Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

2 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Sx**wooooocJooqooooooaM«»«^gJ; g^g^g^sSo^rKxxxziOixxxzxxzxg | II Ceirch xÑ;ddxll s!? —*?"— V !? CYNYRCH CARTREF PERFFAITH BUR 1| jfvX Y Ceirch wedi ei DmbMyn drylwyr Ron = ?G y peinana.n peclfeitbiaf yn Nghymru. 0 I <><> <> :<><> <><><> :<><> <><><1 S? Y BLAWD 808 AMSER YM FRESH-DtM HIR CADW  XSŠc!i x? x XX Gwneuthul'WJ1' =- X ? W!LL!AMS & OWEN. B S?X CORN MERCHANTS = • 80S ?d X I OATMEAL MILLERS.. ;0X !? CARNARVON & PWLLHELI. E .XJ(XXXXXX.XX}f.X.XX.}f£A.XXX.X.XX.X.X = === = ==: ====:=== I CHRISTMAS SHOW. I; H E NRY OY\TE JN". £ BUTCHER. BRIDGE ST., CARNARVON. The Best Show of Meat in oith Wales. =:==:== ::== -=:=:: = -=-> = =::=: _L_ a Hill ANRHEQION L!:f;IliY;!fi!:fi!:fi !fi!fi!:fi!fi!:fi!fi!fi!:fi!fi!:fi!:fi!fi!fi!:fi!:fi!:fi!fi!:fi!fi!fi!fi!fi!fi!fi!fi!fi!fi n CANOEDD 0 FODRWYAU M SBKfiHi -Y>- !fi !fi SHOP HIRWAEN, PWLLHELI, !:fi!:fi!fiY; tfiWStfi ac ystafell o'r neilldu i'w dewis yrghyda phob iSffi'fiiii math o WSSW Birthday a Wedding Presents jfjgjjjjyj Ifiifiififfi SPECTOLS 0 roB MATH. bfilfiSS ???? Telir sylw neillduol i adran y golygon. !fi!fi!:fi!:fi WiRStfi Co6woi ?w am f?rgen gyda D & G G?-K.?-FF,-t.T-H., ???? GJGJ £ £ D&G GRIFFITH, LFilfi%Lrl $!fi!fi!fiY;Y;Y;Y;Y;Y;!fiY;Y;!fiY;Y;Y;Y;Y;Y;Y;Y;Y;Y;Y;!fiY;fiY;Y;Y;Y;Y;Y;Y;Y;Y; B    ??????"??????? ??????*??? XXXX.X.J(X.X.XX.X.XXXXXX.XX.XX.XXXXX.XXX B B Our ALLIES |p x x x ?, x?<'sx g!|g FULL VALUE, NEW COODS & ENORMOUS STOCKS %x xx «(which r>roves K?X II A a WAY m X<;K A??t ?VAWF?A YV ? ? K??!§S xJ»X that OUR GRAND BAZAAR has become a X#X S?K th? OUR GRAN;D BAZAAR h? become ? X?X X?K leading feature. and can be insrectod Free X = = durmg hours of busine6s. Seasonable, useful = K?X ?-ticies in IMies' and Children's go?ds. X^X  ?ovel and Cheap Toys in abundance enable X X 5j|S us to be always X X liii us to be a.lwa.ys IN FRONT ?S ???S? ? BRIDGE Sf X X jjp LONNIE & CO •I CARNARVON. |jfjg xxx.xx LONNIE & Go, i CARNARVOW. a ??XKKXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXKXXXXK?? ——^ a?XNXBXNXtXNXBKBMNXNXNKBXNXNKaKBKNKBXBKBK? x 0 8 i FEL ARFER Y MAE GAN | Mri. G. Cornelius Roberts x B S^~ S1S1<a'i feibion^S^S-S^: 1 x M ???-???????<>?<>?<A'I ?>?<>?<>?:<>? Hg X Stoc ra?orol o Anifeiliaid Tewaon at F3i1"CÙ1- x ?Stioe ra N?= lg pa. rai sydd wedi enie ?obr- X X wyon yn Ardda-n?sf?dd &w&rth?g Tewion m x wyon yn -krcldangorflef7dd Gwartheg Tewion 0 at v S?adol,g. x X X BYDDA?T I'W GWELED YN Y  x x | | Maes Meat Stores I °™»» I xx m Maes Meat Stores x DYDDIAU § x Pwllheli x.Mawrth a lerchex SxNXBXNXBXBxaxaKNXNXMNX?NXN? 0 FLAEN Y NADOUC ax BXMXMXBXMXMXBXB Telephone No. 6. Telegrams: Coetmor, Bethesda W. J. Parry, Limited COETMOR YARD, BETHESDA. dies Agents for: NOCH-ARKLOW Ltd.'s High EXplosives, CURTIS and HARVEY Ltd.'s Gun Powders, KAYE and Co.'s Celebrated Rugby Cement, MELOTTE'S Cream Separator Co. