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ÇOOKS, KITOKHNMAIDS, &C. ClOOK-GENERAL.—For experienced person I £2 per month will be paid. — Mrs. Wardlaw, Glan-Garnant House, Garnant. 431n2-27 COOK-GENERAL (experienced) Wanted tor Porthoawl; honse; two in fam- ily; good wages to capable, trustworthy Maid. —Apply, with reíerenoo, I ? JenkwS, 1, T?Ia- moiTM, Briton Ferry. Z3y2-25 KITCHEN l.i¡, age about SO. Wanted; must be ci-and -experienced; good wages, paid.—Apply Three Lamp' Temple- ctreet Swansea. 251y3-2 '7tT ANTED, Cook-General; gsod references required; Housemaid kept.—Apply Mrs. J. H. Rosser. Dysgwylfa, Sketty. 333y3-4 WANTED, good Cook-G?nsr?l. -end of 'f March; three in family; g?cd home- Apply after 6, Mrs. Cullis, 17, Eaton-crescent, Swansea. 55y2-25 YVTANTED, Cook-General early in.March.- Full particular first letter.—Apply Tucker. 15, Courtlami-terrace, Port Talbot. 3S9r2-?6 second week in X arc-h. strong. » capable Cook-Genera!: Nr.vsf^ House- maid kept.—St. Gabriel's Vicarage. Swansea. lC6y2-28 WANTED, capable Cook-Geueral nd I t, Housemaid-Waitress; tycod wage": re- ferences reqiiired.—Apply LIcNabb 1. Glen View. Llandrindod Wells 47w2-2.J —1 HOUSE AND PARLOURIV?AIDS. X7t^ ANTED. immediately, good Housemaid, for arst-c' Public Hou?c; ( ue wil- ting to learn bar preferred1.-Apply l>mycr, White Rose Hotel, Mumbics. 392n2-25 WANTED, first week in If arch. experi- fenced House-Parlourmaid must give good reference.—Mrs. Peel, Old Vicarage, Swansea. 23:12-25 NURSEMAIDS. 'Y?ANTED. superior Nun;emaid, about 16, for two children, age three and four years; other maid kept.—Apply Gardner, Cefnstylle, Gowerton. 93y2-26 HOUSEKEEPERS. ,T\^ANTED. Working HouseltSeper. for busi- ness house.—Write M. 11., "Daily Post," Swansea. 231y3-2 "YXJ" ANTED, a Housekeeper, from 55 to 40; f a good home; n-fprenees required.— Apply Mrs. Rendeli, 179, Hif."h-street, Swan- sea. 204y2-25 TXTANTED, Workincr Housekeeper; must have good references; family three; no washing: wages £ 18.—Apply Mrs. Ejâ- munds, Glyn House, Fc-linfoei, Llanelly. 318y3-3 CHMEKALS. GENERAL required.—Apply "OoutAlices," ?-? Eaton-creecent, Swansea. 127w2-26 G OOD General ?e?-ant Wanted, for family .x of thr?e.—Apply 31, S??tty-roild, Swan- sea. 23C|k$-2 GOOD General; four in family: no child- ren; thrse nights out; good wages.— 8, Rosehill-terrace, Swansea. ll7y2-26 ATED, a General Servant: reference required.—Apply Mrs. IteoaJt. 43, St. George's-terrace, Swansea. 339y3-3 "1^7"ANTED, immediately, good General Ser- » rant; references required.—Apply 35, Mirador-cresoerit, Uplands. Swansea. 233y3-2 TXTANTED, strong, healthy Girl, ?s Gen- eral; one from country prefd.- Uoberts, South Wales Hotel. Swansea. 63y2-25 T tANTEI), strong Young General; small Brynmill-cr>escent, fiwan- sea. 186y2-28 W ANTED, a capable General: must have good references.—Apply 7. Walter-road. Swansea. 367n2-29 .WANTED, a good General: also a Young Girl, to Nurse.—Apply Mrs. W. A. R-ees Clydach Bakery, near Swansea. !i8y2-2 £ TXT ANTED, a steady, reliable General, for small family; good home to a suitable person.—Write E. 0.. "Daily Post," Swansea. 206v2-2? "lXT AXTED, for London, experienced Gen- eral: gcod wages; comfortable home.— Apply Mrs. Coutts, 4. Brooklands-terracs, Swansea. 224y2-28 T^\7ANTED. a General Servant, good char- It acter indispensable: three in family.— Apply evenings, Derlwyn, Qtieen's-troad. Sketty. 187y2-23 T/f TANTED, a General; must have a good knowledga of Bar Work, and good refer?nces frori last places.—Apply Palace Bars (Manager). 423n3-2 ."VT7"ANTED, ipspectaMc Woman, as Gneral, able to do p!ain cooking: sleep in.— A pplv Rayworth. 121, Rhyddings-teria.ce. Brynrnill Swansea. 404n2-27 ~FANTED, at once, respectable ".en^r-al Servant, 18 to 20; nood wagM given: good home.—Apply 37. Walter-road, ><Hnsea. 1?6y2-26 WANTED, a good General; -ood wages; good references required—Apply first to Mrs. Evans, The Newsagent Bryp- y-Mor-road, Swansea. i 19 y 2-26 YOUNC C'RLS WANTED. A good. strong Girl Wanted; sleep out. — Apply :2, Mansel-street. Swansea. 418n2-25 CLEAN, respectable Girl Wanted, for light housework, 16 to 18.—Apply evenings, 6 to 8.-11, Gore-terrace, Swansea. 268y2-26 GOOD Girl Wanted, age from 17 to 18.- —Apply Bryant, 29. Kinc- Edward-road. S-vanse-a. 338y2-27 GOOD Girl Wanted, for Housework refer- ence required.—Apply Evans, Victoria, Dairy, Argyle-etreet. Swansea. U6y2-26 "Y^TANTED. Nurse Girl, under 16. to assist f in housework; sleep out.-Apply 7. Arthur-street, Neath. 35y2-25 TT7"ANTED, stfoug Girl, to help in hop, 't and make herself generally useful.— TJ01y 51. High-street. Swansea. 362y2-27 WANTED, a. Day Girl.—Apply Mrs. Har- ri Fish Restaurant 35, Marlborough- The Rhyddings, Swansea. 62w2-25 "YX/"ANTED, Gir], about 15. 'o look after two iittle bovH.—Apply Geo. Hnxtable, 24, Fabian-street, St. Thomas Swansea. 61y2-25 "V^TANTED, thoroughly respectable, clean 1" Girl. daily, to assist in housework. fibeut 15; no children: two in family.—Apply Swansea 263y3-2 WANTED, for Bryn-road. respectably Girl. f 15 to 16: good worker; erood home for pood girt-Apply Pugsley and Son, 24, Water- lco-street. Swansea. 16y2-&5 MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS. .TVjAKER Wanted, immediately, good dcug?-   maker, and well up iD Smalls.-Write, with (full particulars, Llewellyn, Market Stores, Pembroke Dock. 401n2-27 T>jUTLDER'S Timekeeper Waaated; only thoso with experience need apply. Let- • only.—Fred Pitcherr, Z03, High-street, Swansea. 355p3-3 COAT Hand Wanted; permanency for good workman. —J. and G. Chynoweth, 3. Cradock-'treet, Swansea.. 331y3-3 EXPERIENCED Commercial Motor DrireT Wanted; must be able to do running repairs.