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THE OMNIBUS. I IThin Seen and Heard by the Condactor.II Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. There is to be another treat At the Palace shortly. Look out for it. ? It is not often that singing has a sickening effect, but we know of instances. Farmers are striking men, so it tran- spired at the Mart on Monday last. » The vounj s bowler came in for a I share of the world's oppression when he sat on it. Packed houses are the result of challenges accepted by local men at the Palace this week. ? ? The hint given with reference to the missing table at our Council meetings has had the desired effect. Replying to a correspondent, we suppose the Americans call money dough because everybody needs (kneads) it. ? A Cardiff daily heads a paragraph, Plan to divide Turkey." We wish they would 'ie -I'L ey. I d?I f Ir t-?e ey"t until Christmas. The East Carmarthen District Council of ex-Service men propose acquiring a gun- carriage, to be centrally situated. ? ? ? Fourteen persons, so it was recorded at the last Police Court, lived in the same house at Ammanford. A r(h)ousi"g proposition. A witness mournfully exclaimed at the Police Court that her furniture was all over the place. The area was not exactly out- lined. ? Mr. Hugh Williams, solicitor, Llandilo, made his last appearance ai the Ammanford Police Court on Monday last. He leaves shortly for Birmingham. 0 ? ? One of the strangest things in this world is how much furniture, costs to buy, and how cheap it looks when it is being moved from one house to another. ? ? A record, number of students, male and female, are attending the Evening and Mining Classes at Tycroes this year. Over 70 students have been enrolled. Solicitor for the defence: I uphold that a tomato, however well aimed, could not have caused a black-eye. The Plaintiff: But it were in a tin, yer honour." An inquisitive member of the Council created considerable merriment when he en- quired if the local Food Control Committee were in receipt of strike pay." Councillor W. J. Esmond, J.P., must have felt proud when he was accost.ed by a farm woman on one of the railway platforms in this strain: You are the working man's friend. A casual correspondent wants to know who was the prominent Valley scribe who, having more Shakespeare than passwords on his brain, quite absent-mindedly entered a lodge. and blurted out: Friends, Romans, country- raen," &c.? Ambition, confidence and determination are the three qualities that lead infallibly to great success. Ambition that says I must! Confidence that says I can! Deter- mination that says I will! And the last is the rarest of these. The local income-tax collector complained at the Ammanford Police Court cm Monday that a statement he had made in reference to theabatement to which discharged soldiers were entitled had got into the Press, and had been misconstrued, so that he had been given no end of trouble. The remedy is .obvious: II; should make statements that illumine and not those that befog. Our Office Boy related to use the follow- inv yarn. A local butcher's boy was sent to deliver meat at a lonely house, and was pinned to the wail by die watchdog. After h' S S i oUtS a while, his shouts brought out the lady, who released him ana asked if he was bitten. "Oh, no, said the boy, I kept him off by giving him some suet. You were just in time to save the beef." The train from Llandilo was nearing the end of its journey, but the amateur politician was still busy. Gentlemen, he was say- ing, the Amman Valley is rapidly going to the dogs. What was our position a few years ago? Why, at the top of the tree. But where are we now? I say again—where are we now? And the man in the corner who had been gently dozing suddenly awoke up and replied: Tiryuail, sir." ? ? A local sportsman of a great imaginative gift told how one day he bagged two part- ridges and a rabbit. His explanation was that, though he hit only one bird: the part- ridge in falling had clutched at another part- ridge and brought that to earth entangled in its claws. But how about the rabbit? he was asked. "Oh!" was the calm reply, my gun kicked and knocked me backward.. and I fell on the rabbit as it passed A good story is going the rounds in the top of the Valley just now respecting a minis- terial student- who had occasion to preach from an old-fashioned pulpit five feet deep in a remote comer of the Principality. Short of sta' ure, only the top of his pate was visible to the congregation. In loud tones he ] gave his text as I am the Light of the World." Ah, ah, sonny," drawled a yokel in th3 relit, .bui d git up yer wick a little, if ye don t moind." During # the late Mr. T. During ? leisure ?'?. the late Mr. T. Ll. Morg11, Medical Hall, Llandovery, stayed at Llwynwonnwood "Park, a beautiful mansion and grounds, situate about three miles from the Ancient Borough. On the lake there used to ply to and fro several swans. The, however, disappeared one day, and their remains were found a few years later in a M-sn some distance away. They had died from starvation. The lake, so it transpired, had overflowed its banks, due to a heavy downfall of rain, and resulted in the swans being carried away. Two Brynamman men were responsible for rather an amusing story recently. They both journeyed over the Black Mountain to pur- chase butter. They spotted a likely farm in the distance, and eventually approached the head of the house. On being asked if the precious commodity was in being at the home- stead, she declined to answer. One of the pals then, it is stated, offered the good 4 woman as much as 5s. for a pound of butter. She accepted and was paid. The other pal then offered the same terms, and was given the butter. He did not pay for it, to the 1 indignationof the farmer's wife, but coolly remarked: You have been paid for it by my pal. The control price is 2s. 6d." There is I no rdon for the rumour that the woman ) collapsed.

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