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THOROUGH SIGHT-TESTING. YOU are cordially invited to call upon Y- Mr. ERIC REES. F.B.M.S., F.S.M.O.. etc, (Lend.). 26. Cattle-street. Swansea. Con- sultation Free. Phone; Central 520. d.b.-t.c. SPECIALISED VOCAL TRAININC. T70ICES Tested Free cf Chargre— Artihur H6Y. Hug. Bac, 251, Onoid-street. Swansea. Phone: Central 716. cOOK-CENERALS. 1 tTTA^TED, for London, thoroughly reii- ble Woman, 30-35, as Cook-Gene.~al, in small private family; wages £20-£25; paost comfortable home; fare paid.—Write Cox 2025, "Da.ily Post," Swansea. 222.:i12.27 HOUSEKEEPERS. WORKING Housekeeper Wanted, for Small Family, in country place; no children; juit homely person.—Write Box 335, "Daily Post" Offic.e, Swansea. CLERKS. Eta" CLERK Wanted (must be ineligible f"r ? Army); wa?es 25s. per week.—Write Box 25, Daily Post," Swansea. 2161112-27 "DEQUIEED, for Sheet and Galvanizing ? Works, thoroughly competent Wagp and Cost Clerk (ineligible). Similar experi- ence essential. Permanent and Progressive position to suitable applicant. Good com- mencing salary. — References and fullest particulars, which will be treated strictly confidential, to Box 959, Daily Post" Office. Swansea. 1385nE-27 \V ANTED, Pay Clerk, for Colliery in Swansea district; must be quick and accurate at figures.—Apply, stating age, ex- perience, and salary required, to Box 226. "Daily Post, swunsea. 226d 12-30 -!L COLLECTORS. CANVASSERS, Etc. CANVASS Farmers—possible earnings £3- £ 18 week.—Write "Lloyd, 56, Warton- road. Stratford, London. 227dl2-30 1 g- I SERVANTS REC<STRY OFF!CES. A RELIABLE REGISTKY.—Mrs Evans, A 146, Shyudings-ierrace. Brynmill, Swan- sea, Kequires Cook-Generals, House-Parlour- ciaids. Generals. Nurses, and other Maids.. Booms to Let. SITUATIONS WANTED. WANTED. A Assistant Operator (inelig- ibie).— Apply, between 2 and 8 p.m., Manageress, Theatre Royal, Swansea. ICOn 12-30 \XJ" ANTED, Position, as Builder's Fore- man, or any place of trust, by steady, energetio Man.—Write Box Z51, Daily Post," Swansea. 247d!-2 MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS. A Berth for life, with a life of travel, at a 4.i. good salary awaits a youth from 16 as "oon as he qualifies as a Wireless Operator ?ith us. We have to copc with this de- mand: more than doubled our accomsnda- tion. To youths leaving school, or medically unfit for the Service, this is a spleudid opening, lien of military age. Class A, caunot be accepted ullleS3 they coruo for short courses to train for tho Service?.— Wireless College, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, and CaatlM-street, Swansea. 'Phone 3003. 2709 PLASTERERS (ineligible). Competent in Adamant and Rough Cast, to take, Piecework. — Write" Plasterer," Daily I Post," Swansea. 295dl2-28 SMART Ma* fineligible), to Deliver Books an<i Collect Accounts; Swansea dis- t1iet; reference and security; salary and commission.—Apply, giving full particulars, age, etc., to Gresham Publishing Company, Canada House. Bristol. Z43d12.18 WANTED, three or four Good Labourers y (ineligible).—Apply to the Foreman for W. H. Michael and Co., at Cape Copper Works, Briton Ferry. \\TANTED, Organist, for Ehyddings Con- gregat-ional Ohuroh, Swansea (inelig- ibleAi;pbstating terms, t-o A. L. Harrie. 8, Beecliwood-rcad, Uplands. 1384nl2-23 TT7"ANTED, a couple of good Fitters, for Locomotive and Steam Crane Work 'ineligible).