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J Boys' Suits. THESE Rugby Suits Jjjlllf are just the thing difficult to wer out. School is hard on Suits, it requires staunch "— stuff, well made, and well g lined to withstand the almost ceaseless activity of the boys. We make !f special provision for this WST MfSV hard wear in these ex- Si r|9 I ceptional Rugby Suits. W M* They are economical. J3 M With Breeches or Knickers I for Boys of 10 to 16 years, 10/6 to 28/6. 0 oJisitt'- BRECON^ the Monument I The West Breconshire Farmers' Association, Ltd., 8, SHIP STREET, BRECON. CLOVER SEEDS of the HIGHEST GERMINATIONS PURITY KEPT IN STOCK at Brecon, Sennybridge and Talybont. All our seeds are tested at Aberystwyth University. SEED POTATOES DIRECT FROM SCOTLAND FLOUR. GRAIN, MEAL AND FEEDING CAKES. NITROLIM. A good substitute for Nitrate of Soda kept in stock. Ironmongery of every description stocked at Brecon Depot. The sum of £429 was given back as discounts on purchases during ————- last year. ————— JOIN NOW AND SECURE YOUR FULL BENEFITS. For Particulars and Prices apply to the Manager u Cambrian Railways Announcements. THE NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD OF WALES will be held at ABERYSTWYTH on AUGUST 16th, 17th and 18th, 1916. Particulars of Railway Arrangements will be announced in due course. I BRITISH INDUSTRIES AND THE WAR. "lyf ANUFACTURERS AND INVESTORS contemplating the Establishment of New Industries as a result of the War, are invited to communicate with The Cambrian Railways Co., who have a large number of convenient and suitable Sites to offer with an abundant supply of v/ater for generating motive power, admirably adapted for the erection of works factories, warehouses, and other Industrial Undertakings. The Company are prepared to assist in the establishment of such works by entering into arrangements for siding connections to be made with the railway, and will be pleased to obtain sud furnieh information as to suitable sites, siding facilities, rates for conveyance, etc. Applications should be made to S. WILLIAMSON, Oswestry, April, 1915. GBNBRAL MANAGBB. THE KINO, Castle Street, Builth Wells. GEO. M. HAND. 3 Mights Each Week, at 8 o'clock, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. TUESDAY. THE BROKEN COIN THURSDAY. I EXPLOITS of ELAINE CHEAP AND GOOD! HANDLEY'S Pure Farmhouse Flour Only 47/6 per 2801b. Carriage Paid 25 miles. (6d. a sack extra over 25 miles, cash). SEED WHEAT, OATS, BARLEY in Variety. CLOVER and GRASS SEEDS Tested by Experts. Certificates can be seen. To use our Seed is No experiment. Quality —Second to None. Why pay fancy prices when you can get Maximum Quality at! Minimum Price at home. j A. Handley & Sons MILLERS & CORI BRCHHTS, „ i Blilth Wells, Rhayader & Erwood.; Dale, Forty & Co. FAMOUS MODELS IN PIANOS. GURANTEED FOR- High Musical Quality. Perfection of Touch. Artistic Case Designs. Finish and Durability. Good Value for Money. Our Catalogue shows- Lowest Cash Prices, Low Scale of Gradual Payments. Dale, Forty & Co. LIMITED. High Street and Castle Arcade, CARDIFF. Telephone, 1108. br858  .f ) J. E. NOTTS Co., Ltd,.BRECON. | J • I The Best Spring Tooth Cultivator is the ) | Hamilton." • ]  t ( The Frame is strong-properly braced and trussed, so that it can neither be f I pulled out of shape or sag down in the middle. The axle extends the entire i width of the machine, which not only helps to strengthen the frame but also 9 keeps the wheels in alignment. The teeth are divided into three rows, so that .f- there is co danger of clogging. The teeth are attached to the sections by a steel, clip, which has a bull do? grip that never gives way. X I MADE IN TWO SIZES: I 13 tine PU 10s. Od. ( 10 tine P,10 Os. Od. I I Special Discount for Cash. I SoLE AGENTS J. E. NOTT & CO., Ltd l High Street, BRECON. I m Tel.: P.O. 16. TAILOR-MADE COSTUMES. I Smart Cut. Beautifully Finished. Moderate Prices. Fit Guaranteed. I Only Expert Workmen Kept. WRITE OR CALL FOR PATTERNS & PRICES. MORGAN & LEWIS, Tailors, BRECON. John A. Evans, AGRICULTURAL AND GENERAL AUCTIONEER AND VALUER. Delapidation and Tenant Right Valuer. Sales by Auction or Private Treaty of all kinds of Property, Timber, Furniture, Farm- ing Stock, Grass Lettings, &c. Special terms to members of Farmers' Union. Prompt Settlements. Auction Offices: Ysciog and Cattle Market, Builth. bl58 HOTEL GWALIA, Upper Wobarn Place, London, WC. 130 Rooms luxuriously furnished, Fireproof Building, Electric Light to all Floors, Centrally situated, close to Euston Station, Is. 6d. cub fare from Paddington to the Hotel. Tariff: Bed, Breakfast. Bath, -ird Attend ance. 56. each person. Telegraphic Address It Gwaliatel," London. Telephone 5010 & 5011, City. I JOHN M. JENKINS, Manager. 