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t ?t???????????????????t????????????????????????????? ? B ? ? ??MNHf m I M???B?? r? Mjr["&? S??'QK!EC'!t!E <?Lf°?sBB !E*H* '??S?StM?S ?? S 4eM S&<BM ub<M ?M? B !H r" a Nt '<??? ? ? ?TESV?B? S&<a? JMr ?S? ? Br —? -? ———————======———————————— ————— _——.—————======———————— ?< ? ? ) ? W! make a present of a Pa:r of Leather g? ? Gloves worth 12/6 as a g ? ?L??/ vXMv?/t AA? S c ? Gt? FTC"T "r' ? ? L?"????) ?o every Customer buymg an Overcoat ? ? ? ? before Xmas, vatue 69/- or over. ? J GRAND SELECTION J ? ?r\) '?\/7'r1" rK ? ? ? A T' C!)' ? ?1s!? !i!? I ? ?? t V ILi?t ?tv)) n A i a ?? ?/. -j???\j M? ? ? In Tweeds, Naps, Coverts & Black Vicunas. jJ JJ I Excepli.onal Good Value..@ ? HERE is your OPPORTUNITY. TAKE it. o>J! J 16 and Is. EARL V. i LEVEN_ON 'S, HI a::ET.AMMANFORD. i Ð a P S.—Special Sale of Ladies' Millinery, Coats & Furs NOW ON. â e ? aa LIFE OF WORRY. :E-I V? There is nothing which 'causes more Worry, Trouble. Anxiety, Irritation, and Pain than Ailmlts of the SKIN. FLESH. BONE AND JOINTS Immediate Relief is obtained if you only u.'<<* COMER'S PALM. My !eg was very bad for a long time, Burning Pa-in a!mo<tt un- bearable, until I used COMER'S BALM,' which at once ejned the pam and very soon cured me. Comer's Balm is now well totowo throughout the land a$ the most useful and successful yemedy. TJSJS for All kinds of Skin Rash. Sore*. Wounds, Ulcers, Muts, BunM. Sca!da, Excoriations, AbrastOM, Bad Legs. Varicose Veins. Goex-!ts ;lEr-rctlix-t for Eczema, Breakings-out in Children < Heads. Ringworm. GaUiuga, Irritt- tions, ttchings, in Women <md Children. Ba11n' for Pi!es, Scurvy, Inflamed ConM, Bunions, and Gouty Joints, Rhcu matic Limbs, Stiff Join. Lumbago THIS VALUABLE REMEDY SHOULD BE KEPT AND USED IN EVERY HOME. It will soon put on end <o aM Worry. Ask for "COMER'S BAL\ Md <ee that the name in fu!! is jn the Box, also the name of JACOB HUGHES," without which none !s genuine. Sold by Chemists and Stores at 1/3. 3/ 5/- (inc!uding War Tax). or send 1/4, 3/2, or 5/3 (in <tamp< or postal order) to Maker— Jacob Hughes, M.P.S.. L.D.S., MANUFACTURING CMM!ST. PENARTH. Cardif. ¡}$,d. THE Ford car can wel! be called ? the people's car," because there are more than 3,000,000 of them in daily operation. That is about four to one of the nearest follower m the motor car industry. This would not be so if the Ford car had not for six- f teen years proved its superiority in service, .in durability, and in the low cost for operation and maintenance. FORD TOURING CAR, ;E250. at Works, Manchester. DAVID JONES & SONS, AUTHORISED FORD DEALERS, AMMANPORD. Tetegrmme The Gmraxe. Ammanford. Telephone: 32 Ammanford. ORDER EARLY Your Xmas Cakes and Mince Pies at <?m? T p r JL T1r? ???Tr 1? Pastrycook, Confectioner, IL JL?.L? and Caterer, Tennis View Restaurant, 16 & 18, College Street, AmmaBtord. Wedding & Birthday Cakes a Speciality. I SPECIAL NOTICE. j ( Hundreds of Hopeless Cases have been Cured by I I Why suffer from Asthma, Bronchitis, Colds, Coughs, Innuenza l (Catarrh of Head, Nose. and Chest), Indigestion, Liver & Kidney I troubles. Gravel, Dropsy, Backache, PHes, Fits, St. VItus' Dance, i Sciatica, Rheumatism, Gout, Deafness, Wasting Disease, Nervous j ? DebIUty, Stin Jomts. Skin Diseases, Ulcers, Wound?, Itch, Eczema, Tape Worms & Stomach Worms, Anaemia, Heart troubles, etc. ? j Dear Sufferer, If affected by either or any of the above f Complaints, don t give up hope as incurable before Consulting Pfof. t l PRICE, Specialist on Nature's Remedy in Curing Disease. I I Note Only Address— I i Prof. T. W. PMCE, i D.M.T., M.H., F.B.LM.S.. M.A.C.S., I Lucania Buitdings, Stepney Street, LLANELLY. I. Tradesmen's Announcements. GLOBE Boot, Shoe, and Ciog Stores, College St., Ammanfont. ALF. WILLIAMS. The Noted House for ALL KtNDS OF