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL IRONMONGERS AND BUILDERS MERCHANTS. GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHERS. PERMITTED LIST EXPLOSIVES FUSES AND DETONATORS. THE BEST OF BUILDING MATERIALS. TILATES, SLABS and COALS of BEST QUALITIES at LOW PRICES. ALL MANNER OF QUARRY AND MINING TOOLS. RANGES, GRATES, STOVES, &c. ARE ALWAYS PREPARED TO TENDER FOR SUPPLY AND DELIVERY. IAUGE SHOWROOMS of BEDSTEADS, BEDDING, LINOLEUM, OIL CLOTHS, MATTINGS AND MATS OF ALL KINDS. Large Warehouse at Coetmor Yard. Powder Magazines at Bethesda. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, AND DELIVERIES MADE ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. BBBMBBBBBBJQ Christmas Presents f THAT APEAL WARMLY TO EVERY B SOLE. THE BEST OF ALL PRESENTS ? IS A PLAIR OF I DICKS' Ce K :5 1 WARM AND COSY SLIPPERS, OF WHICH WE CAN OFFER YOU A I MOST PLEASING SELECTION IN V ARIOUS COLOURS AT THE VERY 1 LOWEST PRICES. I DICKS FAR-FAMED SOLID LEATHER | ] g ;M; R 1 FOR TOWN AND COUNTRY ARE THE PERFECTION OF COMFORT. II "DICKS" BOOTS ARE SPECIALLY MANUFACTURED TO SUIT THE REQUIREMENTS OF ALL CLASSES. AiND ARE GUARANTEED TO GIVE SATISFACTION. 81 OUR WArBgflPROOF BOOTS ¡. KEEP THE FEET D(RV -A-ND PRBSERVE THE HEALTH. 81 Our Boots for Quarrymen, Farmers, I and Country Wear 1 Are as solid as a Reek. LATEST STYLES, NEWEST DESIGNS, HONEST VALUE & STANDARD QUALITY. I I WE ARE AGENTS FOR THE C,'ELEBRATED 'K' BOOTS AND SHOES, 1 DR. JAEGER'S AND LOTUS BOOTS AND SHOES. ICKS 11 Family Boot & Shoe Stores, [ 7, BRIDGE STREET, f?nQp?n 1 1 and 3, Palace Street, Carnarvono tt?'—?—f'—f——??—'t- < ——'< p>xoxoxoxoxorox< >3zr<>z2^<>^<c>zr:<>^<c>^<ir5 CtAim-al. Coal. Coal. jj THE BEST AND CHEAPEST. S H TO BE OBTAINED FROM )\ JOHN BEN KST. S | I COAL MERCHANT, CARNARVON, jj g FURNITURE REMOVD BY MOTOR ANY DISTANCE o ESTIMATES FREE. 6 V gt:><><:> <> <><> =<> < <> <>:<-> <> <> <> <JC GLOBE I F?J?!SH!MG CO. I (J. R. GRANT, Proprietor) i?embroke Placeg  LIVERPOOL. | ?X?fET??OO?,. ¡ Houses Completely .F??§ehedorS!ngte IP.rticies Supplied I for Cash or on our Deferred Payments I NOTE  THESE ADVANTAGE& We aUow 28. in the TERMS £ recount for Cash Worth Monthl'y II .£ !h"count (or Cash  Monthly — !I on rhe marked Cata.