—Topham. Jones and Railton, Crymlyn Burrows, Swansea. 1390n 12-28 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. WANTED, a Second-hand Wardrobe or Bed. room Suite, Cheap for Caah.—Write 1 F.G. Daily Post." Swansea. 105cl2-30 ANTED, Permanent Situation, as Short- hand-T"pist. — Write Competent,' Daily Post," Swansea. ■f\T ANTED, 1915 Five-seater Ford; state » price.—Apply Box 12, Daily Post," Swansea. 242d 12-27 MISCELLANEOUS SALES. /"CANARIES.-Norwich and Border Fancy Hens for Sale, all related to my Winners, prices from 5s. to 10s. eaoh; in- spection invited. — Jenkins, 71, Argyla- street, Swansea. 205d12.Z9 FOR SALE, Billiard Table. 5ft. by Apply, any evening, after 7 o olock, 3a, Brynmjil-cresccnt, Swansea. 1377nlZ.27 FOR SALE, New-laid Eggs, 4d. each.—Miss t Morgan, Wooda," Parkwern-road. 8ketty. PRIME Swedes, delivered, 4-Ton Truck, 456.; Potatoes, £11 a Ton; any station South Wales.-Cha.8. Evans, Mark Lana Stores, Lampeter. 1342nl2-23 rpYPEWRITERS for Sale.-Yoet, Reming. J. ton and each.—14, High-street Arcade, Swansea. 209dl1-Zi t ——- ? MOTOR-CARS. CYCLES, Etc. twof L. Roberts' (223, Oxford-street) Announcements. FORD Vans from Stock, £130, less £10 Re- bate, plus delivery charges. Cash, or Easy Payments. Z19dE..j:) ? ?T ri TRUCKS in Stock. Immediate   '-?—'?* delivery On ton ner Chassis, price £335; 2-.3.tcnner, £575. Cash, or Easy Terms. "VrOTOR Cycles in Stock. Immed?a j *3± Delivery. B.S.A., Enneida. Harloy Davidson, Grand Prix 10 H.P. Morgan Car. 219d 12-30 j LOST AND FOUND. — A NYONE giving Information ahcllt a Parcel, containing a MufT, which '¡'" laKen or stolen from Dunn's Shop, St. Helen's-road, will be handsomely Rewarded by Mr. David Glasbrook, Bryn-y-Mor," Swansea. 22.5d12-30 I^OUND, and Got it at Charlie Evan?. L' The Newsagent Shopa, Uplands and Brynymor-road, Newspapers, Fashion fcooks, Tobacoo, Cigars. Cigarettes, Toy ooks. Games, and Civility. Why go further ? 225d 12-27 LOST, a Lady's Silver Watoh. between 9 j and 10 o'olook. at High-street Station, .Friday evening; of sentimental value.— finder Rewarded on returning same to 29, pantygwydr-road, Swansea. LOST, on Friday, lwtween 'ind-street, High-street, and Bryn-road, Note-case, containing a number of £1 Notes.—Finder fcill be adequately Rewarded upon return- ing same to XelllO," Daily Post Offlces, Swansea. a V OST. Handbag, between Broughton's JJ LJ (Jeweller) and Temple-stT'eet.—Finder Rewarded on returning to 16, Carmarthen- Eixl, Swa.naea. 332dl2-27 r OST. from 157. Western-street, a Little Pomeranian Bitch, answers to the name "Floss." Reward given. Detainer prose- cuted. 251d 12-28 POULTRY. PEN of Rhode Island Reds, 13 Pallets and one 1915 Ccck Bird. Only want seeing. — T. A. Bradr, Dillwvn road. Sketty. 278d 12-28 MISCELLANEOUS. MADAME DRUSILLA. F.B.I.M.S. (Dip- -? Ioma), Palmist-Clairvoyant. American Jlystio Readings. Advice Daily. Hours; 11 \0 9.-Addres5: 68, St. Helen's-road, Swansea ^opposite Hospital). MADAME VENO. M.b.IM.S.. England. '?' Bona-nde Diploma, Psychologist and Adviser, Seco A Sight inherited from Irish tkaoent. Last Xmas known as "The Witoh" at The Carlton. A Great Sensation.—Note tho only Address: 222, Oxford-street, Swan- sea. Glam. Wonderful Revealments. Les- sons given iJ Palmistry, or Clairvoyance. Madame begs to Warn all Clients against Imitators and Substitutes. Z20d12-3,) I TO Employers of Labour for Uncontrolled Establishments.