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I Mvdd? jo f^^T^ffflwyr iWt ft I»M| fc >j: w mAlp m Every spoonful is a source of joy and pleasure. Jam to be really good must be made from Fresh Whole Fruit at the season when the fruit is at its best, and thus retain the wholesome juices and delicate flavour of the fruit. That is the reason why KYDD'S JAMS are so superior to others, they appeal to you immediately you taste Ihem. ASK YGUn SMCEa fOR KYDD' I MM. KYDD & KYDD, FRUIT PRESERVERS, FRODSHAM, CHESHIRE YN EISIAU. WA,NTED, at once, a SKIRT HAND IMPROVE R.-Applv, Davies, 6, St. .David's Road, Carnarvon. WANTED, A smart man, ineligible i v'w for the Army, as ASSISTANT.— Apply, with full particulars, to Manager, Co-operative Society, Llanberis. 1CTURSES Wanted at the Worcester- j Nehire 'Asylum, Barnsley Hall, Bromsgrove. Full course of instruction for Nursing Certificates given. Previous experience not necessary. Age not under I Il.-Apply, the Medical Superintendent. A GENTS, either eex, for every Town ?? Mid Hamlet in North Wales. Quick wiling line. Big income. Repeat orders amm,ed.-Apply, Box K.L., Silver Cham- ber*, Conway, N. W. pOB Dosbarth o FORWYNION yn '—* Eisiau. Lleoedd da yn agored yn mwr ar ein llyfrau. Cooks, Cook- gmemls, Housemaids Hotel, Preifat a 49tyboeddus, Generals, Waitresses, &c. —Ymofyner I Colwyn Bay X.L. Servants Registry, Carlton Buildings. Colwyn **y CURLY?AtR-WAVCURL. ?u! Permanent Curls. One bottle sufficient, however listless your hair. One testimon- ial says: "My hair soon became a mass of wavy curls." Results certain. Price, 2s 9d. Special reduction for short time. 8aad Is only for large size 2s 9df bottle.— fTHE NEW WAVCURL CO., 67, CROM- WELL HOUSE, HOLBORN. W.C. EISTEDDFODOL. CYLCHWYL LENYDDOL A CHERDD- OROL WAENFAWR. A gynhelir NOS WENER, PRYDNAWN a NOS SADWRN, EBRILL 14 a 15, 1916. Testynau Rhydd i'r Byd. 1. Datganu Unrhyw Don Gynulleidfaol, i Gorau Cymysg, heb fod dan 20 a rif. Gwobr £ 1 10s, a Silver-mounted Walking Stick i'r Arweinydd. 2.-Datganu "Siglo" (T. O. HughtaY, i "Gorau Plant, dan 17 oed, ac heb fod dan 25 o rif. Gwobr, tl 10s, a Chwpan hardd i'r arweinydd. Atelir 10s o'r Wobr os na bydct cystadleuacth. 3.—Unrhyw Ddeuawd. Gwobr, 12s. 4.-Unrhyw Unawd allan o Gyfanwaith. Gwobr, 15s a Suit Bag hardd. 5.-Unrhyw Unawd Cymraeg. Gwobr, 10s 6c. 6.-Adrodd "Y Llafurwr" (Tudno). Gwobr 10s 6c a Silver-mounted Walking Stick. 7.-Supper Cloth. Gwobr, 5s. 8.—Black Satin Cushion. Gwobr, 10s 6c; í fod yn eiddo rhoddwr y wobr Y rhai fwriadant Ddatganu neu Adrodd, i anfon eu henwau i'r Ysgrifennydd erbyn Ebrill 11, 1916. Rheetr o'r Testynau, pris Ie, i'w cael gan yr Ysgrifennydd, JOHN W. HUGHES. Fron Hyfryd) Waenfawr. Slop Y DOR-AIG GOGH EASTGATE STREET. CARNARVON WV'R LLE GOREU AM BOB MATH 0 ESGIDIAU Am brisiau isaf yn bosibl. CYFLAWNDER 0 DDEWIS. ISGAER LEWIS, & Co. TO FARMERS, TRADESMEN, AND OTHERS, I   simple not-o of I ta'd. No swuity required. No ?p?t ,e? nqu,re.. Write the actual :enûer, A. DAVIES, Weetsate, ?bury .et, Woromter. START BUSINESS