which each had I three Karswood Pig Powders weekly put on 18-lbs. more weight in one week than tour pigs same age, on same food, without Karswood Pig Powders. Penny each.- W. J. Wilkins, Chemist, Gwaun-cae-gurwen. E-Y-ERY MOLASSINE DOG CAKE wags a tail. In 6d. packets and 7-lbs. bags. Recommended by the Cwmgorse and District Industrial^Co-operative Society, Ltd., Gwaun-cae-gurwen. 8 HENS LAID 1,872 EGGS in 12 months when fed with MOLASSINE LAYING MEAL. Yours can do as well. Recom- mended by the Cwmgorse and District Indus- trial Co-operative Society, Ltd., Gwaun-cae- gurwen. CHOICE Apples and Pears for Sale, direct from Orchard; 5d. per lb. delivered.— Williams, MoorcrofV Minster- worth, Gloucester. Yr OUNG Man requires Lodgings in Ammanford; Sitting Room preferred. —Apply Clerk," Chronicle Office, Aford. BEGINNER bought four small rough store pigs at 5/- each, used Karswood Pig Powders as directed, and in five months they realised £30 You can do the same. Penny each, twelve for 1/ From John James & Son, Gwalia. Stores, Bettws. £ 1 for I Foux pigs which each had three Karswood Pig Powders weekly put on ISlbs. more weight in one week than four pigs same age, on same food, without Karswood Pig Powders. Penny each. From E. Evans, Chemist, Ammanford. K ARS WOOD Poultry Spice will not Knock eggs out of hens fed on sawdust, but that it will largely increase egg average of birds reasonably fed is beyond dis- pute. Contains ground insects. 2 £ d., Jad., 1/3. Sold by E. Evans, Chemist, Amman- ford. TJ RACTICAL PROOF of the value of NosrROLINF, Nasal Specific awaits every victim of Nasal Catarrh, Influenza, Head Colds and Sore Throat who will give it a trial. Use it daily for health and com- fort of nose and throat. Of leading Chemists everywhere 1/3 (by post 1/5). Sold by W. L. Y. Bye, Quay Street; E. Evans, 1, College Street; D. J. M. Jones, Quay Street, Ammanford; J. W. Evans, Garnant; W. J. Wilkins, Gwaun-cae-gurwea;, Jonah Jones, Pharmacist, Llandilo. Rabbits Rabbits! Rabbits! 10,000. I WILD RABBITS Wanted weekly. Con- tracts made throughout the season empties and labels supplied. Also all kinds of Poultry and Game. Write for particulars to B. B. King, Wholesale Produce Mer- chant, 217, Munster Road, Fulham, London, S.W. 6. APPLICATIONS for Agencies to Sell The Amman Valley Chronicle in the Villages of East Carmarthenshire should be forwarded to the Manager, Amman Valley Chronicle Office, Quay Street, Ammanford. Public Notices. LLYNLLECHOWAIN, Ger GORSLAS. Cynhelir EISTEDDFOD Yn y lie uchod SADWRN, Mehefin 19,1920 MILO, LLANDEBIE. Cynhelir EISTEDDFOD yn y He uchod DYDD SADWRN, Tachwedd 29ain, 1919. Testynau Gwobr. Piif Ddarn—Cor Cymysg, ddim dan 25, "0 na Wawriai" (Dl. Jones,Ammanford). Medala £ 3 Her Unawd (Agored). Medal a 10/6 Prif Adroddiad, "Cymru Anwyl" (yn Gymraeg) (Codi'r HroyI) 10/6 Gellir cael Rhagleni oddiwrth yr Ysgrifenydd, Pris, t c.; drwy'r Post, lie. GWILYM STEPHENS, Llwyndu, Milo, LIandebie. Public Notices. PUBLIC HALL, TUMBLE. Cynhelir Eisteddfod Gadeiriol SADWRN; IONAWR iofed, 1920. Testynau:- 1. Cor Meibion "The Pilgrims" Y.20 (Dr. Parry). 2. Cor Cymysg Bydd Melus Cofio" Y-10 (halaw). 3. Cor Plant Over the Fields of Clover" S.4 2nd Prize, 12. 