—Apply, full particulars first letter, David Williams and Son-s, Grocers, Bridgend. 19y2-26 ELECTRIClAL Engineeine.—Qualified Men V/anted. Home and Abroad. Salaries £3-£10 weekly. If you wish to fill euoh a | vacancy write for free Book "Why to Study Electricity and How."—Registrar, Bennett College, Sheffield. GOOD Walling Maeons Wanted, road to new cemetery, Morriston; 1M. per hour. — Apply on job, T. Walker, Contractor, Cly- dach. 67y2-25 GOOD Navvies Wanted, road to new ceme- tery, Llangyfelacl1, Morriston; 7d. per hour; sub daily.—Apply on ,iob.-T. Walker, Contractor, Clydach. 67y2-2^ HATRDRESS1NG. — Good GenV Han? ..1 Wanted; must be smart, re1iable man. —Write H. K.. "Daily Post." Swansea, with full particulars, and wages required. 366p2-27 HAIPJDR ESSERS—■Wa nt^-l. thoroughly I capable Man also Boy after M-hool fcenrs, Including Saturdays—Apply HntI, Tobaerordl"t, 5. Walter-mad, Swansea. 171y2-27 IRONERS Wanted; also a good Collar Ma- chinist.—Apply London Laundryi 82. Western-street, iSvranscfl. 229y3-2 "jl/TINERS.—Qualified Deputies— Under Man- awers Wanted, Home and Abroad. If you wish to fill such a- va-cancy write for fres book "How to Study Mining."—Registrar, Bennett College, Sheffield. 415n2-28 TJAINTERS and PaperhangeTs.—Wented. at once, a couPle of steady men. — Apply W. G. Eoynon, Pontardulais. 311y2-27 SMART Businse M?n Wanted, trustworthy, ? and rot afraid of work: outdoor em- ployment. Salary and commission to ap- proved applicant. Good opening for man wishing to his position.—Address Box 660. "Daily Post," Swansea. 258y2-26 '■PAILORESSES—1Trouaer Handp Wanted, af •* once.—Absalom. 37, Wat,r)Tl{).,tœt. Swans-ca. 244y3-2 Manageress, for Karrlomah Cafe.—Apply personally, between 10 j md 12, at 14, Castle-street, Swansea. 428n3-3 MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS. WANTED, at once. Tailor's Machinist. pply Spgelov, 220, Picton-lane, Dill- wyr.-street, Swansea. 301 y 3-3 \IrANTED, two good Bricklayers—Apply Jenkins. Steeple,jaok, Duffryn Works, Morriston. 334y3-3 ANTED, sever-al smart Youths, as Por- ters.—Apply David Evans and 00., Ltd. Swansea. 63y2-26 TIT"ANTED. 12 Carpenters.—Apply Lloyd Bros.. New Phcenix Fuel Works. King's Dock, Swansea.. 296y3-2 NT ED, rgood Carpenter; (permanent work.—Apply Colliery Manehger. Pont- rbydyfen. near Port. Talbot. 199y2-28 "YY""ANTED. Young Man to drive horee. and to do light hauling—Write Trap. "Daily Post," Swansea:" 81y2-25 WANTED. Yonth. for Wholesale Cloth- ing Ware hoi; —State age and experi- ence, Clothing "Daily Post," Swansea. 246y3-S 1V ANTED, a Rollerman, for a Tinplate Works; only steady and capable men need apply.—Write Tinplates, "Daily Post," Swansea. 420n3-2 WAITED, thirty good Na,vies, and one good Ganger, Melyncourt and Resol- ven Water Track.—Apply Collins, Contrac- tor. Cadoxton, Barry. 316y3-2 Y^ANT5D, Young Wonmn, with some ex- f perience in Fish Restaurant, able to fry preferred; another girl kept—Apply Hughes, Cross, Morriston. 346y3-3 WANTED, a General Smith and Shoer. — Apply by letter, with copy of testimon- The Secretary, Henllys Colliery, Upper Cwmtwrch. l95y2-25 TyA?<TED. Gardener, attend to dogs, and make himself generally ueeful; re- required.—Apply to Mr. Harry G. Tiiomas, Brynhculog, The Mayals, Black- l,¡il 350y3-3 YY^ANTED, an Armature Winder, one cap- able of wiring lights, and genenol woi k preferred. None but good men need apply—Write Engineer, "Daily Post," Swan- ea. 337y3-3 YY^ANTED, efficient-and capable Rollturn- er", for 8 Tinplate Mills, accustomed to Turning for Light Work. Assured position for capable and suitable man.—Address Roll- turner. "Daily Pest," Rwanrea. 410n2-28 WANTED, promptly, two good Blacklayers, also "wo Youths, nged 16 to 18, cap- able of driving a email Electric Haulage Plant- Apply Manager. Owmllynfell Colliery. Gwys. Midland Railway. 115y2-26 T? ANTED, prompHy. iicn good Roadmen, r also two Youths, aged 18-21, ca.paMe of driving a Small Electric Haulage Plant- Apply Manager, Cwmllynrel1 Colliery. Gwy". Midland Railway. 115y2-26 WANTED, well edusated Yotith, start ofHce work: splendid opportunity to learn Wholesale Drapery Business; must bo gcoti at figures; good wages to start—Apply in own handwriting, to Ruesell Davies and on", Wholesale Warehouse, Waterlco-fffraet. Swansea. l84y2-27 ORK guaranteed in Canada (men and women). Splendid opportunities. Now organising weekly conducted parties. First sailing 21st February. Early application necessary. Salvation Army has unequalled organisation, and has settled 80,000 Britishers. Up-to-date disinterested advice and full par- ticulars free.—Write or call, Commissioner i Lamb, 5, Denmark-street, Bristol (Head Office. London). MANAC^RS. CLERKS. < £ o. LAW.-Walltd, capable, experienced Jun- ior Clerk; Shorthand, Typewriting, and General Work.—State age, experience, and lowest .alary, to Escrow "Daily Post," Swan- sea. 269y2-26 YYTANTED, good Clerk, used to books.— Apply, stating wagea, to Potato, "Daily Post," Swansea. 303y3-4 WANTED, at once, amart Junior Clerk.— W. J. Rogers, Ltd., Brewer-. Humph- rey-street Swansea. 299y3-2 YY^"ANTED, a Junior Clerk, about 18, cap- able in Shorthand a.nd Typewriting.— Write Engineer, "Daily Post," Swansea. 337y3-3 YY^ANTED, a thoroughly competent Clerk. State age, salary required, and enclose references.—Apply Bowfen, Mineral Watlf<r M.s nufacturer, Moirriston. 414n2-8 TTTANTED. Junior Clerk, with pTeviotift experience of Accountancy a.nd Type- writing.—Apply by letter, etatinn- experience, and wages required, to Fletoher's, Nelsou- straet, Swansea. 46y2-25 Wanted, in Insurance Office. Apply in own handwriting, stating ita<r&9 require' to Insurance, "Daily Post." Swansea. 