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?r  Ask for Quotations from COAL. FLOUR- ?R—? Aw VI??M??T C?? ?TR?? &?r? Hir WI?T RIT ? ?E T? <?<"??O?T"? ATV ?LT E"V?T?—<??? C??'<r c?,, ? LTi?, t?he neares,t o,f ,2i .B. ranch,es, ?..c FLOUR. RADNORSI:1IRE COAL E C' L Ask for Quotations 'from FEEDIIC STUFFS. J TC. J O. J TD th 8 neares t 0 f21 B rane h 8S, ——————————— MANURES. SEED G RAt N. _It pays to buy the best. Enquire early and make sure of a good article. We have some good Samples. UNE. Telephones: 7, Knighton; 52, LIandrindod Wells; 24, Llanidloes. or Head ONce, Knighton. -¡ The Weather is Setdom Dependable These Coats are specially designed to meet the need of a reliable -11- W eaher Coat. Smart to wear on nne. but cool days- equal to resisting a downpour—light to carry when the weather prospect is doubtful The keen price quoted is the outcome of a system of manufacture skilfully directed to effecting economies at every stage, by the elimination of all needless working costs. GENTS 2.5/- to 55/- LADIES 23/6 to 50/- IR?p ? 7X??, Wm????C'ULTJL?k/?\?_? ?y ? o?in' ??JL'BI?CQN? ?,' Monument '"i?tt?t—??"? 'THE K I N OY.V GEO. M. HAND, —— Castle Street, Builth Wells. —— THE TJP-TO-DATJE PLEASTIRE HOUSE. BUILTH WELLS:—Tuesday & Thursday, at 8 p.m. TUESD.A "Y HIS BROTHER'S DEBT. 2000 Feet. THURSDAY Also Matinee at 5 45 p.m.: Mons. Nichola Dupree. 2000 Feet 1916-1M17. PLANTING SEASON. AUTUMN.—Commence lifting First weekl in October, keeping on until the end of March, 1917 Larch 11ft. to 2ft., and 21 to 3ift. Scotch Fir, I i to 2ft. Spruce Fir, li to 2ft. Austhian Pine, Ii to 2ft. Quick Thorn, If to 2ft. and 2 to 3ft. Mcea upon application per 1000. Ornamental Shruba and Rosea:Ø aU kinds. Fruit Trees of tQ the leading kinda. j Contract planting at per acre. ArpLT To DANIEL WEAIHERLEY. Caeau Nurseries, Nr. Builth Wells. Breeonshire. brl20/216 COAL PMCE8. Af-k the Breconshire Agents their prices for best Coala before ordering. Avoid exorbitant prices and get your supplies direct from THE BRECONSHIRE COAL: & LIME Co., LTD., BRECON. Truck loads any Station. ELECTRIC THEATRE, Brem PBopRiETOBa: R. W. PHILLIPS.& SONS. STAR PICTURE FOR THURSDAY. FRIDAY & SATURDAY- GRAND "IDEAL" PICTURE PLAY, I CASTE, i Featuring Sir John Hare. The ever-green comedy by T. W. Robeitson, that has won and kept the hearts of two continents for nfty years. 4,500 feet long. STAR PICTURES FOR NEXT WEEK.-MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY, GRAND KINEMA EXCLUSIVE HIS NEIGHBOUR S WIFE By Wm. Addison Lathrop. Dorothy Phillips as The Wife." In Three Parts. THURSDAY, FRIDAY. AND SATURDAY.- I GRAND IDEAL EXCLUSIVE The Mystery of Edwin Drood In Five Parts. Tom Terriss as Jasper." A Finished Film Version of Charles Dickens' Great Unfinished Novel. Coming Shortly, "The Battle of the Ancre and Advance of the Tanks. PRICES, 4d 7d lid. and 1/2, including Tax Matinee at 2-30 on Saturdays, id No Adults Admitted. J. E. NOTT & Co.7 Ltd., I HIGH STREET & SHIP STREET, BRECON. AGENTS FOR- PEHERS' NEW UNtVERSAL 5 H P. SAFEIY OIL ENGINE. A perfect engine for the Agriculturist. W or ks on petroleum, and requires no ) lamp. Portable or stationary. f Excellent results. < J. E. NOTT & Co., LTD., can give immediate delivery. They also hold a large Stock of Mills, ChaScutters, Threshers, Turnip Cutters, and all requisites in food preparing machinery, at very moderate prices. Please call upon us and see our Engines at work. Estimates free. Satisfaction guaranteed. J. E. Nott & Co Ltd., Brecon, also at LLANDRINDOD WELLS. Dale, Forty & Co. I FAMOUS MODELS IN PIANOS. GURANTEED FOR- High Musical Quality. Perfection of Touch. Artistic Case Designs. Finish and Durability. Good Value for Money, Our Catalogue shows- Lowest Cash Prices, Low Scale of Gradual Payments. i Dale, Forty & Co. LIMITED. High Street and Castle Arcade, CARDIFF. Telephone, 1108. br858 nsi-i ?'