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 HOUSEKEEPERS. W- ANTED -.a,' respectable Person, as House- keeper to working man; no &mall chil- dren; good home.—State age and wages re- quired.-Write Painter, "Daily Poet," Swan- sea. 873w2-U .WANTED, good Working Housekeeper, cap- f able of taking charge of three childn (one baby); must cook well, etc.—Apply, stat- ing wa-ges, to Box 236, "Daily Post." Swan- tea. 375w2-ll COOKS, ytTCHENMAiDS, &0, S ECOND Kitchen Maid and Servants' Din- ing-roora Maid required; woges £14- £ 16.—Apply Matron, Hospital Swansea. 476w2-16 UT ANTED, a glood CookJGeneral; aged "r about 25.—Mrs. Price. Draper, fan..)49w2-11 TTTANTED, Cook-General, to sleep out. — Apply Mrs. Whittaker, Imperial Hotel, High-street, Swansea. 571w2-17 WANTED, clean, smart Girl. ae Cook-Gen- » eral; good kitchenmaid or general might suit; good home and wages.—Apply Mrs. Hingle, Goza, Cafe, Mount-street, Swan, sea. 323n2-17 HOUSE AND PARLOURMAIDS. WANTED, Young Housemaid, age about 18; good references.—Apply Mrs. Jones, 2, Mirador Villae, Uplands, Swansea. 533v.'2-17 X^7(ANTED, experienoed Parlourmaid; email titled family; excellent situation; also weekly Governess to teach two childr-an. —Miss Lewis, High-class Agency, Castle-street, Swansea. 292n2-11 CENERALS. GENERAL Servant Wanted.—Appiy 31, St. G-eorge'e-terrace, Swansea. 3Cin2-14 G ENRAL Servant, about 17 or 18, Wanted immediately.—Mrs. Davids, Station Inn, High-stroit, Swansea. 557w2-17 GENERAI Servant Wanted; g-cod wages to experienced and reliable person; alao Girl to help with children, /and in light hcueehold duties—Apply Mitchell, Roeeband," 137, Bryn-rcad. Swansea. 490w2-13 Gocm General Waited.—Apply Hrs. Rich. ards, Highfleld House, IJwynheudy, near Llanelly. 543w2-17 Q.OOD General Servant Wanted, plain cook- ing; goo? wages; comfortable home.— Apply, first instance by let:er, to "Ivy Lea 139, Bryn-rcad, Swaiisea. 834w2-16 WANTED, Young Girl, ec- HoId. for f< ings.-Apply David, 99, Maneel-sireet, Swansea. 2Q0n2-lJ good Young General, at once, -Apply Harris's Hotel, High-street S'Wan5ea. 363w2-T2 ",r.á.NrrED, a Cook-Genera 1. 25 to 30; W small Eaton Grove. 296n2-13 ANTED a Young Girl, or Housework; another kept.-Apply 17, Alexandra- roa.r1, Swansea. 392w2-13 TyANTED, at once, a good CeneTal Servant two family.-Apply 39, St. George's- terrace. Swansea. 335w2-12 ANTED, good General, thoroughly rs- liable, for business Souse.—B. Lewis Draper Morriston. "XXfANTED Younjr Girl as General.—Apply Mrs. Wm. Molyneus, 10, Glanbrydan- avenue. Swansea.. 326v.-241 ^7"ANTED, at once, good General; small family reference Tequirer1.-Applv Mrs. Crawcour 216, CxfovS-etreet, 546w2-17 V\T NTED, reliable General, goo? plain cooking; good references.—Apply Mrs. Jones. 2, Mirador Villas, Uplands. Swana. 538w2-17 "rANTED. a good General; sleep home; re- ference required—AppTy after 7 p,m., Mrs. KeaJl, 43, St. Swansea. 443wZ.15 ANTED, General Servant; «n>S!ll ?an<- > T' ily.—Apply Mrs. Miles, TJodminton Hot.?]. Burrows-read. Swansea. 570w2-12 General. Also to in Shop when required.—Apply, with Te- i ferencee, to e4. St. Swansea.. XT'ANTED, at once, 4G7w2-l6 t/Y??'?D. at once, a strong, Tprt"hlp Girl. about M, !? General.—Apply Mrs. Porter, Central Police Station. Swansea. lyAN_TE_ D. for two Ladies experienced General; references reontred; good vat- ings; comfortable home.—Miss Lucas West c;ri«q. near Swansea. 474w"i-lfi -ly A2TTED. a good General Servant: small Anply 2 or "fter 5. — Wynoliffe, Cwmdonkin Drire, Swansea. Z>32w2.¡1 Ty ANTED itnraediatelv. srood Genergl Ser- vant; three in family; no children; liberal outlEgs.—19, Brynmill-crescent Rwan- firq- S63w!>-f7 I 1V ANTED, immediately, a strong Girl. about j9, as rTouseifeeper'^ Help.— Apply 10. Brunswiok-place St. Helena-road Swansea. 368w?-12 TyANTED, a good. strong Gpnerai. from » th country preferred.—Apply r;rtwo?n in and 12, Lord Nele->n Hotel, High-street. 8wnseo3. 54^w2-17 t?A?TED a Youm' GenraJ: good home and "1!;0 to -) ??e?.n. "?saeftah?e Gi?. —Apply 4. St. Helen'e-crescent^ lacing Vic- toria. Park. Swansea. ,\yANTED, respectable General, and Char- woman; good referencee.—Apply bc- tween 1 and 2 o'clock, Jones, Cardigan House. College-Street. Swansea. 289w2-ll Ty ANTED a gOOd General; another girl rr kept: must be able to wash—Apply Central Dining Rooma, Orange-street. Swan- s?. 489w,16 WANTED, immediately, experienced re- r, liaole General, about 25; (rood plain i cook; another maid kpt; small family.— State particulars to 7, Park-place, Cardiff. 302w2.ll "VT^"ANTED, a, clean General Servant, able to do plain cooking; alfo to in onick counter trade bar—Apply from 12 to 3 or after 6 p.m.. Borough Hotel, Swansea. .)37w2-1 I YOUNG General Wanted, pere 19-20: mnt -L be clean in her work. Apply Mrs Ruck, 6. Glanbrydan-avenue, Uplands. Swan. øea..355v2-11 TyANTED, early in March, experienced General, for email family; good wages; a^e about 24.—Apply Mrs. Charles Evans. Circulating Library, etc., ,Ø.rl Gwvflr-aquare. Uplands. Swansea, 316w2-U yyANTED, a good Servant, for a homely home; mU5t be willing, fo? of chil- dren, and able to waeh; middle-nrrcd Woman not objected to.—Apply personally, at once, to 4, Constitution Hill, Swansea. 531w2,16 J YOUNC GIRLS WANTED. NURSE Girl, age about 14 years. Wanted, at once.—Apply 6 to 7 p.m., at 50, Waterloo-street, Swansea. 460w2-16 T 1 » y* ,ANTED, a' Girl about 15.— Mrs. Morgan, .Gaj?baldi Inn, Wt.ern-Etreet, Swansea 504w2rl6 TTrANTED, a Young Girl, about 18 or 19, for Housework. — Apply 18, William- street, Swansea. • 469w2-16 vy ANTED, at once, a reliable Girl, about 16, for Housework; no washing.