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Don'tForget It! .L b -JJI THAT I, ,¡ f ¡1 "{"I' U;'J liJ;J¿'I. rJ .f. ,J: 1 (¡..ï ri yi. I' nl 1 It I ¡ 1 ,I A 1 .l IliilMITSX), Hold by far the Largest Selection of every description of Household Furniture In the Principality; that every Article is Warranted, and that all Goods are Sold at the Lowest Possible Margin of Profit. issssss- AND THE  fi i i J&mL /?ttc:/Ar)?? ?K?? ''T y?????v????%????S????? ? t \?<rMtL?r\\rr?' t?  ????   SFURNfSHERS Don't Forget It! THAT BEVAN & COMPY, CARDIFF, NEWPORT, SWANSEA, And from all other Branches, De- liver Goods Free up to 200 Miles, and Pay the Train Fares of Cash Customers. Registered and known far and wide as ? ? t '? The Cardiff Furnishers." 1 Mpi—illlHHIJII1UHBW "III IWI'iBninii H II hi IHHI'lili iBMWnraSBfflMira q" ,IAt, "> '.l-> .> I A"fio1 Z'.t.f-. »j ???? ?LA??TCH LIKE ?!ME! 14 'V',t, :j! :;?' Ø/ '< \'?'????? A GU;?MER Get a watch that will never let you down-one of "??????jf? '# %"?* DEHGHTED H. Samuel's world-famed timekeepers. Call and see ??T?? ? (t:l: |l Gunner j. w. Finch, 27th the new wrist model with luminous dial (as illustrated). ??MHE ?-?   Brigade Sta?, K F.A. writes High grade, fully jewelled, keyless movement, handsome ?;???<< ? I* = October II, 19.5: "I am nickel silver case, strap any shade. Wonderful value, 17'/5. i H1  ? Otober II, \[s: "I am nickel silver case, strap any shade. Wonderful value, l716. M ? —  ? ,? '> ? •; Highly c?o!i~»Ytedwith Br ?Sg?'?E ?' \?,- '-???° 'u;y.t?..Ms w-isk Many other designs, 21?-, 2?-upwards. Every ?S* ?'' .-?'. ''t'<;}>&?'c:i.' ,jf,j" watch. It 4 an arti- watch warranted for 5 years. Satisfaction guaran- ? '? ?.?-? .??' < ;?;  J Send one to your eJenoBrit: .1 Tommy teed or money refunded in full. Send one to your I; at-could be w;'d,out." sailor or soldier friend to-day 1 <?: ,??J?? LI' ??' ??°'ci? ?'?' ?f.MM?' ?M M 8 ja ?? B 33, M & 26&, High Btteet, ..<?? ?!    i 9 UMNHdW WRIST WATCH, B Hm SAMUEL ^S^SSS" • ? j? Shows the time mstantiy  mca M  k,, p er s years? warrant3r iligh, or daPve. rfect time- 17/6(Watchma?,er io ihe 4dmiralty). ) Jl (n, LTD IF YOU WANT TO Furnish or re-Furnish Wisely and Well, you cannot do better than pay me a visit. Most of my Goods are made in my own Workshops. I have been Es- tablished in this Valley over Half-a-Oentury. Re-upholstering, Re-polishing and Repairs done only by Ex- perienced Workmen. No Shoddy Work done. ESTIMATES FREE FOR ALL WORK Special Show of Kitchen Dressers, Bedroom Suites, Bedroom It Ware of every description. Sic tor Cycles, Cycles, and all Accessories. Venetian Blinds a Speciality. Buy with a Firm with a Half-a-Oentury's Reputation. ISRAEL FINE, Lawn Terrace, Rhymney, and Commercial Street, New Tredegar. ''1'?it.Tt¡;};¡;'3?l¡;f.iV:.v.âi¡:)1¡m;Æ0' WOMAN'S UNFAILING FRIEND. TOWLE'S PILLS Immediately you notice Ray irregularity of the system, take Towle's Pills. They will quickly remove all suffering. 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In ev<-n district there's a R I Cl'iffi' Foot Spi-oialitt -ho renders Dr. Schott's FGot Comfort If S<t-v)c?—free Mot? f(?? exa.n?nation, and B Dr. Scholi'? Foot-Fatvser-» unic of this ser- lj vir>e—LnstauUy relieves tired, aciiing fet, Hat y aceurs.t>s oonrection for all foot nloti<aits. g foot, an J oth^r fovt v J Men's and Women's S discomforts. In —^ H stM8. Price 8/6 pair. 1 H nearest expert dealer i, 'Aj^jzSjgtflipr 3 and a cvpy of Dr. i The of  B'?'??*e?*.? *?? B The ScMil Mfg. Ca„ IZ?