188y2-ZS 1 AGENTS AND TRAVELLERS. GENT required, by Explosives Manufao turing Co., for the Sale of first-class Ex- plosives on the new permitted list and authorised explosives to Mines a.nd quar- ries.—Write Box 34. "Daily Post," Swansea. 213y2-25 DISTRICT Representative Required, good Salesman and Organiser. Unique pro- position. Technical Education Work. Sound references essential. Salary, commission ex- pense.—A<idress Secretary Bennett's College, Sheffield. 417n2-25 "RA VELLER Wanted, for Tailoring; must i be trustworthy, used to the trade, and able to find surety for at least £ 50.—Write Coleman, 45, Glanbrvdan-avenue, Uplande. Swansea. 223y3-2 fJ pRaVELLERS Wanted, at once for all ? parts of South Wales. Special trad? knowl?ge nnnece?ea.ry. Most liberal terms, and splendid prospects to an efficient and re- liable salesman.—Apply, with particulars of previous engagements, age, etc., to Box 190, "Daily Post," Swansea. 259y2-26 YYTANT.ED, a. Traveller, to solicit orders » for Mineral Waters, riokles. etc.. In Swansea and district.—Apply Emanuel Thomas, Niagara Mineral Water Works. Aley. SwanE!l23.. 419n2-25 Y\rANTED. Advertisement Canvasser, Swan. sea and Mumbles districts, for a local publication. Spare or, whole time. Good commiasion.—Apply Booklet, "Daily Post." Swansea. 205y2-26 Y7tTANTED, Commission Agent, for a Regis- tered Compound of guaranteed effici- rncy for the removal and prevention of Scale in all classc-s of Steam Boilers. Only those qualified to handle the compound need npply. Liberal terms to right man.—App'y Eox 517, G.P.O.. Manchester. 426nJ-3 APPRENTICES AND ASSISTANTS. COSTUMING and Dressmaking.—A aspect able Girl Wanted, as Apprentice. — Apply Misses E. and F. Awbery, 13, Mansel- srreet, Swansea. 341y3-3 DEES,^MAKING.—Wanted an Apprentice.— Apply Miss Thomas, 14, Grandison- street, Swansea. 263y3-2 GROCERY.—Wanted, good Junior; muet be quick at stock.—Apply, with refer- ences, etc., to Parker'e Stores, Port Ten- nant-road, Swansea. 24y2-25 IRONMONGERY.—Wanted, immediately, a Junior Assistant, also Improver.— Apply personally T. Hughee, Pontardul- ais. 406n2-27 QMART Assistant Wanted, for General and .J' Fancy Drapery—Apply S. W. Price, Draper and Gents' Outfitter, The Grove, Up- land*. Swansea. 141y2-27 Y* YrANTED an Apprentice; good chance to t, pick up trade.—Apply to Mrs. Solomon, 21, UnioTi-strcet, Swansea. 202y2-28 YY^ANTED, smart Young Man, as Assist- » ant; muet have bad experience of the trad.-Ha1,f("rd Cycle Co.. Castle-square, Swansea. 225y2-26 YYrANTED. Young Lady Assistant; must have good Drapery experience.—Apply Scotch Wool and Hosiery Stores, 9, Oxford- street. Swansea. 36y2-25 VOUNG Lady Assistant Wanted, for our Stationery Department, with previous experience preferred.—Apply by letter, to Boots. The Chemists, Oxford-etreet. Swansea, 58y2-25 1 OFFICE BOYS, ERRAND BOYS, Etc. BOYS Wanted, for Packing, Motor Vans, 4:ttc.-Mackworth Bakery Tower-lane, SwrJa^tea. |-J3y3-i3 ERRAND Boy Wanted.—J. W. Evane, Castle- street, Swansea. 368y3-3 ERRiAND iBoy Walnted, at once.—Apply The Domestic Bazaar Co., Ltd., 228, high-street, S-ar..s&a. ,28y2-<:1 GROCERY.—Wanted, strong Errand Boy; aho Young Man about 17, able to drive, —J. E. Hill, 97, Carmarthen-t"Cad Swansea. 136y £ 26 OFFICE Boy Wanted; one leaving school preferred.—Apply in writing, to Box 16 "Daily Post." Swansea. 252y3-2 SHARP Boy Wanted, at once; also Appren- tices for Coats.—220, Picton-lane, Swan- sea. 77y2-2o SMART Boy Wanted, at once.—The Home ? and Colooucl Stores. 220, High-street, Swansea. 227y3-2 SMART, clean Lad Wanted.—Apply J. Kelly, Family Butcher, ii5. Argyle-street. ] Swansea. 15y2-25 YY/"ANTED, Boy. for Bottle Washing. Apply Swansea Old Brewery, Swansea. 432n3-3 | OFFICE BOYS. ERRAND BOYS, &0. "TANTED, a smart Erra.nd Boy, age 14 to 16.—Apply J. Nott and Sons, Butchers. I Carmarthen-road, Swansea. 342y3-3 smart Office Boy; wages 6s. — j Apply Commercial Manager. "Daily Post," Swansea. 100112-30 i Y\TA>TTE1>, a smart Errand Boy.—Apply t J Owynne H. Brader, 17, Heafihfield- street, Swansea. 277y3-2 WANTED a smart Errand Boy.—Apply Warrie and Moore (Dyers), Richard- son-street. Swansea. 242y2-26 WANTED, Boy, for Workshop.—Apply W. and T. Avery, Ltd., Scale Makers, 12, Alexandra-road, Swansea. 6Sy2-25 YYT ANTED. a. Young Lad, ueed to Butcher- ing.—Apply C. Owens, Middle-road, Cwrnbwrla. 74y2-25 WANTED, a smart, clean Lad, assist with Bread Van—Apply T E. ,T )n°s, Wellington Baker" Swansea. By2-26 WANTED, at once, smart Errand Boy. — Apply Johnston, Florist, Oxford-street, Swansea. l22y2-26 ???ANTED. a.n Errand Bov: good oPPor- tunity for an enertic boy to learn the business.—Oliver's, 255, Lower Oxford- street, Swansea. 326y3-3 i SITUATIONS WANTED. A very respectable Young Woman requires Situation, in town, as General; sleep home; previous experience; excellent refer- enoes.—Write Energetic, "Daily Post," Ben. 351 y 3-3 DISENGtAGED, Groom-&s.rd??i'. H?ndy- man, Boots, Haulier, or Jobbing Gar- dener; single.—State particulars to Afoot, "Daily Poet," 142y2-27 EXPERIENCED Cook requires Situation, private or business house; good refer- enoes.—Apply by letter. Cook, co. Charlie Evans, The Newsagent, etc., Bryn-y-Mor- rood, Swansea. 340y:3 GARDENER experienced in all branches of Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables, Lawns, etc.,seeks day work.—Apply W. South- oil Llanllienwen Cottage, Morriston. 99y2-26 LADY '25), seeks situation as Companion -? to ?Id?rly lady 'or invalid); good cook. Writf E. M. B. 3. Mil ford-road, Haverford- west, Pem. 26y2-25 LADY desires immediate post as Corn- -L< pariion-Houjiiekee'pe'r or 'Help; t/hloir- ougiily domesticated and experienced: ex- cell'Jnt- references. Salary Com- panion. "Daily Post," Swansea. 