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f-== ) I lit THE BEST SHOP FOR XMAS I GIFTS IN ALL KINDS OF FANCY iliGOOD S. Ifr- ■ yS^»- v.. J-" **■*■ id*i< r •P^«r-v i in'i V>* it { Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Furs, Blouses, < Lace Collars, Scarves, Servants' j Dresses, Aprons, Etc. I! ALL AT lOWEST POSSIBLE PRcrs. Jones Williams jJtf io, POOL STREET, Carnarvon.   I Iillliiji' Direct from the Colliery S to the Consumer. ? ? j AGERrT ?:???? ? For the Best Known ||| ?S??? ? ColHeriss in Lanca- fl pM ||{i||| I shire, -Staffordshire, I* !?? Uni etc, 3 11 J. R. PARRY, j J. rHtnt? !n S'" ? S& ?' life 4 Castle Hill, n ?C??f ??? (Opp06:te Queen Eleanor'8 Gate), I ISARNAHVCN 4 ARWERTHIANTAU MESSRS fOHN PRITCHARD AND CO., aUOTjQNEERI AND VALUERO, BANGOR. MENAI BRIDGE SMITHFIEIZ). The Best Appointed a.nd Best Centre 1D North Wales. TESSM. JOHN PRITCHARD and CO. t SELL BY AUCTION every other Monday, commencing with the sheep at It am. ,410 to 600 RIPE FAT SHEEP & LAMB —— and 50 to 200 PJiT AND STORE CATTLE. Large wholesale buyers regularly attend I from Lancashire and Cheshire special terms 'ffered to vendors at a distanee- I AR WERTH SCREWS-Mjxii: 283 twt. 281bs, 7s 6d, TO Wire, Cut and Wrought Nails Staples, lacks, Rivets, Bolts, and Nails, etc., at "tail Works, 25 to 28 Rea-Se, Birmingham Wholesale Prices..—C. W. Haylee, Midland j Nail Work-, 25 to 28 Rea-st. Birmingham. OHORTHORN Calves for Rearing, from -record Cheshire Makers and P?re Bre<i Bulls. to a.ny Station. No fancy yrices Correspondence a pisasure- FRANX DOBIE, Lifcfceltco, Chestsr. LADIES Nurse Hammond's Improved JLJ Remedies act m a few hours when all else fails. Surprisingly effective. Send stamped envelope for free sample, to E. N. xiaminond, 2, High Holborn, London. NEW laid eggb at 3d. each are a little gold- mine for Ud'!S of Karswood Spice, con- taining ground insects, "which always increase egg output and sometimes double it. 2d- packet supplies 12 hens one week.—Pritchard, 33, Pool Street, Carnarvon. 42-1:00.-81 C~"ANARIES—Of every variety, for Sin?t.? C and Breeding. Best and largest collec- tion in World. Approval Also Goldiinches, Linnets, etc. Illustrated list free. See this » before deciding elsewhere. Genuine Talking Parrots. Strongest Birdlime. 7d. Is Id. In (ki Self-setting Trap Nets best in England, 2s 2d, 2s 9d.-RUDD, Specialict, Norwich. KILL THAT INSECT, TOMMY.—Seir? Kyour pai% "o?t yonder" ?ome tins of wash, there's a big chance you'-ll have "companions". A Little Harrisons's Pomade kills every insect on hair or body. nsist. on having Harrisons's Nursery Pomade. "Tins of Comfort" at 4^d and 9d, Sold by all Chemiste-ot oy Post from Harrison Chemist. Reading. — Carnarvon: R. Ro berts; Llangefni, R R Jones; Bangor: .J Bowen; Hoiyhead: R.. H. Williams; Port- rnadoe: T. Jen kii'.s; iiethesda: W. Morris: Criccieth: E. Davies Hughes, and Co. Pen y-groes: J. Ellie Jones: Amlwch :vR. Jone* —All Chemists. LLAKBERIS.