FOOTWEAR. Boot Repatr!ng Neatly Executed. BeaMtify the Home Dainty Mats, Comfortable Rugs, Choice Patterns In Linoleums, Carpets, Hand some Mirrors, Bedsteads, Bedding, Wire Mattresses. Overtays. FURNITURE of every description manufactured on the Premises. Pianos, Organs, and other Musica! Instruments. H. TARR, 71, Wind St., AMMANFORD. The JtBMMt! Mey fmMshma SterM. Scho!ast!c. Old College School, Carmarthen. (Facing Beautiful Vaie of Towy). Ideal Institution for Direct Pyeporafton and Great Production. Every pupil being taught the subjects future purposes require. Particulars available on application to the Headmaster, Rev. J. B. THOMAS, Under- graduate London University; Open Exhibi- tioner Cardiff University; First Prizeman at Trevecca College in Classics and Mathe- matics Holder 10 Certificates South Ken- sington First Class and Honours m Chemistry. Staff: Qualified Dispenser. Pupils registered at any time charged pro rata. ADIES.. CAUTER'S FAMOUS PILL5 Are without doubt the best temedy eTM offered tor Fenude Weaknesses and Inregu- larities. Supersede Pit Coctua Pennytoya!. Htem, Ptcra, &c., and Me Stzoag, S&re, Sure, and Speedy. Pnce, oc<ier cove*, !/3 and 3/ extta atroog, 5/ poataee. 3d.— R. M. BALDWIN & CO.. Herb DNI St<Me<, Electnc Pa<rade. HoUoway, London. Ladte< own Herbal Gu<d<' *m receipt ct daee <tamp<. ? "WeH, my boy, I've done the best t can for you!" TT TNLESS you make provision now to give him, as IU he grows up, a sound education—business train- )( ? ing, technicat training, professional training, as II the case may be-you won't be able to took your boy In I' the face, and say, I've done my best-it's up to you now, my son, to make good A good training will double your boy's chances of success in Mfe he deserves it-you want him to have it. Make steady provision now for the expenses which will come later. Set aside a little each week, or each month, and invest it in Savings Certincates. Then. when you need it, the money will be at hand. with this difference-that for every fifteen shiilings and sixpence you leave in for ten years you wili be able to draw out One Pound Six Shillings. } c..JèERTIFICATES 06fat't!aMe through a SA VINGS ASSOCIA TION. or from any .ConA. Money Order Post Office or Official Agent, Or you can buy them by tM.!<(!/Me7:<s &]/ <M&t'np at ntty Post Office for 6d. Savin Stamps and a card (fru) on whirh to %tick f hem. f <'c, i,c, \)1 TOYS Of all Description. u4 Largest Assortment in the VaMey. J. W. THOMAS, Arcade, AMMANFORD. L .,V.i:> 'i' ¡: WHEN YON BNY A PIANO NAVE THE BEST. Thompson & Sbackell, Ltd., Invite iMpeetion of their Sptendid Stock of BRITISH MAME PIANOS OF WORLD WIDE FAME, Including LMtrumentt by the following Celebrated M&ken:— JOHN BRtNSMEAD & SONS, CHALLEN & SONS, J. & J. HOfKtNSON, J. H. CROWLEY, AJELLO & SONS, BROADWOOD PIANO-PLAYERS MOORE & MOORE, JUSTtNE BROWNE, CRAMBR & COMPANY, COLLARD & COLLARD, And otbato toontimetous to mentton. UNSURPASSED FOR TONE. TOUCH. AND ELEGANCE OF DESIGN. All Piano* Wtrnmted. and ExctMLngcd if not tpptoved. FULL VALUE ALLOWED FOR OLD PIANOS IN EXCHANGE. 25, QUEEN STREET, &gs: 60, Stepney Street, LLANELLY. THE NEXT T!ME you have an attack of indigestion, biliousness, sick headache, acidity or ? flatulence, try Beecham's Pills. This famous medicine is recognised as ? a safe, sure and speedy remedy for digestive disorders and for ? i constipation. Do not run the risk of aggravating your complaint by ? taking little known preparations of which the value is in doubt. The ? medicine which has proved efficacious in countless cases of bowel and ? and stomach trouble is surely the medicine for you. Therefore do ? not hesitate— TAKE BEECHAM'S PtLLS. Sold everywhere in boxes, lyelled Is-3d and Js-M. PRINTING. OF EVERY DESCRIPTION DONE At TBE ? Amman VaUey Chronide" Office,


Hedging-Not Batting.