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SPRING IS CUMING. J rG- IBB II ■!■ '■ II 3% ALL KLNDS AND DKSCKIPTIOXS OF Suits, Costumes, &c FOR THE COMING SEASON" AT R. W. Cf. is 6, King'stead. Street, PWLkHSU. 6, ■ WW—l1!*1—IW» *) <SMjL —■> IWliM P?VLL??LI. Suits from 35/- 'i?? '?? ??? ? Costumes from 87/d Everything made on the PREMISES UNDER PERSONAL SUPERVISION TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED. « ■ 1,1 ■■ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. RlIAG-HYSBYSIAD. Y Ddeuddegfeu Eisteddfod ..iItoa11 1 PWLLHELI, Cwyl y Bano, Awst 4^:?ci, í9i3f Testynau allan o'r wasg y m's nesaf. D. John Jones, YSJ. .t: 'r "1" 'rl¡' .MIi!l:!lHl!:I"I"I::I: I 'I"I' I :??- jTHp *I"I** i?'sut ?? ?" P yr |I Ydych ¡: Mae pawb yn ?yfarwydd a'r ewestiwn hwn. Clywir ef dros yr holl fyd. Y-n- mhob iaith ceir ymholiad cyfystyr i ft? "Sut yr ydyrh'' Yr un dyhead a dymuniad mawr < ySreduiol yw iechyd ? • 5 da. Dywed y meddygon medrusaf ac H enwocaf fed pedair rhan o bump o r • • holl afiechydon yn tarddu o ddiffyg + treuliad neu sefyllfa afreolus yr afu a'r ymysgaroedd. Iae + 1 Beecham s 1 I Pills Ism i S yn gwellu pedair rhan o bump o'r holl + I ■ ufiochydon trwy symud ymaith yr 31 aclios. iLucnt yn < ich cryfhan ac yn )"mlid ym,ith yr amlmredd a adlOsallt .t:. dcind:id;iu o myiader a blinder- rhvhjfldion X«tuv o annrhefn. Mae ]iz B E E C 'P I L LS i eadw pol)l 3? yn Haw. 11 no yn t-it gwueiul yn siriol. ? ? • £ *l)ymn'riVddy,triuiaeth fwyafy gwyddi; T am dani i gryfhau y cylhi, gwella y W trettlind, a rlieoleiddio yr sifn. yr ffi iff elwlod, a'r ymyssraroedtl, mewn gair V W maent yn feddyginiaeth unfCaeledig W |i rCh il I Cadw yn tach. | .t. all Gwerthir yn mhob mm inewu blychau, l.'l (56 o belenau) a 2/9 lios 0 belenau). ffi I !f.;1HI: mmffiffi; *Iffiffii*ili 1.Ø'JIC'¡'b.\I' -O<f'" t t. :} Don't  H.AR??SO?. ? 'D y° ?iR?STOR?. ? Color <3 n ¡ c?y llilt I:] '-c 'H, ■' 1 ¡ lu l\uLl; I' .j l? Hair .w. ??.? H'd. S  IMPORTANT TO MOTHSIVS. !-}'eIY Mother who valuoa tne .;tcd Ol^jn lineas of her Chil i shonld uso iiAJRRl^ON'h "BELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. <llf. ftpplioation kills all Kits tnd ornun, Wj.ut'fc' r MdBtreogth?&thp R?ir. n Hn., 4?'. &< M. Pcmtage Id.—f'co. V/. ?m.i? ?. Ci.n -t Reading. Sol i by Chemi-its. Ag a t ft," Fv heli.—Xos. BALnWJN Kigii Mr«« W. O. HUGHES, TAILOR AND CUTTER 23 PENLAN STREE T rWILHEM. To b 1st. VjADRYN HOUSE, South Beach, ¡ P\1Jhe1¡. Favl)urable terms. Immediate possession. Apply to MR. LEWIS JONES, Preswylfa, Ala Road, Pwllheli. I D E T, I D HOUSE, fac- Á. sea (next to l'uth Beach Chapel) YViNTONIA," South Beach P.irade. Appiy to—ROBIXSOX. Allandale, Ala Road. UO\IFORTA.DLE HOuSE in Rec- reation Road to Let. Rent, x.,18 Appiy S. ANOKUWS & Sox, Esiute Ofiice  .a: .=.¡:   G ;?'T.,IHAWR CTXT?L a ENVOG PJMWS J  I' ,1 (:1 p- teli 1/- a 2/6 |;>:1  ?| WELt n |  An_J i'SWCH ac .A NWYD  t I." z j^ixrisiadTiry ffyda ph.