—If you require Un- skilled Labour, Hauliers, Labourers, etc.. apply to The Unskilled Labour Agency, who j can find them for you.—Write, for terms, to The Unskilled Labour Agency, Victoria nhp-mbara. The Paxa^A. Veath. 135Jnl-15 EDUCATION. PRIVATE Tuition in Ijangttasres. Booh keeping. Shorthand, Typewriting. Arith- metic, etc. Thorough Preparation for Exam- inations and Business.—Oswald Korth. Pro- fessor of Languages. 1, Kensington-terrace. Swansea. 613d.b.-t.a TECHNICAL TRAINING—The trained man wins in Peace and War. The I.C.S. can train you better than any ether insti- tution m the kingdom—in your own time and your own home. Courses: Mechanical. Draughtsmanship, Electrical, Motor. Metall- urgy, Mining, Chemistry, Languages. Busi- ness Training, etc.—Apply, for particulars, International Correspondence Schools, Ltd.. High-street Arcade. Swansea. 250dl-2 FURNITURE. FOR SALE. Bedroom 108.: Plush Sitting-room F.uit. £5 15s.; Sideboard, S6 6s.—Apply 75. Mausel-terrace. 253012-29 Hill's Arwiouncemante, TTILL'S Stocktaking' Sale.—All of our Large Stock to be Cleared before Xmas. No reasonable offer refused. 205dl2-27 PECIAL Lines in Bedroom Suites from 6; Guineas. Dining and Drawing-room Suites from 4, Guineas. Bedsteads and Bedding at, yotir own price. 205d12-27 OEYERAL Shop-soiled Sideboards to be U Cleared below oost. ETessers. Fenders, Firs Brasses, Rugs, Carpets. White Millpufi Bed Sets from 17s. 6d. 205dl2-27 GOODS can be Stored Free until required. Now is the time to Buy. Don't delay. —Call at once for Bargains at Hill's Central Buildings. Gower-street. Swansea. 205dl2-27 MUSICAL. DALE, FORTY & CO., LTD.. High-street, Cardiff.—New Model Pianos. Second- hand Pianos at Low Prices for Cash. Easy terms arranged. Seoond-hand Organs from £2. Second-hand Piano Player, £ 8.—Lists 0:1 application to Local Agency, 20, King Edward-road, Swansea. t.o. PIAO for Sale, nearly new; f" 11 trichord, iron frame; worth £40: will sell for £25 10s.—34, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. 299d 12-27 Cwynnc Brati&r's Announcements. COLLARD & COLLARD Overstrung Iron  Grand, rosewood ca?e, full iron frame underdamper, tape check action, ivory keys. —Gwynne H. Brader, 17, Heathheld-street, Swansea. 280d 12-23 CECOND-HAND Overstrung Piano, by Emil Pauer. rosewood case, all over iron frame, overdamper, tape check action; practi- cally new.—Gwynne n. Brader, 17, Heathfleld- :treet, Swansea. 280dl2-28 OECOND-HAND Upright Iron Grand Piano, by London maker, walnut caae, check action; bargain.—Gwynre H. Erader, 7, Heathfield-street, Swansea. 2SOJ12-26 AMERICAN Organs, by Mason and Hamlin, Carpenter, Putnam, Bell, Needham. and Imperial Orsrans.—Gwynne H. Brader, 17, Heathfield-street. Swansea. 28M12-2S "OURLING Qad Mansfield Overstrung Piano, walnut case. ivory keys. very tine tone and quality.—Gwynn9 H. Brader, 17. Heathfield-3treet. 280dl2-23 QQUIRE New Overstrung Model, rosewood case. cheok action, beautiful tone and quality.—Gwynne H. Brader, 17, Heathfield- street. 280dl2-28 Thc-mpson and snaokeil's Announcements, 13IANOLA Piano Player, Rosewood Case, 65 Note, cost 50 Guineas, reduced to 15 L-uineas, will fit any Piano.—Thompson and Shaxjkell, Ltd., 39, Cattle-street, Swansea. 303dl2-29 Fine Two-Manual Organ, by Maaon and Hamlin. Student's Model, ^on- Ftructed on Churoh Or;;a.n principle, oost 120 Guineas, will accept £30 Cash.