—134, Higii-streert, Swansea. 52.16 WANTED, smart Girl, about 16 as Gen- eral Help; good reference.—Apply 51, Windsor-teTraoe, Uplands, Swansea-. 445wZ.11 TyA^TED, a Young Girl, just left school, to look after little girl; sleep out. — Apply 3, Heathft-eld-road, Mount Pleasant, Swansea. 466w2-12 WANTED, 24th February, a. bright, wil- ling Girl as General Servant; family two; reference required.—Mrs. Elt. 21, Ruby, avenue, Neath. 551w2-17 8ARMAIDS, HOTEL SERVANTS, Eto. Ty ANTED, smart Barmaid, for Saloon Bar, » » quick trade.—Apply Mrs. Whittaker, Imperial Hotel, High-street, Swansea. 570w2-17 WANTED, experienced Working Barmaid. —Apply, stating age. and wages re- quired. Weat End Hotel, Goreeinon. 415w2-14 WANTED Young Person, 10 ake her?ji '»* useful, and ae?ist in Bar; must have good references.—Write Box 4, "'Daily Post Fwansea. 361w2-,1 TJAMMAID.—Wanted, a good, experienced Young lady; must haye good appear- ance.—Apply at once, with references, to Walter Whi taker, Queen's Hotel, Docks. Bwar..sea.. 309h2-16 MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS. A SSI3TANT Dressmaker Wanted, and Ap- prentice, at once.—Apply 12. Mansel- ecreet, Swansea.. 277n2-li "DASKET WORK.—Leesons Wanted in fine Basket Work.—Apply Mrs. Gibbins, Garthmor, Neath. 347w2-ll CARPETERS Or Joiners; two or thre" wantjed.—Apply A. and A. Thomas. Contractors Pontardulais. >53v»2-17 DAY Companion required. for elderly Lady. L —Apply before 11 or after 6, to MrR. Hyam Goldberg, Ashleigh, Ffynone, Swansea. 379w2.13 | MI3C2L.LANE0US SITUATIONS. 1 ^RIVER-MECHANIC. Wanted, reliable Man, fill up spare time in repair shop. S.ate age, experience, reference, salary re- quired.—Western Motor Car Co. Neath. 206w2-ll EXPERIENCED Packer end Sortar rto- J-J auired; also respectable Girls justleav- ing eehcol, as Lsarners in same department. Baths, Swansea. 404w2-!3 Q.ROCERY and Bakery—Wanted, a, smart Youth, deliver bread, groceries, able to drive pony; state age, wage, and full par- ticulars, to Weft's Co-operative Stores, Dy- vatty-street, Swansea. 566w2-17 LE, in a Lead Works, a com- petent Foreman; must possess a know- ledge of Smelting hy Blast and Reducing Fur- naoos; accustomed to the control of men, and able to undertake the supervision of the erection of Plant and Machinery.—Reply, with refer()nc, and 'salary 1-eqnird, to Fur- nace. "South Wales Daily Pœt," Swansea. 302n2-ll OPPORTUNITIES ABROAD. Men and Women. Salvation Army. Unique world-wide organisation. Gives tip-to-date disinterested and experienced advice. Work guaranteed. Now organising weekly con- ducted parties to Canada. First sailing 21st February.—Write or call, Commissioner Lamb. 5. Denmark-street. Bristol (Head Office, London). QTRONG Girl required, for Ward Maid: good, eferences essential; age over 20. —Apply Matron. Hospital, Swansea. 565w2-17 STRONG Youth, as Porter, Wanted, at PurserVj, Jewellers Oxford-street; good wages to suitable applicant. 295w2-ll SMART Girl Wanted, about 18, for Sweet Snop, and aesi-t in light honsework; experienced preferred.—Apply, with infer- ence. 20, Heathfleld-street, Swansea. 584wl-13 rpATLORESSES.—Wanted, Machinist on Coas. and competent Skirt Maker for indoors.—Address Thompson, 70 High-street. Swansea. 520w2-l2 TO BAKERS.—Young Man Wanted, as Tbird Hand—Apply Yanston-eo, Man- selton Steam Bakery, Manselton, Swansea. 485W2-16 "TORRING Electrician Wanted, temporar- ily.—Apply Mechanic, Eagle Works. 34 "w 2-11 Ty ANTED, good Calender! Hand.—Apply Manageress, Alexandra Laundry, Swan- 563w2-17 "r ANTED. a respectable Woman, to Wash. Appfy. with referemes MN. Treloar, 2^5 Oxford-street. Swansea. 456w2-12 Ty ANTED, a Woman, to lake Fieh Cart out; Frying taught; good vages. Apply Ne-wton, 6, Queen-street, Port Talbot. Ty ANTED, a Young Man to make himself generally useful in TJakehouse.—Apply Watts, Confectioner, Is^Tion-street, Swansea.. 318n2-14 TyA^TTED, strong Youth, with previous ex- perience. for Smiths' Department. — Apply Fletcher's Motcr Works, Swansea. 554w2-17 vyANTED, eight respectable Oirle, aa Bottle Washers and bottlers.—Applv personally, to Bowen, Sarso Morri-»- ton. T7n^ 11 TTTANTED, a. sober and industrious Man, capable or driving single and pair.— Copi-e., of references to Lewis Bros., Pon+^r- 512w2-12 \\f ANTED gcod Navvies, at 6d. per hour. t at New Extension of Messrs. Richard Thomas and Co., Ltd.. Steel Works, Lion ell v. — "n!v Mann, foreman. 791n7,11 Ty ANTED, a respectable Yoimg Lady, lor Toy and Haberdashery Business; ex- perienced preferred.—State wages required, and reference, to Box 355, "Daily Post," RWt.3.!1. 465w2-12 TIT ANTED. two or three Heading Drivers. f >r Sewerage Works; must have had previous experience in this class of work. Wage rate and particular? can be obtained by applying to Griffith Davies. Contractor. Pnxton Yard, Swansea. 405w2-13 Ty-AN TED. for Colliery in Western dis- V trict. Assistant Electrician; must be aceustcmed to underground work.—Apply, stating age, experience, and salary required, to Western. st," Swansea. 272n2-ll Ty ANTED, for Houpa in Swansea Valley, elderly man, with Gardening know- ledg1: must bp. industrious, and willing to be generally useful.-Apply, giving age, wages required and full particulars, to L., "t>i,*iv Post- Swansea. 305w2-ll Ty ANTED, trustworthy Young Lady. to t&Vcharge cf Tnrnr Wain- wright'e Toffee Stall in Swansea Market on S~"turdayii. 