4. Pryddest: M Onid Hwn yw y Saer? (Dim dros ddau cant o linellau). Gwobr, Cadair Dderw a £ 1/1/ Rhaglenu yn barod yn fuan-Pris 2g. Y sgrifenyddion: Mr. J. Rees Davies, 30, Railway Terrace, Tumble. Tum b le. Mr. E. R. R. Lewis, Gorslea," Tumble. Cefneithyn, ger Cross Hands Cynhelir yr Ail Eisteddfod Gadeiriol yn y lie uchod air Ddydd Sadwrn, Mai 22ain, 1920 Prif-destynau: Cor Cymysg Efe a Ddaw" £ 20 (T. Price). Parti Meibion, Pererinion 1-20 (Dr. Parry). Pryddest Cadair Dderw Hardd. Traethawd ;E]/]/o Y sgrifenyddion: Mr. Robert Jones, Penybanc, Cefneithin, Cross Hands. Mr. Willie James, Bryn Araul, Cefneithyn, Cross Hands. Ammanford and District Allotment & Gardeners' A t. Association Will hold their HORTICULTURAL SHOW the End of August, 1920. Will Secretaries send their dates, to prevent clashing of interests, to- S. JONES, Duffryn Stores, Tirydail Square, Ammanford. Sales by Auction. TIRGOITRE TRAPP, LLANDILO (Distant about 1 i Miles from Derwydd Road Station) SALE OF VALUABLE LIVE STOCK, GREEN CROP, IMPLEMENTS, &c. Mr. THOMAS JENKINS (Formerly Messrs. Danl. Jenkins & Sons) HAS been favoured with instructions from Mr. David Thomas to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place, on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25th, 1919, the whole of the STOCK, GREEN CROP, IMPLEMENTS, &c., Consisting of STOCK.-2 young Milch Cows in full profit, 3 Yearling In-calf Heifers, I pure- bred Shorthorn Bull Calf, 1 Four-year-old Collier Horse (good worker), I large Open Sow, 10 strong Store Pigs, 1 Nanny Goat, good Sheep Bitch, and a number of Geese and Poultry. GREEN CROP.—About 2 Acres of well- grown Swedes, 2 Tons of Mangolds, and 1 Ton of Magnum Bonum and King Edward Potatoes. IMPLEMENTS. I Round cornered Rubber-tyred Governess Car (equal to new), I useful Gig, I 2-Horse Mowing Machine, ) Haymaker, Swing Plough, Chain Harrow, I Set of Pony Trap Harness, Shaft and Leading ditto, Gent's Saddle and Bridle, Barrel Churn, Giller and Prints, and many other Articles. Sale to commence at 2.30 o'clock. Credit on Conditions. The Shop, Gwaun-cae-gurwen, September 29th, 1919. TRAPP, LLANDILO. SALE OF STOCK, GREEN CROP, &c. Mr. THOMAS JENKINS (Formerly Messrs. Daniel Jenkins & Sons) H AS been favoured with instructions from Mr. Thomas Williams to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1919, the following STOCK, GREEN CROP, &c., consisting of STOCK.-3 Yearling Heifers, 2 Yearling Steers, 11 Store Pigs, 1 Baconer, and 1 Nanny Goat. GREEN CROP.—About 2 Acres of well- grown Swedes, 4 Tons of Mangolds, and 2 Tons of Scotch Magnum Bonum Potatoes (which will be sold in Lots to suit Pur- chasers) Also 40-Gallon Oil Tank (equal to new), I Sheep Rack (equal to new), and Sack Weighing Machine and Weights. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock. Credit on Conditions. The Shop, Gwaun-cae-gurwen, October 13th, 1919. FREE TO LADIES. Free to Ladles. Wise women should write jmmediately for Free Sample of the Triumph Treatment and "The Manual of Wisdom." All irregularities cured without Medicine b ur New Method. Success Guaranteed in every Baa*. Acts nstantly where all else has failed. So why worry ? The Manageress: L8 BRASSEUR SURGICAL Co. Ltd., (Dept. V.M.), N AlS,Woroaatep St> Birmingham Works-Passy-Paris, Fritnce. Sales by Auction. Pcnpiieol, j CAERBRYN, LLANDEBIE (Distant about 2 Miles from Llandebie Station). *9 L SALE OF VALUABLE LIVE STOCK, HAY, &c. Mr. D. L. THOMAS XT AS been favoured with instructions from ? Mr. T. Lewis to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place, on THURS- DAY, OCTOBER 30th, 1919, the follow- ing Valuable STOCs- CROP, HAY, &c., comprising 4 HEAD OF CATTLE.