—Ar werth vn gyfrinchoI. y L ty rhydd-ddaliadol No. 39, Newton- street, Llanberis. Am f any lion pellach ym- ofyner & Mri. Morris Owen. & Trevor Roberts, Cyfre tliwyr, Caernarfon. FOR SALE.-Handsome Building, highly F nnished sides a?d both qos double- boarded, with tongue ind grove. Gal. roofing, size 21ft. by 12ft. Make nice bungalow or gara-ge—.made by Norwich firm. This building is bolted in sections and can be easily taken away.—J. Owen, Slate Quay, Carnarvon. XTlMAS CA RDS-Choice Boxes Is 6d. Is., .i. 6d. Xmt.- Postcards, 8 for 6d. Text I Cards and Celluloid Scripture Bookmarks— j suitable for Teachers. 12 for Is. Agents j wanted.—Hoi no.3 "tnd Co., Stacksteads, Lanl's. I A' MERICAN C?RGAN—Walnut case, no J\. stops, knee swe' Splendid condition. Good tone. Cask £ 6.—Crane and Sons, Ltd.. Bangor. Dec. 23    d» Every Branc h of this Industry ?.:?? Saves Time an d Work and X.s. ?.  ?? ? M??? of the old-established branc h es of ? ? /j j the Sunlight industry are being carr i e d ?????????S??????? on by gir's w h o, respon d ing to the call of ?????????c????? m M duty, have ta k en tbe p l ace of the gallant jjj(\ men called to the Co l ours. !? ? The New Branc h (shipping) net on l y ensues t h em the  .?''?? best raw materia l s to ma k e soap with, but ena b les the ??????SS??????BS????S housewife to make a direct saving or one halt-penny oni^' C \§ /L^j every bar of Sunlight Soap she buys. The fleet of steamers ■WaHwH, !m j ? jj ? recent l y bought to convey raw materials direct from ????\ ?)/ s to Po,t 'ave r,-C-'uced the cost of  j. | transport, and the full and immediate benefit of the enter- jM ,1 prise is !,Iven to the British Housewife, for the, prlc- of "I i| SUNLIGHT SOAP  M ,ss^3 f 'p?. £ r-4rpKS- '????????'?? ??'? ?D?CEDT-O ???- ?? ??? ?L?' ?? ?-?  ?? £ 1,000 Guarantee Tablet. '?-2 Tab!et. "?????? ?"?t S 1,000 Cuaran'ee of Pur!ty on every Bar. ???????'??  ? t ? L?i??'?'?-???y ?JIg'?T??''V .S. ????P?A-TLP A ????????? ???NS????'%?? ? ?! ? ???'   The narne i.?- ,:er oz ?,,an i, a Gu(iraifee of Puri nd l ence. f. l-, FR BRO'rlll;l?S RHYBUDD CYHOEDDUS ) POSTAL T-U ITION YOUNG- MEN eged 16 to 2b wanted, to JL take up courses in the following sub- jecte:— Mining, Magnetism, and Electricity. Telephony, Ordinary and Advanced. Telegraphy, do. do. WIrekss Telegraphy. do. do. Submarine Ca.bie Working and Test; g. Elementary Electrical Engineering. Engineering, Mathematics. Write for prospectus and terms to SECRETARY, W.A. 9 Dept., I Shaws College, 65, Alexandra Road, Longport. Staffs. T Y S T E B Y I PARCH. G. OEIDIOG ROBERTS, ) LL AN LL Y FN 1. £ s C I Cydnalbydtdwvd eisoes 40 2 6 Mr. T. Lloyd Pritchard, Brith V/ernydd, PE:iii-liviikleudyaeth 110 Mr. Edward Gnmt.h.Coed Cvmar, Dolgellau. — — 0 10 6 Mr. Richard Jones, Bryn Rhedyn, Lla.nwnda. — — — — — 0 5 0 Mr Owen Griffith, Bronnydd, Bontnev:vdd. — — — — 0 5 0; Mr. David G. Davies, Ysgoldy, Llanllyfni. — — — 0 50 Mr J. B. L'avies, do. do. — — — 1 1 0 Diemv (0 wnllyfnj). — — — 0 2 6 I Rev. D. Cynddel.w Williams, B.A., I Chaplain to H.M. Foroes— 1 1 0' Rev. 0. Lloyd Jones, B.A.,B.D. Bootle. 