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AMUSEMENTS. T 0 N I G H T FARR & FARLAND, Who Do Nothing—But Create Laughs. DAISY WOOD, In Her Latest Successes. C I SS IE L UP r NO, Charming and Clover Dancer. LOIE CONN, With Her Cornet Trumpet. MDLLE. DORIA, The Parisian Pet Player. MAY ERNE & HE," The Duo Without a Duplicate. the DEFENCE of VERDUN The Only Picture Authorised by the Trench Government. The valour of France is immortalised in the name Verdun. GRAND THEATRE SWANSEA. MONDAY, AUGUST 14th. 1016, Six Nights at 7.30, and MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. M urray King and Charics Clark introduce hy arrangement with Miss Doris Keane, "ROMANCE," Next Week.-PEG 0' MY HEART. THE PICTURE HOUSE. High Street. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. A Grand Ideal Exclusive, THE SECOND MRS. TAN QUE RAY, By Sir Arthur Pirwro. Starring Sir George Alexander and Miss ( Hilda Moore. His Father's Footsteps, A Roaring Mix-Cp of Surprises and Adventures. Monday Next.-WOMAN IN 47. CASTLE CINEMA (Adjoining Leader Office). Thurs., Fri. and Sat., 2.30 to 10.30. LONDON'S ENEMIES. A (load Stirring and Sensational Drama in Five Farts, featuring Percy Moran. Hi;, Father's Footsteps, A Two-Part Triangle-Keystone Comedy, featuring Ford Sterling. Extra Special! A Romantic Comedy of Newspaper Life (in Twu Part?). Mon. Next, THE WOMAN, Lasky Drama. CARL TCt4 CINEMA DE LUXE. Oxford Street, Swansea. OPEN DAILY from 2.30 till 19.30 p.m. A DAUGHTER OF THE NILE, A Victor Drama Relating a Thrilling and Mysterious Story. Mary Fuller as The Sphinx/' The God's Redeem, Featuring Maurice Costello. PEARL WHITE in PERILS OF PAULINE No. 2. "HetdUp." E L Y S I U. M. High Street, Swansea. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Cinema Girl's Romance _3 Acts), from the" Daily Sketch" Serial. GAUMONT GRAPHIC. ANCIENT DELHI. GREED (.Episoed H). In addition to an All-Star Programme. Thursday, August 24th— IN THE GRIP OF THE SULTAN. ROYAL THEATRE, Wind Street. Continuous Performance Daily, 2.30 till 11. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. A Great Drama, THE LAW OF LIFE, French Official War Film of THE DEFENCE OF VERDUN. The Serial GREED, and Full Programme. Monday Next- ISLAND OF REGENERATION. EDUCATIONAL. POSTS FOR ALL. Well-paid p-ei-markent Business Posts for Girls and Youths. SWANSEA COMMERCIAL SCHOOL (The Be Bear .Sciioois, Ltd.) offers special facilities for attaining pro- ficiency in Shorthand, Typewriting, Book-keep- ing end Accountancy, Engli&h and Precis Writing. Business Methods, Commercial Arithmetic. Commercial Ooiretspcmlence, Handwritingi French. DAY AND EVENING TUITION ALL THE YEAR HOUND. Students Readily Placed on Completion. Applv The Principal, CASTLE BUILDINGS, SWANSEA. Tel. Cen. 5G7. .\111 at 91)-n, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. STUDENTS SuccesefuHv Prepared fcr Pro- nciency in PITMAN'S Shorthand. Local fici,?. BOAID and Civil ?rvice. LR? M-I R i SOXS given i,i Arithmenf. En;llsh, Book- Keeping, etc. Satisfaction guaranteed.— Mr. Harris. 56. Oxford-street. Swansea. Day or Evening Tuition. CTO LORD KITCHENER NATIONAL MEMORIAL FUND. President: ELM. Queen Alexandra. ;f ? To the LORD MAYOR } Mansion House, London. I enclose £ s. d. as a donation to the above rund. Name Address -I TO CORRESPONDENTS. Letters on editoril1 matters should be addressed to the Editor, and those on commercial matters to the Manager. In no case should letters on business affairs be addressed to any by name. i SALES BY AUCTION. 1 OY STERMOUTH, SKETTY, AND SWANSEA. I-portant Sale of Small Freehold and Leasehold Properties, in convenient posi- tions, for occupation or investment. j MESSES. John M. Leeder and Son A RE instructed to SELL by AUCTION at the HOTEL CAMERON, SWAN- SEA, on TUESDAY, AUGUST 22nd, 1916. at three p.m., the following Properties OYSTERMOUTH (Lots 1-12) FREEHOLD FIELD, known as LADY HOUSTY FIELD, containing la. 3r. 17p. FREEHOLD HOUSE AND SHOP, HILL HOUSE," Thistleboon. LEASEHOLD- 10 SEMI-DETACHED DWELLING- HOUSES: NOG. 37-39 and 58 to 72, <4UEEN'S-ROAD, J within a. few minutes' walk of the Railway Station and Langland Bays. SKETTY (Lot 13)— LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE, SHOP, AND STABLES: No. 10, FROGMORE-AVENUE, near the Tram Terminus. SWANSEA (Lot 14)- mall, charmingly-placed j 'FREEHOLD RESIDENCE: HIGH- LAND HOUSE," 