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-Band of the " Pioneers,"


Band of the Pioneers," 1 he line ban d gave selections prior to the commencement of the pro- gramme, and Private Rowlands' other comrades in khaki occupied seats in the top balconv. Contingents from Away." I Dig contingents of spectators trom Cardiff, the Rhondda, Neath, Port Talbot, Swansea Valley and Llanelly were also pre- sent to witness the tournament, and thereby, 9 wit-h the townspeople of Swansea, help forward our most deserving fund. En passant, it may be said that the public have already contributed over LI,700 in eight months to the "Daily Post" War Prisoners' Fund, no less than 3,500 parcels of provi- sions have been sent to Germany, and liberal support is still needed, as E50 each week is the sum required to meet present demands. The Daily Post heartily thanks all who have given their support, and shares the regret t?at must have been felt by the huge audience at the Empire that the boys in exile, away from home and friends, and probably suffering untold hard- ships, were not privileged to witness the bumper performance arranged on their behalf. On a previous evasion we had the satisfaction of bringing down Bombardier Wells, amongst others, and now the pro- gramme included five of the most famous exponents of the noble art of self-defenoe known to the whole boxing world, all of them having held the Lonsdale champion- bind belt of Great Britain. A SALE OF PEDIGREE DOGS. I Outside the great boxing contests there I was another great draw" in the sale of three pedigree dogs, and this attracted quite l a crowd of fanciers. Mr. Steve Morgan, with his bulldog, Wooda Punch a descendant of "Champion Royal Stone" and "<?ra?ton Princess and a sure winner; Mr. Bob Messer, with his magnificent York shire terrier; and Mr. Edwin Evans, with his ohampion fox terrier, Lisan- go from" Oppidan" and Miss Mellor"-winiier of eight firsts, besides many second and third prizes-had, with commendable setlf-sacrifice, given these vary fine animals to the fund, and they were of- fered for sale in a similar manner to which I' Captain German' s bulldog was put up and sold for over £100 at the last boxing tourna- ment in aid of the "Daily Post's" efforts to cheer the prisoners of war in Germany. As on the last occasion the organisers of the whole affair were Captain J. German (Cardiff) and M. Llew. Hayward, the sports editor of the "Daily Post," assisted by Mr. John Jones, the hon. secretary and treasurer of the fund, and the tournament officials were :—Referee. Mr. Barnett, Evening Express," Cardiff; judges, Major: Anderson, Captain J. German, Capt. Hunt- ingdon. Capt. Partridge, Capt. Somerville, Mr. D&n Ratcliffe, J.P. and Aid. DaVidl' Da vies (editor of the South Wales Daily post"); M.C:. Mr. Mew. Hayward; time- keeper, Mr. W. Doherty, Swansea. During the bustle and excitement that al- ways accompanies a great even+ the Swansea I Sea Scouts (under Scoutmaster Brown), to- gether with Empire officials, kindly placed at the disposal of the fund by Mr. Richard- son, the esteemed manager, directed the spectators to their seats, and a bevy of spocta,tors Í<) t.heir seat< and a bevy of' charming young ladies, attached to The I Other Dept." Company, now at the popular house, sold pretty buttonholes, supplied by Kitley's floral establishment, and also cigar- ettes, all to swell the proceeds. The revue conductor also wielded the baton in varied selections. Just as the curtain went up it wag observed that the Mayor (Aid. Mer- rells) and members of the Corporation occu- pied the boxes, whist the Swansea docks- men, who have so liberally contributed to the "Daily Post" Fund. were present in force. The programme opened with a'bur- lesque by Barrett's boxing boys, and the great audience were at once put in much a-ood humour by the antics of the boys. C THE BOXING. The exhibition proper was then opened by W. Roesi and Corporal Richards, in a three- round contest. There was not a lot to choose between the combatants, though the soldier, lighter in build, was the smarter of the two, and in the first two rounds had most of the fighting. A change in the programme was now an- nounced, but it was a happy one, as Bill Eynon, of Merthyr, who knocked out his man at Liverpool a couple of nights ago, in the second round, faced Billy Beynon, of i Taibach, the ex-Lonsdale belt holder, instead ot Sergt. Percy Jones, of Porth, who had not turned up in time, but was present and would box later. It was a spirited bout, entirely devoid of clinches, and the comba- tants were evenly matched. The plaudits of the great audience next greeted the appe^ranc" of Sergt. Jim Dris- coll, ex-world's champion, who engaged in a splendid three-round contest with George Hatto (Cardiff), a new Welsh featherweight champion. The heavier man stood up well, and, of oourse, Driscoll had decidedly the bet- ter of it, both in attack and defence, and was game throughout without sweating a bair, as the saying goes. Hatto showed up well, under the circumstances, at times. The last of the exhibition encounters was between Billy Fanner (Brynmawr) and Sam Jennings (Dowlais), and in tlfis the latter I was the more aggressi ve and did not tire so much as his opponent. I w- THE P,15 PURSE CONTEST. The 15-round contest for a £5 purse waa then opened between Bat McCarthy (Pen- aa-th) and Alf Lang don (YstaJyfern). an d for t?us match Maior James, of