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FROM FAR & NEAR. I postman Professor. ?_ -L- A new protessor, tierr etc ooorn, in wie I University of Amsterdam, was till recently eL postman, and by indefatigable study dur- ing his leisure hours obtained his present. position. j <!><i:t-<!>- I Too Tough for Terriers, Considerable comment has been oauaea in Yorkshire by the action of Territorial offi- cers in ba-uning the tango at a ball held at Halifax on Monday night. The dance was introduced, and was much appreciated by I some of the dancers, but the officers present I ordered the band tü ofcase playing tango music, and stopped. the dance.  'aylng for the Budget. ? -4 1 One can quite understand jii. George's &nxiety to talk about anything x- cept the point raised by the Oppoei?o? l He was probably aware that t&l -hola case—the house ram¡n produced by the People's Budget"—had already heen ad mitted by oM of his colleagues. Speakitn? I"t April, Mr. Burns *poko of the t?ght er?tpd by that me<MQr? and obervd that! "before the Budget 87,000 house* were, built., and after it the number dropped to 10,000. Pocket Plokins for Savings Bank. Caught m the act of stealing a woman's purse during Mass a girl of thirteen at, in Brittany, con-j fessed that she had been in the habit of picking {rockets every Sunday, and said i that her parents put the money in the, savings bank for her. Decency at Wakes. To avoid unseemly conduct at funerals and to prohibit the custom of distributing intoxicating drinks at "wakes," the priests in the Ardagh diocese of Leinster have been instructed that bodies must be taken to the church and remain there until the funeral, instead of "-wakes" being held. I Not •• Catohfng." „ Not CatohlI." A correspondent tell in &no unLTc,X another anecdote of Tom Emmett. the, Tork8hi cricketer. A county match was.j being played by Yorkshire. Yorkshire wa« j in the neld. and during the afternoon th? dropped severa l catchee As the eleven were leaving the field, Tom Emmett said: There is an epidemic here this afternoon, but it isn't oatohing." Gruesome. This is the marmalade-making season. The other day a small boy was rebuked by his teacher for absence from school. "Please, ma'am," he pleaded, "mother! was making marmalade." "That is no I excuse," he was told. You were not making marmalade." No, ma'am," was the reply, but I had to go to the eemetery for the pots." I Crease-proof Paper for Side-Sllus. The a "estion of side-slip on t'a.IY Ken t ish road's was recentlv under discussion in the presence of a ladv who was neither a motorist nor a cyclist. During the con- versation it was s?erionsly BUgsreflted, writes a correspondent in The Motor-, Cycle." that the motor-cyclist should wrap IrreaAe-Drf,c,)f paper roursd his tvros, a price- ■ less snffgeKtion. as regards which comment; is quite needless. Am^fean Railway Victims. Keplying in Parliamentary Papers to a question by Sir J. D. Rees as to compara- tive figures of railway accidents in this and other countries. Mr. John Burns say, the onlv statistics available as to railway accidents related to the year 1911, for which the figures of those killPd are as follows: United Kingdom, 855; United States, 10,485; France, 854 ;\Ger- many, 1,015; Austria, 281; and Italy, 234. 4* Let mt Thv Rieht Hand." etc. The following is a summary from the "Officii! Year Bool? of the rimrh of Eng- land" of the voluntary offerings of the Church for the year ending last Easter t — For Home work £B14.sœ L 9 3 3. 