76. Terrace-road, with pf)ion. Particulars and Conditions of Sale and further information may be obtained, as to:- Lots 1-12: Or C. W. Slater, Esq., Solici- tor, 18, York-place, Swansea. Lot 13: Of Meesre. V iner Leeder and Morris. Solicitors. Swansea. Lot 14: Of G. E. Taylor, Esq., Solicitor, St. Mary-street, Swansea. And as to all the lots: Of the Auction- eers, 46, Waterloo-street, Swansea. SWANSEA AND DUNVANT. SALE OF WELL-EQUIPPED FREE- HOLD AND LEASEHOLD ENGINEER- ING WORKS AND FOUNDRY IN CENTRAL POSITION. MESSRS. John M. Leeder and Son HAVE been instructod by Messrs. the Wellington Foundries, Ltd., to SELL by AUCTION, at the HOTEL METRO- POLE, SWANSEA, on TUESDAY, 29th AUGUST, 191*5, at three p.m., the Freehold Engineering Works, having a frontage of about 38ft. to Green- iield-.street, and known 'as the J WELLINGTON FOUN UHY, SWANSEA, and the Leasehold foundry and Engineering Works, known as the DUNVANT FOUNDRY, situate adjoining the L. and N.W. Rail- way, and near to Dunvant Station, hav- ing an area of 2a. 2r. 31p. or thereabouts. Held for a term of 1,000 years from 29th September, 188M, at the low ground rent, cif 1:12 per annum. Together with the BUILDINGS, FIXUJ AND LOOSE PLANT AND MACHINERY, and tlie GOODWILL of the Businefli, 11 which has Ixxyi established many years, AS A GOING CONCERN. Particulars, Plans, and Conditions of i £ iale may be obtained o: Messrs. R. and C. J3. Jenkins and Lloyd, Solicitors, 1, 1' isher- street. Swansea; and of the Auctioneers, 46, Waterloo-street, Swansea. TON PHILLIP COLLIERY, About I ? miles from Kenfig Hill Station, 3 miles from Pyle, 7, m'l<? from Bridgend (G.W.R.) IMPORTANT SALE OF PLANT AND MACHINERY. owing to the abandonment of the above I Slant, a new one having been opened at Tynewydd. MESSRS. John M. Leeder and Son A RE instructed by the Ton Phillip Rhon- dda Colliery Co., Ltd., to offer lor SALE bv AUCTION, at the above Colliery on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23rd, 1916, at 2 p.m., Colliery Plant, roughly comprising:— HAND PUNCHING AND SHEARING MACHINE, 4 LANCASHIRE BOILERS, 30ft. by 8ft. Gin., Vertical Boiler, lOOlbs. pressure; 3 Super- heaters, Main and Subsidiary Steam Pip- ing and Connections from 9in. to Hin. di4., Injector, Plotes, Seatings, 2 Ton Tram Weighbridge,'8 Turbine and other Pumps by Mather and Platt, Pearn, Lskôidc En- gineering Co., and Joseph Evans; Steel Stack 80ft. by 4ft dia., tiin., 18in. and 22in. Hauling Engines, Main and Tail Haulier adjusted for Electric drive but having steam connection, cyla..8in. by Uill., iin., :,ill., 71. and lin. Steel Wire Ropes, Sheaves, Rollers, Light Section Tram Rails, Cast, Wrought and Steel Scrap, 20 Tons Firewood, Water Tank 10ft. by 4ft. dia.. Several Wood and Corrugated Build- ings, Bricks, Windows, and Doors, Steel and Wood Tram Boditv;, 100 Oil and Grease Casks, 2 Bar Screens, fiin. and 8in. Ar- moured Rubber Hose. ALTERNATING GENERATOR AND EXCITER driven by a 150 li.p. Condensing Horizontal Engine by Robey, Switchboards, Elcctrical Instruments, Wagonette with Removable Top, AIR COMPRESSOR, 400 c.h. capa' ity, by Allen and MeTIellan, as new. and other items. (In View Two Days Prior to Sale. Catalogues may 11i'\ had of the Auction- i eers, 4ti, Waterloo-street, Swansea. -+ SAILINGS. CUNARD LINE to CANADA. DIREOT PASSENGER AND FREIGHT SERVICES BuISTOu TO CANADA. Summer Service to .Montreal. Tuesday, Aug. 22 Sept. 19 tITlL.TR A A Tuesday. Sept. 26 1FOLIA rueadty. Oct. i ♦Freight and Cargo. Sailing from A.?nmouth Dock. A LONDON TO CANADA. AUSONIA Saturday, Aug. 12 mner Service to Montreal. A u g.  ASCAN1A 'I.-nEAay. Sept. 5 A S CCaAb?,in ( Zi?an,-l ? hir,,l Cla?si (16 ILI,4.) Cabin ( £ 10) and Third CIM3 ( £ 6 10?.) Accommodation for Kefrigemtor Cargo. Apply Cunard Line, Liverpool; 51, Bishops- gate. Jjonuon. E C.; 65. Baldwin-street, Bristol: Ba, High-street, Cardiff; and Cana- Bristol; 18a, High-street Oaraifi"; 141, Cor- poration-street, Birmingham; and Ca.n a- dian Northern Railway System, London, Liverpool, and Glasgow. =::=- MONEY. -h- A LOAN FOR EVERYBODY. Why worry about Money! We .arc, indeed, friends to those in need. Note the terms: £ 50 LOAN REPAY £ U £ 2-5 £ 23 £ 50 i» £ 55 £ 100 £ 110 Prospectus and Press Opinions sent Free on stating amount required. No sureties required. No Bills of Sale taken. No Tioan Routine. THE BRITISH FINANCE COMPANY, Tel. 1575. SO, Bridge-street. BRISTOL. IF YOU WISH to keep your affairs private, t do rot apply to strangers for no stran- ger will lend you money without making inquiries. How would tli(,Fe terms ■suityou? £ 1C repay £ 10 10s. C-50 repay X52 10a. £ZO rep&.y £21 Os, zElOO repay £ 105 5r. If you wish to be treated with fairness an■! consideration, apply to- ALBERT E. GASH, 6, Upi&nds Crescent, °'Y°ityri. a PUBLIC NOTICES. QOT3NTT BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. REGULATIONS AS TO STREET TRAFFIC. