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CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. HIGH-CLASS SECOND-HAND pijsNos DAVIES'S* 30 LOW HILL, LIVER- POOL, invite inspection of the undermentioned bargains in PIANOS, featuring responsive- ness of touch, brilliancy, and balance of tone, as follows PIANOS DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL, LIVERPOOL, invite inspection of the undermentioned bargains in PIANOS, featuring responsive- ness of touch, brilliancy and balance o tone, as follows :— £18J18j-PIANO, Rosewood, ivory keys, mellow tone, suitable for practise, pur- poses. £ 24 /"15 /-ROSEWOOD. Chippendale, treble panels and sconces, mellow tone. £ 39 115 /-RALPH ALLISON, beautiful, highly polished, burr walnut; very sweet tone and perfect touch. f42 115 I-HOPKINSON, handsome Walnut' full compass, beautiful mellow tone. £4:5jIOj-COLLARD AND COLLARD, up- right iron grand rosewood. £ 58/10 /-COLLARD AND COLLARD, superb walnut, iron frame, rich tone, per- fect touch, choice piano. £ 59 J10 /-MONINGTON & WESTON, rich tone, full trichord, upright iron grand, in splendid condition. £ 68 /10 /-BRINSMEAD, magnificent rose- wood de luxe piano. £ 87 /10 /-KNAUSS, Chippendale, overstrung, perfection tone and touch very superior piano. £97jlO j- BLUTHNER; perfection; rosewood, overstrung^ faultless tone. Every instrument tuned, polished, and delivered. Motor deliveries to North Wales and Lancashire Towns. DAVIES'S, VIA OLD SWAN CAR. tlOUf8, to 7. Wednesday 1. Diamond Rings as Christmas Presents. '.AVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL, LIVERPOOL, invite inspection to their special XMAS OFFERS, presenting utmost values in all the most Charming designs. Nothing to surpass the undermentioned in price and quality. MONEY ALWAYS, as follows :— £ 2/19/ DIAMONDS and PEARL Hand- some 3-stone Claw-set 18ct. Ring, worth 6 gns. also lovely 5-stone Diamond 18ct. Claw-set Ring, lustrous stones, only £2 15/ others ditto at £ 3/15 j- and f,31 17 /6 also Superb Diamond and Sapphire 8-guinea Claw-set Ring now £4jI9j6; also First-water 9-guinea Claw-set 5- stone Diamond Half-hoop, £ 4/19/6 also ditto at f,511916. Special Bargains to elear.—Davies's, 30 Low-hill. £ 7/19 DIAMOND HALF-HOOP, very rich quality, White stone Diamond, close set, heavy, solid 18ct. half-hoop, very lustrous gems, worth £14; also Superb 3-stone Diamond Crossover Ring, Plat- inum Set, £ 8/17/6 ditto, £ 10/17/6; also 3-stone Lustrous Diamond Half-hoop, Platinum Set, Ell/1716; also Rich 20 guinea Carved 5-stone Large Diamond 18et. Half-hoop, intense brilliancy, only £12j10 also very fine 18ct. Stylish Diamond Half-hoop, very neat setting, only £ 9/18/—Davies's, 30 Low-hill. £ 19 /19 DIAMOND CROSSOVER RING-, Superb Lustrous 3-stone Large Diamond 18ct. Crossover Ring, worth £ 30; also First-water Diamond and Platinum Clust- er Ring, £18/18 j- L also Large 30-guinea Diamond and Pearl Half-hoop, £19/10 j- also large 35-guinea Diamond Half-hoop, £ 19 j 10 also Very Fine 7-stone Diamond and Turquoise Ring, £ 22/10/ usual E36 also Beautiful Large Diamond Plat- inum Millegram-set Half-hoop, £26j10 also large 3-stone Platinum Ring, £ 29/10 also Gent's Single-stone Diamond, very large stone, 989/10/ also 60-guinea Large Diamond Marquise Ring, very fine quality, only £44jl0 also Gent's large Single Stone Diamond Claw, only £ 89/10/ DAVIES'S, 30t lOWHIll, LIVERPOOL. Established 26 years.

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