&nt. t?;x | :i| C an OLL i Kir.KVLLWYK A GkOSERS |g; LV'm A M I 4*6 f 1 HARRISON's^kRESTORER -I GA?, Ot?L A GposrtRs j ?. ??: r; to its oiifjiiuii colour by us ''S 1;-L harnii. -;s. Agent :or Pv.Uhtjli :—J, HA!J.»W|N -lONES f»fj. S, Street. G-westy'i1 G-walia, HEOL FAWi?, PWLLHELI. HF-(-)L PWLLI-IELI. ittititu;ALI,I!.it"?o o'r newydd. G Y F LE U ST ER A U HUAGOnOL. Breakfast, Luncheons, Dinners Teas at moderate prices. Darperir gogyfer a phartion. Ystorf.? Roi:-=ioit. Mis. WalUo Thuma^, Pen.lien-. j;es. A GOOD VARIETY OF CARPETS, LINOLEUM | & RUGS in Stock at all times at Manchester House i IH | Your special attention is also invited to the MILLINERY DEPARTMENT. i One of the cleverest MILLINERS in the district is engaged in this branch.  ?B?  J ????J? COSTUMES. i wmurj'vpmI'awwrwMW*' ujihhhmd I i COSTUMES made to measure is a leading feature in this Establishment, and style and fit is guaranteed. j = .oJ. ,r:'4_ 1 I MENJS I CLOTHING DEPARTMENT. i GENTS' SUITS and RAIN- PROOF GARMENTS which | are sold in this branch give the greatest satisfaction. Every description of I Ready-M ide Clothing always inStock 'W_- W. ANTHONY, MANCHESTER HOUSE. t Cambrian Railways iiiiioimcciiioiits. MOTOR OMNIBUS SERVICE BETWEEN PWLLHELI, rs'EVIN, AND EDEYRN. í NOTICE is hereby given that the above service, by mutual consent, has been transferred to the NEVIN AND DISTRICT MOTOR COMPANY to whose Announcements the Public are referred for particulars of the Substituted Service The Cambrian Company's Time-tables, and all other Announcements relating to their Motor Service, are hereby cancelled. EASTER HO LI DAY EXCU RSlONS, 19 J a: To LONDON, March 20th, for 5, 6, or 8 days March 22nd, for 3, 4, or 8 days March 24th, for 2, 5, or 8 days To SOUTH WALES, March 20th, for 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 15 days March 22nd, for 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, or IS days. To LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, LEEDS, etc March 20th, for 5, 6, 8, or? 15 days March 22nd, for 3, 6, 8 or i? days. J To SCOTLAND, March 20th, for 5 or 8, and 18 days. EISTEDDFOD AT CRICCIETH. 1 LKYN HORSE, DOC;, AND POULTRY SHOW, XEN IX. EISTEDDFOD AT CARNARVON, E \STER MONDAY. On Lttcr Monday, March 24th, DAY EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued to CRICCIETH, PWLLHELI, and CARNARVON, from all parts. CH EAR DAY TICKETS between COAST STATIONS will be issued on Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, March 21St, 22nd, 24th, 25th, and 26th, by all trains. • WEEK-END TICKETS will be issued on THURSDAY, March 20th, in addition to Fridav and Saturday, March 21st and 22nd, available for return on any day (except day of issue) up to and including Tuesday, March 25th. THE 14 DAYS TICKETS to Cambrian Coast and Mid-Wales Stations will also be issued on THURSDAY, March 20th. For full particulars of tares and other excursions see the EASTER PROGRAMME to be had at the Station. Insurance ACCOMPANIED BY PASSENGER. OR SENT IN ADVANCE, AGAINST LOSS, THEFT, &c., whilst in Hotels, Boarding Houses, Apart- mentb. or on Rail, Steamer, and Conveyance. j II- INSURES FOR JSSO FOR A PERIOD OF 15 DAYS. Higher premiums cover larger Insurance and extended periods. For Full Particulars and Conditions apply at the Booking and Parcel Offices at the Stations, Town Offices, or from the Railway Passengers Assurance Company, 