0 10 -6 I Rev. H. M. Roberts, Rhiw, near Rhuth n. — 0 10 6 i 0 cglwys. Bethlehem (M.C.), LI an j Ahei-s-ochi:— j TeuiLu BrvKigwyn 0 2 6 Parch, a Mrs. D. H. Lloyd. — — 0 2 6 | Casgliad eglwysig — — — — 015 4) Rev. James Jones, Groes-y-waen, j Waenfawr. — — — — — 0 2 0] M,r. W. Williams, Cae Efa Lwyd Fawr, Pionv^p'oes. — 0 2 0 lklr. G. W., Pritchard,, Arfonia House, PenyCToes. — — 0 2 6 Rev. J. Pritchard. M.A., Gorphwys- fa, L'aniber's. — — 0 2 6 Derbvrir v tanvsgrifiadan yn dd'olchgar gan vr Ysarrifenvdd on MR. O. W. jnXRS, Snowdon St!-<?? Penvorroes. ?orth W:]I. MR J R DAVTES. C. Sch ool. LI an- llyfni. GOITTRTO. RHOL'DIR. Rhv^ndrl trwv bvn. v bvddis V, ?-L??h'?o rv??-? T.l?v?? a ChoTddhro? Dr'?'?h v N1Pt ?M C \"? nedd i'w ?'tT!? vn I/a'^bedT'ocT. Npdol^. 1916, hyd nmser an- mhenodol. 'fOl'?TÇ; X. JO?E?. Y?. EVAN EVAN .TON.ES. DECEASED. ALL N EV.\ .H,S, DECEASED. j  PERSONS hnv!? ?v claims <?- d<I 41,, <-?f Eva,i Fvnn .Ton00,. of Olon^i^-o. Trp;TMrth, nr. Bangor, A■ ufant 0"<>"< "or, ,¡iprl on the 23rd <T'iv nf VovprnKoT'. IQTfi vpniT^stpd to spnd Dar- t- r-iT'it-s 01' to me. the under- signed.. toifi j -r)ri TIP vxl A -,CQ c, ?r-?r," W t.h? T?xeadn?". j 15. C'??.? TETTAC. 'R?the?a. CAFWVO CFWYDCYw Merlen, di-nod, ym MVII vrJd Llanllechid.—Ymofvner yri ei gyteh j a Mr. Jeremiah Evans, t,- Bontuchaf, Beth esda, Settiwr. 47-Jan. 12 -=-——————— —————— = i g| YN EISIEU ¡ 1 jALIER SYLW.—Eylai y rhai fydd yn U ymholi o berfhvnae i hysbysia.datt gofio mai trwy LYTHYR YN UNIG y mae iddynt I wnpyd -mholiad 0 berthynas i unrbyw hy-s- bysiad ac nid galw yn "vddfa Arbedw tyn got a thrafferth i iaver on i WANTEiD—To purchase Larch and Scotch r V standing or felled in any quan?t.)e suitable for Pit Wood. Particulars to The (i. J. Eveson Coat and Coke Cf), Ltd.. j Birmingham. j   WAiNTED—A superior cook aeneral.- j W Age 30-40; wages £ 30- £ 35. Comfort able noo-basenient house. Good references es- SentiaL-Apply: Mrs. Lyal, "Behar," West Heath Road, Hainpstead* London. 44-Dec 23 1^1 EM.ALE Attendants.—Respecta Single ble Single j J. Women Required, of fair education and ( good height; previous experiences unnece?- sary salary comtaences at £ 25, rising after satisfactory service by annual increments of £ 2 to £30, and on promotion to £ 50 per annum, with board, longing, washing and uniform.—Apply to the Superintendent. County Asyiu/n, Prestwich, Manchester. WANTED'—Respectable (day) girl for housework, 16-17. Good wages. Apply: Ab. "Genedl" Office, Carnarvon. 45-Nov. 9-8 1\ WANTED.—Plumber required for genera! j T V Estate work, must be ineligible for the Army.—Apply Bp\ WP47 "Observer" Office, Carnarvon. 47-Dec. *28 V\7ANTED—For Private Hous? in Eng- YV ?tad—G?od Class of Maids with good referejj'.e. I'icnty of Places In every part of North Wales. Private and Business.