4s. and commission. — Apply at the stall on Saturday, February 14'h between 3.30 and 4.30 two references. 323 n 4-14 Ty ANTED. Vanman, fer Bakery. well to hor?es and good salesman; wage and eommi sicn naid. Applications to be in not later than Friday February 13th, 1914, endorsed Vanman, addressee to Secretary, Co-operative Society, Cwmbwrla Swansea. 324n2.14 Ty ANTED, capable Man, as Tinhouse Fit- ter. one accustomed to Abercarn and heavy sauge pots. Preference would he given to a. person who could also work Irthe. Apply stating age. wages required, and ex- perience, to The Pemberton Tinplate Co.. T/d.. T,lanel!y. 315h2.n WORK guaranteed in Cana-da (men a.nd wotnenV Splendid epportunities. Now organising weekly conducted parties. First sailing 21st February. Early application necessary. Salvation Army hs unequalled. organisation, and has settled 80.COO Britishers. Up-to-date disinterested advice and full par- ticulars free.—Write or call. Commissioner Lamb, 5, Denmark-street, Bristol (Head Office, London). 1} ? A will secure occupation at commenc-  '?? jn ?a!ar?- of £ 1 weekly to investor in addition to share of profits; sound. well- paying concern.—Write Investment, "Daily Pest," Swansea. 556w2-17 '=== MANACERS, CLERKS. &L /"1ASHIER and Bookkeeper required, by ? Shipping Omoe.—Apply, with full p.r. ticulars, to Bookkeeper, "Daily Pcet," Swan- sea. 447w2-14 'FYPIST required, for few days or ey-en. ings.—Apply Tuesday evening, after 8, at 19. London-road. Neath. 492w2-13,j WANTED, Junior Clerk, for Office.—Apply by letter, in own handwriting, to 12. Bryn-y-Mor-crescent, Swansf^ 540w2-13 Ty ANTED, Young Girl. or Lad, as Clerk. for three weeks; must be smart and intelligent.—Write at once, to Ring, "Daily Post," Swansea. 319n2-14 Ty ANTED, Youth as Clerk, able to write I » shorthand, and type.—State age sal- ary required, to Box 1061. "Daily Post." Swansea. 560w2-13 | Ty ANTED, for an old-established Insur- anoe Company, a Junior Clerk, with knowledge of Shorthand and Typewriting. — Write Quick "Daily Post," Swansea. 279n2-ll \V ANTED: competent Clerk for Tinplate Works, to take charge of ordere and invoicing. Must be capable of giving cut orders to Mills, and follow their manufacture through. None but first-class and experi- enced men need apply.—Giv#> fun parti<*nlars and references, and state salary required.— T:late, "Daily Post." Swansea. 317n2-16 Ty ANTED, thoroughly competent Invoi ce Clerk, for Steel Sheet and Galvanising Works, able to keep order books, make out weight lists and shipping- advices. Only ex- perienced men in work of thia kind need apply. Write fully, stating age, experience, and salary required, also give references. — Address Galvanising "T)aily Post," Swansea. 316n 2-16 AGENTS AND TRAVELLERS. T>EPSESENTATIVE required by leading -L? London Housa, good opportunity for ex-profe?sional or tradesman seeking im- mediate post. Remuneration according to turnover—Write, stating age, and past oc- cupation, to Box 230, "Daily Post," Swansea. 470w2-12 G OOD Spare Time Agency —Absolutely the best. Grand opportunity for working man to improve his position and to secure independency. No responsibility or outlay. Boots. Suits, Costumes, Drapery. Watches. Jewellery. Household Requisites, etc.. SUp. plied on first instalment. Commission 25 per cent. No deductions. -6500 paid to one agent Satisfaction guaranteed. Samples patterns free.—Apply Freeman and Company, Laven- der Hill, London. 5093 Y? ANTED Young Woman, as Canvasser; f T good Merchant "Daily Post," Swansea. 324w2-ll "rATED, immediately, a good Canvasser and Coll-ctcr for Drapery and Cloth. ing.—Apply Thomaa and King, 52 Wind- street, Swansea. "395w2-14 Ty ANTED. a Traveller, to sell Rich's "v\ aukwell," Rich's "Broncuro." and Williams' Worm Lozengae, on commission, to chemists, grooera and ( stores— Apply Rich, Chemist Swan ea. 493w2.16 APPRENTICES AND ASSISTANTS. A RTICIÆD PUPIL.-A vacancy has 0(:. currjd. ia a vveli-kii-owii. Arcliitcac's Otiice for an Articled Pupil. An excellent op- port unity for .learning tbe proacseion is offered.—For terni-i, apply ui fiist instance, to Architect, Daily Post," Swansea. 331n2-17 A PPRENTICES Wanted. immediately, for Glass Brilliant Cutting Irade; no pre- mium.—Apply Decorafbrs' Supply, Ltd., 28, Waterloo-street, Swansea. 011112-16 I D J. MEYLER, Ltd., Swansea, require an experienoed nan for the Drapery. — Apply personally. 562w2-16 GROCER'S Assistant Wanted; usad to ge-Od class trade; good wages.—Apply Tea, "Daily Post," Swansea. 572w2-17 GROCERY and Provisions.—Wanted, eey- eral smart Assistants, also JnTiioraand Improvers. State wages aud inferences —Lip- ton, Ltd., High-street, Swansea. 524w2-16 GROCERY and Provisions. — Smart Im- prover or Junior Wanted; good oppor- tunity far experience.—Apply, full particu- lars. Manager, Star Supply Stores, Pontar- dulais. 426w2-14 11TILLINERY.—Apprentices Wanted.—Apply 11' Madame Emilie Evan Oxfcrd-etMet, Swan«a. 536w2-17 lVIOTOR TRADE—Wanted, two smart 1: Youths, as Apprentices.—Apply West- Nn Motor Car Co., Neath. 30ow2-ll 1V ANTED, immediately two Apprentices and Improver.—Apply Mrs. Sefstone, 29. Carl ton-terrace, Swansea. 581w2-17 "4T7"ANTED, smart Assistant, well up in both counters; outdoor?; personal ap- plication preferred.—W. H. Jones, Grocery Stores, Mumbles. 424w2-ll IJFFIC BOYS, ERPANH INTEIiLIGENT Lad Wanted, as Office Boy, fOr Solicitor's OfHoe.—Api>ly, in own handwriting, to Box 286, "D:iily Post," Swan- sea. 594^2-13 SMART Lad Wanted, for the Pawnbroking; reference required.—Apply Freedman, St Mary-street, Swansea. 