2332y3-2 MECHANIC Operator, Crown, BT. and I ?' L Bridge Plate ectionB. etc.; 14 ye?re' ex- perience,-Driger. GroSYenor Hotel, Swansea. ?2yH WANTED. Situation as Housekeeper to ? Working Man; m objection to children ¡I Can produce good references.—Writi House- keeper. "Daily Post," Swansea. 100y3-2 XTOUNG Man, married, aged 27, now "n business, wishing to improve bis posi- tion, seeks any li:j'at employment, with chance of future advancement, abstainer, disengaged week's notice.—Address Box 428, "Daily Post." Swansea. 349y2-27 HOUSES WANTED. YY' (ANTED, a House, about 20 minutes from High-street Station. Early possession. Write H., "Daily Post," Swansea. 183y2-27 ~V TANTED, a House, about 20 minutes fror- High-Street Btetion. Early possession, i —Write H.. "Daily Poot." Swansea. 183y2-27 YYr^XTEi) to Buy, two Houses, about £130- £200 ach, Brynmill district.—Send full t particulars to Reee, "Daily Post," Swansea, I 409«2-26 immediately. in or near Bryn- mill district, six-roomed House; rent from 10s. to iZs. per vtock, inclusive—Write Couple, "Daily Post," Swansea. 424n>2 vlT ANTED to Rent. Small Hon. by re- fepectabls Widow. Can show good re- ferences.—Write, in first insto-nce, Box 832., "Daily Post," Swansea. 151n3-6 WANTED to Purchase for Cash, House on Pantygwydr Estate. Pantygwydr- rca/1 preferred.—Write Briton, "Daily Post," Neath. 245y3-2 WANTED, by respectable Person, Small Houae. ofl two Unfurnished Rooms. Jtorriston district*—Write S., 16, Nixon-ter- rnce, Morriston. 230y3-2 "T ANTED, Small House, six 01 seven rooms, with bathroom preferred 20 minutes from High-street; early poeeeseion; ffood tenant.—Write H., "Daily Post," Swan- sea. 906w2-25 YY^ante^ to Rent or Purchase, House. t'l rent about £30 per annum exclusive, on the Coedeaeson Estate. Grosvenor-road for prefereuce.—Write Householder, "Daily Post," SwaiKsea. 425n3-2 YY^A^TED to Rent at £35 to £40 per an. num. exclusive of rat.cé, a, House, situ ate at Uplands; possession middle of May.— Send particulais to John, "Daily Post," Swan- 18ly2-27 WANTED, at once, by railway man set- tling in Swansea, five or six-roomed Hou e, about 10s. inclusive: not over t5 min- uates* walk from High-street Station—Smith. 4. Dynevor-place. Swansea. 20y2-25 OAS. given to anyone procuring advertiser suitable Small House, about 12f3. 6d. inclusive, in respectable locality.—Write L0- cality, "Daily Post," Swansea. 510y2-3 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. BETHEl. English Congregational Church, JL) Sketty—Wanted, an Orga.nist. capable of conducting Choir.—Further particulars on application to George Wm. Meason, Sketty. 345y3-3 "ITTANTED a Hand Tr-nck, good <*>nation; suit builder—Apply 9, Bryn-y Mor road, Swansea. 960w2-26 -"rAD, & small Safe; must be in good condition. State full particuBare.— Write Safe, "Daily Post," Swan2ea. 152y2-27 A^TANTED. by Cook. Hotel or Private Oook- t' f ing.—E?ply to Cook, "Daily Post." Swansea. 17Y-Z5 WANTED, Milk Flo?,t Churn, and DeHv- ering C?na. State lowest cash price — Address Box 430, "Daily Post," Swansea. WANTED, by a. respectable Widow, a few Cleaning, or Offices—Write M. •T.. "Daily Post." Swansea. 75y2-25 WANTED. Milk Float, in ?ood condi?on; suit 13-14 hands.-—Pu?h. H'end?OorL gan Farm, Rhiwfawr, l-ower Cwmtwrch, Gl&m. 25y2-25 \\f ANTED, Storage acoo-mm'odation. for two Motor Cars, neighbou-rtiood Albert Hall preferred.—Write, giving particulars, rent, etc. to Argyle. "Daily Post," Swansea. 219y2-28 WANTED, Second-hand Furniture, Gramo- ? phones, Records, any quantity. Tlous? J completely bougiht out. Many proved best place for highest prices given —Lewis, Fur- nisher, 1. Prince of Wa., Swansea. 228y3-2 _———————————. MISCELLANEOUS. T)lASKETWORK for Pl3nsure and Profit. ilT Lessons given in Cane and Indian Work.—Reply Basket, "Daily Post," Swan- sea. 214y 2-25 DO you use your 6par time profitably?— L If not, write for details of a.n offer by which any reliable person may earn 10s. to 20s. a week by Selling Boots, Clothing. ^t^.—For further particulars write Diraot Supply "Daily Post." Swansea-. 292y3-2 MADAME DRUSILLA (F.R.I.M.S.). Palmist. ?- Clairvoyant. American Mystic Rea?I- ings. Advice daily. Hours 11 to 9.-Address 49 St. Helen'e-road, Swansea, late of the P.-oyal Spa, Ilarrogite. 189y2-28 THE Winning Numbers of Dd. Thomas's, Annealer Morriston. Art Union Draw- ine: are818, 1551. 5059, 5163, 906, 905. 119, 3011, 2821. 2951 203. 4042. 308, 249, 926, 5023, 3253, 27. Prizes not claimed within 14 days will be forfeited 243y2-25 ITtTjcyULD any Lady Adopt Baby Boy. one Vf month old good birth: no premium.— Writ Baby, "Daily Poet," Swansea. 143y2-27 WOULD a.ny Builder, having mortar pan I: working near Prince of Wal?s Dock. Swansea, correspond with C. Jennings and Co., General Woodworkers, Timber Mer. II chants, Pennywell-road, Bristol. 394n2-26 j SERVANTS' REGISTRY OFFICES, I *A 4 GENCY Castleton, Mumbles.—Wanted, im- 1-1. mediately, Cooks, £ 26- £ 28; Cook-Gen- erals, Parlourmaids, Generals, Housemaids, etc.; Swansea, Mumbles, and District 313y3-2 MISS SMITH, High-class Registry Office for Servants.—Wanted, good Generals, Ccok., Day Girls, etc.—1 Glanmor-cwwcent, Uplands. Swansea. Tel. 677c. 72y2-25 \V\V TANTED Cook-Genearls, £ 20; House-Par- lour Maid8, Generals, Day Girls, and other Maids. Plaids' fee 11' only. Good places, town and country —Evans, Rhyddings Registry, 146, Rhyddings-terraoe, Swansea. 294y3-2 I WANTED, at one", experienced and Plain Cooks. Parlour and House-Parlour- maids, Kitchen Maids, and ftenerals: also Waitresses Chambermaids, Pantry Maids, and Kitchen Maids, for Season Houses. — Apply Mi6e I?ewie. High-class Registry, 18. Castle-street, Sw&neea. 301b.t.c. LOST AND FOUND. I LOST AND FOUND. LO; on Saturday aftemoop. Gold Medal. ? enrwd "H. D." Finder rewarded on returning same to II. Davies, 12, Ayles- bury-road, Brynmill, Swansea. 