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WREATHS, BOUQUETS, Etc., by K I T L E Y I S THE SPECIALISTS IN ALL FLORAL CHFAf']-STk- D rEST HOUSE FOB WREATHS. OPPOSITE ?.A??O?A" '?CHOOLS. OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA. (Tel 431 Central). ANDRA JOHNSTON, The Host Up- J\ to-da Florist in Swansea. Wreaths BOUOVE1.S and other FLOKAIJ DESIGNS aire-nged in ithe Latest London Style. 227 OXFORD-eTEEET SWANSEA. Telephone 667 Central. "LEADER" CLASSIFIED ADVTS. DEFENCE OF THE REALM ACT. Advertisements in the Situations Vacant Joiumu from Firms whose. business consists I wholly or mainly in nglneCrmg or ship- building or the production of arms, ammu- nition. or explosives or of substances re- quixed for the production thereof are in order to oomply witt Regulation 8 (b) of j the above Act, subject to the following con- ditions: No person resident more than ten miles away or already engaged on Government work will be ecs"c( • MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT. R. E Jones, Ltil. IF3 ?7t7'ANTED.?orM'??"?E. Jones. LtdTs W Revuee, CrOpd Vocalists and Dancer's eta.—Apply J. Cement. Musicnl Director Mackworth. ,sWtlJlsea. eTC PROGRESSIVE rionse Purchase and Life 1. Insurance Louipany Requires Spare Time Agents. Mna-Il Book vacant at Cockett; good orcuin~Bos "B 9," Loader Office. 232A2-24 IR F,QITIRI:D for Swaneea, by ol estab- f\ lished Company, a1 experienced Or- Saniser capable Of Producing reaults hnth penally and through a?tsf?od prc.? tt?, right man.-Write Box "B 14" L ^ader .O?e.SwMae? ? ?cox C2Ž8 Woman and Girls! Vl "AiVi'ED <it 5)D' a Worldn g Laundress f and General AERlstant for Pontaniawe Workhouse, salary ?25. with mmaI aHow- ances.—Apply Clerk to the Guardi?s Pr,ntardawo. r< IBL'WeavPi-s Wanted?t'once': constant ,G guaranteed 6s per 60 v?-ds— Wrie X. Leader o?ce ?.lZwaLlsea. C2-23 rvxrA2iTE.D, 1t, ?t?l?ent. Young ?W LILhæ ?tt? knowledge jf shorthand. typewriting an] book-keeping, at ioc?i Sel and j-inpiace Works; tbœø with pre- vious experience preferred; give full par- ticulars, with references and state salary required- Works," Daily Leader. Swan- 8ea- 234A2-27 'pAILORESS'.—Y/aiited, good Button Hand T for Coa,.s.-Apply 20, Belle Vue-street 234A2-23 FANOT Drapery.—Young Lady, with some experience; servo through: live out,.— Apply Isaac Jame6, St. Eelen's-^oad, Swan- Pe*- 232A2-24 KNITTING MACHINSS.—Best and Latest. .t Gcod Home Employment; lady tutors kept for Free Tuition. List free. Needles ftnd Parts for all makes kept. Esrt. over 43 £ eara.—W. 30. Qoeen-street. Neath. Boys, G."fls, Apprentices, &c. AD. MATTHEWS, Chemist, 9. Cradock- A. street. Swansea, has Vacancy for In- telligent Youth as Apprentice; no premium required. 237A2-28 -L- <^17 ANTED, at onoe, Girls us Learners in è t' f' all departments.-Apply Manageress, a liaundry, Swansea. 233A2-26 ???ANTED, a Strong Boy, about 16 years, c.'?t able to rido bicycle; good wages to suitable boy.—Apply J. A. Morris. Grocsr, pillwyn-atreet. 232A2-24 imixiadiately. smart and jn- • Wv telli^ent Youth (about 16 years of age) for Shipping Office: knowledge of shorthand and typewriting essential.—Apply Messrs. T. B. W. Mason and Co.. 2. Mount-street. 232 A 2-24 Man and Youths. WANTED, Lorry Driver for IAcro W car. ineligible—Apply John Bowd?n. Merchant, Aberavon. C2-27 HEAD Boots Wanted.—Mackworth Hotel, ij L Swansea. C-L-2 XPERIENOED Shorthand-Typist Wanted, JLJ with knowledge of engineering terms ailj office routine—Write, elfating experi- pnee and salary required, Box "B 15, c/o Daily Leader. Swansea. ii-)A2-26 T. WO Bricklayers and a Masons' Labourer Wanted at once.