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USEFUL AND ACCEPTABLE Presents OF VERY RELIABLE HIGH FASHIONABLE DM JEWELLERY Saving fully 10/- in every fa SPECIAL VALUE. OUR LIST POST FREE. Davies s. 30 Low Bill < EAILWAY ALLOWANCES TO CUSTOMERS FROM A DISTANCE. Close to Hippodrome and Olympia. EARLY CLOSING ON WEDNESDAY AT 1. Pearl & Peridot Gold Pendant Davies's Price 1/19/- Usual £5 LATEST DESIGN, Beautiful Circular real Oriesta PEARLS AND PERIDOT PENDANT 1-in. diameter with pearly loop, lustrous gems, most charming jewels Also Solid 15-carat Pearl and Tourmaline Pendant, rich gems; Sale Price, £ 2/5/ usually £ 5. Also 15- ■ Oarat Diamond and Pearls, with pearl drop; Our Price, £ 8/19/6, originally Z9. —————————————————————————————— ) Diamond 18-ct Watch Bracelet Davies's Price £ 13/18* Usual £ 35 SLIGHTLY SECOND-HAND, indistinguishable to new 18-ct. Sold Gold fashionable, latest Self-Expanding bars. Lever Watch Bracelet, surrounded with 30 bBaRrsI. LLIANT DIAMONDS, finest quality, pure white; flawless, intense fire and lustre; Highest-grade move- ment, ACCURATE TIMIST. Warranted 30 years; rare bargain. Also magnificent 18-ct. Diamond and Ruby Self-Expanding Watch Bracelet, [fine quality; Our Price £ 13/19/ usual E30. Also Superb Diamond and Emerald ditto; Our price £ 18/10/ regular price £50. All warranted time keepers. SALE PRICE ACCURATE WATCH BRACELETS. Various Diamond Jewellery Usual Price Our Price. to DRESS STUD, Gent's Single-stone First-water DIAMOND &mbina- o/IQ/ tion Pin or Stud, rare lustre, 0/±U/~ 15-carat Claw set ga DIAMOND BROOCH, beautiful 15-carat, latest split bar, set with 3 flawless Diamonds in cross-over Q/TQ style &/Lor £21 EARRINGS, Exquisite, DIA- ————————— MOND CLUSTERS, selected white gems, rare lustre, platinum set 1 O /1 ft swing drops, 18-carat gold wire. X<u/ J.U/ £ 87 DIAMOND'WATCH BRACELET, ————————— 18-carat gold' 30 finest gems, Highest-grade Lever, full- jewelled movement Guntimist 13/18/- Bargain. JLO/lO/" U5 BROOCH, Triple DIAMOND ————————— CLUSTER, 27 large first-water flawless stones, platinum bar, 29/10/- H in. long. Usual f- 2/10/- Davies's Price 25/- Gold Curb & Padlock Bracelet Fashionable massive flexible Curb and Padlock SoUd Gold BRACELET, stamper ve, y link (the widest at the price), complete in velvet ;ase). Also ditto at 29/6, usual £3. Also the ioSlowing BAR- widest at 29 ?l, BASKET  PATTER..N S 3t I() re,6 kus. GAINS IN "BASKET" PATTERNS tion in every 9, as follows:-26/- ?/- t. 66/- also very fine 9-bar "Basket" Bracelet now 93/12/6 usual M. Reliable and undoubted quality only. Approval, Payments. Over2OOBr ?.?uality only. to ?3 i.ect from. GOLD BRACELETS 10/- LESS IN THE & Lady's Diamond Half-Hoop. LARGE SECOND-HAND 5-STONE OUR PRICE. DIAMOND RING, Claw-Set "CORO- NET," Latest, intense lustre, 18-ct. £10/15/ and Platinum Also large 3-STONE X•CTIUH/ /IJLUR// DIAMOND "CROSS-OVER" RING; Our Price £ 16710/ usual E3. Also USUAL SQUARE CLUSTER DIAMOND RING, 5-stones Our Price £ 14/17 r Q1 usual £ 28. Also very large 2-STONB X' ? i DIAMOND'OROSS-OVER* RING, White Stones; Our Price £ 35/10/ usual £65. SAVING 10/- IN EVERY E. 18 Ct. Diamond Engagement Rings. Usual Price. Our Price. S3 DIAMOND AND SAPPHIRE Half-hoop, stylish 7-stone service- iQ/n able claw-setting, 18-et U M DIAMONDS AND SAPPHIRES. 5 gems, heavy 18-ct. Half-hoop; n T ,n all lustrous gems; rare bargain (- £ 4 DIAMONDS, .5-stones. Half-hoop stylish claw, 18-ct. gold, double-cut .c "l j"\Gj gems; rare fire and lustre. f,5 DIAMONDS, 6 first-water large lustrous gems, Sue white quality heavy solid 18-ct. claw half-hoop others at 92/101-, £ 2/12/ and 12/5/- £ 2/15/- to DI 'A M j,-i 5-stone large diamonds, each gem of great jc ft /117 beauty, heavy 18-ct. gold claw set.. -L < £8 DIAMONDS, 5-stone,very lustrous gems, first water, carved stylish £ Q l"i £$/ claw set 18-ot. *'0/JLO/ PI DIAMONDS, 5-stone platinum Coronet," half-hoop white clean lustrous gems, very high grade, n Q /I r% latest design Daviess Miscellaneous Bargains. Usual Price SOLID GOLD ONLY Our Price. 211-NECKLET, Diamond Out Links 10/6 20/-LOOEET, oval, engraved, hall-marked 7/6 21/-SIGNET RING (Gent's) shield, heavy. 9/6 20/-LINKS, oval, engraved, hall-marked 8111 17/-SIGNET (Lady's), shield top, 7/6 18 I-PIN, real Diamond centre 18/-PIN, real Dlamondcentre »/8 U-BANGL9 RING, 18-ct. wide, heavy 111161- £ 2—SIGNET (Gent's), 18-ct. aolldjgoid shield.. 18/- :301-BILOOCH, real Diamond centre. 10/- 85 /-BRACELET, stiff, wide, engraved 16/8 F,G-DIAMOND & Sapphire 3-stone Scarf Slide 35/- £ 10-PIN-STUD, Diamond & Sapphire Cluster.. £ 4 /12 LO-WATCH BRACELET, Russell's Solid Gold Lever. FS 118 I- S14-BRACELET, 15-ct. band, 3 M-WATOlf BRACELET, 18-ct. Diamond and Rubies £ 13/18/- Heavy' Lucky Wedding Rings » 22-CARAT PURE GOLD. Special 20/- Special. (USUALLY 27/9). AJPresentation with each Ringo DAVIESS, 30 LOWHILL, Liverpool.

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