- — ? loue Priccs. For £ 10 You Pay 7/6 j Goods delivered in I" R20 15/- )l"inte Vans. iM 20- Wcp?y carriage to I"  Of Of rl7I6V all parts. '?' ?"S No objeclioziable, ,-elOO Of 55/- agrreements to si^n. £ 500 .e12 I WRITE FOR FREE CATALOGUE It will save you pounds In Furnishing. GLOBE FURNISHING CO. (J. R. GRANT, Proprietor) PEMBROKE PLAOE, LIVERPOOL. Business Hours-9 to < Dally. I RAILWAY FARE ALLOWED EARLY CLOSING SATURDAY t O'CLOCK ARE YOU Willing to pay 4s. n the £ for twelve aitcith". I don't advertise to lend Money alt Is. or 2s- in the J3, and then tell you it is for one r. i month's. M" TERMS ARE IN PLAIN T" fxLTSH, £ 20" -vit-I cost, you E4, for t t-ve raontTno1, £ 50— £ 10, £ 100— £ 30., aax1 special terms far larger amoumtvs. ANYONE ADVERTISING CHEAPER RATES, DOES SO TO AT- RAICT APPLICANTS. MARK SHAFFER, 5, Bold Street, Liverpool. TeL Royal 3651. HOTELS. LIVERPOOIL. I SMAFTESBURY HOTEL Pour Minutes' Walk from Lime Street »u<i Central Stations. Can from Landing Stage atóp at the door. A High-clafm t •mperancd Hotel. Moderate charges. 1'^legrams: Shaftesbury Hotel, Liverpool "Cysur Cartref i Gyriry pan yn Lluudain BINGHAM PRIVATE HOTEL. 5 SOUTHAMPTON BUILDINGS, or 63 CHANCERY LANE, HOLBORN. • Opposite Chancery Lane Tube Station.) This superior Hotel is most conveniently situated for Visitors for eithar Business or Pleasure, and is under the personal super- vision of Mr and Mrs J. Nicholas Lewis. Most Central for Law Courts, City, Wegt End, and all parts of London. Special Peatiirs.-Quietnese, Home Comforts, Cleanliness, Good Catering, with Strictly Moderate Charges. Special Terms to Ministers. Electric Light Throughout. Night Porter, ff elegrams—Alcoves London. Telephone-422 Central. Patronized and Highly Recommended by Leading Welsh Ministers. I. W. LEWIS, Mathan House, Pwllheli, wneyd yn hysbys i Ysgolion Sabbothol a thrips, etc., a fwriadant ymweled a Pwllheli, rn ystod misoedd yr haf, y bydd ganddo ?d?rpariaeth h?Iaet?i fel arfer ar eu cyfer YstafeHoedd eang. Bwydydd rbagoroL Pr'siau arbenig w gyfer y cyfryw. Degau o iythyrau canmoUaeth oddi with w?hano? Vsgolion Sabbothol. Hefyd cymerir ganddo Cofiwch y cvfeiriad, J. W. LEWIS. VA THAN VOTJRF" PWLLHELI. I A HOME FROM HOME. I CARTREF ODDICARTREF. 0. J. TRUSCOTT, (Pant-y-Celyn House), 87, MARYLANDS ROAD, PADDINGTON, LONDON, W Moderate Charges. Fifteen Minutes' Walk from Paddington Station. Fare by Bus Id.. by Cab la. Telephone o. 7087, P.O., Hampsteaid. HOTZII. Go ""IT .A. X. J[ .A. UPPER WOBURN PLACE, LONDON. EC. j CENTRALLY SITUATED Within 6 minutes walk of Euston Station, and 20 minutes from Paddington by Under. ground Railway to Gower Street Station. BEDS, BREAKFAST, BATH and ) ATTENDANCE, from 5s. each person. 130 Roome Luxuriously Furnished. j Passenger Lift to ail doors. Fireproof LLONGAU AUSTRALIA I BY THE Orient Line. Under Contract to carry His Majesty's Mails to FREMANTLE, ADELAIDE, MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, AND BRISBANE. Through tickets to NEW ZEALAND and TASMANIA. Tons. From London. S.s. ORSOVA ftw.