226y3-2 ? OST, a I?ady's Umbrella, silver-mounted, -J ebony sticky initials "E. P. date 1894-96. Finder rewarded on returning to Ox- ford-street Post Offlo?, Swansea. 185g225 T OST, Stolen, or Strayed, from Vetch Field Cottage, ftwaasea. Fox TeTrier Dog, I olack and tan he3-d, black saddle mark on back. Answers to the name of "Spot." Fin- der rewarded. Detainer prosecuted. 293y2-Z7 T OST, in CwtrbwTla Car. about 8.45 p.m. on Friday evening, Lady's Purse, containing Gold and Little Toy Bracelet. Finder re- warded on returning came to 56, Baptist Well-street, Swansea. 207y2-25 LOST. between the Baths and Recreation Ground, a Gold Brooch, set with Ruh- ies and Pearls. Finder will be rewarded on returning same to 48. Heweon-srtreet, Mount Pleaeant. Swansea. 306y2-3  Ovemll!3, taken from Mumbles train, Sunday night, much valued, being gift. Return to Rutland-street. Suit- AhB reward. No questions asked. 367y2-27 YYT:TJj the person who took our Hand Truck return came at once or prosecution will follow—D. Jenkins, Ltd., Beach-street Yard, Swansea. 158w2-27 FOUND, Bedlington Bitoh. If not claimed within three days will be sold to de- fray expenses.—Davies, 92, High-street. Swan- sea. 363y2-27 OUND, Brown Terrier: name on collar. Joseph Donne, "Airlip House. Unless claimed within three days will be eold.—Dan- iel Davies, Ferry-road, Loughor. 196y2-28 EDUCATION. A good t-tart in Business life assured after a course of Shorthand, Typewriting, Business Methods. Bookkeeping and Eng- lish taught at the De Bear Schools. Qualified students placed in excellent posts. Prospec- tus free from Principal.—The De Bear School, Ltd., Castle Buildings, corner of College-street, Swansea KLERKS, BOOKKEEPING.-The demand for qualified Bookkeepers and Account- ants exceeds tb supply. Send for particulars of my eaey, rapid, guaranteed Postal Train- ing for theSe lucrative positions—W. D. Jackson, A.I.S.A., Public Accountant and Incorporated Secretary, 16, Basinghall-street. Guildhall. London E.C. 234y3-2 T?RENCH.- (Pan& Sorbonne University Dip- loma) and German Lessons, private or class, long residence abroad; direct method. Pianoforte lessons, L.R.A.M.—Apply C. Jones, Wimmerfield. Dillwyn-road. Sketty. 850w3-16 GERMAN, French, Italian Spanish, Latin, Book-keeping, Shorthand. Typewriting, Arithmetic, etc. Thorough tuition. Candi- dates prepared for examination and busi- ness. — Oswald Korth, Professor of Langu- ages, 1. Kensington-terrace, Swansea, 2914d.b.-t.c. DANCING. TJRIVATE Dancing Class—Young Lady rc- ceivss Pupils in above class. 7s. 6d. per .form—Write Select, "Daily Poet," Swan- sea. 348y2-25 j — PROFESSIONAL. MASSAGE a.nd Electricity, including High i r. i Frequency, Radiant Heat, Electrio Nin- heim Pine, and other Medioated Bathe. given by Nurse Evans, at la, Ffynone-street, Swan- sea. 3-6 PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET. J. Barron Pascoe's Announcements. TO LET, Ox!ord5treøt, commodioue Shop -? with nvin accommodation over; rea- sonable rent. 181y2-27 FOR S AIiE, SKETTY-ROAD, Choice Villa Riesifdenice. Accommodation; 2 Recep tjou Rooms, four Bedrooms, Bathroom, w.c., Kitchen, Scullery, etc. Electric Light, etc. 181y2-27 FOR SALE, St. IMcn s-avenue good Fam- ily R*esilden^e, overlooking Cricket Field. To be sold cheap 181y2-27 FOR SALE, Sketty, one or more Dwelling J- Houses in select neighbourhood; long lease. Reasonable giound rent. 181y2-27 To LET, Gro8venor-road, Sketty, choice Fam- I ily Rcsidencp. Accommodation: thT?ee Reception Rooms, seven Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen, Scullery, etc. 181y2 27 FOR SALE, Queen's-road, Sketty, charm- ing Residence, enjoying view of the Bay: Freehold or Lea66hoId. 181v227 BALE, Treboeth Plot of Freehold Building Land. Any offer considered. 181y2-27 FOR SALE, Tavistoek-rood, Sketty, Desir- able Residence, in <fOuree of erection. Freehold. 181y2 27 particulars of the foregoing may be L obtained of J. Barron Paecoe, F.A.I., P.A.S.I., Auctioneer House and Estate Agent, 6, College-street, Swansea. 181y2-27 Trevor E. Williams. Announcements. FOR SALE, House, in Aberdyberthi-strect, Bafod, ground rent JS1 fie. 8d.-Apply Trevor E. Williams, Auctioneer and Valuer, 17, St. Mary-street, Swansea. Tel. Docks 124. 422n3-2 To LET, six-roomed' Hou?e. at EVer5hy- TO ??ad, Sketty.—Apply Trevor E. Wil- liams, Houae and Estate Agent, 17, St. Mary- street. Swansea. 422n3-2 FOR SALE. House in Hall-terrace.—App'y Trevor E. Williams, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, 17, St. Mary-street, Swansea. 422n3-2 To LET, good Modern Houae, Newton-road, Mumblei?, every convenience, cheap rental.—Apply Trevor E. Williams, Auction- eer and Valuer, Swansea and Mumbles. Tel. Docks 124. 422n3 2 FOR SALE, Leasehold House. Priorton-ter- race.—Apply Trevor E. Williams, Auc- tioneer and Estate Agent, 17. St. Mary-street. Swansea. 422n3-2 FOR SALE 18, Victoriarterrooe, let at 9. *• 6d. per week, tenant paying rat-es and taxes—Apply Trevor E. Williams, Auction- eer, Swansea, and at Mumbles. Tel. Docks 124. 422n3-2 TO LET, Pair of Semi-detached Vifta? at Langland; every modem conveniente. choice situation, long lawns in front, and good gardens a-t rear.—Apply Trevor E. Wil- liams. Auctioneer, Swansea and Mumbles. 422n3-2 SALE, Houses in Western-street, Waterloo-plaoe, BrynmiLl, Oaklands- terrace, Woodlands-terrace, Windsor-street, Langland, and Mumbles.—Apply Trevor E. Williams Auctioneer and Valuer, 17, St. Mary-streec, Swansea, and a.t Mumbles. Tel. Docks 124. 