—TTiompson and ShaokeII, Ltd., 39, Castle-street, Swan. sea 303dl2-29 \\TALNUT Piano, by Allison and Allison, slightly old-fashioned, only £12 10s. Cash; Erard" Piano, cost 50 Guineas, ac- cept £lû 10s. Cash (Second-hand;. Several other bargains just arrived. — Thompson jnd Shax>kell, Ltd., 59, Castle-strcet, Swan- sea 303d 12-29 RAMOPHONE. slightly used, cost £55s., will accept £2 10s.; New Gramophones, £3 las.. £4 108., £5 ICa., eto. Now is the time to buy. Prioes are rising.—Thompson and Shackell. Ltd., 39, Caatle-street, Swansea. 303dl2-29 TRADE SPECIALITIES. :t);TOINE S Copying Ink. Reduced rates. .J.. —Apply Daily PO<t" Stationery De- l kirtment, High-atrect. Swa-nsea. J ENVELOPES. all sizes, Commercial and -L? C'atalue ShapM., at Daily Post" Stationery Department, High-street, Swan- sea FOWLS lay well in spring when insects are plentiful. Karswood Spice, con- taining ground insects, makes them lay well in winter, too. 2d., 6d., Is—Parker, Corn Merchant, Plymouth-street, Swansea. 13.)d12-30 for the Brains.—You can get it at Charlie Evans's Book Shops, 72, Bryny- mor-road; also Gwydr-square, Uplands, Swansea. Up-to-date Lending Libraries. 2cl. per Volume for Seven Days. All right for Xmas Holidays. 212dlZ-29 PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET. Mr. Joseph Harris's Announcements. ???'? ?'?? Purchase a Compact House in '?' Cambridge-street, Uplands: long [ea2.- Apply Joseph Harris, Auctioneer, Georgo-street, Swansea. TeL: No. 469 .Docks. £ lOO Purchase a Well-built Corner Shop and Premises in Marl- boroutrii-;oad. Brynmii!. — Apply Joseph Harris, Auctioneer, George-street, Swansea. Tel. No.: 469 Dooks. 1381nl2-27 ±?0() ?''? P?'??e a Good Comer "? House, with every oonvenienoe. and also back entrance in Helen's- avenue.—Apply Joseph Harris, Auctioneer. George-street. Swansea. Tel. No.: 469 Docks. lZ.31n12.27 £300 will Purchase a splendid House n Rhondda-street; every con- ■ ctiieuoe.—Apply Joseph Harris, Auctioneer. George-street, Swansea. Tel. 469 Docks. 1381ul2-27 £?85 will Purchase a. Good Six-roomed House iu Western-street.—Apply Joseph Harris, Auctioneer. George-street, Swansea. Tel. No.: -169 Docks. 1381n12-27 ?'?H?) ?' P,JrCha¡;8 an Excellent Six- roomed Hou?e in Carnglas-road, Sketty. Apply Joseph Ha.rris, Auotioneer, George-street, Swansea. Tel. No.: 469 Docks. 138n12-27 T? A ?'? Purcha&e a Semi-detaohed ).J Freehold Residence in Heath- field-road. Mount Pleasant, now Let at £.35 per annum.-Apply Joseph Harris, Auc- tioneer, George-street, Swansea. Tel. No.: 469 Docks. 1381D12-27 O ALE of Furniture. Property, etc.. oon- O ducted on reasona-ble terms; prompt settlements; also aluatione for Mortgage, Pnobate, Licensed Houses, etc., undertaken. -Apply Joseph Harris, Auctioneer and Valuer, etc., George-street. Swansea- Tel. No.: 469 oks. 1381M2-27 HOUSES WANTED, ANTED, Six-roomed House, central; rent moderate; two in family.—Wru<- Eva," "Daily Poet." Swansea. 164nl:3-) BUSINESS PREMISES TO LET. T OCK T'P Sihop to Let., 33, St. Helen's- road; rent..£35 per annum.—Apply Watkins' Printing a.nd Stationery Co.. Rut- land-street. Swansea. 246d)2-29 TO LET, Landore, near Cinema, House, Shop and Bakehouse; suitable any business; on main road.—Apply Chas. V. Crabb, Estate Agent, Central Chambers, Goat-street, Swan- sea. 276dl2-28 HOUSES TO LET. IX-ROOMED House to Let, 7 minutes k from West Cross Station; rent 7s. in- clusive.