-ec.) 12036 Jan 15 s.S. ORONTES (tw.-sc.) 9033 Jan 29 8.S. ORVIETO (tw.4sc.) 12120 Feb 12 6.8. OMRAiH (tw.-sc.) 8130 Ma.r 12 Managers: F. GREEN and CO., and ANDERSON, ANDERSON and CO. For passage, apply to the latter firm at 5 Fenchuorch Avenue, E.C., or in Carnarvon: W. J. Parry, High Street; Dolgellau: R. C. Evans, Einion House; Bethesda: W. J. Parry, Coetmor Yard; Cwmyglo: R. O. Williams; Llangefni: E. Evans, 3 Alma Terrace. ALLAN R°Y MA,R LINE 18^200 ton Quadruple-Screw Turbine Steamers. ALSATIAN AND CALGARIAN LARGEST AND FASTEST. To CANADA. Express Weekly Service from Liverpool. THE POPULAR PIONEER LINE. CHEAPEST WAY TO CANADA BIIORT TO W. AMERICA. Regular Sailings from Glasgow, Londonderry London, Plymouth and Havre. ALLAN LINE, 19 Jamest St., Liverpool; 14, Cockspur St., S.W. and 103, Loadenhall St London, E. C. CUNARD LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. From Liverpool at 2.30 p.m. Francortia Sat. Dec 26 Otrduraa Sat. Jan 2 Tra<n)sy>lviania Sat. Jan 9 laisita-nia Sat. Jam 16 Applv,-CUN.A,RD LINE, LIVERPOOL; LONDON: 51, Bishopsgate, E.C. 29-30, Cockspur Street, S.W.; or PARIS 37, Boule- vard des Capucines. CERDDOROL Mr D. D8 PARRY A.R.C.M., A.U.C.W. eirniad Cerddorol, Arweinydd Cymanfaoedd, ac Organ Recit.aliet. etc., etc. Parotoir disgyblion gogyfer a'r arholiadav sydd yn gyeylltiedig a phrif athrofau yn unig, mewn chwareu y Berdoneg, yr Organ, cTiwyll- iant lleisiol. Hefyd, dymunir hysbysu y pwyllgorau eisteddfodol, a chymanfaol fod y darnau can- lynol allan o'r wasg :-Rhangan "Bydd YV Ffyddlawn" i T.T.B.B. Canig "Brenhin y Bore" i S.S.A., ac hefyd Anthem Gynulleid- faol "Dy Holl Weithredoedd." I'w cael yn y ddwy iaith, a'r ddau nodiant. O.Y.—Hefyd Axgraffiad Newydd o Berlau Seion. Cyfeiriad SCHOOL OF MUSIC, LLANRWST. J. TUDOR OWEN, A R.C.M. (PENCERDD MEIRION). (Late Pupil of Signor Alberto Randegger, London). Arweinydd Cymdeithas Gorawl a Chor Meibion Blaenau Ffestiniog. Beirniad Cerddorol ac Arweinydd Cymanfv oedd Canu. 9, CHURCH STREET, BLAENAU FFESTINIOG. ——————————————————————————— JOHN JONES Wholesale and Retail Music Seller. BETHESDA CEDWIR Y STOC FWYAF AMRYW- IAETHOL YN NGHYMRU 0 GANEUON (Songs) CYMREIG, a cfel rheol anfonir pob 'order' gyda throad y post. Anfoner stamp am catalogue. ADDYSGOL. miHE GRAMMAR AND COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, CARNARVON. Principal: JOHN LBWIS JOLNES, B.A. (Prizeman, Gold Medalist and Senior). Pupils successfully prepared for the Civil Service, King's Scholarship, College of Pre- ceptors, Medical and Legal Preliminary Ex. aminations. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES, U ABERYSTWYTH. I One of the Oonstituent Colleges of the University of Wales.) President— Sir John Williams, Bart., M.D.,D.S.c., G.C.V.O. Principal- T. F. Roberts, M.A.. (Oxon)., LL.D., (Vict.) DEPARTMENT OF INSTRUMENTAL music. The above named new Department is now open. to both male and femaJe students. Special Staff- M. Gaston Le Feuve, of the Schola Cantorum Paris. M. Henri Delange. M. Camille Dolobelle. M. Charles Turbour. Madame L. Andre Barbier. Classes will be held in :-Violin, Violin- cello, Viola, Chamber Music and Orchestral Classes, Theory of Instrumental Music, Singing, Piano. Sessional Composition Fee E12; Registra- tion Fee, P-1. Fee for a single course, £ 2 2s Od per term, together with a Registra- tion Fee of 10s. Men students reside in registered lodgings in the town, or at the Men's Hostel-Waxdon: H. H. Paine, Esq., M.A.,B.Sc. Women students reside in the ALEXANDRA Hail ol Residence for Women- Wa-rden: Miss C. P. Tremain, B..A. For full particulars, respecting tfoe Department and the HOSTELS, apply to— J. H. DAVTES, M.A., Registrar. AT AMAETHWYR LLEYN AC EIFIONYCD. DYMUNA JONES Bros. LLANNOR. livsbysu Amaethwvr Llevn ac Eiiionydd, eu bod yn PRY,NU GWARTHEG A CHEFFYLAU MEIRW o bob math, ac yn rhoddi y prisiau uchaf am danynt. Cludir hwynt o'r lie byddant ar unwaith, ond anfon Post Card i Jones Bros., Llannor, PwUheli. Bydd un ohonom yn Marchnad Pwllheli bob Dydd Mercher. Hefyd, PRYNIR j CRWYN o bob math. Llythyrau i'w eyfeirio-Jones Bros, jj Llannor, Pwllheli. Telegrams i'w cyfeirio:—Jones Broe. ULtUUMMT NADOLIG, 1914. < N ADOLIG, 1914. RHIFYN ARBENIG O'R GOLEUAD." Ymhlith pethau ereill cynwysa'r rhifyn hwn WRTH Y TAN, (Can Anthropos); I BEFZVVEDYDDION, (Can R.:D.W.) j "AR Y DDAEAR TANGNEFEDD," (Can Aiafon); MYN'D ADRE' (Can R. Hughes Williams); ac ysgrifau o-eill c werth a dyddordeb. Cylioeddir Y "GO LEU AD" fore Litt yr wythnos lion. Gofaled pawb am roddi archeb mewn pryd. WAITEDR DALIER Mi-o W. W. L J' Thomas, 30, 31, 32, Stryd y Llyn, Caer- narfon, yn prynu pob math o Ddodrefn Iden- afol, Traselydri, Cypyi-ddau Bwyd, Tridarn, Hen Gadeiriau, etc. 2333 AT YMFUDWYR.—Mae Mr R. G. Hum- J. 1 hreys, (R. o Fadog), Porthmadog, wedi ei benodi yn Orudhwyliwr Ymfudol dros Agerlovigau v Conference, a gall sicrhau lle- oedd ar yr agerlongau i Ymfudwyr i'.r Am-I erica, Canada. New Zealand. Awwtralia, De Affrica, a gwledydd eraill. AGEiNT'S appointed in dirtietis unrepre- A6?ii,ted for the Sale of LuhriæmtB, Wagon Sheets, etc. first-class re-fem. lem required.—Duncan, Watson, and Co., DaeGi- wood Hansel New Broad r>ta-eet. Ijoflidoai, E. C. 201Jam2 YO'UNG L?dy as ciprk. and able to ?9've JL :n Grocery ''nr?d Dmpery for country b'-emesa. Weis-a.—AopIv L.C. 200 "G?nedr' Office, 08irnarvoii. 