310w2-ll SMART Lad Wanted, immediately, about 16 to deliver milk and make himeelf generally useful.—Apply Evans, Victoria Dairy, Argyle-street, Swansea. 314w2-ll O HARP Boy Wanted; one leaving school preferred.—Apply after 5 p.m., to D. J. Hopkins, Coal Merchant, 19, DynevoT-place, Swansea. 539w2-17 STRONG Errand Boy Wanted, at once.— Apply The Domeetio Bazaar Co.. Ltd., 228. High-street Swansea. 463w2-l2 "l* ,T^ANTED, Young- Lad, as Billiard Marker. Hotej Monieo, Swansea. 413w2-13 WANTED, ? O!l. Sharp Lad.-Apply Morgan Jenkins, 52, Waterloo-??ef. Swansea. 562w2-17 .| WANTED, a respectable Lad. as Errand Boy; gocd wa?es.—Apply D. 0. Jon?s and Son, 7, Castle-square, Swansea. 553w2-13 TTTANTED, smart at once.—Apply P. f f Lyons, 31a Walter-road Swansea. 326n2-17 WANTED, a string I?d. as Porter.—Apply Taylor and Co., Ltd., ?0. Bryn-y-Mor- ro.a.d. Swansea. 053w2-16 WANTED, smart Boy, over 15 years, g?oo? l f character end references.—Apply Man- ageress, Great Western Railway Refreshment Pvorms, Neath. 419w2-H WANTED, smart Bo7. !n Timber ??T- chant's OmM: one just leaving school preferred.—Address Joinery, "Daily Post," Rwan. 333wZ-11 i^ANTED ^mart Offi Boy. Typing and 1 Shorthand.—Apply, in own writing. stating ace. sejary required, to Box 20, "Daily Post," Swansea. 239n^-ll SITUATIONS WANTED, /CHAUFFEUR, experienced, eeelcs situation, any make car, running repairs; a.1:>- stainer.—Write R. Chauffeur, "Daily Post," Swaneea. 437w2-16 EXPERIENCED ChauScur Eeeks Ritua'tion. ? eight years' experience garage or pri- vte; single; good references.—Write Chauf- feur, "Daily Post," Swansea. 294w2-ll ELDERLY Man wants situation as Night Watchman; undeit-tands Steam Boil- ere and Er.^fines, or as Handy Man, or any place cf trust; excellent references.—Address G. D., 11. Page-street, Swansea. 29lw2-ll TNTELLIGENT Young Man (22) sel{6 situs- tion as Groom or Coachman; willing to learn motor driving; good references. — Write 3pencer, "Daily Post," Swansea. 575w2-17 PRACTICAL Watchmaker deeireg re-engage- ment; steady, and good worker. — Apply M. G., 134. Western-street, Swansea. ?83w2-ll T7I7"ANTED, by a Young Woman. Morning » Work, or few days a- week. -Apply in first instance, F. Morgan, Newsagent, 12 P'1mi ll-avenne, Swa n)a. 372w2-U Ty ANTED, Post as Housekeeper orAesist- ant, in business or priviat.3 house; de- mesticated; good plain cook; good refer- encee.—Write Housekeeper, Daily Post," Swansea. 521w2-16 YOUNG I,ady seeks employment in Office; knowledge, of shorthand a.nd typewrit- ing—Write Box 77, "DaÜy Post," Swansa. 570w2-17 YOUNG Lady rsquirea post in fruiterer's, confectioner's, or any other business.— Write Box 562, "Daily Post," Swansea. 478w2-16 yOUNG Lady (21), desires post as Gover- .1. n€<?s in superior family, in Swansea or neighbourhood; ha^ excellent testimoni- als.—Reply Resident, "Daily Poet." 8wansea,. 518w2-16 yOUNG Man, with good Building know- ledge, seeks suitable appointment in or near Swansea, as Collector, estimating, ] supervising repairs, etc., or with builder.— Apply 137, Norfolk-street, Mount Pleasant, Swansea- 28-0 w 2-11 HOUSES A t!T". Ty ANTED to Rent or Buy, House, in the vicinity of the Y.M.C.A.—Write Geor- gius. "Daily Post," Ty ANTED to Purchase, a six-roomed House (Uplands district), or lease a Plot of I Ground to build one.—Apply Ground, "Daily Pest," Swansea. 313w2-ll Ty ANTED to Rent. Small House, at 25th March, three or four bedrooms, bath- rqpm; Uplands or Sketty preferred; highest referencea.—Addpeee W.R.A., Daily Post," 414wz,,13 Swaneea. 414w2-13 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. "VTARE- Wanted, for Farm Work, about 15 hands; must be in foal. -Give full pal" ticulars a.nd' price to Mutlow, Erwsaethau, Neath. n2-17 Ty ANTED to BllY. Horse Tip Cart, a.nd Harness.—Apply Tip Cart, "Daily Post," Swansea. 503w2-12 Ty ANTED, Second-hand Screw Block i Tackle, for lifting two wns.-Apply to Minerals, "Daily Post," Swaneea 438w2-16 Y? ANTED to Buy. Pony and Oart, to suit I f crocer.—Write price to Pony, Daily Post," Swansea. 503w12 TyANTED, Fowls quantity; tempor- t't ary oT regularly; latter preferred. — Apply David Polat, 134, Western-street, Swan- sea, 283w2-ll TyANTED to Purchase, Greenhouse Heat- ing Apparatus; cheap for cash. Sfamp reply—Gooding, 35, Kinley-terrace, St. Thomae 8wansoo. 380w2-13 Ty ANTED, a good Motor Cycle, 3i h.p., F.E. preferred; also Bell Tent; both to be in good condition, for cash and cheap. — Write Motor, "Daily Post," Swansea. 482w2-16 MISCELLANEOUS. A firm of General Merchants are open to negotiate with collieries, for the Sale of House and Steam Coal, in Swansea and Llanelly district. Salary or commission.— Write Merchant, "Daily Pest, Swansea. 320w2-14 A P PLICATIONS are invited for approxim- '— ately 400 insured and 300 dependants in the Treboeth district, Swansea, for a fullv Medical Practitioner. State age, qualifications, and three recent testimon- ials, to be sent to William John. Glen View Roger-street, Oaeraalen, not later than Febrn- ary 16th.-William John, Secretary. 579w2-14 Madame drusilla, "Dipionuv with l' Honours, F.B.I.M S. inc. Eng.. O.I.N.O I America, Palmist, Clairvoyant American Mystic Readings. Advice dQi1>y: Hours 11 to 9.—Address 49. St. Helen's-road, Swansea (lato of ,the Royal Spa, Harroguce). IAlBt few w-eek6. 432w2-14 j I>ALMISTRYand Clairvo yance.-Oomm1t Madame Virgo on all affairs of Life.— 233, High-street, bottom end, over Davies. The ChemMt. 