422n3-2 ————-——— /OWMLLYNFELL— Fcr Sale, Moveable Building, built of wood, with Corru- gated Roof, measuring about 16ft. bv 12ft.: suitable for lock-up Shop or Workshop. — Apply N. Nevison Grieve, Auctioneer, efc., 284, Oxford-street, Syaiieea, 397n2-25 IRST-CLASS Busine>=0 Premises for Sale, in West End of Swansea, with back en- trance, and room for erection of garage: unstable for two cars.—Apply first instanoe, Edwards, Newsagent, Bernard-street, Up- lands, Swansea. 405n2-27 FOR SAIÆ, Freehold Building Sites, close to Terraoe-road and proposed new tram route frontage large depth, com- mariding excellent views, and eminently suit- able for erection of emalj houses. Prices from £20 each.—For further particulars apply Edward Harris, Solicitor, 3, Fisher-street, Swansea, 23M HjX) LET or for !=?Ie. Middle-road, Ffoivst- -? fach, Large Shop. and good Living House, new Fittings through shop; suit, any business.—W. Davies and Co.. Builders, Or- chard-street, 8wansea.. 259y3-2 fTX) TRUSTEES, InveetoM. and Others- ?- For Sale, separate Blocks of well se- ourecl Freehold Ground Rents in Sketty and Morriston. Will pay over 4$per cent.-Apply Bo-wen and Evans, Auctioneers, Salubrious BUSINESS FOR DISPOSAL. /COFFEE T?voTn for Sale, good paying oon- ?? cern; established 10 y&ars.—Write Box 10, "Daily Post," Swansea. 135y2-6 T^OR SALE, Fish and OMp Business, good going concern; no reasonable oiler vb- iJlrieiEid imm,ed'iabe buyer.t-Wrfite tAnita "Daily Post." Swansea, 283y3-2 FISH and Chip Saloon for Sale, near Swan. 8a; good chance for energetic person; to immediate purchaser.—Write Smart, "Daily Post," Swansea. 87y2-25 TJ|"AIRDRESSING.—For Sale, Hairdressing and Umbrella Business: flourishing best shop in district; good house; fine trade leaving trade.—Write Trade. "Daily Post," Swansea. 66y2-25 TO LET-BUSINESS PREMISES. 'Vf 0l'K—House and Shop to Let, at _L ? th-3 Cross, !)Mt tc Alpha Cinema.- Apply E. Poole, Trafalgar Houtse Swansea, 288y2-26 MORRISTON.—Lock-up ?:op to Let, be6t .r position in. Woodncld-stre?t. next to London and Provincial Bank, 40ft. deep; suit any business; moderate r?nt. and long leaBe.-Apply 19 Walter-road, Swansøa t 190w2-28 SWANSEA.—To Let, with possession March 25th, Fine Drapery Premises in one of the leading streets.—Full from James and James 7, Goat-street, Swansea. 165V2-27 TO LET, Lock-up Shop, and two Unfur- nished Rooms; moderate Ten/tat. — Apply 153 Western-street, Swansea. 204y2-Z5 204y2-25 ■^O LETt 16, St. Helen's-road. Corner Shop and Dwelling House, with Bakehouse at rear; excellent position.—Apply Jenkins, ¡ Uplands-crescent. Swansea. 160y2-27 ) I FOR SALE—HOUSES. T?OE SALE, two new Dwelling House?, eight I ■ rooms each; low ground rent; cheap to immediate purchaser.—Particulars from Perrett, "Daily Post," Briton 21y2-25 FOR HALE. Alodorn Compact Semi-de- Villa, in Hazelmere-road, Sketty; immediate possession.—Apply 3, Pop- j lar terrace, Sketty. 157y2-27 l SALE. Semi-detached Residence, Gwy- -L dr-creseent. good Garden -Apply Ed- ward Roberts and Son, Llanfair Buildings, St. Mary-street. Swansea. 179y2-27 FOR SALE, Modern, charming Residence; — ovary convenience; electric light; stardg ¡ lygh; lovely view; pretty lawn.—Write J.B.T. "Daily Post." Swansea, 402n2-27 FOR SALE, three Houses, Kilvey-terrace; good tenants; long lease; low ground rent;and two Houses Western-street; good investment—Apply Wm. Thomas, 107, RJIyrl- dings-terrace, Swansea. 307y2-3 FOR SALE, six Houses, in William-street, good tenants: one House, with Stable. sine ent.rance, Edward-street, good tenant.— Apply J. Harris, Auctioneer, 1, George-street, Swansea. 88y2-26 FOR SALE. Private Dwelling House, with large garden at roor, situte Gwydr- crnt.-Apply Edward Roberts and Son, F.A.I., Llanfair Buildings, St. Mary-street Swansea. 788w2-25 FOR SAIjE. Dwelling House, Oakfleld-ter- race. pleasantly situated, command- ing good view of Bay.—Apply Edward Rob- erts and Son. Llanfair Buildings, St. Mary- street. Swansea. l79y2-27 FOR SALE. No. 1, Coronation-terrace, Oar- marthen-road, Cwmbwrla, aittractive and convenient house, three bedrooms, bath, etc.; open and healthy situation: also com- pact four-roomed House. No. 4, Megan-street, Cwmbwrla. —For particulars apply to John Pye, 4, Sketty-avenue, or to 2, Megan-street, Cwmbwrla, 18y2-25 LOUGHOR.—For Sal-e two Semi-detached Houses, at Oorporation..c:aè.-ApD1:v Th-maa. Pen-y-Bailey, Loughor. 396n2-26 MUMBLES—For Hale, a Semi-detached, six- ?'- ro&m?d Hause; every canvenience: best position.—Write Sale, "Daily Post," Swan- sea. 327y3-3 PRIVATE Dwelling House for Bale, situate Oakfield-terrace."Apply Edward Rob- erts and Son. F.A.I.. Llanfair Buildings, St. Mary-street, Swansea. 788w2-25 TO be Sold by Private Treaty, all that Freehold Villa, known as "Bryntincn." Sketty. possession .March 25th next; alsr- the adjoining Villa, known as "Ael-y-Bryn." which po«cess sufficient land for a commodi- ous building site. Possession June 24th next. Both situate on the mein road to Gower, an-1 near tram terminus.—Apply 10, Brynmill- avenue, Swansea.. ly2-25 _— = HOUSES TO LET. HOUSE to Let, 63. Norfolk-Street—Apply -'Ll 6 p.m., 21. Beechwood-road, Up- lands, Swansea. 44y2-25 HOUSE to Let. in Carnglaa-ro?f!, Sketty, LT. six-roomed house, all modern conveni- ences.—App!v to Williams Tyr Syre, Carn- glas-roed, Sketty. 286y3-2 NEATH—To Let, Glynifor, Gnoll Park- road two reception rooms, three bed- rooms, good attics, bathroom, kitchen scul- lery possession March.—-Apply 102, Gnoll Park-road, Neath. 314y3-2 TO LET, six-roomed House, on main road JL at Mumbles—Apply New, 5, F'sbor- street, Swansea. "3Cy2-26 TO LET. Semi-detached Villa, 10 rooms, -L every convenience, front and back lawn .—Apply 1 Ohurcih Fark, Mumbles. 