9 9 1 Foreign work £ 933.981 „ Philanthrooic work £ 609 010 Parochial clergy £ 863,802 Elernejitary education £ 573 647 General parochial purposes £ 3.8?9.118 Total £ 7,900,230 Now-Laid Whiskey. A i c *'revent married women from "harming whiskey in the arrooer's awoun's a, batter and eazs was introduced in tha New YGrk Legislature by Mr. Hy. Scbnetdc- niarui. a member of the JVngieseiva Party. "The Bill," ;,xi(I Mr. Schneidemann. "strik A, the nor;: foundation of thl£' hisrb cost of living. I am a grocer, and know what I am diking about, and T say deliberately that. habitually d-ffc?ive their hnebinds in their bills, making them pay for bottles "f whisky, billed an coffee, eggs. or butter." Bill daciares the sale of whisky by gr^c- f rs illet^n.1. Sohooiboys, Barter. While waiting for a car (writer a oorrtxs- pondent in the Manchester Guardian") I! overheard the following dialoue between two schoolboys" Go-ra oomicP" Aye. Give yer a "Slips' for a 'Flips. Let's see if I've ween it." All right" (after in- spection): 'ere y'are." The two papers, mnch soiled and the folds worn through with oocket friction, changed hands, and the bargainers pmmed, scanning their newly acquired comics" with absorbed! interest and profound gra^itv. On inquiry, T found that the"le comic" journals are much in demand as articles of barter among schoolboys, back numbers being held equal in value with current The Boss Too Smart. The proprietor of a well-known shop Is a man of most excitable temperament., who is for eer scold!? hie clerks for their in- .htfer?nc? in the mtter of 8jbl-e ealee.¡ '?? day, says the Ar?-n'Aut. hearing a f?r!! MY to a en()mT. No we have not had a?v for a lon? Hmc. a' the pr?priet?r.: Unable to countenance such an a?mieaion. tx??n to work himself mto the nsraal rage. ? Fixing a glassy eve ?n his J*'erk. he said to 1 the customer: We haveP.?ity?reMrve., ma'am; plenty d?w?tiMi-B. Whereupon the customer looked dazed. and ??to the amarement of the proprietor, onrfft into hy*tterical laughter and left the shop, j What did she say to yo'i ?' demanded the! proprietor of the clerk. "We haven t had. any rain lately." Knew Where He Was? Convention decrees that a person re- covering from a fainting fit or stupor shall murmur abstractly Where am I?" An amusing defiance of convention, however, is recorded by the Lancet in commenting on a case of carhonic: oxide poisoning. The patient had been Sleeping nine hours in a small room with 1 a gas stove and no chimney; when found: he was comatose and breathing was im- Perceptible. Artificial respiration with OXygen was kept up for twelve hours, and on the second day he could breathe by I himself and swallowed occasionally. On tbe third day he moved when his name as called. As the fourth day opened. he wa.s offered by his sick-berth steward funeral water, alleged to be champagne. Then It was he first spoke. As he tasted it he said: "Holy smoke! Champagnel -Vlas, from the pump!" A Ghost of Glamorgan. I A Choat" of Clamorgan. ¡ doctor in a Glamorgan village narrates I tb following experience oi a strong-nerved j ?rpemter in a spot which is bei.?ved locally ? be h ted:Last Thursday night," I ?aays, "1 had a hurried message to see im- _?QiateIy a patient of mine, an athletic car- Pent(,r, 6ft. in hei £ ht' a terror with his fists, ho \V<Ù!J a member' of the Cardiff police forc« r but left to return to his trade. He "W8:s returning home that evening from a 7) elfh??uring t0wn' and Passin? through a bo"Ol* he saw the 'Evil ?" the ext pot believed by all the Til!agers to be  daunted, he struck the -Evil Or, 8 ^a^ which was, he saye, wag- ,hich was, he -I g gmg. There w a,?,g an agonised velL and the man took his heels, ?" about h&If a. mile and fell ? he entered tJ)e house of his I filtbei- in f a,nt. I found liiiii perspiring father in ?  ? ?""? ?"?' perspiring :Nre.ely and ?"? ?"" ? bed, with a sedative, d:tl11,ornjl1g he "'? himself again. That r'r j' h We.nt, to the Kpot ? ?°? for the ,rut,, If billi 11 v.-hich had been I c"' Off, aiid found ?"? ?? lying down f'*ar a rav,v !i ^^h,e crutch was in the 8^-iaaal'g bf) l f, Tb- crutch  as in the ?? ?1 h??? ?'? ribs an that aide II P.rt f:r&(:tu.rd. The d<? was the pro- P"rty of a ighhoming t?cb?t. ho had Gained it ♦ catch ?.bbit« aJo. j



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