2117 < I SERVANTS' REGISTRY OFFICES. WANTED, at once, experienced and Plain Cooks, Parlour and Houee-Parlour- maida, Kitchen Maids, and Generals; also Waitresses Chambermaids, Pantry Maids, and Kitchen Maids, for Reason Houses. — Apply Misg Lewis, High-class Registry, 18, Oastle-street, Swansea. 301b.t-c. A GENCY, Castleton, Mumbles. — Wanted, i immediately, experienced and Plain Cooks, Cook-Generals, House-Parlourmaids, Housemaids, Generals; Mumbles, Swansea, and District. 296w2-ll SMITH. High-cla-ss Registry Off1.e for Servants.—Wanted, good Cook-Gen- erals.—1, Glanmor-cresoonf, iTplanda, Swan- sea. 328w2-ll MISS LEWIS, High-class Ladies' Agency. Castle-street, Swansea, requires large number of servants, all kinds, for good pri- vate establishments Hydros, Colleges, Board- ing» Houses, Hotels. Excellent wages paid. 280n2-ll REGISTRY Office for Servants. 221. Oxford- street, Swaneea opposite the Schools. —Mrs. Ll-ew. How-ell requires all kinds of Maida, and a Cook-General, a.nd House-Par- lourmaid for Westcross. 497w2-f6 LOST AND FOUND. T OST, Sunday last a Black and Tan Ter- nor named "Bob. Finder rewarded on returning same to Myrddin Daviee Chem- ist, 238 High-street, Swansea. 454w2-12 T OST, on Friday, Black idoria Silk Long Handle Umbrella. Finder rewarded 011 reo urning to Mr- Cuaxlie Evans, Bryn-y-Mor- road, Swansea. 526w2-12 I OST, on Saturday, February 7t.1, Bunch J of Keys, between Jlariner-street and Swan-street. Finder rewarded by returnm" to 68, lligh-street Swansea. 5l0w2-12 Lonl, Stolen, or Strayed, on Saturday, a Young Black Spaniel Eitch. from SO, Pentrechwyth-road. Anyone detaining famoC after this date will bo prosecuted. 4S4vr2-12 LOST. between Walter-road and Ben Evans', a Gold Double Chain Curb Bracelet, engraved A.E.B. on clasp. Reward. -13 St. Alban's-road, Swansea. 542w2-i7 LOST, between Can ter bury-road and C:olth, erine-stieet, on Frida.y. Gold Bar Brooch, turquoise centre.—Return to 21. Can- terbury-road, Brynmill, Swansea. R-ewarct. 440W2-11 LOST. Gentleman's Silver Chain, on Tues- day la8:L, in 'Swansea; a keepsake, valued. Finder rewarded on returning to Jenkins, 2, Pell-street, near Albert Hall, Swansea. 444w2-ll LOST, on Thursday, Smooth Fox Terrier Bitch, black spot on eye. Finder re- warded. Detadner prosecuted.—(David Wil- liams, 116, Neath-road, Hafod, Kwansw. 434w 2-11 LOST, on Sunday evening, February 8th, be- tween St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church and Eaton Grove, via EEenrietto- street aile] Walter-road, a Gold Chain Brace- let, with Indian Coin attached. Reward on returning to Fulton. "Glenton," Eaton Grove, MT7amA-a. 486w2-16 FOUND. at Bonymaen. a Collie Dog.—Apply to Daniel Jon03, Cefn. Unless claimed in three days will be sold to defray expanses. 437w2-ll MATRIMONY. TALL refined Gentleman, of posi tion and financial standing, desires to correspond with and meet Young Lady (20-28) of good connection and of a niph cia] posi- tion: view matrimony. Correepondenoe strictly confidential.—Write Confidential. "Daily Post," Swansea. PROFESSIONAL. MASSAGE and Electricity, including Hih .1l Radiant Heat, Electric NIn- heim Pino, and other Medicated Baths given by Nurse Evans, at la, Ffynone-stroet, Swan- sea. 384w2-20 PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET. Higman and Co.'s Announcements. —————————————————————— SKETTY.—For Sale, several six-roomed ''? Houses, in good situation, well i?t. easy terms.—Aplily Higman and Co., Auctioneers. 303w2-ll EONTARDULAI8.—For Sole, six Semi-de- tached Houses; centrally situated near station and works; good investment; low price to close estate.-Apply Higman and Co., Auctioneers, Swansea. 3Q3w2-ll R HYDD1NGS PARK-ROAD—For Sale c!oaa *? to traœ3. OCnvenient ?ix r.?)m«j Hcnse. in good order, long lease, moderate ground tenr.-Apply Higman and Co., Auctioneers. 1, Nortnampton-plaee, Swansea. 303w2-ll OKETTY.—Leasehold Chop, Bakehouse and Dwelling-hon?e. in gcod r'?itinn. pro- mimmt premises, long lease, moderatG ground rent.—Apply Higman o> d Cc. A?ctic*)"?!-?. Swan&ea. 303w2-?l £? OOO-The  ? Hock BuHd?g ??-)UUv SOC\ety. established 37 years, makes Advances on Properties, easy repay- ments. Solicitors' and Valuers' charges paid by the Society.—Apply n. C. Higman, Secre- tary. x, Northampton-pla-ce. Swansea 303w2-11 FOR BALE, Freehold Building Sites, clone to Terrace-road and proposed new tram route 18ft. frontage and large 'depth, com- manding excellent views, and eminently suit- able for erection of omajj houses. Prices from JEZC each.—For further particulars apply Edward Harris, Solicitor, 3, Fisher-street, Swansea. 2354 SPECIAL Opportunity to Tailors, Doctors, Dentists Grocers, Butohers. Bakers, Bootmakers, suit other lines. Also three New Shops for Sale at Llandebie, one at Gar- nant, and New Houses at Ammanford. Either of these can be bought for cash or easy terms. Why pay rent when you can buy Properties on same monev. Waste no time.— Write foT full particulars, to S. and T. Bowen. Builders, Llandcbie. 293n2-13 BUS!NESS FOR DISPOSAL. CONFECTIONERY Business for Sale—Full particulars on application.—perrett, "Daily Post," Briton Ferry. 3Dlw2-ll TO LET-BUSINESS PREMISES. ri"*0 LET, a Garage, in New-road; every convenience.—Apply 7, Arthur-street Llanelly. 346y2-ll rro BUTCHERS.-Good old-established But- cher's Business to Let, at Waunarl- wydd; splendid opportunity to right man; immediate possession.—Apply Jack Thomas, 209. High-street, Swansea. 522w2-17 TO LET, Field, Mysydd-terrace, Landoro, and Land adjoining L,r.ndore ww Level Station; Land Noatli-road, fwansea, and yard adjoining East Dock Station, Swan- sea, suitable for builder.