357n3-20 rno LET. Furnished. Country House, mm miles from Breco\ clcee to station, Post Office, and Churcli, charmingly situ- ated, overlooking the river Uek, and con- taining fonr Reception, 10 Bedrooms, and Dressing Rooms, etc.: water, gas, and drain- age excellent; delightful grounds; exclusive fiaMng; moderate rent.—'Apply John M. Leeder and Son Estate Agents, Swansea, 9Ty2-26 OFF'CES TO LET. G-iÁ>uCT:EiïPLACJ'T 1?' a. Suite of ?T three commodious and well-lighted Offices, in this convenient, locality; moderate rent.—Apply F. E. Tun bridge, 8, Northamp- ton-place, Swansea. 295y3-2 ONE Office to Let. on ground floor; one on first floor, 31, Alexandra-road—Apply within, or 2. Trinity-place, Swansea. 303y3-2 I   I STABLES TO LET. LLANELLY.—To Let, two StableS; also a -L/ Large Shed; oantral position—Apply Jonaih Thomas. Murray-street. 235y3-2 :W. -I- HALLS, ETC., TO LET. 1A LBION HALL to Let. for Clubs, Bands, j-TL or Choirs. — For terms, apply 29. j Grange-street. Swansea, 249Y3.2 APARTMENTS TO LET. \PARTMBNTS or Board-Residence to Let, ?* in Waiter-road; every convenience; moderate terms.—Write Seymour, "Daily Post." Swansea, 347y2-25 APARTMENTS to Let.—'Well-furnish, ed Sit- ting-room and Bedroom, with use of Piano; or Bed-Sitting-room. suit young gentleman; terms moderate. Apply 10, King Edward-road, Swansea. 365y3-3 BiEDROOM and Sitting-room, suitable for JLJ one or two Young Men willing to shara rooills.-E6, St. Helen's-avenue, Swansea. 218y2-28 CCOMFORTABLE ApMtments; suit on or two G'ntIemen friends; use of bath; central—Apply 39, Hanover-street, Swansea. 267y3-2 T10MF0RTABLE Lodgings, with every con- ?? venience, Sitting-room and Bedroom; would suit two young men; moderate. Apply 6. De Breo&atreet, Brynmill. 360y3-3 CIOMFORTABLE Front Sitting and Bedroom V to Let, on seafront; close to cars, parks, etc.; also large combined Room over- looking Bay—Apply 1, Priorton-terrace, Swansea 302y3-4 COMFORTABLE Front L partments, bath, and every convenience; suit three or four young men; terms 5s. per week. Apply 103, St.. Helen's-avenue. Swansea, 215y2-28 COMFORTABLE Lodgings for a few respect- ? able Young M?n; bMh (hot a.nd cold); very <f)mfnrtlable, amd ?n con?-eniencep; terms moderate. — 38, St. George's-termoe. Swansea. 241y3-2 COMFORTABLE Bed and Sitting-room to Let, with every convenience: bath (hot. and cold); two minutes from Albert Hall; terms very Carlton-terrace, Swansea. 291y3-2 }BURNISHED Bedroom to Let: use of Sit- ting-room, bath, etc.; good locality; very central: terms 6s, per week—Write Box 476, "Daily Poet." Swansea, 317y2-25 I BURNISHED Apartments, suit gentlemen, Front Sitting-room and one or two Bed- room; piano; bath; with every convenience; overlooking park; close to Hospital, trams, etc.; terms moderate.—Et. Helen's House, 8t. Helen's-crescent, Swansea. 298y3-2 IANGLAND.—To I?et. Part of Furnished Villa, by the month or longer period.— For particulars write Langland, "Daily Post," Swansea. 281y3-2 LODGINGS.—Good homely TJOdging., to Let, five minutes from Market; beat of ac- commodation, and good table.—Address Homely "Daily Post," LODGINGS for one or two Young Gentle- *-< men in business; board or otherwise, bath (hot and cold); near St. Helen's-road, Swansea —Apply Rosier, Newsagent, St. Hel- en's road. Swansea. 287y3-2 J NEATH—Comfortable Sitting-room and ? Bedroom to Let; suit one or two Gentle- men; overlooking Football Field.—Apply 10, Hazelwood-road, Neath. ]38y2-27 TWO Bedrooms and Combined Sitting-room to Let, with every convenience; bath- room; suit two gentlemen in business; Sketty district.—Write Sketty, Daily Post," Swaneea. 220y2-28 j I APARTMENTS TO LET. TWO Furnished Front Rooms to Let; use -*■ of piano, bath (hot and cold): good cooking.—Apply firm At C'?'o?C?c Evans, Newsagent ?nd Tobacccri?t. Br.rn-y-},:c)r-I read, Sya riiitl 340y?-3 rl.l;w 0 or three Unfurnished Rooms to Let; -? hous& too iar?e for present t,entiiit: neighbourhood of Henrietta-street; bathdioh end cold): u? of scullery—Apply J. S„ "Daily Po-t," Swansea 260y3-2 | TO LET, comfortable LDcldngs. for two r?e- spectable men.- 5B Fi??,et-street, Swan- ??a. 250y3-2 TO LET, iwo or thr? Rooms, Unfurnished.  Appjy, first instance. Gammon, News- agent, Norfolk-ttreet. Swansea- 82w2-25 T- 0 LET, Furnishf? Bed-Sitting-room; ?uit married couple; 6s. 6d. weekly: three minute from Albert H31l.-43, Oa.riton-ter- race. 8wansea. 255y2-25 TO LET, three Unfurnished Rooms, in gOOrl locality, with use of bathroom and scul- lery.-Apply Villa, "Daily Post," Swansea. 2Z2y3-2 TO LET, Furnished Kitchen and Bedroom, 6s. 6d. weekly, or Back Bed-Sitting- room 5s.; bath (hot and cold).-Apply 18. 1 fe.vson-etreet, Swap8ea.. 73:,>2-25 TO LET, in Bryn-road, comfortable RC0Œ6, suitable for one or two Gentlemen, with every conYenienoe.—Apply Box 580, "Daily P"6t," Swansea. 123y2-26 I rro LET. at Malvern-terraea comfortable J- Apartments, every convenience, close to cars; terms moderate.— Apply Wil- liam-11, Newsagent, King Edward-road, Swan- sea, 232y3-2 TO LET, Furnished. Front Sitting-room an(\ Bedroom, and Kitchen, nicely furnished. —Apply first at Cha-rH? Evans, The Well- Imown Newsagent, Brvn-y-Mor-road, Swan- f?a. 263y?2 TO LET, Superior Apartments; use of kit- chen and ?aa stove; bath (hot and cold); WaJter-T?a-d: suit married couple; term moderate.—Address Beta, "Daily p ?et,. Swa,n?a. 76y3-20 rPO LET, to a Gentleman dining out, com- fortable Furnished Apartments, Back Sitting-room, and Bedroom, with every con- venience; use of bathroom ihot and cold bath); no children—Apply after 6 p.m., at 53. Mansel-terrace. Swansea. 300y3-2 T 0 LET, two Rooms. Furnished Bedroom and Back Parlour, with oven grate and gas; no children; would suit newly mar- < ried couple or two respectable men, clos^ to Victoria Park. —Writi Victoria, "Daily Post," l-C.Ol'la ,ar.