—Apply Havard and jonea. Buijlerg| Fforeetfach. 236A5-1 FORD Van Driver Wanted, male or JL female; used to running repairs: light k-?lfrite Box B B," Leader Office, A (JÕni Wanted. A man with A spare time may secure a good and !cdepe°??" Do8ition: no riEk or outlay.— Address OX" ? 7." Leader Office. Swansea. C2-27 CFD. Steem Crane Driver; no per- i. "eon sdr?a?y oa Government work will be eog??-AcpIy your nearest Employ- ment E?ch?Dse. mpBtionin? No. A2964. 234A2-27 JT^jsTED Rough Painters; good wages tO "&;d ii.-Apply Zammit, Paint- li nd Tarrin, Contractor, Grovesend Tin. -orka. Gorsem011 or Bridge-street, Llanelly. C2-Y7 mÃÑi- Drivers (ineligible; Wanted i bY the ritioh Petroleum Co.—Write e, PetrOleum," Leader Office, Swansea. 233A2-27 Typist, J -wanted at once; one. accustomed to 'wa??<? Lra.?(, nref^ned.—Apply, by Jetter, Sw?Bse? '?1 Company Ltd.. King's Dock. .v. Ltd., Y?iiig's I)oclz. fcwaOSea:_ ?_  C2-26 TiT ÑTEJ?:Jia;íier: ineligible; must be 4?Ile-ed vdth hoi-see—Apply, stat- ing a??' and references, by Monday. e rUAXY19ttl to CwmgcrBC Co-opRraUvc. CwioiS?'-?a.UQ-ca?-Gurwcn. '?2A2-24 W^KTED. icmedjately Motor Driver.— A pply Mrs. Jones. White Hart, L!an- iorcrP ■ C2-24 "YTrT/Ll^TED. ExfK'rience t Jjoeo. Driver.— Ixiughof Oollicry Co. (1910). Ltd. Caednke (JoUiery. Loughor 232A2-24 *\TAVV1ES Wanted on Pipe Track at Mar- gMD near Port. Talbot; good pay.— A 3-5 Domestic Servants. -goQd General Servant or Day Vt <??-Apply ?-s. Clark, 19. Bcech- wc,Dd- a n ioa 236A3-2 -T-ED o. r?peotabic Young Girl for .•V IjiP? Soug&work.—?pply. a?ter six o'clock. ?'J?ewood-roa?. Uplp.nd". 236A2-S7 t?TANT?' immpdiately. strong General, Vy not under 19; no emah chUdren; r(-? ferences.Bill, Norma'hurst, Norton Bridge, Pontyp????_ _? _? ? 237A?2 TTt?ANTED. U&eful Help for household V1: dut?s: three children; another lady help kept'?pn?fortabia home.—Mrs. Douglas help )t epl;Idoll I?)dge. Monmouth. 256AM C1APABl>^ Co^ii-Genera] W acted (about 30) J for t Ca months:, oariy March: fMnily 3 (1 ?hild?: nurse kept: must have good refetenc-es.-A-opl, stating wages re- .r, stating wages re- Quired. to Vrg. Chapman, The Cottage. Loughor. 236A2-2fi ■\TTANTEDi immediately, for Sketty. ex- i periccoftd General; four in familyr iroofi wages to competent person.—Write Box B 12,' Iieader Office, Swansea. 234A2-28 G OQD General Servant Wanted; three in UT family; reforencer required.—Apply, tfter 5. Mrs. Dickie, 16. uichmond-road. Sw?nssa. 235A2-?? '"tiÄNTED, experienced Eousemjid.—Ap- ? ? ply between 6 and 8 p.m., at Windsor Lodge. Mount ru^as-ant, Swansea. 235A2-28 WANTED. l?pericnced General, DJain j cnokir?: three in fmily; high )-awrs given to suitable maid.-Apply .13. Owen, .1f.. Viraltem,tQd.. 232A2^4 ASTLEY SAMUEL, F.A.I. SURVEYOR AND ESTATE AGENT^fci KING'S CnAMBERS, GOWER STREET, SWANSEA. Docks Tel., 286. FOR SALE. AN EXCELLENT HOUSE near St. Bar. nabaw Church, Hawthorne-avenue; 2 Reception, 3 Bedrooms, Bath-room, Kitchen and Scullery. A very low price to immediate buyer. £ 475 will Purchase a House on the Flat. Close to Tenby Hotel. Good Position. A Good 7% Investment in Business Pre- mises in Contro of Town. TO LET. EAT0N-CI:EGCENT.—An Excellent Resi- dence which will bo re-decorated to suit approved tenant; 2 Reception, 6 Bedrooms, Bath-room, etc. BRYNMILL-CBESCENT.—2 Reception, 5 Bedrooms, Bath-room, Kitchen, and Scuilery. Rent, £.f..5 per Annum. SKETTY.-Two RQce ption-roonilx, 5 Bed- rooms, Bath-room. Will be re- decorated. Low Rent. L. .