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that it is the intention of the Council of the (bounty Borough of Swansea after the expiration ■of not less than one calendar month from tiM date hereof to make certain regula- tions as 'to tnaCic in certain of the streets in the said County Borough by virtue of the provisions cf fctection 73 of the Public Health Acts Amendment Act 1907 and to submit the same for the approval of the Soeretary of State; AND NOTICE is hereby further given that after the expiration of such calendar Imonth as aforesaid the aiid Council intend ]to make an Order or Or(er8 in pursuance of Section 21 of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 for preventing ob struction of the streets, in the said County Borough in all times of public processions, rejoicings, or illuminations. aiicl in any case where the same are thronged or liable to b<.< obstructed, for giving directions to the constables .for keeping order and pre- venting any obstruction of the streets in the neighbourhood of theatres or other places of public resort. AND KOTICE IS HEREBY AUO GjVEX that durincr such caicndar mohth copies of the proposed Regulations and Order or Orders will be kept at the Office of the on id Council, in the Town Clerk's Depart- ment, the Guiidhall, Swansea, and will he open during: office hours thereat to the in- spection of iinr person without. fee or reward, and the Town Clerk will. on the application of any such pereon, furnish him with a copy of such proposed Regulations, Order or Order?, or i-iny part thereof, on payment of sixpence for every hundred words con- tained in such copy. Dated at the Guildhall, Swansea, this 18th day of Aupust, 1916. H. LANG OOATH, Town Clerk. 1 g WAN SEA RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. Districts of Fforestfach, Waunarlwydd, Gowerton, Loughor, Gorseinon, and Pentardulais. In consequence of the Shortage of Water in these Districts, owing to the insufficient supply received by 'the Oouneil from the Townhill Reservoir of the Swansea Cor- poration. the Inhabitants of these Districts are Earnestly Requested to use the water as sparingly ns possible during the period of the shortage. If any water is obtained from local springs, this should be boiled before being need. EDWARD HARRIS, Clerk to the Council. PONTARDAWE RURAL DISTRICT eouNCiu TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. COEDGWILYKf CEMETERY, NEAR CLYDACH. TENDERS are Invited for tfie Part Devel- opment of the above Cemetery Site. HaIlS -ind Specifications may he seen, and all particulars obtained, any week day at the Engineer's Office at Fontardawe. The Contractor must agreo to pay all em- ployes in carrying out thesejporka the i e- cc.-Tmsed wages of the respective Irndes, and, further, he must insure at his own ex- pense such employes against accident un- der the Workmen's Compensation Acts in a substantial Insurance Ollke. Sealed Tenders, on forms to be obtained from the Engineer, Ehould by forwarded in sealed envelopes; endorsed "Cemetery De- velopment," and delivered at my Office not later than 12.0 o'clock noon on Wednes- day, the 3Gth day of Augwst, 1916. The Lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. WYNDHAM LEWIS (Clerk). Council Offices, Fontardawe, Glam. loth August, 1916. RAGGED SCHOOL. Gospel Temperance Meeting To-Morrow (Saturday), at 8 p,m. Speakor—Mr JAMES BRDOKS (Central HaJl) Chairman-Mr. C. HARRIS (Man«eiton). Good Musical Programme Arranged by Mr. M. Gittings. WANTED A COMPETENT MOTOR MECHANIC, TO TAKE FULL CHARGE OF WORKSHOP Apply- AND CARS. Apply— COMMERCIAL CARRIER CO. (Ltd.), 59-62, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. Sun Rises 5.51, Sun Sets 8.16. Lighting-up Time, 8.46. High Water To-day 10.13 a.m., 10.28 p.m. To-morrow, 10.48 a.m., 11.4 p.m. _——————


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