—Sanders, Fruiterer, Brynmill, Swan- sea. TO LET, Ro-seer-oourt. York-etreet, Swan- sea. Small House; rent 5s. 6d. per week; applicants must produce Rent Book and reference.—Apply J. Barron Pascoe, Estate Agent, 6, College-street, Swansea. 1389n 12-30 MEVEUM'EY-ROAD, Sketty.—To Let, -?- 'Convenient HouM*. olose to tram term- inus; rent £28 exclusive.—Apply Higman an.i Co., 21, Union-street, Swansea. 229dl2-30 r. -) OFFICES, ETC.. TO LET. TO LET, Desirable Offices, Castle-street, -L front entrance, early possession.—Apply Chas. V. Crabb, Estate Agent, Central Cham- bers. Goat-street, Swansea. 275d12-28 APARTMENTS WANTED. GEpriljEMAN Wants Apartments, Swan- sea, or vicinity; bath; state terms.— Write Box 205, Daily Post," Swansea. 205dl2-30 LADY Requires Good Rooms, or would Share House, Sketty or Coedsa-eson pre- ferred.—Particulars to Stanley Cook, The Bungalow. Sketty. 215d12-30 "DEQUIRED. immediately. WelHurnisherl -? Bedroom and Sitting-:m, Gas and Attendance, within ten minutes' walk of General Post Office.—Write "Rex," "Daily Post," Swansea. 208dl2-27 APARTMENTS TO LET. SKETTY—A Widow, with one little (?rl. ? has two Rooma to Let, near Sketty tram terminus. — Apply 1, Gower-road. Sketty. 239dl-2 TO LET. Furnished Bed-Sitting-room; suit Married Couple, or 2 Ladies; 6s. weekly; one minute from Albert Hall.—Apply 13. 253d12-29 TRADE SPECIALITIES. REFILLS fc- Matthews' and other Files cheap.—"Daily Post" Stationery De- partment. Swansea. CHOP Books, Account Books, Tradesmen's Ledgers, Letter Copying Books (large varieties), offered at Pre-war Prices; Reduc- tion for quantities.—" Daily Post" Station- ery Department. High-street, Swansea. SEE Sidney Palmer's Windows. Special Show of Christmas and Wedding Cakes. Any size Made to Order. Mince Pies a Speciality.—Note Address: Palmer's Cafe, Oxford-street (opposite Empire), Swansea. THE most severe egg-laying test on. record proved that Karswocd Poultry Spice, containing ground insects, Doubles the egg supply. Packets 2d., 6d.. Is.—From Maggs Bros., Wind street, Swansea. 245dl-2 TWINES, Cords, for Shop and Warehousi -L Packing.—" Daily Post," Stationery De partment, High-street. Swansea. XMAS Puddings! Made by the Thousand Any quantity supplied shortest notice. -Emanuel Thomas and Son, Jam Works, Swansea. 210dl2-27  CHARLIE EVANS, The NeT^agent, etc., I Brynymor-road ard Uplands, Swansea, will be responsible for all Library Bocks Lent. Out for 2d. per Volume for Seven Days during Nmas Holidays. 291d12-Z9 Penhale's Mourning Department, LADIEr Costumes and Gent.'s Suits (Black Vicuna and Worsted Serges), from 50s. Orders Executed in 12 houT3 where necessary. 282dl2-28 DARK Grey and Black Overcoats for i. Men. Youths and Boys in Stock. During Holidays Orders will b-2 Received and Attended to at R. Penhale's, Hazel. dene," Trebceth. MONEY. DO YOU NEED DON'T WORRY. —M. Foner. 9. Carlton-terraee. Swansea, Advances Money to Respectable House- holders Kasiest terms. Strictly Private. 625cl-ll D JONES, FincnctM. makes Cash Ad- -??" vanNS from ?5 acd upwards to Re- spcctable Householders, at reasonable rateb or interesl, without delay. Apply personally, or by letter. Distance no object. No fees. Easy Payments arranged to eiut conveni- ence of Borrowors. Private and Ccrfide.ntial. Guaranteed.