—* H FjAoits Piiot Book." fBfey'fcav* Putilw ^otice» ADMINISTRATIVE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. THE PUBLIC HEALTH (VENER- EAL DISEASES) REGULATIONS, 1916. COUNTY SCHEME FOR THE PRE- VENTION AND TREATMENT OF VENEREAL DISEASES. In pursuance of their powers under thf Public Health (Venereal Diseases) Regulations, 1916, the Monmouthshire Ccanty Council, acting in conj unction wit h the Council of the County Borough of Newport, have formulated a scheme for the Prevention and Treatment of Venereal Diseases, which has received tho provisional approval of the Local Government Board. It is desired to give public notice of the FACILITIES AVAILABLE UNDER THE APPROVED SCHEME, viz., VENEREAL DISEASES occur as the result of immoral conduct, but may be spread in other ways. THE EFFECTS OF THESE DISEASES upon the individual and the race are GRAVE AND FAR- REACHING. It has been demonstrated that PROMPT RECOGNITION AND SCIENTIFIC TREATMENT of 'hese diseases will enable the patient to avoid these grave after-conaequences. Arrangements have been made for FREE TREATMENT FOR ALL. Male and female persons suffering from these diseases can have proper scientific treatment UNDER CONDITIONS OF SECRECY. The following Treatment Centre is at present available for Monmouthshire :— ROYAL GWENT HOSPITAL, CARDIFF ROAD, NEWPORT, EVERY MONDAY (except Bank Holi- days) from 2 to 5 p.m. EVERY THURSDAY, from 2 to 5 p.m. Adequate arrangements have also been made at the Public Health Labor- atory, the County Hall, Newport, for special bacteriological investigations etc., under the scheme. Further information as to these facil- ities, so far as they relate to the Admin- istrative County of Monmouth, and copies of a special leaflet on the dangers of Venereal Diseases, can be obtained from the undersigned. D. ROCYN JONES, County Medical Officer. The County Hall, Newport, Mon. August 1st, 1917. MINING EXAMS. LRSSONS BY POST. Candidates thcr- ^nghly prepared for Mine Managers, TOirmen, Sarveyors u4 JlJecVWal Bx- noinatioaM. lAs, May H.O Hxjtsn. r7 out of 98 rtudenta paaoc4. W,-its far t'-œ 1mn.dbocolc. (Deak SO), "Cambrian tfc&ook" GumnAmy J.4., If you want PRINTING quickly and cheaply, go to the Monmouth Guardian Offices, Rhymney, ipufcltr Notice* I LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1894- LOCAL GOVERNMENT (EMER- GENCY PROVISIONS) ACT, 1916. THE AUDIT (ABSTRACTS AND REPORTS) ORDER, 1916. To the Ratepayers and Owners of Property in the Urban District of Rhymney, in the County of Mon- mouth. Whereas the District Auditor author- ised by Law to Audit the Accounts of Receipts and Expenditure under the Public Health Act, 1875, of us, the Urban District Council for the above named District, has duly completed his Audit of the said Accounts for the year ended at the 31st day of March, 1917. WE the said District Council, hereby givo Notice, in pursuance of the above mentioned Acts and Order, that the Audited Accounts and Statutory Fi- nancial Statement will be open for inspection, without payment, by any Ratepayer or Owner of Property in the District at the Office of us the said Council, at 61, High Street, Rhymney, at all reasonable times within the period of 14 days from the 7th day of August 1917. Dated this 3rd day of August, 1917, W. H. TRUMP, Clerk to the District Council- Re Mrs. M. Walters, Deceased. TO CLOSE AN ESTATE. SALE OF Valuable Freehold and Leasehold Properties Situate at Bargoed, Deri, Pengam (Glam); and Fleur-de-lis (Mon.) MESSRS. PHILLIPS, & JONES A.A.I. ARE instructed by the Executor to Sell bv AUCTION at the PLAS- NEWYDD HOTEL, BARGOED, on THURSDAY, AUGUST 9th, 1917, at 7 o'clock p.m., Valuable Freehold and Leasehold P HO PERT 112^ In such lots as shall be determined at the time of Sale, viz.:— Nos. 2 and 8, Gwertbonor-road, Pengam, Glam. II Beechgrove," Gwerthonor-road, PeDgam, Glam. Nos. 1 to 6, Bridge-street, Bargoed (freehold). Five Houses, Mount Pleasant, off Plas-road, Fleur-de-lis. Freehold Ground Rent at Fleor- de-lis. Dwelling-house, New-road, Deri. Shop Premises, No. 3, Gilfach-street Bargoed. For full particulars apply to the Auctioneers at 15, High-street, Bar- goed Mr. T. J. Thomas, Solicitor, Bargoed, and Mr. L. A. Williams, Solicitor, Bargoed.