—For particulars apply Mr. H. Jones, District stat.e Office, G.W.R., eath. 284n2-ll BAKERY.—Lock-up Shop, Swansea, going concern, suit energetic man, public bak- ing, 308.; oa.n be increased; ingoing JE30. Splendid opportunity.—Address Bargain, "Daily Post," Swansea. 318w2-ll FOR SALE—HOUSES. SALE. six-roomed House, 57, Tycoch- t road, Sketty.—Apply at the above ad- dress. 50w2.16 "•"VDR SALE, fcur Houses, Jonee's-terrace, four Houses William-street, two Houses Western-straet.—Apply William Thomas, 107, Ithyddings-terrace, Swansea. 389w2-13 FOR SALE, eight-roomed Dwelling-house and Shop, in St. Helen's-road; owner leaving Swansea..—Write St. Helen's, "Daily Poet," Swansea. 35w2-14 IpOR SALE, eeveral Modern Houeps, with all .J.' late-t convenienoss in Uplands dis- trict.-Apply T. Richards, Contractor, North- ampton Yard, Swansea. 585w2-17 SALE, one House, six rooma, batji- room and scullery, hot and cold water. —Apply write, Occupier, 3. Harle-street, Neath. 25w2-14 FOR S.LE, Semi-detached Villa at Tavi- -C utock-road, Sketty; all modern con- veniences—For pairtilculeis apply G. R. Thomas, Builder, Sketty. 439w2-ll SALE. Private Dwelling House, with large garden at rear, situate Gwydr- creccent.—Apply Edward Roberts and Son. F.A. I., Llanfair' Buildings, St. Mary-street. Swansea. 391w2-13 BOND-STREET, Swansea. — SSx-roomed -D House for Sale.—Apply L. J. Popkin Morgan, Solicitor, 10, Cross-street Swansea. 311w2-ll I FOR SALE—HOUSES. T?RIVATE Dwelling House for Sale, situate Oakfield-terrace.—Apply Edwa.rd Rob- erts and Son, F.A I.. Llanfair Buildings, St. Mary-street Swansea. 391w2-!3 TO be Sold by Private Treaty, all that Freehold VLla. known as "Uryntirion," Sketty, possession March 25th next; also the adjoining Villa, known as "Ael-y-Bryn," which possess sufficient land for a commodi- ous building site. Possession June 24th next. Both situate 011 the main road to Gower. and near warn terminus.—Apply 10, BryTlill. avenue, Swansea. 282"W2-17 HOUSES TO LET. BLACKPILL.—For Sale House, standing on  half-an-?cre of ground: every modern convenience; good view of Bay; within easy distance of trams.—C. Williams, Cambrian- place, Swansea. 507w2-16 HOUSE and Shop to Let, to take possession -Ll immediately; all fixtures ready.—Apply 25. Wassail-square, Swansea. 506w2-l6 HOUSE; to Let, in Erna.ld-place; possession March 25th or before, by arrangement. Rent £34 exclusive.—Apply Bevan, Uplands, Swansea. 422w2-14 SIX-ROOMED House, with Stables nt rea>\ to Let, in Eversley-road. Sketty—Apnly Trevor E. Williams, Auctioneer, 17, St. Mary. street, Swansea. L~6n2 11 rt 10 LET, six-roomed Hdase. well-built, Mar- .gar t-terraoe, Sketty.—Apply Llewellyn, Sketty Park-road, Sketty. 547w21 TO LET, at once. 6, Chapel-street. Mum- bles.—Apply Mrs. Evans, "Blaenporth." Mirador-crescent, Swansea. 473w2-16 TO LET, seven-roomed House, bathroom (hot and cold water); rent, lfts. per week: Mount Pleasant—Apply Thomas. 39. Watkin-ctreet Swansea. 449w2-14 TO LET, in' Upper Kill ay, opposite Com- mon Pond, six-roomed House, with very large garden, and large slierl, and water cask, and ample supply of ra,inwater.-Apply P. Lewis Mart-ell, 4. College-street, Swansea. 309w 2-11 149 Bryn-road, to Let, from March 25th, .,in" rooms and bathroom; excellent view: fine grPenhouse and garden.—Apply James, 78, Bryn-road, Swansea. 477w2-16 OFFICES TO LET. GLOUCESTER-PLACE.-ToLct, a Suite of ?? three commodious and well-lighted Offices, in thia convenient locality; moderate rent—Apply F. E. Tunbridge, 8. Northamp- ton-place, Swansea.. 532w2-16 -1 STABLES TO LET. OFFICII to Let, in new buildings at Castle-street; aommodious rooms; moderate rentals.—Apply David Seline, Soli- citor, 11, Fisher-street, Swansea. 393w2-13 DOCS FOR SALE. I FOR SALE. big black Dog, cross Retriever, 18 months; good house dog, clean, fond of children; 30s.—Apply Jones. Alltwen Cot- tage, Gowerton. 342w2-I2  Gowcrt?n. 342?-2-12 APARTMENTS TO LET. 'i | T>RYN-ROAD—Front Sitting-room and Bed- room to Let, Furnished; would suit on", or two gentlemen; piano, bath (hot and cold), overlooking bay.—Write Rex, "Daily Post," Swansa.. 564w2-17 COMFORTABLE Lcdgings, for two Young Men or Ladies in business; Sitting- room and Bedroom; terms moderate.—Apply 7. Windsor-street, Upland Swansea. 534w2.18 COMFORTABLE BedToom and Sitting-ioom to Let, Furnished, at the Mumbles; would suit lady or gentleman. —Apply X., "Daily Pest," Swansea. 519w2-16 COMFORTABLE Sitting-rcom and BedrQom ? to Let. with bath (hot and cold): ne?r Victoria Park; would suit young men in business; terms moderate.—Apply Havelin House, St. Helen's-avenue. Swansea. 29i.w2-ll Rooms, Unfurnished to Let, to re- spectable tenant without children; de- sirable residence; gardens, bathroom, gas, and every convenience.—64, OxCord-sft-reet, Swa-n&aa. 423w2-14 BURNISHED and Unfurnished Rooms to L' Let; every convenience; with use of kitchen range bath (hot, and cold).—Fcr terms, ap' ply 37, Walter-roaU, Swansea. Bri2-11 LODGINGS required, for young working L < man. in or near Swansea; homely lodge desired.—Write, stating particulars, to M.N. "Daily Post," Swansea. 329w2-ll USSELL-STREET.—Rooms to Let; every convenience; suit lady in business, or roJpeetable married couple.-Writø Comfort, "Daily Post," Swansea. 441w2-ll SUPERIOR Apartments, or 'H^l-^it ting- l'oom; suit one or two gentlemen: good cooking and every home comfort; over- hooking Bay and Foctbali Ground. — Apply 103, St. Helen's-avenue, Swansea. 