—Apply Mrs. Ephruun, Ongina1 Registry Offio, HI. Kns;t!niO«. ) TO T?k -Wanted a good all-round 'i- ta?or, for permanency, good wages h>r suitable man.—Edwards. LJandre, Aber- ystwyth. 46-Eec. 19 WANTED—Scrap, Brass, copper, lead, W iron. Spot cash. Immediate removaL- Write, stating quantities, to J. H. Lewis. 71, Luke Street, Liverpool. 47-Feb 27 WALLPAPERS from 41- per roll. Any TV qunntitv. large or small, supplied at WHOLESALE PRICES. Largest stock in Great Britain. Write for patterns stating class required. (Dept. 282), BAR.METT WALLPAPER CO., LTD., MANCHESTER. Jn.-l ALTER SYLW. Mae Mrs. W. W L./T'om;ta. 5,0 M.32. Stryd y Llvn "aer'tarfon. yn prvnu ilob math o Ddodrefn,] Tveselydd. Cypyrddau Tlw-,(]. Tri- ¡"r-T1 Hen etc. WANTEID— P'owls, Ribbits, an g, t V Best prices given.—H. R. Williams. -?td Co.. St John's Market. Liverpool WANTED1.—Large quantities of new-laid V V Ea>gs Write oScrs of price "uii-ed, and what quantity you have to offer. Cash on receipt of Ei/ir** Hodgetts and Saiisbury. Geil Street, Sheffield. j LADY to ta-ke change of shop, with 80nw experience ct Drapery ^preferred. GCKMI salary.—Apply. iSingers' 20, Pool Street. Car- narvon. 47-T 22 ("1 ENTLEiMAN affers E3 38, a week as euest ) to nice people with whom he can have a comfortable home. Apply Piecadily Agency, 39, Piccadilly, London, W. 47-Dec oO RHYBUDD CYHOEDDUS J ANGLESEY COUNTY coucrL.  COUNTY COUNCIL. SHOP HOURS AC T, 190 A. PARISH OF HOLYHEAD. NOTICE OF REVOCATION OF ORDER. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that in pursuance of Section 8 of the Shops Act, 1912, and upon application made there- under, the Sdcretaa'y hf State, by Order under his hand dated the 7th day of Decem- her, 1916, has revoked the Order made by the Council uiictler tlip. provis:o-,n,q of the Shop Hours Acit, 1904, dated the 24th day of October, 1907. Dated the 13th day of December, 1916. WALTER O. JONES, Llanigefni. Clerk of the County Council. ^INGLESEY COUNSTY COUNCIL. SHOPS ACT, 1912. HOLYHEAD URBAN DISTRICT ARIyA. THE COUNTY COUNCIL OF ANGLE- JL SEY in pursuance of the powers con- ferred upon them by the Shops Act, 1912, and after due compliance with its provisions do hereby order as. follows:- 1. This Order which may be cited as THE HOLYHEAD CLOSING ORDER applied to all Shoos in the area of the HOLYHEAD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL in which the trades or businesses cf Drapers, Milliners, Clothiers and Otitfitte Boot and, Shoe Re- tailors, Grocers and Provision Dealers, and Ironmongers, are carried on. 2. All Shops to which this Order applies shall be closed for serving customers on the several days of the week at and after the follown.g hours respectiN-,ely:- M iday 7 p.m. Tuesday Weekly Half Holiday (Shops closed at 1 p.m. Wednesday • ..7 p.m. Thursday (except before Good Friday). -f p.m. Thursday before Good Friday 10 p. iii Friday • 7 p. m, Saturday (except as stated below) 9 p.m. Saturday preceding