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New Year Sale of Jemellepy. THOUSANDS OF POUNDS' worth of First Water ^Diamonds comprising Stylish Rings, Pendants, Brooches, Ear-rings, =old 6 'lains, Solid Gold Bracelets, Pins, Studs, 22-ct. Wedding Rings, Links, Pins, Scarf Slides, etc., at 7/6 to 10/- reduction in every £ DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL (Top of Prescot Street, via Old Swan Cars) NEW YEAR GIFTS IN GREAT VARIETY. High Grade Quality Goods in every department, including written guarantee, and cash refunded if not as represented. OUR SPECIAL DISPLAY OF WATCH BRACELETS are worthy of inspection. Every watch a timekeeper. CLOSE WED. AT 1. SAT. AT 9 «•Wftdx//llU fl Diamond Ring. Also 5-stone large Dia- mond IB-ct. Snake Ring Sale price, £ 5 /19 /6 Also Gent's Single-Stone Diamond 18-ct. Ring claw set, large stone; Sale price, £ 6/18/- usual XII. Also another: Sale price, £ 9 /I7 /6, ditto, Sale price, £ 14 /10 Davies's, 30 Low Hill. ^1 in If* Lady's Solid Gold wristlet u Watch, full jewelled, splendid timekeeper. Others at 29/6, 33 39 and 47/ with leather straps, forming Xmas Gifts. jgno/] A Magnificent large Second- £ xO11U hand 50-guinea Triple Cluster Diamond Brooch, 18 ct. Knife Edge Bar; bargain. Also very large Diamond 65-guinea Second-hand Pendant Brooch sale price, £ 39/10/ will repurchase at £ 36. ft/lft Extra fine pair Cluster Dia- I mond Drop Earrings, intense fire and brilliancy, finest selected stones. «oc Very large Gent's Single-Stone Dia- mond 18-ct. (Claw-set) Platinum Ring, stylish Tiffany setting rare bargain. Z14-Sale Price— £ 6/18 Large Diamond Half Hoop HANDSOME 5-stone large Diamond 18-ct Gold Claw set half-hoop RING, each stone of intense fire and brilliancy, baautiftdly cut gems. Also very rich quality round Diamond Cluster Ring, very neat and lustrous stones usual S13, sale price £ 6/18/ Also lustrous stones, usual £ 13, now £6 (18 j-. Also Hand- some 2-stone Diamond Cross-over Ring, set in platinum and 18-ct. gold. Also 3-stone beautiful Diamond Cross-over Ring, mounted in the latest claw setting. Also large 5-stone purest white first water Diamond Half-Hoop Claw-set Ring, rare value (new this year) usually £18, sale price £ 9/15/ Also very large 5-stone genuine Brazilian Diamond 18-ct. half-hoop, intense fire, usually £ 55. Sale price £ 25/10 with repurchase guarantee of £ 22. Also Superb half-hoop, pure white Diamonds, in platinum setting. Sale price £ 14/19/ Also other genuine bargains at greatly reduced prices. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL. FURTHER SELECTED BARGAINS. DIAMONDS, 5 large white Diamond?, rare fire and lustre, 18-ct. carved sett- ing, a wonderful, strong, serviceable ring. DIAMONDS, handsome 3- stone Cross-over Ring, lus- trous gems, neat 18-ct. gold, platinum set DIAMONDS, superb 5-stone stylish 18-ct. Claw-set, half-hoop Engagement Ring, lovely gems, bargain DIAMONDS, fashionable 5- stone strong heavy 18-ct. elaw-sethalf-hoop, lustrous gems, others at 55 58 63 70/ and 75/- DIAMONDS, very neat 5- I stone Diamond 18-ct. claw- set half-hoop, double cut gems, rare lustre Usual Price £ 12 £ 10 £ 8 £6 £ 4 SALIT 1 1 PRICE 5/7/6 4/17/ 3/19/ 2/10/ 1/15/ OVER 200 RINGS AT REDUCED PRICES ulftml £ 8—Sale Price— < £ 4/5/- H ussell's Gold Watch Bracelet Hi h-grad-3 Lady's Solid Gold full-jewelled Le er Self-expanding WATCH BRACELET, by Ihos. Russell & Sons, Liverpool accurate, chr. nometer balance, brequet spring, latest i-Tir rovements new this year (proof) yrsk )rs and our guarantee, 20 years; approv- al. Also others at £ 2 /14 £ 2 /18 £ 3 fo f- and £ 3 /16 Also Benson's ditto, £ 5 /18 76, usually;Cll. Also Dreadnought Wah Bracelet, sale price £ 4/16/6, worth C9. A large selection. WATCH BRACELETS GREATLY REDUCED Miscellaneous Bargains for Presents SALE USUAL PRICE PRICE 10/6 LOCKET, Solid Gold. o*al design .21 10 /6 NECKLET, Solid Gold, Diamond cut 21 14 /6 SIGNET, gent's, solid, heavy, plain top 25 J— 12/6 SIGNET (lady's), solid gold, ditto. 21 10/6 LINKS, solid gold, oval, stamped. 