64, Cornhill, London, E.C. CHEAP DAY TICKETS Issued EVERY THURSDAY and SATURDAY, between certain CAMBRIAN COAST STATIONS. Also to TANYBWLOH and BLAENAU FESTINIOG. See handbills. Cheap Week-End Bookings. SATURDAY to MONDAY TICKETS are issued between ANY TWO CAM- BRIAN STATIONS. Also to Stations on other Companies' Lines (with a few exceptions) at a SINGLE FARE and a TilLRD (Plus Fractions of a Penny;. These Tickets will be avaikble hy Ordinary Tiainb: — dutward-Oll SATURDAYS only, by any Train Return Uu fulluwing StiNDA Y, bv Trains leaving at or after 6.0 a.m On following NIONDAV, by any Train. Minimum Fares: First Class, 4s.; Third Class, 2s. fid. CHEAP Tor :T DAYS TICKETS from PWLLHELI to the NORTH WALES COAST Issued every MONDAY and THURSDAY. I 1 2 or 3 DAYS TICKETS from PWLLtlELl to LIVERPOOL and MANCHESTER Every MONDAY and THURSDAY. I or -2 DAYS TICKETS to BALA and LLANGOLLEX Every MONDAY and WEDNESDAY. Excursion Programmes at the Stations. Football and Hockey Parties. PICNIC TICKETS are issued for a minimum of 10 full fares upon 3 days notice being given at the Stations. 7VF"RY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, until inrther notice, \VEEK-END TICKETS will be issued (Vo-n PWLLHELI to CAMBRIAN* STATIONS, THE WYE i v I]I t)e ?isstie d t' i-o:ii PW[,IJ-HFLl to VALLEY DISTRICT, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, LEEDS. SHEF- FIELO, BIRMINGHAM, EDINBURGH. GLASGOW, THE NORTH WALES COAST, BALA, LLANGOLLEN, and other places. For full particulars see Excursion Programme I A IFOKTNIGHT IN THE WYE VALLEY DISTRICT. FVFRY FilluAY AND SATURDAY RETURN TICKETS will be issued to 1 CENTRAL WALES SPAS, BUILTH WELLS, LLANDRINDOD WELLS, LLANGAMMARCH WELLS, LLANWRTYD WELLS also to LLANIDLOES, RHAYADER and BRECON, from PWLLHELI. Via Moat Lane and Builth Road. For lurther information respecting the arrangements shewn above application should be made at any ot the Company's Offices or Agencies, or to Mr. C. L. Conacher, Traffic Manager. WILLINMSON, Genera l Mana g er, Oswestry March, WILLIAMSON, General Manager, COUNTY SCHOOL, PWLLHELI. The Staff is as follows :— Headmaster: Mr D. H. WILLIAMS, M.A. Miss MURIEL PRICE, B.A., Wales. Miss HANNAH ANTHONY, B A., WALES. MISS BRACE NEWTON, Hors., London. Miss ANNA DAVIES, Cookery Mistress. Mr REGINALD W. EVERATT, M.SC., Wales. Mr. P. G. REYNOLDS, B.SC (ist Class Hons) Wales. MR. ALEXANDER PARRY, B.A Mr NORMAN MCLEOD, A.R.C.M. Pupils are prepared for Central Welsh Board, Oxford and Cambridge Local and University Examinations, and con- siderable attention is paid to Art, Music, Manual & Technical Work and Physical Exercises. Next term commence January TUITION FEE, £4 IDS. per Annum. O. ROPYNS-OWEN, Clerk to the Governors. 1 ':11 f Eisteddfod EGLWYS ST. PEDR, Pwllheli. Dydd lau, Ebrill 3ydd, 1913. Testynau allan o r Wasg. I'w cael gan L. A. DOBSON, King'shead St. D. E. JONES, Carnarvon House. Ysgrifenyddion. RHAG-HYSBYSIAD. CYNHELIR ORGAN RECITAL YNG NGHAPEL PENMOUNT, yn ystod MIS AWST. I Ymddengys yr holl fanylion yn fuan. J. O. Williams, Ysg. l Argraffwyd a Chyhoeddwyd gan Richd. Jones, yn ei Swyddta 74, Heol Fawr, I Pwllheli, dydd Mercher, Mawrth 19, igis