200Jan2 OCIENTTFIC Hoase?oid Requisite. Agents ?? making four pounds weekly. Sample post paid 3d,-Hyiene Manufacturing Coy., 99 Everton Road, Liverpool. WANTED, smart strong youfn, as an W apprentice to the Ironmongery. Apply, Griffith Jones, and Co., Ironmongers, Car. narvon. WANTED, smart young person at once.— TY Apply, Segontiaim Laundry. Carnar- von. 200Dec25 WANTED, General Servant; good iDme. V Applv with references and wages re- quired, to M. Long, Fruiterer, HigSi Street, Treorchy, Rhondda Valley. 200Dec31 ARCHITECT AND a va- CANCY for A pupil, a boy from school with taste for dr;IW:ng preferred; apply W.P. 200, "Genedl" Office. BOOK-KEEPFXR wanted. Competent, with D some knowledge of corn trade preferred. State age. experience, references and wages exutcted. Williams and Owen, Corn Mer- chants, Cam art-on. COLW'YIN BAY—Wanted, capable general the middle of January; good home; no washing.—Apply Mrs <Pry.ce Wallirums. Everard Stores, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwm Bay. 200 Ja.n 4 —• GOF yn eisieu, bachgen cryf wedi ymarfer Ga gwaith ??ad. Rhaid iddo fod yn gallu pedoli.—Griffith Roberts, Refail, Edeyrn. YN EISTEU. Daliwr Tvrchod i blwyf Han?an'o; od deatu 2,300 erw. Anfoner ce'aiada.u gyda'r telerau cyn Rbagfyr lleg. i Thomas. Tynybuarth, Llangaffo. 199Dec24 WANTED for a country mill, experienced I. T Miller. Apply, stating age, reference, and wages required to E. B. Jones. & Co., Rhyl. 199Dec24  OF yn ema.u wedi ymarfer a ?a,it'h GZNN-],,i(i hefyd :mpwvcr. Telir y cyflog uchaf. Ymofyner a D. W. 200 'SWV<ldfa'r "Genedl." Caernarfon- 201Jan6 A MEDICAL Practitioner is invited to Aope-n a practice &t Ab ere rave, good pros- pec-ts. Apply not later tdian Jan. 1st. Lewis, Checkweigher, Abercrave, Swanses Valley. 200 Jan 22 ON SALE SHORTHORN Calves for rearing, from record Cheshire Milkers and Pure Bred Bulls. Quotations to any Station. No fancy prices. Correspondence a pleasure. FRANK DOB IE, Littleton, Greater. t.c. O A PAGE Book about Herbs &nd how to 64 use them, free. Send for one.-Trim- nell,The Herbalist, 144 Richmond Road, Cardiff. Established 1879. O SECOND hand Dogcarts, 6U:t 13 to 15 3 bands a?o Spring cart.—Apply Charles Hughes and Sons, Portmadoc. 200Dec22 WEDDING Gift. Lady offers ma?iScent w 7 guinea service Al quality plate (stamped) comprising six each table Dessert spoons and forks; also tea and eggspoons (36 pieces). Unsoiled, accept 25IS; approval willingly.—Write, S. B.. 187, "Observer" Office, Carnarvon. 196 Dec 31 P £ A A REWARD paid by "The MAT- ob?UURIMONYALCIRCDE" for proof that any of tfoe hundreds of advertise mente therein are not Genuine. Fees moderate. Sealed envelooe. 6d. post free.