288 EGGS From One Bird in 12 Months. What the Owner Says about LIVERINE THE ORrCINAL FISH MEAL I consider Liverine the Best Fish Meal on the market. As an Egg Producer it is unequalled." HENRY SUTTON, Hoole, Nr. Preston. 7-lb. Packets, 1/4!. SHIPPING NOTICES. WWWSMSIWrH—as W\ A VI — ja M«M ■—■—WIHII ■■ PA-CIWI THE EMPIRE'S GREATEST RAILWAY. Through tickets at lowest rates to all districts in CANADA, UNITED STATES, JAPAN, MANILA, CHINA, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, AND ROUND THE WORLD. Parcels by DOMINION EXPRESS to Canada and U.S.A. Apply CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY, 18, St. Augustine's Parade, Bristol, or Local Agents everywhere. Canadian Pacific Ocean Services, Ltd. MANAGERS AND AGENTS. CANADIAN PACIFIC LINES. LIVERPOOL TO QUEBEC AND MONTREAL Missanabie Wed., May 3 ) Metagama Fri., May 12 LONDON TO QUEBEC AND MONTREAL. Medora (Cargo only). Saturday, May 6. TO JAPAN-Mamla-CHINA (from Vancouver) Empress of Asia, May 18 ) Monteagle, May 30. ——— ALLAN LINES ——— LIVERPOOL TO QUEBEC AND MONTREAL Scandinavian Fri., May 5 ) Pretoria Friday, May 19 LONDON TO QUEBEC AND MONTREAL. Corinthian.Thursday, June 1st. AVONMOUTH TO MONTREAL (Cargo only). Montford. Wednesday, May 17th. Sailings from Glasgow, and Havre on application. CANADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SERVICES, Ltd., 18, St. Augustine's Parade, Bristol; Royal Liver Building, Liverpool. ALLAN BROS. & Co., U.K., Ltd., James Street, Liverpool, or Local Agents Everywhere. How to Save Combine Economy with Quality and Buy Our Indian & Ceylon Tea THE VERY ?%? WE CHALLENGE BEST. ??. COMPARISON. W. PRICE & Co., Ltd., Wholesale and Retail Grocers, The Stores, BUILTH WELLS. Hampton Grammar School, GLASBURY-ON-WYE. Principal: Rev. D. C. Lloyd. Classics, Mathematics, Civil Service, Short- hand, Typewriting, Commercial Tuition, Music. Pupils highly successful at London, Oxford Cambridge, and Wales Universities. Also in all publio exams. For prospectus apply- Rev. D. C. LLOYD, Glasbury-on-Wye The next term will commence Tuesday, 2nd May, 1916. 1915-1916. PLANTING SEASON. AUTUMN-Commenep, lifting first week • A 1. 1 M ,1 1 i in uciooer, Keeping on untu tne ena of March, 1916, Larch Fir, li to 2 ft. and 21 to Si ft. Scotch, 11 to 2 ft.; Spruce, li to 2 ft.; Austrian Pine, ii to 2 ft Quick Thorn, Ii to 2ft. and 2 to 8 ft. Prices upon application per 1,000. Ornamental Shrubs and Roses of all kinds, Fruit Trees of all the leading kinds. Apply to :— Daniel Weatherley, Caeau Nurseries, Nr Builth, Breconshire br23 ALL KINDS OF INSURANCES EFFECTED. "P CLAIMS PROMPTLY SETTLED. AGmrr for several FrasT CLASS COMPANIES. W. WILLIAMS, Accountant, Insurance, and General Agent, SENNYBRIDGE, 4; 6, BULWARK, BRECON. b724 POTATOES! POTATOES! GRAND LOT OF ør GOOD COOKING POTATOES. Also Excellent Scotch. Seed Potatoes at Lowest Possible Prices QUA.-RRELIj, TEL. 74 HIGH STREET, BHEC0N MEMORI&LS FOR WAR HEROES & OTHERS. n T. A. KING, Sc Victoria Marble I ?r Works, HEREFORD, .<J? having purchased a large quantity of f—S Marble M«i Stone before the grea t rise -i in Prices. his customers will share the advantage. Illustrated catalogues with prices sent free. 319p ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Miss SUSIE JENKINS (Nashille, Builth), on behalf of the family, wishes to thank all kind friends for letters sent and sympathy shown in their re- cent bereavement. 749 TENDERS & CONTRACTS. PAINTING. TENDEBlS are invited for the painting of several stations on the Cambrian Railways; forms of tender and specification can be obtained on ap- plication to Mr C. C. McDonald, Chief Engineer, Cambrian Railways, Oswestry. fl03 Y.M.C. A. Subscriptions, on behalf of the Y.M.C.A. funds, can be received at the "Express Offices, Brecon. Official receipts are issued to all donors. fi026


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