—2 Milch Cows in full profit (due to Calve early in 1920), and Heifer and CaM. 4 HORSES.—1 Three-year-old Bay Cart Mare, about 15 h.h. I Five-year-old strong Dark Bay Cart Horse, about 16 h.h. (reliable workers in any Harness) r Two-year-old Chestnut Filly (very promising) and 1 hand- some Two-year-old Light Chestnut Cob, 13 h.h. 3 strong Bacon PIGS and 12 Head of POULTRY. The CROP consists of about 15 Tons of well-harvested AY in excellent condition, together with 1 Mow- ing Machine. Sale tg commence at 3 o'clock sharp. Credit on Conditions. •Auctioneer's Office, 2, High Street, Llandebie. IVORITES' HALL, AMMANFORD. SALE OF VERY USEFUL AND PRACTICALLY NEW FURNITURE. Mr. J. OWEN PARRY, F.S.I., AS been favoured with instructions from H Mr. Sam Jenkins to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place, on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28th, 1919, the following HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND OTHER EFFECTS, consisting of DARK ROSEWOOD UPRIGHT GRAND PIANO, by eGeGrge Rogers; Piano StJDol, DINING ROOM (QUEEN ANNE STYLE) SUITE, conjisting of Green Plush 2 Devant Chairs, Settft and 4 Chairs; 4ft. Oak Sideboard, Dining Room Table with Extension Leaf Leather Couch, Berkeley Chair, Oak Scuttle, Oak Tray, Bamboo Occasional Table, Flower Stand (Inlaid), Basket Chair, 6 Study Chairs (Inlaid), CARVED OAK BEDROOM SUITE, consisting of 5ft. Wardrobe, Bedstead with Spring Mattress complete, Dressing Table, Washstand and Chairs; Toilet Ware, another Oak Bedstead with Spring Mattress, also complete; Arm Chair, 6 Kitchen Chairs, Brass Kitchen Fender, 2 Bedroom Fenders, Kitchen Table, Clothes Horse, Buckets and other Sundry Kitchen Utensils, &c. Also a RALEIGH LADY'S BICYCLE in good condition. The Furniture will be on view at the Hall on the day of the Sale from noon. Sale to commence at 3.30 sharp. Terms- Cash. 15, College Street, Ammanford. SARON, LLANDEBIE. Sale of Very Desirable, Good Class, and Conveniently Situated Freehold Dwelling Houses and Gardens. Mr. J. OWEN PARRY, F.S.I., HAS been favoured with instructions from Mr. Job Davies to Offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the COLLIERS' ARMS, SARON, on MONDAY, NOVEM- BER 3rd, 1919, at 4.30 p.m. (subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then and there produced), the following Very Desirable and Conveniently Situated (in close. proximity to the New Saron1 Colliery) Freehold PROPERTIES, viz. LOT ].-All that conveniently and well- built Dwelling House and Garden, in the occupation of Mr. DL Rees as a monthly tenant. LOT 2.—All that conveniently and well- built Dwelling Housa and Garden, in the occupation of Mr. Eclvvd. Jones as a monthly tenant. LOT 3.- All that CO nveniently and well- I built Dwellig l-bu, and Garden, in the occupation of Mr. Herbert Jones as a monthly tenant. LOT 4.—All that conveniently and vveIl-1 milt Dwelling Hous? and Garden, in the C M I h 1] occupation of Mr. Isaac Griffiths as a monthly tenant. LOT 5.—All chat conveniently and weil- buiit Dwelling House and Garden, in the occupation of Mr. John Davies as a monthly tenant. LOT 6.—A Pair of Bungalows and Gar- dens, in the occupation of Messrs. Benjamin Evans and John Anthony as monthly tenants. LOT 7.