Christ.masi Day, Easter Monday, Whit- Monday, August- Bank Hoii day 10 p.m. Christmas Eve 10 p. m. I Provided that where the occupier-of a Shop eleet.s to .e1oe his Shop for the weekiy half- j holiday on Saturday instead of on Tuesday the closing; hour on Tuesday shall be 9 p.m. 3. Where any trade or bus'ness other tivm thoo:c specified in Airtide 1.0£ this Order is cirricd on in any Shop to wh ch this Ol'd,'t' applies, such Shop -may be kept open after the closing hour mentioned1 in Article 2 of thi's Order, for the nurpose of the first riv-i- Honed trade orbusines a,lon, provided that (a) After the said dosing hour there ?ha?I be exhibited :n som? conspicuous: places on the exterior and in the interior, of snch shop notices ;n letters of the size of not ness, than two inches containing the fol- lowing words:- Shops Act, 1912. This shop is cfos-ed tor ■, to-day ex-coot, for (the sa le by reta;' ) or (the trade or business of )" lib) So far as reasonablv pra.rticaMe no goods in connection with the tradie or business for which the short 's requirfd to be rJos<Ld Bbn'l he exhibited either in- i s'deoroutisdetbeshon 4. NbthiniP) in this Order shall prevent customers fmm beimg served on any dav after 1 the closirtg hour with v'ctin^s. stores, o^ other necess-airies for a ship r-n her arrival .nf. or immediately before her dena'tii-re from a port. WALTER O. JONES, Clerk to the Ceuue I, i 12'h July. 1916. Tn pureuanc" of Section 6 (2) of the Shons j A of 1912. I hereby confirm the foregohig O >*d pr. HERBERT S\ATTTFT( One of FI, PrnmM>)' A R OSOT). VfORTH WALES. —L1 anrw.«t ;n the V-v- 1. lev nf +bp t\;rer Conwav —To he let, iire small farm wtb modern c'et^che-l daiw and nutbnpd'" nT^ication to be made to Mr. C. "B-ond. 19. f^iVMrr-'rvTv St. Manchester. 41)-tr HOUSE AND SHOP to let, Arfon Honsc. r? ?M, Hich tr"et. Bamo" -Apply to 'be Misses Ellis, 313 High Street. B,ngor, V "V 18-tc :==.=::=:=:. ==-====-=-===.=:=.==-= AR WERTH OULLETS,—March 1916 hatch-laying, j 6d e.i.ob. dozen six and coek 24s,—Hummel:. Stratford, Es'ex, List free. 44- Der. 30 GREAT BARGAINS.—New Milk N I VJJ Pleasure Floats, Rubber and Iron Tyre's. A'so second-hand Governess Cars—> | cheap, and other varieties. Inspection invited, i R)oya,I Carriage Works, Carna-rvon FOR SALE—Several good rurrie, all aiid ivc-ights. screw brakes. Ac, excellent strong Spring Cart, carry 1 ton, and complete good strong Set of Harness. Full size Furnifure Van for Hire. Road or J- Owen. Slate Quay. Carnarvon.' PIANETTE—Suit school, .orceilent eon- -L dition. good tone. A bargain. 14 guineas —Crane and Sons, Ltd., Bangor. Dec. 23 ¡ IS Spice harmesR? Yes—?f it is Kar&wo')d. I -L Conti?'ns (?round 'insecjtis, not "avenue P<i"nppr, &~c. Williams, Penllvn Shop, I.i m- feobell. Rhoswooh. 48- -= 23 FREE SALVATION FOR ALL. J By the Spirit of Revelation in j ZION'S WORKS. | Vo! T-XVT (xv:t,li ii e) in Libraries,


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