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ADVANCE, ALL WHITES I NEATH BEATEN. HOMESTERS' SUPERIOR- ITY IN ATTACK. Blacks' Plucky Fight. PAST RESULTS. Jan. 5, 1907.—At Neath. Swansea, nu J Neath, nil. Feb. 23, 1907.—At Swansea. Neath, 1 con- verted goal; Swansea, 1 try. Nov., 1908.-At Swanaea. Swansea., 1 pen- alty goal 2 tries; Neath, 1 oonverted goal April 3, 1909.-At Neath. Neath, 1 con- verted goal 1 try; Swansea, 1 dropped goal. 1910.—No matches. Pec. 23, 1911.-At Neath. Neath, 1 drop- ped goal 1 penalty goal; Swansea, nil. April 13. 1912.-At Swansea. Swansea, 1 penalty goal 1 try Neath. nil. Nov. 16, 1912.-At Neath. Swansea, nil; Neath, nil. Dec. 27, 1912.-At Swansea. Swansea., 1 converted goal 1 try; Neath, nil. Nov. 29, 1913.-Neath, 1 dropped goal 1 penalty goal (7 points); Swansea, nil. Dec. 27, 1913.-At Swansea. Swansea, 1 trv Neath, nil. THE THIRD MEETING. Neath Rugby Club, like S,vanBea, has had znore than a fair share of misfortune during the progress of the season, and fate has been none too kind to either. At the com- mencement of the tournament the All Blacks' chances appeared to be as rosy as any club in Wales, and their prospects were of the brightest. But these hopes have not been fulfilled, and Neath have had to fight against a heap of bad luck. Injury and re- tirement of players, and the close attentions oi Northern Union agents have all combined towards militating against the success of the adde. Just w hen they seemed likely to settle down nicely a couple of their best backs went North, and their absence caused a gap which has not yet been properly filled. Then, again, the absence of Glyn Stephens has had A BIG EFFECT upon the play of the Neath forwards, who have not been as consistent as formerly, and their play has frequently left a deal to be desired. Swansea, too, has not escaped Bcoc-free from the same causes which have been responsible for Neath's moderate dis- plays, but just at present the Swansea players are making a bold bid to shake off their shackles and to bring the club back to its former proud position. The defeat at Cardiff last Saturday was a nasty set-back after huge victories over Newport and Lei- cester; but the Whites deserve sympathy, for on the Cardiff mud-heap last Saturday skilful football was quite out of the quea- tion. It was a game in which the side who had all the better of the play lost through ft fluke. VERY LITTLE SCORING. Games between Neath and Swansea have always been very closely contested, and it is worthy of note that the biggest victory secured in the last half-dozen ..ea-SOM by either side was an eight point win by Swan. sea twelve months last Decem ber. Seme ot the contests have been pointless, and the majority of the games won by the narrowest possible margin. After a difference of opinion between the clubs in 1910. a splendid irit of camaraderie prevails between the players, and though the recent matches have oeen very keenly contested (n account ot the inter-town rivalry, they were fought out in sporting style. Neath were unabie to field their best side, and were compelled to make an experiment at half-back, where the two Bryncethin half-backs operated. Pugsley, the cutaide m 3n. a httle while ago, helped the All Whites in a f?w gamne. A lot ot ?, k i a-? I d ,L:t. W" OX rain fell during the w?ek. an?.?t WM ex- lwcted, as the ground would be in P,weh bad condition, that the teams would have to play a forward game. The teams lined out as follows :— SWANSEA.—Back, J. Bancroft; three- quarters., Bryn Lewis, Alf. Thomas, D. Wil- liams and Howel Lewis; iialves, J. Ra:isey and" B. Beynon; forwards, Edgar Morgan, B Hollingdale, Geo Evans, Phil Evans, Tom Williams, T. Parker, Tom Morgan end D. Huxtable. NEATH.-Back. Glyn Gething; three- quarters. T. Owen, Verrton Hill, W. Adey and Trevor John; halves. E. Thomas and r Lloyd, ?Ni. T. Pugsley; forwards, T. E. Lloyd, M. Llcwd, P.C. Will Hopkins, 0. Hopkins, Jack Jones. G. Thomas. Fred David and Arthur Rees. Referee—Mr. Tom Morgan (Ebbw Vlo). The weather had cleared up splendidly after the storm overnight, and the teams 'fielded under a clear, blue sky. A rather cold breeze blew from the Mumbles end, and this had the effect of drying up the ground from the effects of the recent heavy ram. The turf, though a little heavy, was in capital condition, considering the moist- tire it had absorbed. Swansea were able to field a strong fifteen, though D. J. Thomas and H. Moulton stood down from the home forwards. The backs fielded as chosen earlier in the week. Npatb played the Brynoeitben half-backs. but were without, Glyn Stephens and P.C. Pullman in front. The Neath team arrived early, and there were about. 