?! ? '!? Y THE ?SJ ? i ? ????l? f ? l L rtt!? !? t I??J?t??t??'? ? )iNL "l?? ? L ?"?? M?"?-"? ?? 1E3?'?? ? rMAFUBS ??g?S? HENS '? L/AY Sold in 71b. Bags by all Corn Dealers. All Corn Dealers are requested to send for lists, LIVERINE Ltd.. :GRIMSBY. T\TOURNING & WEDDING OARDB & STATIONERY L —A speciality at the "Expreet" 0<Bcee, Brecon. SHIPPING NOTICES. I I THE EMPIRE'S GREATEST RAILWAY. Palatial Modem Steamers on the Atlantic and Pacinc (Managers and Agents: Canadian Pacinc Ocean Services, Ltd.) linking Canada with Europe and with Asia. Fast Freight Services from Europe to the rich markets of the New World. Ship your goods via Canadian Pacinc. Through tickets at lowest rates to all districts in CANADA, UNITED STATES, JAPAN, MANILA, CHINA. NEW ZEALAND. AUSTRALIA, AND ROUND THE WORLD. Parcels by DOMINION ExpREsa to Canada and U.S.A. Apply CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY, 18, St. Augustine's Parade, Bristol, or Local Agents everywhere. Canadian Pacific Ocean Services, LM. MANAGERS AND AQEttTS. ALLAN LtMES & CAMADtAN PACtFtC LINES. Fast Fleets of Passenger and Cargo Steamers on the Atlantic and the Pacine, linking Canada with Europe and Asia. Excellent accommodation. Moderate Fare*. LIVERPOOL TO ST. JOHM, M.B. Weekly Mail Service of Magnificent New Steamers GLASGOW TO ST. JOHN, M.B., AND BOSTON, U.S.A. Regular Services of Passenger and Cargo Steamere. LOMDON TO ST. JOHN, N.B. (Cargo ofy). Reguiar Service of Steamers. BRISTOL TO ST. JOHN, M.B. (Cargo only). Cargo Steamers at frequent interval. To JAPAN—MAM)LA—CH)MA (From Vaneouwer). Weekly Service. Largest Steamers on the Pacinc. For list of salting, rates, etc., apply- CANADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SERVICES, Ltd., 18, St. Augustine's Parade. Bristol; Royat Liner Build ing. Hverpoo). ALLAN BROS. & CO., U. K., Ltd. (Tramc Agents), James Street, Liverpool. or Locai Agents everywhere. I History Repeats Itself! FLOUR PRICES SAME TO-DAY AS SIXTY YEARS AGO HANDLERS PURE Nutritious Farmhouse Flour Only 58/6 per 2801b. Carriage Paid 25 miles. (6d. a sack extra over 25 miles, cash). Above Prices not Guaranteed. Economical, Satisfying, Health-Giving. Nothing Like Home-Produced Food ———— By Far the Cheapest Food. Sole Agents for Calthrop's Fattening, Feeding, and Sheep and Lamb Cake, also Griddle's. A. Handiey & Sons MILLERS & CORN MERCHANTS. Builth Wells, Rhayader & Erwocd. Telephone, No. 10. Address.—Head OBice, Builth WeUs. Branch: Rhayader. Depot: Erwood 1s. 6d. Garden Seeds 1s. 6d. NEW, GENUINE, AND TESTED. ON receipt of Postal Order for 1/6 or 20 stamps, — we wi!! send, post free, 1 oz. each of Hollow Crown Paa'snip and selected Carrot. oz. each of NVhit:p Spanish Omicn, Wheeler's ImpcriaJ Cab-, Savoy, Radi&b, Ea<rly Tuj-mp, and two Packets of Broccolli (oaxly and la.te); 1 Packet eaob of Lettuce, Marrow, Cucuniber; 6 Packets Choice Flower Seeds. Also for 1/- extra;—1 Packet eacib Mustard, Cress, Beet, Pictding Cabba-ge, Bmsse!s Sprouts, Leek, CauiliSower, Goldea Ball Turnip, aind with every 2/6 parcel we will send two gr<md novelties —A Packet of Quite Content Peaa, an extnaordin- a<ry variety producing pods 7 imches im length, and a Packet of Red Giant Runner Beains—a, magDj- ficent vari'ety, pods of exceptional length, The above Paæœs of Finest Quality Seeds for P.O. 2/6 or 32 stamps. GROVES & SON, SEED MERCHANTS. PIDDLETRENTHIDE, DORCHESTER. 