—Apply 3, Grove-place, Alexan- dra-road. Swansea. d.b. IOANS. — £ 10 to £ 1.000 on written promi& ? to repay at rntiallv agreed intereet No travelling expenses charged, business done or not. On receipt of a letter a Re. presentative will Call with Cash and discuss terms. Distance ni object. Do not expose your requirements locally. Commission paid for introductions. — F. LAWRENCE, Ltd. GOIl Chambers, Wino-street. Bristol. | MONEY. SWANSEA MERCANTILE CO., LTD. tS. PARK STREET, SWANSEA, MAKE CASH ADVANCES DAILY from £10 ta No Charges unless Business Dene Bills Discounted Strictly Private and Confi- iential. L^or further 9artioulaT! apply: H. B. JONES. Managing Director. IP" MONEY LENT | BY POST, WITHOUT ECUtUTY. | THE CITT flKBCOURTY PftlVATE FIRARCE « gS GO. fm.), m&kc cash a,jvl\c. [rom ?SO :? KS gj JM,COC to Ladi or GntlmR. Mrchan!s, s'op- M H keepers, Farmers, anti to 1.:1 responMblc rer«o»5 0 W B| Not ot Hand alone. S:nniy private. No <ees d12rtd. (H M Borrc?tr< ?e?tia' with orh.r inat can ban th<:i B Mt :Mns paid cS or tacreMed, and ixy M< advised to B B| pay no preliminary expenses. hU Il1feYII.tiL sup- B ? p!ied giads ""i pM: fre- H S ,Wrli. $b. Bacretary, Mr. K. Morm?h. EB) H g VUmort London. W. SHAPING. CUNARD LINE. REGULAR PASSENGER AND FREIGHT SERVICES. LONDON-NEW YORK. LONDON-CAN ADA-NEW YORK. BRISTOL-CAN ADA-NEW YORK. Liverpool-New York. FOR RATES OF PASSAGE. FREIGHT. DATES, OF SAILING, AND PARTICU- LARS AS TO LOADING BERTH.S. Apply CUNARD LINE. Liverpool; London. 5. Bishopigate, 29-31, Conk- spur Street. S.W.; 65. Baldwin Street, Bristol: 18a. High Street, Cardiff; 141. Cor- poration Street, Birmingham; or to Local Agents. rjn ARCHITECTS AND BUILDERS- ARCHIBALD D. DAWNAY & SON UNITED. WALES AND WEST OF ENGLAAD ENGINEERING WORKS, EAST MOORS, CARDIFF. Steel Joists, Flitch Plates, Angles, Tees, C'hannela. «" 11 ■' » PUBLIC NOTICE. QOUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA TO FURNISHERS, DRAPERS, IRON- MONGERS, Etc. The Corporation invite tenders for the furnishing of the Borough Hospital, Cwm- llwwld, situate near Waunarlwydd. Specifications may be obtained on ap- plication to Dr. Thomas Evans, Medical Officer of Health, 5, Prospect-place, Swan- sea. Sealed tenders to be delivered at the I Guildhall by 12 o'clock noon on Friday, January 12th, 191 i. endorsed" Tender for Furnishing, Borough Hospital Cwm- llwyd." The Corporation does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. H. LANG COATH, m Town Olerk. I j j Guildhall, Swansea, December 22nd, 1916. 801 J-JANCING & PHYSICAL EXERCISES. MISS LANGDON'S CLASSES MI Swansea. Neath, Mumbles, etc., WILL BE RESUMED ON JANUARY 13th, 1917. I Terms, etc., 60, Terrace-road, Mount Pleasant, Swansea. 803   i COMMERCIAL j j PRINTING ( Th3 Commercial Valug -»f l ? "good taste" in Printing J ( cannot be over-estimated, 1 t and every business house 1 t anxious to retain & Improve 1 ? Its connection insists upon j The Best j j | In Printing. The'DaHy Post,' } | having recently added the ) ? latest In Up-to-date 1 j Printing J and ruling machinery, is abiè 2 J to produce effective CC?cu- ] 1 lars, Catalogues, Pamphlets, | ? Window Bills, Posters, etc. 1 < < | I at < reasonable rates. Good i + workmanship guaranteed. I We deliver to time. Send | < your next order or drop | Postcard, asking represen- 1 | tative to call, to the | COMMERCIAL MANAGER, 1    iL i n ILly ust  ??   211, HIGH STREET, i? j?<HLJti).v ? SWANSEA. | ,+v+v+v+v+v+v+v+