6,OCO spectators present at 3.30 when the sides mad e their appearance punc- tually- The visitors came out first, and Bancroft, who skippered the home side, led out the Whites a moment afterwards. A. strong sun was shining in the faces of the Swansea men, who played against /breeze. Bancroft kicked off, and Get} » kick did not find touch. Bryn I-wig t, -t and play settled at mndfield, where the Whites were penalised, ajid Gethmg found touch in Swansea's territory. The Blacks' forwards gained ground with a dribble, and then Rapeey and Beynon tried the blind ..i, but a forward pass spoiled the move- ment. With play at halfway Neath were Penalised for "legs up" in the scrum, and Bancroft aerti. play to touch in the Neath 25. Rapsey had the full roe of the ball in his when he charged down a Neath kick, an^ the White8 got on the aggressive. Adey ?cved with a kick to touch, but the "'te« still pressed, Tom Morgan doing 800d work. beynon gained ground with a dribble, and pretty work by Alf. Thomas and Howel "^i* ended in the latter sending a re- veiss pass to Thomas, who was held up in Neath 25. The CROWD HAD INCREASED TO 8,000. 7™a .Neaih were kept strictly on the de- f i,, The homaeters improved their position, and seemed anxio- to get the pall oat to the backs. Owen Hopkins put ui some effective tackling for Neath, w htse forwards improved in their footwork and put some good dribbling. At length the home backs got the ball, Rapsey, Beynon and Alf. Thomas handling. The latter broke hrouh the centre, and just when in the ? ? P44sing to Bryn Lewis was tripped ? from behind, and his pass intercepted, "galey kicking into touch. Beynon pulled *4P Neath rœh nicely, and a free kick (ieS? eath taken by Bancroft was "el'a-d b--V Glyn Getbing, who ran round and fo touch. Bancroft put in some sapi-,al %0  ?oich. Bancroft put in BOme Ta-pi?Al thUclt'finding, and Alf. Thomas nearly broke thro* Beynon tackled Trevor John i n t h ?? of kicking, and the Neath man i lost .ground. &ncroft failed to find touch on d. Bancroft f"ed to flnd touch ???uple of oocaai°m> and Gething wnt the ?tl into touch five yards from the Swan froa but offside work by the Neath {or-I VV4 a Joat them the advantage, for Ban- crof* sent them back to the 25. Then the I li&m?  in a thrilling rush; Dai Wii- Wb, 6 6 -ding in the loose, beat a couple of iQ^g. *11 to Bryn LewM, who got past eotrieIr?0r? opponents and kicked over lg' head. Th?re wu and 14" RACE FOR POSSESSION, j  ITll Juifft saved. A little later B7u I LOW]aw ? a.?m, <m d beat ae?end men in a si- foo aguin, and bea several men Lewi8 £ run before sending to Howe) Le?? h ? ?? latter' pass to Rapsey was ,¡ not e S <? tid? ??- Play livened up, and both sides ?ributed clever work, the Swa,u- thC3e f being much more {?ohahcd than these f Nfttb, and the honMB?Ts in cooee queues were_ Alwaq& dangemuz. The Whi t434, mnen? ."<??*lwaya daa?roua. The Wbit?' backs were frequently aggressive. Once Alf. Thomas was pulled up in the nick of time. Swansea made a great combined rush, carrying all before them. Gething fielded over the line and deliberately threw the tall to touch. At first it was thought that the referee had awarded Swansea a penalty try, but it proved to be a penalty kick, and Bancroft failed with the shot at goal. Tlay was very keen, and Rapsey &ent out to A t Thomas, who fed Howel Lewis, and il.e latter ran grandly and had hard iuok in not crossing. The home forwards beat ilie Neath eight in the scrum, and the Whites were doing all the pressing, but could net score owing to the Neath team's sterling defence. Gething pulled up a great Swansea rush, and play for & while was contested at half- way. I WILL HOPKINS INTERCEPTED A SWANSEA PASS and galloped down the field with the All Whites in hot pursuit. Howel Lewis and Ramcroft tackled him at the same time, and the bail getting loose, Dai Williams was en- abled to touch down and concede a minor. Adey a nice run for Neath, b1,1t held