1390p Hampton erammar Schoo).! GLASBURY-ON-WYE. Prmdpal: Rev. D. C. Lloyd. Olaaaics, Mathematics, Civil Service, Short- hand, Typewriting. Commercial Tuition, Muaic. Pnpils highly euccessful at London, Oxford Cambridge, and Wales Universities. Ai'lO in all public exams. For prospectus apply- Rev D. C. LLOYD, Glazbnry-ou-Wye I HOTEL GWALIA, I Upper WobMQ Place, London, WC. 130 Rooms luxuriously furnished, Fireproof BuHdiug, Electric Light to all Flooib, Centrally situated, ctose to EuBton Ie. 6d. cab fare from Paddington to the Hotel. TariN: Bed, Breakfaat, Bath, and Attend- ance. 63. each person. Telegraphic Addresa: "Gwaliatei," London. Telephone 5010 & 5011, City. JOHN M. JENKINS, Manager. T7f7 ANTED.—Your etteemed ord<r< for wedding and moarming eardt. new and ap-to-date bockt fcr <e!e<Mon. PwrMnat Md vietMBt tarde-. tpedatity. COUNTY OF BRECON. DISEASES OF ANIMALS ACTS, 1894 TO 1911. SHEEP SCAB (Wales Dipping Areas) Order, 1909 'V"TI(E IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Local .\lItlJori¡ty for the County of Brecon, in t'.Xfrcise of the powers vested in them under the above Dipping Ordor, and every other power en- abling them in ,tihis behaJf DO ORDER, a.nd it is' hereby endoraed as fdllows :— AM Brecons'hjti-e ,heep thatliave been wintefed )< the County, in the Counties of Cardigan, Merioneth, Montgomery, and Carnarvon, sha'M be dipped withi.n a. week of their return to Bre- cotishire and before be'mg in contact with. a.ny and I)efore be!ijig J Iii (?otitact wAh %ny Xotice must also be given a!t the nearest Police (.'cns.taMc'5 residence, in order to enable him to be present (if considered advi-)b)e) a.t such I(,,f Qoii-sltlL.r(,d ;idvi.t l ) e ) at such .shall comeinto operat.iontMi the 21g.t d:iy <jf Fcbrua.ry, 1917. Hy ti'-Jer of the L<M3!l Authority. HENRY F. W. HARRIES. j ?<?fi)t y Hall, Brecon, Cle'rk of tiie County Council. ('.>lmt) RaJl, Brecon, February, 1917. <JTE,-The Looiq Author:itythink ¡,t ven-y desimi>le HKU .).M glieep wintering in any otbeo' County -bould be dipped on their .return to Brecon- shire. and before being in contact with any b576/232 A. QUARRElL, p.R.H.s.. 3 &; 4, High Street. The Oldest Established Seedsman in Brecon. NP, W GARDEN SEEDS AND SEED POTATOES, QUALITY—THE BEST at lowest possible prices. ——— SEED LIST ON APPLICATION. Floral Wreaths & Crosses at Shortest Notice. b67/233 a Jones? Hotet N i r:bh:vee. 100 Years ) ? ADJOINING TRAFALGAR SQUARE, SuM St., Pall Ma)t, London Telephone No 73! 4 Gerrard. TdegmphicAddrces: "Pleasant, London." BED. BREAKFAST. BATH. and 5/- ?? ? ATTENDANCE from RS Proprietor: H. R. JONES. M )h —— Noa ) ) TOHN STON FOR BRITISH GROWN BULBS AND FLOWER ROOTS. WREATHS AM OTHER FLORAL DESIGNS. 227. OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. Telephone, 3U7 Central. bl77/217 CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. T?O BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY the ? SEVERAL STACKS of WeU-H?Tveatcd HAY, of the growth of 1916. standing a't the un- dcrmentio.ned Stations on 'the Cajnbrian Railways, tmd eatim.t.ted to contain the respective quantities, more or !ess, also undermentioned, viz. Estim&ted Estimated STATtcxs. Weight STATIONS. Weight. Tons. Toma. Overton 6 BarmouthJct. 41 Ab<'rmu!e 241 Arthog 8i Kerry 2 Barmouth M \ewtown 3? Hartech ? Uandinam 4 Tds&rna.u 6 Danidloes 6 Portmadoc 4 Three Cock! 71 Oriceieth 41 Towyn 6 Alonwen. 4 For further pa.rticula<r3. and to treat, apply to THE SECRETARY. Oambrian Railways Co., Osw'stiy, Feb., 1917. Oswest-ry. FEATHERS WANTED. "iE are buyej-a of all kinds of FEATHERS for cash. Semd for price list or send your goods and i'c]y on receiving top prices a-t aJl times. WITTON AND COMPANY, 1329p Exeter Street, Bu-mingham. ALL KINDS OF INSURANCES EFFECTED. EaJ" CLAIM'8 PROMPTLY SETTLED. AC,IIST for several FtR9T CLAaa CoMpANma. W. WILLIAMS, AccountMt, Insurance, ant Genefat Agent, 8ENNYBRIDGE. t 6, BULWARK, BRECON. b?a4