„„ J J SITUATIONS WANTED. HOUSEKEEPER (experienced) Seeks Re- jnL engagement; good cook; carefu) maIlb ger; excellent references.—Box "B 11" Leader Office. 234A2-24 j YOUNG Man (Discharged Soldier), re- .1 spectable and well reccmmended, de- sires Engagement.—Apply ■" B.A.R. Leader Office, Swansea. ANTED. Position as Colliery Pay Clerk W in the Swansea Valley; experienced; ineligible for the Army.—Apply "Clerk. Upper Cwmtwrch Poet Office. HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. fjno LET, DouMe^frontod Shop. with living JL accommodation. in good business locality, near TI:tre of town; private en- trance; suit any clsa? of business.—Apply Edward Roberta and Son. Llanfair Build- ings, Sw&na?a.. C3-1 'Vi'O good Leasehold Dwelling Houses -1. with a'oont li acres of l?nd suitable fo," Poultry Farming, good Gardens, pt Waunarlwydd, fo>- sale. Further informa- tion from Davies-Williams, Gorwydri Ixidge owerton. 235A2-28 e'HOP to be Iæt at Clydach, with Stable ) and Garden, on the main road; three minutes' walk from fetation.—Apply Miss Faira. Glais. 234A2-27 17'Oli SALE, or to Let, at Coedcae, Pontar- J. dawe. Modern Dwclling-Hosue; bath room (hot and cold).—Apply Morgan Davies. Solicitor, Pontardawe. C2-27 C. AÚÆD 1TÏ> for Sale; best ? position. High-street. Gorseinon; low ranta': SaL?rd?y iatcEt.—Uoyd. ?5, Qneen's- roa?, Mumbloi 234AM7 F' OR SAI,E. or to Jjet. in Woodland-road. Jl. Pozita-Niawo, Modern Dwelling-house; bath room (hct and cold); two-thirds of Dur. chase money can remain on mortgage.— At ply Morgan Davies. Solicitor, Pontar. dawe. C'2.27 -T- 0 DET.—Landore. Land Mysydd-terrace, JL and adjoining Low Level Sation. l,an- dore, and Keath-rdad. Hafo<L—For particu. lars apply Mr. H. Jones, G.W. Rly. District Ete Ofll Neath. 03-6 _0~LETr Clydach, Shop. No. 80, High: Tstre??t.-For particulars apply Mr. H. Jones, G.W. B13?. District Estate <Jmce. Neath. I- -No LET, Fish and Chip Restaurant; cen- tral— Apply, first, 22, Tfynone-street. Swansea. 232A2-24 r|X) LET. Morriston, Free folly licensed X Public Honse well situated; good trade; satisfactory reasons; valuation.- Apply David M. Thomas. Estate Agent, Rut- l^nji^otreeL, Su^asca- 231A2-24 DUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. X4k(| HEFRESHMENT Busine' Clifton; J one tenant 16 years; Jiving trade; chance lifetime.—W. J. Walker, 36. Webb- i-troet. Staploton-rcad, Bristol. £ ')OO--MiLK-ROUND. Wesion-super- eX??-?W Marc; 63 gailona daily average; good inventory; certain fortune few years; subject free trial, unpardonable sacrifice.— Walker, above. '-■* K A~REii;TAURANT. Confectionary c'?t?JU <?cBe leading docks, atation, near Bristol; good-class trade: furnished; taking £ 50 weekly; certain fortune; trial.—Walker. above. cJj?OC—REFRESHMENT Business, working- jclass, Bristol: surrounded by im- portant works; rent, £ 30: takings £ 17; trial allowed: illncsa cause.—Apply Walker. above. 236A3-1 HOUSES WANTED. OXJSE (small), with good garden in JLl Swansea or immediate district, wanted. —Apply Ralph. Of LeadeC. Swansea. ANTED, small IIouso; two or three bedi-ooms; modern ooni^niences; in Sketty. Brynmill, or Mumbles district; good locality.—Full particulars, terms, etc., to Mr3. Ratcliffe, 16. Park-road, Clydach, Glam. A/02-23 LODGINGS & APARTMENTS TO LET AND WANTED. w A-NTED, a snail Sitting-room and Bed- Yv room. with attendance; good cooking; use of bath da,ty.-Writo Gerald, c/o Leader, Swansea. !-27 ColdFORTABLE Furnished Apartments; suitable for Young Men. Ladies, or Respectable Couple.