- n '1 1(' Tla, 1 y 05., ¡ Swansea- 250y3-2 YERY comfortable Apartments to Let, well- I furnisbeft Sitting-room and Bedroom; with use of bathroom, etc.Apply E. Hicks, 25, Pantygwydr-road, Uplands, Swansea. 142y2-27 ■ 1 i APARTMENTS WANTED. APARTMENTS or Board-Lodgings Wanted, for Moiiday.tate terms to Garner, 15 Mill-street, Bedford. 413n2-25 WO respectable Young Men require Apart- I ments, permanent; central preferred.— Apply D. and M. "Daily Post," Swansea. 154y2-27 w ANTED, by two Young Men, Bedroom and Sitting-room.—State terms, with or without board, to Magister, "Daily Post," S wn, r, el. 264y2-26 TWO respectable Young Men require per- manent Apartments, about ten min- utes' walk from G.P.O.—Reply to Box jdO, "Daily Post," Swansea, 54y2-25 Y^ANTED, by Gentleman, Bedroom and I Siding-room. MumbLes or Langland — For teims write T. W., "Daily Post," Swan- sen. 276y3-Z WANTED, by three Youn? Men, DoUIe-1 bedded Room and Sitting-room, with attendance.—Full particulars and terms, to Box 90. "Daily Post," Swansea, 39y2-25 WANTED Bedroom and Sitting-room, -frith attendance, for two Young Gentlemen; board selves; away during the day- W rite Convenience, "Daily Post," Swansea. 943w £ -2 WANTED, about the middle of March, at I » Mumbles or Langland, for about six I months. Bed and Sitting-room, for Lady and I Child.-Giv2 full particular- and terms, to Box 400, "Daily Pest," Swansea 216y2-25 w l,kNTFD. a Bedroom, b., Young Man in "t business; willitig t) share Sitting- room with another.—Full particulars first- letter to Delta., "Daily Post." Swansea. 172y227 YOUNG Man in Businoss requires homely Board and Lodgings, neighbour of Tenby Flot!']: no small children. State terms (moderate).—Wri'o Tenby, "Dailv "Daily Post." Swansea. 182y2-27 t j j 1 The Army and General Stores Announcs- ments. RMY CLOTHING.-All theee are genuine Army Goods, tind. in excellent condition. Overcoats, 3s. 6d.; New Naval Reefers, 10s. 6d., worth double; Troussrs, 4s. 6d.; Bedford Cord Breeches 4s. 6d.; Putties, Is. 3d.; Can- vas Leggings, is.; Leather legging,31 Is. Postmen's Oilskin Capes, 3s. bel.; Harness. Saddlery, Obsolete Armour. Guns, Swords, etc. POLICE CLOTHING—Overcoats, 10s. 6d.; large Oilskin Capes, 4s.: Large Water- proof Cloth Capes, 6s.; Trousers. 4s. 6d. I RAILWAY CLOTHING.—Overcoats, 5?.; JL? R?fer Overcoats, 4?. &d.; Cloth or Cord Jackets, 36.; Vests, 1s. 3d.; Sleeved Vests, 18. 6d. NEW OILSKIN CLOTHING—Son'-Westere, .10. Is.; .jackets, 6s.; Long Coats, 8s. lid.; ipggiiigs, 2s. 6d.; Boys' Coats from 6s. 9d.; Ladies' Coats, 15s.: Girl@' Coats from 9s. 6d. NEW RIDING BREECHES.—Bedford Cord. Whipcord or Tweed, double seat and strapped knees, superior make and cut, 10s. 6d.; Blac kand Brown Cowhide leggings, spring front, whole back, marvellous value, 5s. lid. VL\V BOOTS.—Real Hand-Sewn Army -? Boot? 2s. 6d.; Special Bluchers. 4. 6d.: I Strong Nailed "Derbys," 5s jld.; Women's Boots, 3s. lid.; Boys' and Girls' Strong School B ft' from Zs. 6 1. A-IN,, RRITE for Illustrated Catalogue to Dept. t A12, The Army a.nd General Stores, Ltd., Government Contractors. Castle Bou- levard, Nottingham. _d- J M ZCEL'.ANEOUS SALES. BUFF ORPINGTONS' Eggs, 3s. 6d. per Sit- -D ting. A Couple ot Broody Hens for Sale.-Tuckfield, Clyne Valley, Swansea 430n3-3 CHICKS! Chicks!! Chicks!—Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Brown Leg- horns and White, 6s. lid. per dozen. Note; Wanted, Fowls. Send postcard to Neill. Kil- vey Hill, Swansea. Also Saturday, Market, 352y3-3 EGGS from best Rhode Island Reds, 31;. per dor,en. unfertile.? vcplaoed.—35, Kinley- terrace, St. Thomas Swansea, 139y2-27 EGGS from my noted Winter Layers and Exhibition Blue Andalusians; 3s. sit- ting, 50, 10s. 6d.-HaI8don, 1C, Castle-strcct, Mumbles. 238y3-2 FISII and Chip RestPiira.jits.-Qij anti' y of Finest Dripping for Sale, fresh weekly. Daviep, and Co., Pork Purveyors, 13, Iligb- streot, Swansea. 64y2-25 FOR SALE, four trained Ferretfi, excellent 10, High-street, Swan- itea 217y2r28 FOR SALE, strong Hard Truck, suitable for buHder; reasonable for cash: also good Second-hand Cycle, in good condition; prkp Pt 10s.—Apply Hoaton Bros., Painters, Coedsaeson-crescent, Sketty. 323y3-3 FOR SALF., a Child's Folding Chair, suit- able for a Young Baby, in £ ood con- dition, and cheap to anyone wanting a bar- ga-in.-Apply 113, Aberdybethi-street, Swan- sea 309y3-2 ()R. SALE, Singer's Treadle Sewing Ma- chine. Cover, and Accessories, nearly new; cost -69 10s.; accept £ 4 10s., or near I offer; also Blinds and Pictures for f;p.Je.-14. Belle Vue-street, Swansea, 285y3-2 FOR. SALE ten massive Iron T Gas Pen. dants. and two heavy Brass ones, suit, able for a schoolroom. Can be seen at the Royal Institution of Soiitli Wales, Swansea. 44y2- £ 5 1710R SALE, Butcher's Brass Scale and I J- Weights. Sausage Machine, Saw, Chop- per, three large Steel Hooks, three dozen small Meat Hooks, two Tubs—Apply The District Loon Co., Church-street, Swansea. 433n3-3 FOR SALE, Gramophone and Records LitrSc Glenn Jcecrfeam Fr»?e»?.r (four nuartsT: also quantity of Timber suitable for building Fowls' CuTis. Will øe]¡ cbelp. Eonm wanted.—44, William-street; Swansea. 265i3-2 KANDSOME Pen of Buff Rocks. Cochcrel -H end two PuHeta. 12. 6d.; also two Cock- erels, 56. 6d. each. 1913 hatched, all bred ■ from Simon Hunter's best ezV"W. Davies. 1 22, Brunswick-street, Swansea. 162y2-27 "OYAL London Insurance JB6 Book for Sale, cheap to cash buyer.—Apply Snpt., 24, Windsnr-?°t. Uplands, SwnI. 188y2- ?AFE? (Fire Pes¡,'tmg), all siz?. for R.a1. -J bargains: also Portable and Horizon-j tal Engines, Mortar Mills. Donkey Pumps, Saw Benchee.-Birt, 47a, Strand, Swansea. 359y3-3



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