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ff[,:<1'Xè'éiJ.1r'1<. 'kftD,m.:l:q'ii¡'¡¡; I.- # ,i;, ,.J ':¡ t¡ ¡,:if;f\ it ä 1: .¡ ;1.: !1 hill;" h 'I ¡"j "'3 {I !I Ii t, :[ h t..1'r,' ¡, t¡ Li'j .1J:: \f\ ¡: ili' ,¡ I:IJ | :f 1 ¡ L_: I. \i" I r. t' y I, .{ ,t1 t ¡¡ It' ,{'j æ .l:r. uqç. II I FURNITURE of QUALITY J I AT SEASONABLE PRICES. ZASY PAYMENTS r„»D,sST || æ & FOR CASH. !Wc are keen to have you come into our Showrooms and see our £ f=j fine se3ntion of fumHur e because we can then prove to you the ? 3 high qmiRy of every piece of furniture we- sell, and convtncc rfj ? that our values are the best obtai nable. Oar furniture is distinctive !n style; it is made of sound materials 5 by mea who put their best Cl aftmansrnp into all thty make. ?? S The generous nature of our easy payment system is a feature m va p attracts every prudent buyer who are about to furni* raimlisn or making additions to their roomc ) ? EA5L7 CLOSING ATURDAYS. 1 O'CLCCI: B j; OYB?DAYS70'CLCC&. EE I ifiLOBE FURSBI16 CB: .J(J R. GRANT, Propritor) jvj I PEMBICSE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. 1 T-'E L I "'V?''E R 0 0 L. P E N'j'i 8 R U. ?A A P L i v ._u-" CAPEL GT. MERSEY STREET. SABOTH NESAF, am 10-45 a a 01 Parch. J. OLDFIELD DAVIES, B.A., Toe, Ystrad.


Y Saboth nesaf. --I

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