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NOTICE is hereby given that the following Order has been made by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries. HENRY F. W. HABRIES, COUNTY HALL, BRECON, Clerk of the Breconshire County Council. 6th March, 1917. (9836.) ORDER OF THE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES. (DATED 3RD MARCH 1917). BRECKNOCK (CONTROL OF DOGS) ORDER OF 1917. The Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, by virtue and in exercise of -the powers vested in them under the Diseases of Animals Acts, 1894 to 1914, the Dogs Act, 1906, and of every other power en- abling them in this behalf, do order, and it is hereby ordered as follows Power to Make Regulations. 1.—(1.) The Local Authority of the Distract specified in the Schedule to this Order may, ine accordajice with the provisions of this Order, make Regulations, with a. view to the prevention of worrying of cattle (including sheep), for requir- ing that dogs or any class of dogs shall, during (ill or any of the hours between ,sunset and sun- trise be kept by the owners thereof under control in manner prescribed by the Regulations. 12.) The Regulations may a.pply to the wdiole or any part of the District, and may exempt any eflass- of dogs either generally or undetr prescribed conditions. Confirmation of Regulations. 2.-(1.) Regulations made under this Order shaill not take effect unless and until they have been submitted to ',acad confirmed by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries. (2.) UnQess the Board otherwise direct, the following provisions sball apply (i.) Notice of intention to apply for confirm- .ation of any Regulations shall be given in one or more of the local newspapers circulating within the District in two successive issues two weeks at least before the making of the ap- plication. (ii.) For two weeks a.t least before ian ap- plication, a copy of the Regulations proposed to be confirmed shall be kept at the office of the Local Authority of the District, and be open during office hours thereat to the inspection of ratepayers of the District without fee or reward. (iii.) The Clerk of the Local Authority shall on the application of any such raitepiayex furnish him with a copy of the proposed Regula- tions on payment of sixpence. (3.) A copy of any Regulations ma-de by a Local Authority under this Order, signed and certified by the Clerk of the LooaJ Authority to be a itrue copy and to have been duly confirmed, shalll be evidence, until the contrary tfis proved, in all legal proceedings, of the due making, con- firmation, and existence of the Regulations without further or other proof. Seizure of Dogs where Regulations are Contravened. H. Any dog in respect of which an offence is being committed against a. Regulation made under this Otrder may be seized and treated tia a. stray dog under the powers conferred by section three of the Dogs Act, 1906. Extension of Definition in Diseases of Animals Act, 1894. 4. Dogs shall be animals for the purposes of the following sections of the Diseases of Animals Act, 1894 (naanaly):- Section forty-three (police); Section forty-four (General administrative provisions) and for the purposes of all other sections of the said Act containing provisions relative to or consequent on the provisions of those sections JUKL this Order, including such sections as reJate to offences and lega.I proceedings. Local Authority to enforce Order. 5. The provisions of this Order shall be executed a.nd enforced by the Loca.l Authority. Short Title. 6. This Order may be cited as the BRECK- NOCK (CONTROL OF DOGs) ORDER OF 1917. In witness whereof the Board of Agriculture  and Fisheries have (hereunto set Official Sea/1 this thi? day of f t ? t :\f, nineteen hucdred and sev?intec,n. "'—? A. W. ANSTRUTHER, Assistant Secretary. SCHEDULE. District of Local Authority to which this Order applies. The county of Brecknock. 