—Editor, 18, Hogarth Road, EARL'S COURT. M15—75 PULLETS, thousands taymg, 30s dozen; P t'aree months old, 15s dozen; list free; live deliver" anywhere.—Hammell, Poultry Farms, Stratford, Essex. CANARIES.—Every variety. Cheapest, c best in World for Singing, Bree?in?, Exhibition. Illustrated list free. Birdlime, catch any bird, rats, mica, beetles, 4d.. 9d., Is 3d.—Rudd, Specialist, Norwich. CAE PHILLIP, Ger Caernarfon.—Ar C werth neu oaod.—Fferm ddymunol mewn saile fanteisiol; tir da; adeiladau bron yn newydd. Meddiant laf Jonawr, 1915.—Ymof- yner a T. H. Lewis House & Estate Agent, 20 Mafgaret Street, Carnarvon. AMERICAN Organ in ha-nd?me wol mit ?TL c?ae. Very sweet tofne. Cash ?4, or 5e. monthly—Crane and Sons Ltd., Bangor. WALNUT piam; full COMPASS; panel  V front etc. A ba-r?ain. ?9, or 6s month- ly .Gra!le and Sons Ltd.. Bangor. — — WIRE NAILS.—Mixed, 7?. per cwt; w 38?bs, 2s. SCREWS, mixed, 2%. owt. 281b. 78 6d. Wire, Cut, amd Wrought Nails, Staples, Tacks, etc.—C. W. Hayles, Midland Nail Works, 25 to 28 Rea Street, Birmingham. AT SEIRI COBD.—G?nir ewl coed Omen A?at bob an gen ,yn r-had.-Ymof?-er, Mr Owen Williams, Madog S>aw Mills, Port- madoc. AR WERTH, Merlaa dda, yn codi yn AbunW. Wedi ymarfer a #waith mewn bol a harness. 141- o uchdetr, ac yn afudd numn pob gwaith.-G.L. 18Q "Ctenedl" Office, Carnarvon. 180 t.s. RHYBUDD CYHOEDDUS« I CYNGOR DOSBARTH GW?EDM. M ? DWYBAN. Gwahoddiir cei.siadau am v S wydd o Glwe i'r Cyngor oichofl. Uvflog JE10 ya y flwydd- ■ yn yn cyriwyis c%tau. Ceib-i"u wedi 811 i selio, gyda'r gjaiir "Clerkship" weda ei yw grifenu ar yr amlan i'w hanfon i mi erbyn dydd LIlln, Ionawr lleg, 1915. Am fanyV ion pellacfli ynglyn a'r sw ydd vrnofyner a Penybonc, W. D. EVAiNS. Newb<;rough. Cadeirydd y Cyngor. JIRIENDLY ISIOCXETIES ACT. Isue. Advertisement uf Disjoin ton by Instrmnant. NOTICE is jiereby given tha.t the Novifl Friendly. Register No. 22, held at the Club Room, We-sley Street. Nevin, to tho County of Cat-tya,-rvon, is. dbøolved fry Instrument, registered at this Office, the 11th day of December. 1914, unless within tihree months from the date of the "Gazette" un w/bich. th:s advertisement appears proceed- ing6 be commenced by a. member or other parson interested in or having any claim on. tha funds of the 'Society, to set aside sucb d.f-solu uion, and the fame be set aside ac coramgly. G. STUART ROBERTSON, Chief Regisirat. JJeari Stanley Streot. i Westminster, the 11th day of December 1914. 5040 ANGLESEY HI-LARY QUARTER •SESSIONS'. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the next General Quarter Scions of the Peaft for the COUNTY of ANGLESEY will be hold'en in the POLICE COIURT, HOiLY- HEAD, on W EDiNE'SDAY the Sixth day ot January; 191;), at 1015 o'clock irn the monik fig precisely. Iihe Cha.r?e to tne Grand Jury wiU then be deHvere.l by the Chairman, and t,he Cooi< W ih"ereul,°n proceed with the Criminal w, 'It t h,-r ouJ)Oii i)roce?