Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

9 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



U Y DINESYDD CYMREIG" ydrw yr ORGAN SWYDDOGOL I UNDEB CHWARELWYR GOGLEDD CYMRU. CYNYRCHWYD GYDA LLAFUR UNPEBOL. kiUILD HALL, CAERNARFON. DARLUNIAU BYW D A VIE S MAN AND HIS SOUL. SUNSHINE AND SHADOWS. Mynediad i mewn, Is 2c; 7o; a 4o. PULLETS.-Laying, us each; Six and Cock, 35s. 12 Chicks and Mother, 15s. List Free. Eggs, 5s Setting.— Goodwin, Stratford, Essex. TJOB Dosbarth o FORWYNION yn -■< Eiaiau. Lleosdd da yn agored yn awr ar ein llyfrau. Cooka, Cook- Gonemls, Housemaids Hotel, Preifat a fhyhoeddui, Generals, Waitresses, Ao. —Ymofyner i Colwyn Bay X.L. Servants Registry, Carlton Buildima, Colwyn 11&7 KILL THAT FLY!—It is the greatest breeder of disease known to scienoo. Professor Payne's "Panzene" kills flies, moths and all other insects. It is a pre- paration of Pancy petals dried and drugged, and is a safeguard against all infectious diseases. Beautifully scented to carry on person. Large sample packet 3d.—Prof. Payne, 2, Melville Street, Ryde, I.O.W. A RMY and NAVY "SANTOL' PRE. PARATION for all Urinary troubles. One box enough remedy, with instruction and useful booklet. Boxes 2a 9d and 4a 6d post free.—HULME'S, Chemist, Nottingham. Established 1892. TAMMERERS.Can Stammer be ks Cured by Correepondenoe P" Inter- esting booklet and expert advice free.— A7. Wareing Netherville, Whalley, near Blackburn. V* ARGE PARCEL Baby Longclothes and ■-■ requisites cheap; good.-20, Salis- )ury Avenue, Southeni. A STROLOGY. Life events, changes, fortunate days, business success, aatrimony; two years' future added; tend irth date, Is P.O. — Prof. Qauk), Mi* CJABBIT NETTING.-Long Field Nets, Lines, complete, in green, tan, or atural colour, also Special Netting winee, super flax. Samples and list 'ee from E. Parnall and Co., Netting forks, Bedminster, Bristol. i EVEN BEAUTIFUL 1914 PULLETS, ) 18a carriage paid. Approval.-Ro- rt Bennett, Butts, Frome. ? LOVELY CROCHET PATTERNS,  Is; Id postage. Shepherd, 18, tdison Road, Preston. g "WAVCURL" Pro-otes curly Hair. Have you ever thought how much a head of Carly Hair would improve your V appearance ? Waycurl" Iniparts beautiful ▼ ■ permanent curls. On packet sufficient, a  m 'however listless your hair is. One tMti- monial says: "My hairsoon bicameamau ttAt of va,,Yc,, ForeitherL?MtorGenth- > mem or Children.This i3 what you have beeo oking for years. Guaranteed harmless. Pdc. 9 per packet, post free. For a ihort time, however, a are selling cur special offer to all enclosing this 'tcH. Send 1/6 for a 2/9 packet. (Two fori/9.) TiI. WAVI'-iRl Ca., 65, fitiwood HerAss, Kigii Koliwrv ntlon. W. C. iYFLE ARBENNIC MAE P. LLOYD, 'EDt AGOR BUSNES NEWYDD YN alace St. Gaernarfon, NN GWERTHU A CHYFNEWID )REFN HEN A NEWYDD, GWELY- CLOCIAU, PAPURAU TAI, A f FANCY DECORATIONS, &c. vn gyflenwi DODREFN TAI, a chan- au Is 6c yn y Bunt am Arian Parod. II Prisiau NeiUtuol 0 Resymol. DYMA GYFLE ARBENNIQ, YN EISIEU. WANTED,-Youiag LADY CLERK for a Confectionery Trade and to assist in Shop. Must be a good Book- keeper. Apply, letter only, (I Clerk, "Dinesydd" Office. W ANTED.t Lady's and Gent.'s B cycle.—Send particulars to R. R., "Dinesydd" Oiffce, Palace Street, Car- n:) ITOII. AT EIN GOHEBWYR. Mae, gennym lawer o vsgrifau gwerthfawr a Barddoniaeth yn cael eu cadw dros- odd, a disgwyliwn gael lie iddynt yn eu tro. I



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