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I FINE "CATCHES." I TRAWLERS LUCK. SWANSEA CREWS' SAL- VAGE HAULS. I In Teeth of Gale. BRILLIANT FEAT OF TOW!NG. Exceptional good fortune has be- faNef; the Castfe Steam Trawling Com- pany of Swansea, for during the week- end two of their trawlers have secured what appear likely to prove retnark- ably remMneTat!ve saiwage hauls, the full extent of which, of course, will have to ba determined by the resultant awards. Our FaJmouth corr&spondent w;rea on Tuesdayt—A remarkable towing feat ha.s been accomplished by the Swansea, steam trawler, Picton C&stle, in the command of Capta.m W. H. Fletcher, which on Monday night towed into FaJmouth the London steamer Ludwig Groedel which it picked up off the coast of Morocco with the pM- peHor brbken, The Ludwig Groedel is 2,964 tone regis- tered. whilst the trawler is only 245 tons, a.nd the of between 400 and 500 nules was accomplished through & sea v.hich &t tjmes comptetely enveloped the little craft. The stea.mer was picked up on Friday ni,-ht, &ad from that time unti! Monday night Ca.p- tain Fietcher never once left the bridge. The Picton Castle ,vas bound from Swan- Bp<t to Morocco on a trawling expedition, ajid ) on Friday night, when off Cape Fimsterre, a 'big steamer was seen FLYING SIGNALS OF DISTRESS. A gale of wind was blowing and heavy seas I continually swept the decks of the trawler. On drawing near the big steamer it was found to 00 the Ludwig Groedr--I, bound from Malta, to Barry an ballast in charge of Ca-pt. nrowne. Her PROPELLOR HAD SNAPPED OFf and, Hying in the air. had knocked a. hote in tue stern. Another large-sized steamer was standing by but. was unable to render assistance. The travlpr offered her services, and after con- I MderaMe difEcuIty the Picton Castle's wire rope was got aboard the steamer, and it was tended to make for Fahnouth. Throughout the whole return journey the terrible Nea.s continually battered the plucky j little trawler, and the .crew and those on board wara in an exhausted state when Fal- mouth wa.s readIed ,late on Mcndav nicht. I SKIPPER INTERVIEWED. Interviewed. Ca, FIetcher sad.d t.he voyage from the coaat of Morocco was the s&verest he had ever been in. Huge seaa (-.ontin-Lially flcoded the decks of the Picton Castle, which behaved splendidly under try- inp; conditiona. q,) boisterous was the wea- ther thstt it was unfit for men to come on de ok. When they left the bridge to relieve the watch they had to climb over the casing at the !]3ck of the bridge. The forecastle was dpserted, the men bein:; unable to go for- ward for four days on account of the sea.s. To have attempted such a thing would have meant a rik of Ufa. It is a mercy we a,re here. "I was I ON THE BRIDGE FOR FOUR DAYS AND FOUR NIGHTS. and was unaMe to 7,et any sl-eep because it \vebs 60 anxious a time for me. Te whole of my crew worked fearlessly, -whilst, the smartll(,,s with which the eM.s;Ineors handled the machinery liad mnch to do with the feat belr)g acdomplidled without mishap." In the ooinion of gbior).Ing men of wide axpenience this wa.s one of the &niartest fpftta of towing ever accom!)!ish€d by a. steam I AND ANOTHER! I !lZAAK WALTON TOWING OIL-! TANK. News hs.o leached Swansea that the locally own&d tra.wlpr I/.a.ak Walton. which has been nslmn,g off tha coast of Irehutd, has ta.ken m tow aji oil-tank steamar which she encount- ered on the fishing grouiMi&. Details are not wt to ha.nd. lout the l trawler's arriY&l at Swansea 18 imminent, and speculation is i ife -As to the -value of the salvage that has evidently been secured by I the Ixa ik Walton. The trawler was 70 miles .north-we-st. cf Quec-nstov.rn at the tun' The Ixaak Walton is ma.nag'ed by the I Castle Company, and wo understa.nd tha-t the steamer in qneation has l&st her rudder.


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