371w2-ll SUPERIOR Furnished Apartments for ? Gentlemen, Front Room, piano, bath, with every convenience; near parks and HÜfI- pital; central; terms moderate.—St. Helen's House, St. Helen's-crescent, Swansea. 534w2-17 ro LET, two or three Unfurnished Rooms; eyery convenience.—No. 4, Victoria- street. Uplands, Swansea. 411w2-13 TO LET. two' Unfurnished Rooms—Apply 4, Alexandra-terrace, Brynmill, Swan- sea. 480W2-16 WO LET, two Furnished or Unfurni5hed -L Rooma: no children.—Apply 34, Rodney- street, Swansea. 478w2-12 I^O LET, two or three Unfurnished Rooms.— -?- 79, NorIolk-str"et, Mount Phaeant, Swaneea. 555w2-ll TO LET, two or three Unfurnished Rooms. —Apply 8, Mackworlh-terrace. St. Thomas. Swansea. C85w2-ll rpo LET, Front Office, on Ground Floor. 31, Alexandra-road.—Enquire within, or 2, Trinity-place, Swansea. 455w2-16 frr WO comfortable Furnished Rooms to Let; suit two business friends; Mount Plea- sant district.—Write Mount, "Daily Post," Swansea. 409w2-13 To LET, in De-Ia-Beche,street, two Fur- J- nished Rooms; suit married couple, Or one cr two Young Ladies in business.—Write Goey, "Daily Post," Swansea. 525\v2-16 1"0 LET, Furnished Bed-Sitting-rcom; suit -L married couple; 5s. 6d. weekly; One minute from Albert Hall—For particulars apply 15, Manse 1-terrace, Swrr.eoa.. 49lw2-13 rpo LET. two Furnished Rooms, cheap to -L suitable people; bath (Hot and cold), gas, etc.-Apply in evenings, 18, Hewson- street. Mount Pleasant, Swansea. 514w2-14 TO LET, Furnished Sitting-room and Bed- -L room (hot and cold bath); suit business gentlemen; no children.—Apply 92, King Ed- ward-road, Swansea. 479w2-16 r?O LET two Unfurnished Rooms, at Ye- 1 gol-atreet. Port Pennant; suit Young Couple.—Apply 32 Yegol-street, Swansea. 541w2-17 TO LET three or four Furnished Rooms, in King Edward-ioad—Apply at Char- lie Evans, The Newsagent and Tobacconist, Bryn-y-Mor-road, and Uplands, Swansea. 316w2-ll TO LET at BrynmiU, two well-furnished Rooms, Front Bedroom and Sitting- room; close to Park and Sands; suit visi- tors.—Write A. G" "Daily Post," Swansea. 442w2-14 rpo LET, comfortable Furnished Sitting. -L room and Bedroom, with atc-?iu:anoe; suit gentleman; bath (hot and cold). 26 Gwydr-crescent Uplands, ;.wansea. 3C9w2-i2 TO LET, in St. George's-terrace, three Un- furnished Rooms; batll (hot and cold); use of scullery—Apply to Miss Harper, Humphrey-street, opposite Tenby Hotel. Swansea.  TO LET two Unfurnished or Furnished -L Rooms, with USi3 of bath, scullery, etc., Kiug Edward-road.—Apply first, Hammond, Newsagent, King Edward-rcad, Swansea.N 509w 2-15 TO LET, Superior Apartments, use of kit- -L chen ga-s skye. bath (hot and cold), desirable position, Walter-road; terms mod- erate; suit married couple—Write Alpha. "Daily Post." Swansea. 916w2-ll VERY comfortable Apartmente to Let- suitable for one or Two gentlemen; good cooking and attendance: bath, etc.— Apply 25 Pantygwydr-roed, Uplands Swai- sea. .Mow2.11 APARTMENTS WANTED. G1ENTLEMAN, retired through m-health'l f desirœ Bad-Sitftlng-room. attendance, and board; terms ?50 yearly, inclusive.— Address Homely "Daily Post," Swansea. 383w2-12 WANTED, one Furnished Room for a re- spectable Widow and one Child.—Write I Box 188, "DàHy Post." Swansea. 573w2-17 I APARTMENTS WANTED. TyANTED. two Unfurnished Rooms, in re- r spectable locality, Brynmill district preferred,—Write giving full particulars, to Brynmill. "Daily Post," Swansea. 297w2-ll TyANTED, within few minutes of Neath Low Level Station, comfortably fur- nished Sitting-room and Bedroom, with attendance, and use of bathroom; or Board- Residence (for lady), in superior family. — Apply c.o. 111'. Roôser Newsagent, Neath. 522w2-13 M:3CELLANEOUS SALES. EGGS all year round from my noted Win- ter layers and exhibition Andaiusians, 3s. a sitting.—R. G. Balsdon, 10 Castle-street, Mumbles. 420w2-ll "LOR SALE, Child's Pram, in good condition. — —Apply 92, Marlborough-road, Swansea, 271n2-ll j SALE, Gent's Bicycle good condition, also 5-gallon Ic?cream Freezer—Apply G&thin Hous? Cwmb\ula, 466\v2-?6 .I?OR SALE, double size Breeding Canary Cage.—Apply 36, Villiers-street, Hafad, Swansea. 327w2-ll FOR SALE, a 60-egg Incubator (Tamlin's), as good as new, J5s.-Jones, Sunny Bank. We?t CT()S. 511w2-14 j T^OR SALE, good sized Oak Gate-legged — Table, price 25?.—Write Box 440, "Daily Post," Swaneea. '318wS-H "C'OR SALE. Greenhouse. 12ft by 8ft. with heating apparatus, dhea-p.—€. Cecil- stree1, Man elton, Swansea. 583w2-17 SALE. Empty Bacon Boxes, at Boro' J:1 Stores, College-Street, Swansea. 381w2-13 FOR. SALE Grandfather's Clo0k, C?e and ■ Works in exc?Hent condition —Write Grandfather. "Daily Post," Swansea. 236^2-11 FOR SALE, one 8 h.p. Mortar Engine, and 6ft. pan, in good condition; bargain — Wriie Mortar, "Daily Post," Swansea. 288n2-12 FOR SALE, Navy Pramettie, Single or Double, nearly new, locse cushions; sell cheap.—Write Box 130, "Daily Post." Swansea. 513w2-14 SALE, Perambulator, Wicker Chair, nl&a Lady's Cycle; no reasonable offer refused—Apply 4. Alexandra-terrace Bryn- mill, Swansea, SALE, quantity of New Ladies' and Children's Costumes and Coats; also Ladies' Evening Dresres, Opera Cloaks, and Dressing Jackets, all to be sold cheap.—For particulars apply 75, Manse 1-terrace, Swan- I se: 446w211 FOR SAI/E. 6ft. Mortar Mill and Engine COm bind, boiler in gvood condition, and fixed on good, strong girders and wheels. —Apply to Davies and Co., Builders. Orchard- street Swansea, 438w2-14 TNVA, LID for Sale, on nearly new spinal 4ft. 6in. long, and one ordin- ary basket carriage, full size.—Apply J. F. Fitt 23. Kncll-avenuc, Swansea. 