—11, St. Helen scores- cent. Swansea. ^a5A2-g7 FOR SALE. OB Mare, excellent worker, over age; no rubbish; Oart Harness; Bull Calt, 35 months; cash required—Llettyrdderwen. Tirydail. 235A2-28 SEED Potatoes; disease resistors. The "Great Scot," is now available; 198- per owt.. bags free, F.O.R.; cat-h with crder. Order at once, as stocks are limited.—Apply W. Tuelor Rccs lUerchant, Ystalyfera.. 234A2-27 S AFES(Fi're RistingzO:2Z:Z4. 26, 28 in. O and upwards for Sale. Enquiries soli- cited for Second-hand Machinery.—Birt, 47a. Strand, Swansea 02-26 MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, ENGINES, &c. FOR SALE AND HIRE. NEW Ford Chassis, with specially built mahonrany panelled ash frame van body, complete. £ 145.—Apply Dd. Jones and Motor Agents. Ammanford. 23TA3-2 Sh'Oli SALE. Five-Seater Ford Car, in tirst- JC rate condition; new Boech magneto, nooti. lamps, now spare tyre, all accessories. —Apply Edward Roberts and Son. Llanfair BuiidingB, Swansea C2-1 "|^ /ITOTOIi REPAlltS.—Wo undertake to R0- i-Vj. pair and Overhaul Private Commer- cial Cars and Motor Cycles.-Davies and Elliott, Garage, Christina-street. 234A2-27 fJjnL HE Engineering Equipment Co (Swaii- JL BOO.), Ltd., Boiler and Steam Pipe Covering Contractors. Largest Stocks in West Wales of all Nou-Oonducring Materials. Asbestos; Compositions; Silicate Cotton Mat- treasea and Sheets: Fossil Meal; Asbestos ft ope (thousands of feet of various sizes); Sihcate Cotton Canvar.-bac.ked Strips; Frost Proofing: Hair Felt Sheets: also Hair Felt Canvas-backed Strips (easily applied). Tela, phone: 2G9 Central; Telegrams: "Equip- ment. Swansea." Commercial Carrier Co., Ltd.. Swansea. s- WIFT Twin-Cylinder Cycle-Oar; in excel. k3 oQQditiou- RETTE. 1314; in first-olaas condi- ri U.i?IBE!tETTE. 1-) 4 JH tion. SECOND-HAND Ford Chassis, with Body built to order, from L70. WE are able to Deliver a Few 2-3 Ton v v 7 English Chassis foi immediate re- qiurement3. 'ALi, Types of Bodies Built on the Pre- Ami,es. Send for Particulars to Commercial Carrier Lotf Ltd., 5!-62, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. CM? Ivor L. Rober- 223, Oxford-street) Tt 'TOTOR C Immediate De- 1V1 livery. Harlev David- HHI. etc. i it o ?k C( ?r-im- ?-l???TON C.M.(?T Ciis in Stock for Im. ?3 0 mùiato delivery. CH TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. WATERPROOF Horse Loin Cloths, Cart? V V and Wago? Covers. Cart ani Rear Lamps.—Swansea Saddlery Co.. High-street Arcade. Tel.: 103y Oentral. 236AM CLOGS! Ologs i Clogs! for al! trades. \? Bring your Old Boots and get them Be- Clogged: good work guaranteed.-Nish and Sons. Port Tennant-rcad. St. Thomas, Swansea. 252A2-25 j FROST-PROOF your Cold Water Pipes with -E E'quipmen" Hair Felt Strips (canvas backed); cheap, and eaEY of application.— Apply the Engineering Equipment Co. (Swansea). Ltd., Boiler and Steam Pipe Covering Contractors. Salubrious Chambers, Swansea. 'Phono 269 Central. T.D. ?GALVANISED Corrugated Sheets.—60 G Tons of Galvanised Corrugated Sheets in stock; price, according to grades. 20s., 24a.. and 26s. per cwt. Inspection invited.— Mills, English and Co., Ltd. B AZAAR GOODS.-Tovs, Fancy Goods, S etc.. every kind: advice to beginners; also best spare time agency 104-page Gata. loguo free.—May (164), George-street, Birm- ingham. LONDON Time-Table and Red Rail Guide. —The current issue of this popular Puhlication is on Sale at all Railway Book- stalls and leading Newsagents. Nearly 600 pages, it deals with over 3.000 Railway Sta. tions. At twopence it is the best and cheapest Railway Guide ever published. Mills, English and Co.'s Announcements. LAWN MOWERS.