(,iil w:tli the CriminO aem C?vil business. The Clerk's to the Jun-tiees of the eeverd Divisions are requested to transmit to me At my Office at Llangefni- .seven days befoss tne 'Sessi'jns. all Depositions, Retuirnjs ot F;mes,Convîcf and Recogjuzances which sihaTl have been then taken together with instructions for 'Indictments.. WALTER O. JONEO, S"hre Hall, Clerk of the Peace. Llangefni. 18th December 1914. Q'ORPHORAETH CAERNARFON. Gwahoddir ceiniadau gan Bwyllgrw y Ferry Arfoiii a Mon, am wotlnvvr yu yr Ystordy yX vfo(,]. Gellir cael y telerau a'r noem ylion ond ymofyn a'r isa-wi y rune ei- ebN ilsod, i'r hwn v rbaid anfon y ceisiadau er- bym. deiuddeg o'r ,g-loch ddydd Llun. 28&in cyfitsol. Gwaherddir canfasio. ¡lliliOdd''al' yr amlen "Warehoaiseman," 5 chyieirÜ; i MR. EDi" ARiD HALL, Guild Hadl. Borougn Surveyor, Caernarfon. CaernarfOU6 Rhagfyr 19. 1914. TOSTEDDFOD FLYNYDDOL LLANo. F AIRFEOHAN. DYDD MERCHER, MAWRTH 3ydd. una. (Dau eyfarfod.) Arweinvdd: Parch JAMES JOiNES, Betihesda. Beirniad Cerddorol: Dr. CARADOG ROBERTS. Unawdau isoprano, Contralto, Tenor, Baritone. (Gwobr 20/- yr un.) Testynau i'w cael ga.n yr YsgrifenyddioD- drwy y post 1-Jc. A. H. DAVIES. Cattle Buildings; W. G. ROBERTS, Brigydon. AR OSOD AR OSOD.—Dau dy perthynol i Gapet M.C. Chwilog, Brynawel, yn cynwyø Pa.rlour, Sitting-room, Cegin a Pantry, ynghyda 5 o Bedroom, a Bathroom. Bros Rliiw, yn cynwyg Parlour, a dwy Gegin, ynghyda 3 Bedroom.-Am fa.nylion pettaclh ymofyner a John Williams, Bryn Hafod. 199Dec  ]Bry-nrefadl. Yni?. AR OSOD, Ty c;lIle yn Brvnrefail. Ym. Aof.vr)er a Willisai Owen WiI1iamR Pem?. Uyn, Cwmvglo. 199 25 Ddt DALIER SYLW. Erfyniwn ar ein JJosbarthwyr, eirl Gohebwyr, an Cwsmeriaid yn gyffredinol i gyfeirio'u llythyrau fel y canlyn Cyfrlfon, llysbysiadn ll, Archebian, etc., -I)ol)petli ynglyn a busnes i'w cyieirio i'r Manager, Welsh National Press, Co., Ltd., Caer- narfon. Gohebiaethau, Adroddiadau, a phob cynyrchion i'r papyraa, cyfeirier, Editor, AVelsli National Prens, Co., Ltd., Caernarfon. Ar i53i cyfrif na ddanfoner oHm yn gyfeiriedig i ber. sonau preifat yn y swyddfa, gan yr acbosir dyrysweh ac oediad os digwydd i'r personau hynny fod yn absenol- PWYSIG. GWYLIAU'R NADOLIG Oherwydd Gwyliau'r Nadolig, taer ddymunwn ar i'n goheb- wyr anfon eu holl ohehiaethaw erbyn fore lau fan bellaf, a chyfarfodydd yNadolig mor fuan ag fydd yn bosibl ddydd Sadwrn. Ni roddir sylw i oheb. iaethau di-bwys a ddaw i law ddydd Sadwrn. AT EIN GOHEBWYR. PEXCAENEWYDD.—Diolch. Yr wytfmos nesaf.