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I MMT Tm! NEW 'PHONE IDEAS. I «NO DELAY" SERVICE I PROMISED. I Automatic Exchange. I Within two or three years Swansea and districts impifoved telephone service (in- cluding Neath, Port Talbot and Llan&Uy the cost will be £130,0(0) will be in full operation, and so linked up shall we be with CardHr and other leading centres that there will be practicably no delay in getting whatever one wants to. The 'phones of the future are to be underground, probably in 20 years' time we shall not see one overhead wire in Swansea at all. Five pipes are being laid underground in the direction of Cardiff; three will go direct, and one each to Port T::dbot and Neath, with a sixth to LIan- elly. These are main trunks, and con- sidering e&ch pipe contains hundreds of wires the facilities that will be opened out can be anticipated. For instance, a large number of persons coming on sud- denly at one time for Cardiff calls, say, will all be able to get through simultane- ously. NG DELAY SERVICE. But not only in the trunks—and other centrjS are being developed in a similar way throughout the county—for local subscribers are to be put in a much more advantageous position. Wires are being laid underground in Swansea., everything being arranged for the establishment of a quick and no delay service. The pie- sent magneto system is to be done alys, with, and the central battery system adopted. Already this ia in operation at LhuieIIy, Neath and Port Ta.Ibot.. Thanks to the courtesy of Mr. '\V. Penningt-on, who is in charge of the western section of the South Wales dis- trict, a Daily Post reporter ii-s able to get the approximate times when the new trunks Wtll be in operation. These will be as i'olicws:— From Swansea, to Cardiff by the end o: the year. From LIaneMy by the end of June. From Port Talbot by the end of Sep- tember. I From Npa.t!) bv pnr1 nf I AN AUTOMATIC EXCHANGE. \Vhile the present Exchange method v/'H be adored from town to town Swansea, it- self is to be fitted with an automatic Ex- change which v.-ill operate between sub- scribers only in Swajisea. This will do away largely with present day worries and corn- plaints. There will be .1 no telephone girls operating the Swansea, calls proper? the me- thod of comnruntication beius— (1) Each subscriher will have a dtsc on his 'phone with numbers 0 to 9. (3) Whatever number is wanted the disc is swung round to that number and pressed, the second number being presEed in a similar way and so on. (3) Then automatically, thanks to a very ingenious mechanism at the Ex- change, you are through. HOW IT WORKS. "What about the line bmg engaged on€ may ask. In that event a slight bHZ"; will tell the requiring subscriber so. Tbp. moment a fault occurs a coloured lamp will light in the Exchange showing the electrical staff what is wrong. For different faults. different colour?. This .system has been wod' in America for seme years, and it Is now either being put Into operation or is n operation at Leeds. Newport, and Here- to mention only three big centres. The automatic system will be connived to Swansea Itself, but by the gen.era.I improve- ment all round it is anticipated tha.t both I hearing and sp'ea.king will b<; easier. The new Exchange at Swansea,, at the back c'f uhe General PcM-t Cmce, will ie- pl:t<ctheotjh<.).' Exch.Mi.6:<e.

913,000 PENALTY.

TO COST £12.000.I



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