the 23rd Welsh I ment, a.ud Captain German were the F.,e. There W3Æ not much to record in a., y way in the first round of this fight. In tihe second round Langdon narrowly missed ^ot- ting home a decisive upper-cut tihat sent. Mc- Carthy to the ropes. In a melee of body blows Langdon's long reach showed to advantage. McCarthy in the third and fourth rounds had the better of matters. Onoe or twice he landed heavy left-handers on Langdon's jaw. The Penarth man had most of the fighting in the fifth round, and Langdon once clipped on one knee hut he was soon up again. The sixth and the 7th rounds were fairly even. McCarthy twice landed heavily on the jaw with the left, and very nearh- knocked his opponent off his legs. ) The Ystalvfeira man, however, gave one oi* two swinging body blows with the right. ¡ Langdon opMted the eighth round p«ettily and gave se\'ral face blows in succession. Tn the ninth round McCarthy started with a swinging Wow, but up to now there was j verv little between the two boxers. ) The Ystalyfera man had decidedly the bet-I ter of the 10th round, and nearly knocked his man out in the 11th. and though Mc- Carthy put in some heavy punches yet he could not get inside Langdon's long and strong left. Rounds 12 and 13 were in favour of Mc- Carthy, who nearly had his man beaten, but the gong saved him. Hard figbting characterised the penultimate round, which fairly even. though rather in Langdon's favour. < •. A DRAW. The last round was McCarthy's, bat thf Ystalyfera lad throughout put up a splen- did fight, and it was announced that the judges disagreed and the verdict was «| draw. This also seemed the popular verdict. Sorat. Joliii-ny Ba-sham, welter-weight ch amnion, an exhibition contest in two bouts earlier in the afternoon, one with C'harlie Lucas, Taibach, and another with Dai Stock. The final exhibition match between Sergt. Percy Jones, of Porth, and Idris Jones, of Ammanford, was evenlv contested- SWANSEA"S -6 p- I S\ ASEA-:S-(jE-NEROf¡S DOCKSMEN. At this stage of the proceedings there was an interesting interval, when Alderman Dd. Davies, getting inside the ropes, announced, amid a.ppla.use, the result of Captain Ger- rnan r, efforts and the outcome of the laefc auction when the bulldog was sold, sayintf that from first to last the; animal had fetched oter L120. That gratifying fact was due ta the members of the Chamber of Commerce, who had shown themselves the finest body of generous men in Swansea. Alderman Davies added that something like JB500 had been takeu, which would go towairds providing about six weeks' food tOr the prisoners of war in Germany, He thought they would agree with him that the arrangements were excellent, and that the,y had brought together the finest collec- tion of boxers ever seen in Swansea. The organisers were Captain German and Mr, Hayward, of the "Daily Post," whilst Mr. John Jones, commercial manager, h8 treasurer; Mr. Richardson, of the Em- pire, and a gentleman of the Swansea Chamber of Commerce, who did not desire his name mentioned, was responsible for th* financial arrangements. THE DOG SALES. Handsome Animals Bealise Good Sums, The dog sa.les were then proceeded with- Mr. Steve Morgan' s bulldog was purchased by Mr. Crawford Heron, of the Castle Trawlers, for E 15 Mr. Edwin Evans' ter- rier went for £ 10 10s, to Mr. Thomas, Dyfatty-street; and a pure-bred collie dog, givon by Captain German, and not on the programme, was purchased for 93 by Mr. Crawford Heron. Mr. Morgan, of the Swan. sea Chamber of Commerce, bought Mr. Bols Meseer's Yorkshire terrier for JS5. Major James announced that Mr. Heron, who had purchased the bulldog, had proo sitted it to his regiment, the 23rd Welob.6 as a mascot. THE BIG CONTENT, JIMMY WILDE WINS IN SEVENTH ROUND. The 50 guineas purse 20-round contest was the next item. After sparring for an opening Jimmy Wilde set to work 111 earnest and time after time got the soldier straight on the no&e with the left. Jimmy then danced round his opponent 111 his own sweet style and landed both light a.nd left with the greatest ease. Once Rowlajids went down on one knee, and the i,eforee began to count' but the Wielsh lommy was soon' up again full of &gnt and showed rare pluck, but it w? seen he wa? no match for the skilled Jimmy Wilde, who was as- ouick as lightning. Round 2 was all in favour of the cham. pion, and Rowlands was down on one knee again, but still wa.s not counted out. In Round 3 Rowlands fought with spirit and got in a couple of body blows, but uould not penetrate Wilde's marvellous de* fence to do anything serious. Round 4 continued to favour Wilde, who found the jaw in quick succession, but some- times failed to a.vert Rowlands' oount-er-at. .tack. The soldier continued lightpluekily in Round 5 and gave a few uiêt: hooks but his opponent displayed such remarkable agiJity and ducked so trickily that severs punishment was out of the question. In the sixth round, Rowlands, who was fighting gamely, went down again on one knee, .tent did not get the cauut. lie.-MMO .d,va -Rgai-n in the 7th round, but was up | ;;g m on the count of nine, and received some nasty jabs in the tace, when the !dghb was stopped with ;? wi.n for Wilde. Alderman David Davit-i then put up for sale the two sets of gloves usd by the com batants, and they were ouicha ^d by j Councillor David Basett. "il. good old sport," as Alderman David Davies observed.





I COMPULSION BilL. ! — ___.…