620/232 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that it is the intention of the Brcconshilre County Council to apply to the BoaArd of Agriculture and Fisheries for confirmation of the u nder mentionod Regula- tions. HENRY F. W. HARRIES, Clerk of the Breconshire County Council. County Hall, Brecon, 6th March, 1917. BRECKNOCK. DOG-SI ACT, 1906. REGULATIONS Made by the Local Authority of Brecknock on the 6th day of March, 1917, by virtue of the Brecknock (Control of Dogs) Order of 1917. Control of Dogs during the Night. 1. Every dog in the district of the Parishes of Pcnderyn and Ystradfeillte sluall during the per- iod between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise be kept by the owner thereof under control by being ti). Confined in a kennel or other enclosure from which it cannot escape; or iii). Secured to some premises by a collar and chain; or iiri). Accompanied by the owner or someone deputed by him, and under effectual con- trol. Provided that the toregoing Regulation shall not apply to any pack of hounds, or any dog under the effectual control of a shepherd or other person whilst driving or tending cattle or sheep. Seizure of Dogs where Regulations Contravened. 2. Any dog in respect of which an offence is Wei rig committed against these Regula/tiona may, under the above-mentioned Order, be seized and treated a-s a. stray dog under the powers conferred oy-Scction three, of t Dogs Act, 1906. Offences. 3. If any dog is not kept under control iin man- ner proscribed by these Regulations the owner of the dog is, under the Diseases of Animals Act, 1894, liable on conviction to fine or imprisonment. 4. Dogs are under the above mentioned Order declared to be animals for the purposes of the fol- lowing Sections of the Diseases of Animals Act, 1894 (namely) Section forty-three (Powers of Police); Section forty-four (Powers of Inspectors) and all so for the purposes of all other Sections of the said Act containing provisions relative to or const quent on ,the provisions of those Sections and that Order, including such Sections as relate to offences and legal proceedings. Commencement. 5. The foregoing Regulations shall come into operation upon the confirmation thereof by the Boa.rd of Agriculture and Fisheries. HENRY F. W. HARRIES, 619/232 Clerk of the Breconshire County Council. BRECONSHIRE WAR AGRICULTURAL COMMITTEE. OUR HOME FOOD SUPPLIES. A MEETING of Farmers and food producers generally will be held at the TOWN HALL, BRECON, ON Friday, March 9th, at 2 p.m. sharp, when the following will de- liver addresses on the urgent need for increased tillage:— SIDNEY ROBINSON, Esq., M.P. W. S. MILLER, Esq., J.P. WALTER WILLIAMS, Esq. Chairman: OWEN PRICE, Esq., J.P. The Prime Minister in his speech in the House of Commons on Friday, February 23rd, said that "The plough is our hope." It is of the utmost importance that farmers should attend this meeting in order that they may kuow the wishes of the Government in the vital matter of our home-grown food. bõ88j232 BRECONSHIRE War Agricultural Committee. -—-—-♦ A Public Meeting Will be held at the CHURCH HALL, Talybont-on-Usk, ON Thursday, March 15th, 1917, AT 7 p.m. Mr E. C. MAURICE, WILL PRESIDE. The following gentlemen are expected to take part- MR W. F. PARRY deWINTON. MR W. J. PRICE, and MR R. E. PETTIFOR. All Farmers, Small-Holders, aud Working Men are urged to attend. b617-238 J OHN 8TON FOR BRITISH GROWN BULBS AND FLOWER ROOTS. WREATHS AMD OTHERFLORAL DESIGNS. 227. OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA Telephone, 567 Central. bl77/217 Brecon and Radnor War Agricultural Committees. Important Notice to Farmers SOLDIERS for Agricultural Work — ♦ — A RRANGEMENTS have been made by the Board of Agriculture and the War Office to provide a certain number of fit able-bodied men from the Home Defence Forces to assist in Spring Cultivation on farms in the Counties of Brecon and Radnor. Farmers requiring such assistance should apply at once to the undersigned, from whom full particulars regarding terms of employ- ment, etc., together with form of application may be obtained. DAVID THOMAS, Lhvynon, Secretary. Builth Wells. March 5th, 1917. br616-232 3Vckno uj I edg tit ents. MRS. LEWIS WILLIAMS, Hendre-ladds Tertface, Ys. tradgynlais. wishes to thank all friends who so kindly sent wreaths and messages of sympathy during her recent sad bereavement. b601/'238

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