YOURSELF. We supply Fancy Goods, Post Cards, Drapery, Tobacconists. Stationerv Jewel- lery. Id, 3d, and 6d, Bazaar Goods Toys, Confectionery, Cutlery &c. Sample cases I £5 and upwards sent by return, Guide Catalogue Success in Business" 3d. H. MICHAELS and SON, 14-15, Crcmwell House, High Holborn, London, W.C., England. ARWERTHIANTAU. Messrs HENRY PARRY and SONS, Auctioneers and Practical Valuers, Clan'rafon, Carnarvon. ERW, PONTRUG. Mae MRi HENRY PARRY a'i FEISION 1 wedi eu cyfanryddo gan Ysgutorion y diweddar Morris Owen, Ysw., i wertlm ar Auction yn y He uchod DYDD IAU, MAWRTH 9, 1916, holl Ddodrefn y Ty, yn cynwys Dodrefn Mahogany hardd, &c. Stoc y Ffarm, sef 5 o Fustuch rhagorol, 0 o Famogiaid brid mawr, ac Wyn, 1 Myharen, Brid Lleyn. Holl Offerynau Allanol, yn cynnwys petbau gwir fuddiol. Hefyd cynwys Llyfrgell, sef 105 o Lotiau o Lvfrau rhagorol, gweithiau rhai o Brif Feirdd Cymru. Sale i ddechreu am 11 o'r gloch. Teledau: Arian Parod. roh manylion i'w gweled ar y Posters neu iw cael gan yr Arwerthwyr, Glan- 'ra-fon, Caernarfon. FIR?!) HALL, CAERNARFON. DMUNIMJ BYW D A V I E S RHAGLEN RAGOROL YR WYTHNOS HON- THE MAN WIT HTHE MISSING FINGER. THE GIRL OF MY HEART. Mynediad i mewn, Is, 6c, a 3c. INCREASE YOUR INCOME By Reducing your Expenditure. REX-KOLSAVO The Original Preparation. HALVES YOUR COAL BILL. A Is Tin Treats 1 Ton. Ask your Dealer for a 3d Sample Packet, or direct from KELLY BROS., LLANDUDNO. Post free Is 3d per Tin. MANUFACTURED BY REX IMPORT CO., LTD., GLASGOW. "M/TOLESKINS Wanted, any quantity. M Increased prices being paid.—JOHN LEE and SON, Furriers, Grantham. COLQITHCUN & CO., ManufaetErsrs. UUISELS, SCM All-Wool Tweeds and Yarns It Hill Prices. MICtfrliitsPaM. AU LfTH CUT, EST»gMgHmaBO. RCSISTERCD TRAOt. MAR" PATTERNS of our LOVELY GENUINE GOODS made t to. meet all requirements, sent on approwal to any Lady or Gentleman. Write for them tc-thtif. a Parties' Own Wool made Into wy hM W 0 0 L of w.?ti.n Gods. See our books" Truths &5>out Tweeds. (Agents Wanted) TENDER. TO BUILDERS & CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for the Alteration to 47, Water Street, Penygroes, to in- clude minor alterattoni to 43 and lo, with Verandah for the Three Houses, find other Renovations for Owen Roberts, Esq Post Master, Penygroes. Plans and Specifications can be inspected at above, also at Castle Buildings, Carnar- von. Tenders to be sealed and forwarded to Carnarvon by 12 nobn on Friday, March 10th. H, GLAFOR THOMAS, Architect. Castie Buildings. Carnarvon, February i8th, 101(3. I SWYDDOGOL. CARNARVONSHIRE EDUCATION COMMITTEE. ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION. mHE Entrance Scholarship Examination Twill be held at the various County Schools in Carnarvonshire on Friday, May 5th, 1916. The names of intending candidates should be sent in to the Clerk to the Local Governing Body not later than March 17th, 1916. EVAN R. DA VIES, Secretary of Education. Education Offices, Carnarvon, 3rd March, 1916.






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