on too long, and his pass was intercepted by Dsn Williams. Then Beynon passed to Tom Williams, who transferred to Parker, The latter did some clever work and kicked up the field, and the moveim-ent was only puiled up a yard from the Neath line. It was a very narrow thirug for a try. The interval came shortly afterwards. HALF-TIME SCOAfc: SWANSEA—Nil. NEATH-Nil. SECOND HALF. T. C. Lloyd kicked off, and Bancroft ran rotiad to the left and set the backs in mo- tion, but they were too much bunched to- gether, and nothing came of it. A mistake in fielding by Bancroft lost a lot of ground, and Rryn Lewis afterwards had a nice pass and want down the field in went style, but instead of keeping on after having beaten all the three-quarters he parsed out poorly towards Dai Williams, who could not hold, and Adey ran round and found touch. The Neath forwards heeled better than in the first haJI, and TLoanae passed to Pucsley, who kicked down the field over the home backs' heads, but the All Whites were too fast behind for these tactics to sucoeed. The homesters continued aggressive, a.nd at last a score cams in & very unexpected man- ner. Howel Lewis fielded in the looee and ran hard for the line. He beat two or three opponents and passed out wide, but the ball was knocked on to Gething-, who fly kicked right across the goal line towards three Swansea backs, who were unmarked, and Dai Williacns picked up and SCORED THE SOFTEST TRY IMAGIN- ABLE in an easy position for Bancroft, who con- verted and put Swansea. five points a/head after ten minutes play in the second half. After this success the hnme backs took more risks in attacking, and the forwards gave them plenty of opportunities. The Neath backs were fielding badly, and nearly let in the home for- wards. Howel, Lewis made another grand run and passed to Tom Williams, but Bryn Lewis missed the iast transfer, and a tine chance wnt astray. The Whites made another grand combined effort, Alf Thomas, Howel Lewis and Hollingdale handling before the ball was passed to Tom Williams, who threw him- self over the line with what appeared to lie a fair try, but the referee ordered a serum outside, much to the disappoint- ment of the Swansea men. Pretty work by Dai Williams and Alf Thomas placed the Neath line in danger, and then the ball was passed cleverly all alon g the Swansea third line, but Bryn Lewis was pushed into touch close to the Neath line. The All Blacks took up the run- ning. and the forwards were all over the Swansea defence when the ball was sent to Owen, who could easily have scored if he had run bard for the line. Bancroft had to sa/e on a couple of occasions, and the Neath forwards at this stage were playing better football than at any period of the game. There was a slight stoppage for an injury to Adey, the first in the game. Huxtable led a hot rush for the Neath line, which was pulled up by Pugsley, and play went back to midfield. Tom Morgan, Edgar Morgan, and Huxtable were conspicuous for good forward work, apd the Whites got to the Neath 25, where they pressed hotly. Bey- non put the ball into touch close to the Neath line, and then the same player made a rush, and Bancroft made a great shot for goal. the ball just falling imside. The All Blacks rallied in the closing stages, but the home backs passed again and gained much ground, Howel Lewis and Edgar Morgan doing much good work. Huxtable was pull- ed up on the verge of the Neath line, and the All Blacks relieved temporarily through a lucky fly-kick by Pugsley. Swansea socred again After How;! Lewis, Hollingdale, Alf Thomas, and Parker had handled. THE LAST MENTIONED SCORED. Bancroft failed to add the additional points. The Whites had a comfortable lead of eight points, and Adey and Beynon collided when going for the ball. Hovvel Lewis did an- other lovely burst, and Tom Williams failed to hold the ball when the defeiie-e was wedi beaten, only a yard from the Neath line. Bernard then got away all on his own and fell when the defence was al MOVeaten. Time waa then called. FINAL SCORE: SWANSEA—1 converted goal, 1 try. NEATH—Nil.




-——-—.———-MARDY'S aMUD-HEAP.…

——-——-...... ABERAVON V. LLANELLY.

TO COST £ 189,QCG.

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:£1,000 DAMAGE.










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