481w2-12 j%/j~UST be Sold, Shoemaker's Tools. Sewing '1 Machine, Iron Lasts, dc.-Apply Isaac, Plough-road. Landore 313h2-13 T> HODE Island R"ds for Sa:€. nve Pullets, -?-? two 1912 Hens, laving, and a fine un- related CockereL-Apply 81, Watkin-street. 8wansca.. 535w2-17 f HOnE Island Red Eggs, from prolific win- ter layers, fine brown eggs, 3s. 6d. per dozen, Solomon and Banner strain; unfer- tile replaced.—George Beynon, 95, Milton-ter- race Swansea, 340y2-13 rPO BUILDERS and Others. -For t'iref> Sheets iin. Plate-glass, sizes, 6ft x 81 x 10ft. 11 in.. one 6ft. 1\ x Oft. llin. one ->ft Bin. x 10ft. practically ."c .v. Glass, "Daily Post." Swansea. L83nZ.1 TT^EDDING GIFT.—Lady offers magnificent 7-guinea Sewice Ai quality Plate (stamped), comprising six eaoh Table, Des- sert Spoons, Forks. Tea and E^gspoons Mus- tard, Salt Spoons, Sugar Tongs 140 pieces'), un- soiled; accept approval willingly.—Writ^ Gift, "Daily Post," Swansea, 300w2-18 CHINA and Earthenware.—Obeap, WeU- assorted Crates of Everyday Selling Lines for Shops, Markets, Hawking. — Write for fre? lists.—Sheaf Pottery Manufae. turers, Longton. Staffs. 610t.e. MOTOR CYCLES. Ac. Tj^NFIELD 2S h.p. two-speed Free Engine, Lamp, Horn, etc., tyres in excellent condition, 25- Manselton-road, Swansea, 385w2>13 SALE, five-seeter Motor. 4-cylinder, 16 h.p., Bosch Magneto, Hood, Screan, etc.; good running order: /el1 cheap.—Write Motor, "Daily Po*st," Swansea 407w2,13 FOR SALE. 4 h.p. Motor t vcle. free en- gine, variable pulley, starts like a car. every modern fitment: cost £56: sell for £30. Seen by appointment.—Rich. Chemist, Swan- sea. 498w2-16 EVERY Cyclist should send fcr my list of -»-■< "Captain" Cycles and Accessories. My prices save you pounds. Roadster or Rac- ing Models from. h. d. Special Tyres, with guarantee for -3 months. 5s. wired. 5s. 4d. beaded. Best value the trade. Workman- ship fully guaranteed, and every order des- patched promptlv. Send postcard to-day to H. Fitzpatrick (Dept. 54). Burnley. 2730-d.b-t.o. yrOTOR Car, two-eeater in perfect run- ning order; any trial.—Write Two-sea- ter, "Daily Post," Swansea. 578w2-17 1913 Premier 34 b.p" 2-speeds, counter- 1 shaft, only run 3,500 miles; also Wicker Sidecar, P. and H. head lamp, electric sidecar and rear lamp, tools, etc., in excel- ) lent condition; price JE50 cash. Can be seen and tried by appointment—Apply J.H.W., 559, Neath-road, Morriston. 303w2-ll ■ HORSES, CARRIAGES, TRAPS, Etc. SALE, two Tip Carts, two Crank Axle Carts all second-hand.—Apply T. Page, Wheelwright, Strand, Swansea. 549w2-17, "OR SALE, New Business Trap, suit cob 13 to 14 h.h.; also Milk Chum, only been three months.—Apply 9.apel Buildings, Clydach-on-Tawe. 382w2-13 IOR SALE. Bay Horse, 15.2 h.h.. sound, and — good worker, chains and shafts; price JE12 106.; no reasonable offer refused.—Apply Brown, Milkman, Sketty. 325y2-ll FOR SALE, Mare, eight years old, fast and — quiet; tuit grocer; also Flat Cart. — Apply Horse, "Daily Post," Swansea. 451w2-14 FOR SAfÆ, Chostnut Pony, very quiet, five -L years old, 12 hands high; also Light Spring Tipcart, soiitable for about 14 hands. —Thomas. Butcher, Sketty. 483w2-16 FOR. SALE. handsome cream coloured Pony, 13 h.h., suitable for Governess Car or Children, or will exchange for a bigger one.— Apply 1, Dinas-street, Landore, Swansea. 504w2-l4 FOR SALE, Bay Mare, eight years old. Can he seen working any day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; suit farmer; or exchange.—Tripp, 110 Windsor-road, Neath 529w2-16 SALE. 5-ton end tip Waun's Wagon, J- w.p. 1501bs.; 25. 80, and 100 h.p. Engines, and Suction Plants.—Davies, 18. Somerset- plarP. Swansea.. 550w2-17 FOR SALE, six strong Tip Carts, with 1 -*• Breaks, one Lorry, all in good condi- tion.—Apply Pool Pawntr- Cooperate. Swansea. 325n2-17 FOR. SALE, Bay Mare, 13.2 h.h., nine years, J- suit farmer: no reasonable offer re- fused from suitable customers. Dealers need not apply,-26, Waterloo-street, fwansea. 436w2-14 FOR StALE. good Black Mare, eight years old, 15.2 h.h., perfectly quiet in har- ness, good worker: also Cart and Harness, in good condition.—Wm. Harries, 4, Cross Roads, Pontlliw. 304w2-ll F OR SALE. several Traps, Rubber-tyred -!• Governess Care, also several Sets of Trap Harness, Cart Harness Lamps. Saddles, and Rugs.—Apply Merriiman, Crole-street. hack of Tenby Hotel wedarh TOR RALE, 6 h.p. Matchless Motor Cycle, and Canoelet Sidecar, in absolutely new condition, with lamps and spares, secri, See £ 65.—Apply Blbby H, Neath-road, Swan- sea. 292w2-U SALE. 5cwt. New Alldayg Light Dp. 1 livery Van. 8-10 h.p., 3-speeds. eomplo^ with Lamp*, Horn. Tools, and Spare Tyre; only done 250 miles demonstrating; complete £12..1 or painted choice, £ 130.—Apply to the Agents. J. and P. Bovan, Pioneer Garage. Swansea. 523wZ-16 SALE to immediate purchaser a thick- set Roan Mare. about 14.3 hands high. 8-year-old about lOcwt., perfectly sound, and I a good worker: suit farmer or haulier; win- ner of many prizes for speed and action; price £18; also a Set of Brown aDd Brass Harness to suit same, c<?t £ 8; wHt ?e H for ?3 10s—Apply D. Watkins, Butcher, Coed- sa?son Sketty. 4'*1w?? ITA'RNESS Oils. Jet Black Oil, in .g:tnon tins; gallon tins 3s 6d. Sole agents for South Wales, Swansea Saddlery I Co.. High-street Arcade, Swansea, Tel. 103.v. Central. TARPAULINS Waterproof Cart and Wag- on She.ets' Loin C1oths, Leggings, Horse Clippers. Horse Night R-?gs, Carria?, Cart, j and Van Lamps.-Swansea Saddlery Co., j High-street Arcade, Swair.