18/6 12/6 PIN, gent's, 15-ct., real diamond.22/- 7/6 SEAL, solid gold, reversible 17/6 £ 6/18/- PIN-STUD, large diamond, claw set £ 12 £ 2 /10 PEARL PIN, large Oriental, real 4 pearl £ 6 10/6 PENDANT (lady's-), pearls, gold, and gems .25/- Any Article sent on approval. Money refunded if not as represented. Guinea Gold Wedding Rings. 27 /6 RINGS 35 RINGS 45 RINGS NOW NOW NOW 20/- 25/- 35/- PRESENT OF HALF-DOZEN TEASPOONS DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL. DAVIES'S ) SECOND-HAND PIKNOS Slightly used and second-hand pianos, for Cash, at specially reduced Sale Prices, un surpassed for tone, touch and appearance' upwards of 25 pianos now shown in our show-, rooms. Inspection trade invited by card. SOCIAL OFFtRS. DAVIES'S PRICE Worth £ WQ//liUfi//U fi WALNUT beautiful full gize pIano, sweet tone, ivory keys, good t ne and touch. £ 18 £ 11 9Ci! iXn U tOLLišj;,t' £1 12/10 pianette, beautiful tone, elastic touch, suitable for small room £ 20 ft?/tQ COLLARD, rich looking j?14 /1 o Walnut, ivory keys, brill- iant tone and elastic touch £25 £16/10 BRINSMEAD, Rich ?1t6U/ /1i0 v rosewood case, ivory keys, grand tone and touch, handsome piano S21 .tl7/17 BORD Pianette, solid walnut case, loud tone, first-class condition. £19/10 MAHOGANY IRON tlg/lo FRAME, beautiful Petit Bijou American Piano Co., iron frame, under damper piano, very sweet tcne, perfect touch. £ 30 f OA II H EUSHWORlH. Hand- some solId Walnut upright trichord pianoforte, power- ful tone, elasti- and very responsive touch,vain beauti- ful conditior, highly recom- mended £ 35 226/10 OVERSTRUNG. Hi?h- 226/10 ,.?gg rosewood overstrung iron fran piano, by noted makers, full trichord, tape cheek. action, busiied keys 7 octaves. Superior tone and touch, recently new handsome appearance bar- i. ".F ?:?13 t34/10 ga COLLARD, ri,h quality, ul/xu high-class modern upright iron grand piano by Collard & Collard, for richness of tone and balance of key- board this piano is un- rivalled, rare offer £ 48  nVERSiRU?GP).AM? ?' ? ? DE 1A:XE BIac k high class very superior over- strung, lit 15 Art Model, very latest improvements, unsurpassed for brilliancy of tone and responsiveness of touch, of the highest 1-1 requiring only the nr list's touch to make it speak," full guarantee given with our highest recommend- ation £48 SPECIAL OFFERS in RICH FURS. Now open for inspection. A grand collection of Rich Furs, comprising Stylish Fur Coats. Muffs, Ties, Stoles and Wraps, in all the finest real Selected Skins. These are much reduced in price, presentingthe LOWEST POSSIBLE. PRICES, preferring to work on a small profit for a large turnover Compare Prices. RICH FUR COATS. SALE PRICE. /I Q CONEY COAT. Rich, real, black ?U/.LO Pony Skin Coat, richly lined. Selected Skins. Bargain. < £ 7' /19 CONEY. Rich, real, Coney Skin Coat, verj. lustrous quality, well made, and richly lined. 9/15 CONEY TRIMMED COAT Stylish, latest model, full skirt rich deep collar and cuffs, trimmed with opposum. Bargain. JRQ/TK NATURAL MUSQUASH COAT. Rich brown coat, deep collar, loose skirt, and beautifully made. £ 10/10 NATURAL BROWN MUS- QUASH COAT. Rich quality, full skirt, deep collar and reveres, v ery smart coat. Bargain. 9,12/15 NATURAL BROWN MUS- QUASH COAT. Beautiful col- our, full skirt, wide collar, selected skins. Bargain. 115/15 CONEY COAT, trimmed, beauti- ful rich quality, real Coney Coat, full skirt, with real Natural Skunk trimmed Collars and Cuffs, very smart coat. Bargain. FUR MUFFS, TIES, STOLES, &c. f43110 BLACK WOLF SET, Large hanging Muff, and Anin al Tango Tie. Rich quality. £3/17 GREY SQUIRREL SET. Very rich quality, 10 heads and tails with long 2-strand Stole with tails. Very handsome est. Specialoffer.,  GREY SQUIRREL SET. Large ■ Pillow MuS, and plain Stole to match, picked skins. Very choice set. ?R/tQ BLACK WOLF SET. Ve"y ?<J/ AO beautiful rich thick fur Muff, and Animal Tango Tie to raat.-h. Fine quality. J&C/TQ BLACK WOLF SET. V3ry ao fine lustrous Black Set, specia ly fine skins large hanging Muff, and large Animal Tango Tie. Bargain —— INSPECTION INVITED These beautiful Furs are Worth the attention of all who are seek- ing first class goods at LOWEST CITY CHARGES. DAVIES'S. 30 LOW HILL LIVERPOOL. ;¡,.

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