—A Pair of Bungalows and Gar- dens, in the occupation of Messrs. John Davies and George Wcodgale. Mines and Minerals Reserved. The Auctioneer begs to draw special atten- tion to these most Conveniently Situated FREEHOLDS, and the excellent oppcr- tunity here offered to persons desirous of possessing Good Class Property of this nature, and which will, no doubt, prove a Soud Investment. Further Particulars and Conditions of Sals may be obtained from Mi. E. Shirley Lewis, Solicitor, Llandilo or from the Auctioneer at his Office, College Street, Ammanford. Forthcoming Events. Oct. 29.-Palace Theatre, Ammanford: High- class Concert. Oct. 28.—Palace Theatre, Ammanford: Grand Benefit Concert. Nov. 4.—Jerusalem Chapel, Penygroes: Lec- ture under auspices of Y.M.C.A. by Rev. W. R. Harvey, London. Nov. 13.-Bryn Seion, Glanamman: Grand Organ and Pianoforte Recital. Dec. 6.—Peniel, Caerbryn: Grand Eistedd- fod. Dec. 15.-Palace Theatre, Ammanford: Grand Complimentary Concert to Mr. Geo. A. Thomas, L.L.C.M. Dec. 19.-Palace Theatre, Ammanford: Grand Concert. Dec. 25.—Christian Temple, Ammanford: Annual Organ Recital. Dec. 26 (Boxing Day) .-Church Hall, Carmel: Third Annual Eisteddfod. Dec. 27.-St. Edmund's Church, Tycroes: Annual Sale of Work and Christmas Tree. ORDER OF THE DISPOSAL BOARD OF THE FOOD PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT OF THE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES. Lis Carmarthenshire Agricultural Executive Committee lave arranged the following HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALES OF VALUABLE FORD CORRIES, .TRACTORS, TRACTOR PLOUGHS, THRESHING MACHINES, BINDERS, and other AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, together with a Large Quantity of SPARE PARTS for Titan and Fordson Tractors, and various makes of Tractor Ploughs.. v At Crosshairs, Llaaybyilier, OCT. 27, 1919, at 2-30 o'clock prompt. Auctioneers: Messrs. EVANS BROS., Llanybyther. 1 Titan, 1 Saunderson, and 9 Fordson Tractors. 9 Oliver 2-f., 2 Howard 2-f., and 2 Cockshutt 3-f. Tractor Ploughs. 2 Deering, 1 McCormick, and 6 Climax Binders. 2 Clayton and Shuttleworth 3ft. 6in. Threshing Boxes. 1 Tractor double-disc Harrow (Wallace). I Mower with Reaping Attachment (W. A. Wood) At Wiiitland, October 31st, 1919, at 2 o'clock prompt. Auctioneer: Mr. DAVID DAVIES, Maengwyn, Clynderwen. 4 Fordson Tractors. 5 Oliver 2-f. self-lift, and 2 Cockshutt 3-f. Tractor Ploughs. I Deering, 2 McCormick, and 3 Climax Binders. 1 Tractor double-disc Harrow (Wallace). At Town Mart, Llandilo, November 3rd, 1919, at 2-30 o'clock prompt. Auctioneers: Messrs. W. & W. JAME.S, Llangadock and Swansea. I Titan Tractor, and 3 Fordson Tractors. 3 Oliver 2-f. self-lift, 2 Howard 2-f., and 1 Cockshutt 3-f. Tractor Ploughs. 2 Climax, I Deering, and I McCormick Binders. 2 Mowers with Reaping Attachments (by Edlington & Woods). 1 Tractor double-disc Harrow (Wallace) I Horse Plough (Attwood). At The Cattle Market, Carmarthen, Nov. 8th, 1919, at 12-30 o'clock prompt. Auctioneer: Mr. T. BEVAN ARTHUR, King Street, Carmarthen. 7 Ford Lorries, 20 h.p., 1917 Models. 3 Overtime, 3 Titan, 2 Saunderson, and 10 Fordson Tractors. 3 Howard 2-f., 4 Cockshutt 3-f., 1 Ransome 3-f., and 10 Oliver 2-f. Tractor Ploughs. 7 McCormick, 6 Deering, and 7 Climax Binders. 2 Clayton and Shuttleworth 3ft. 6in. Threshing Boxes. 3 Lion Single-furrow, and 2 Lion Double-furrow Horse-drawn Ploughs. I Zig-Zag Harrow (Homer). 1 lMower with Reaping Attachment (Edlington). Also a Large Quantity of SPARE PARTS for Titan and Fordson Tractors and various makes of Tractor Ploughs, including Rolling Coulters, Knife Coulters, Stalks and Clips; useful Oliver Plough Parts; also large quantity of Oliver, Howard, and Lion Ploughshares; 2 dozen Titan Sparking Plugs (new); Titan Valves, Valve Springs, and Mixer Body Parts; Titan Malin and Crank Pin Bearings; Pair of Titan Front Wheels; 6 Fordson Governors (new); etc., etc. Agricultural Offices, 'St. Mary Street, Carmarthen. NOTICE. ALTERATIONS IN SAMKiNB HOURS. On and after SATURDAY, November 1st, 1919, The HOURS OF BUSINESS of all the Banks at AMMANFORD On SATURDAYS will be 9 to 12 o'clock noon, instead of 9-30 a.m. to 12-30 p.m. as heretofore. WEEK DAYS-The HOURS OF BUSINESS will be 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. as at present. -1 £ Painless.. Extractions By Lady Operator. Over 10 Years' Practical Experience. 7 Artificial TEETH without discomfort Best Quality Teeth and Best Materials only used. J. Henry Lister's Teeth are noted for their Natural Appearance and Perfect Fit. Mr. & Mrs. J. H. LISTER, Dental Specialists, 7, GREENFIELD VILLAS (Near Greenfield Chapel), LLIANETILIY. ATTEND- AMMANFORD at Mr. GRIFFITHS, 40, College Street (Opposite Co-operative Stores). MONDAYS-11 a.m. to 7 p.m. WEDNESDAYS—9 a.m. to 12 Morning. SATURDAYS—11 a.m. to 7 p.m. GARNANT at Miss M. JONES, Mountain View. TUESDAYS-12 to 6 p.m. CWMGORSE at Mrs. PRICE, Gate Street. WEDNESDAYS-1 to 6 p.m. < f NOTICE to PUBLIC. Radio. Active Saline Water. 3 FAMOUS BRECONSHIRE MINERAL WATERS. f J Recommended by the Medical Profession for the relief and cure of 5 ? Liver and Stomach Disorders, Kidney Complaints, Rheumatism, Gout, J Lumbago, Sciatica, Over- Fatness, Fatty Heart, etc. r r :A Restorative and Preventative for Influenza. j Ji The Water is Guaranteed to be drawn at the Highland Moor Spa, ill Llandrindod. *t V The Water is proved by Analysis to contain-Chlorate of Sodium, "J f Carbonate of Calcium, Sulphate of Soda, Iron Salts, Lithium and "t Jj Barium Magnesium, Chlorate, etc. S; Supplied at 4d. per pint. Bring your own Jars. V c Why use Patent Medicines when "I you can have Nature's own. < V To be obtained from Edwards & Sons, J 1, MORGAN ROAD, Ammanford. J* J Distributing Agents for South Wales. ? ? AGENTS WANTED THROUGHOUT THE DISTRICT. 5 Scholastic. Old College School, Carmarthen. (Facing Beautiful Vale of Towy) Ideal Institution for Direct Preparation and Great Production. I BOARDERS KEPT. GIRLS ADMITTED. IERMS MODERATE. SUCCESSES OF ONE SESSION, 1918-19. C.M. Training College Certilicate-( l). College of Preceptors,-(24). Shorthand-(6); (4) Preliminary; (1) Theory (I) Speed Certificate; Book- keeping— (!). Theological Preliminary—(4). Calvmisiic Methodist—(l). Clerkship-Typewriting inclusive-(4). TOTAL. 37. DUTIES RESUMED SEPTEMBER 2nd. After September 2nd, New Pupils Registered at any time, and charged pro rata. Prospectuses may be had on application to the HEAD MASTER. lU.:t. I ACKNOWLEDGMENT. I, WILLIE O. LOWE, on behalf of my Wife and myself, respectfully beg to thank the friends and inhabitants of Cwmamman for their kind assistance and sympathy, also floral tributes tendered to us, during our recent sad bereavement.

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