—Send your Mower to be Overhauled at once to save delay to Mills. English and Co., Ltd., Swansea. HEAT.—Chang-i your old-fash ion Bar Grate into a." Princess Barless Fire: it will double the radiation of heat, and save balf tho coal bill, fo- 12s. 6d.—Particu- lars Mills. English and Co., Lttl., Swansea. YOUR Kitchen Range does not eave JL labour. Enquire for particulars of eur Twin Interior: it converts a Kitchen into a Breakfast Room, boils bath water, roasts, and has plenty of saucepan room. It al- ways looka like a Dining-room Grate.—Par- ticulars Mills, English and Co., Ltd., Swan- sea. EAGLE RANGES AND GRATES.—We are ESol" Agents, and should be pleased to advise you.—Mills. English and Co., Ltd., Swonaea. M ATEX.-Itepair.. Leaky I'inks and -LrJt Roofs; will keep all damp and wet out. —Mills. English and Co., Ltd., Swansea. C- KMENT FUJORS.-rf edft and dusty. use "Saniseal-" it makes the floor like steel, and dustless.—Mills. English and Co., Ltd., Swansea. XT7"IRE NAIL.Large Stocks.-Mills. Ene- V VJ lish and Co.. Ltd.. Swansea. T.C. Flitils Announcements. HILL'S Stocktaking Sale.-All of our -Li. Large Stock to be Cleared. No reason able oS(? refuBed. S PE,LUAL Lines in Bedroom Suites from 6? o guineas; Dining and Drawing-room Suites from 4$ guineas; Bedsteads and Bed- ding at your own price. i CtEVERAL Shop?soiled Sideboards to be O Cleared below cost. Dressers Fender, Fire Brasses, Rugs. Carpets, White Millpuif Bad Sets from 17s. 6d. GOODS can be Stored Free until required. Now is the time to buy; don't delay.— Call at once for Bargains at Hill's Central Buildings, Gowcr-atreet, Swansea. Bullock Bros' Announceme ts. A QUANTITY of Second-hand and Shop- Asoiled Article" to be Sold at Low Prices previous to stock-taking. A QUALITY Electro-Plate on Nickel Silver ATea6 Set reduced to £ 410s. ;5 SOLID Silver Tea Set reduced ro J5 ?3 guineas. 2MA2-26 M USI CAL INSTRUMENTS. Thompson & Shackeil's Announcements. (BOLLARD and Oollard Pianoforte, Rose- ? wood case, panel front, reduced to £ 17 10s. cash; another Collard and Colta-d, metal framed, chock action Piano, equal to new. £ 42 cash.—Thompson and Shackell. Ltd., 39. Castle-street, Swansea. L IT^STEY Organ, nearly new, 10 stops, high t J mirror bock, very beautiful tone, re- duced to £20 cash; also portable Organ by Malcolm, £5 cash.-Thompson and Shackell) Ltd.. 39, Castle-street, Swansea. PIANOFORTE, iron framed, Walnut case, JL by Carver, reduced to £ 24 cash; very fine toned.-Thompson and Shackell, Ltd.. "9. Coatle-etreet, Swansea. Godfrey's Announcements. ESTPIY Organ; chance] model; solid Oak JU case; 18 stops, 10 sets reeds. 2 knee swells; very powerful tone; bargain, 45 guineas caqh. or ?.ls. monthly.—Godfrey, and Co., Ltd., 22, St. Helcn's-road, Swansea. PIANOLA Piano-Player, S3 note, fit any piano; guaranteed perfect condition; original cotrt,^ 60^guineas; T 38„guineas Ltd., 2Z. St. Helen's-road, Swansea. B AE,G,P,IN.-Upright Grand, by Childs, JD London; in practically new condition; iron frame, check action; Rosewood case; 28 guineas cash, or 10s. 6d. monthly.—God- frey and Co.. Ltd., 22. St. Helen's-road. Swan- sea. TO LOST AND FOUND. WILL the Person who Picked Up Hand? I. Wbag opposite Jones' Welsh Shop, Ox- ford-street, kindly return there. Finder re- wa,rdedj 237A2-27 SHEEP found Btrayed on Glyncasuod t.J Farm, Velindre. Owner to apply at Police Station. Llangyfelach, for W-L,t-eu. lars. If not claimed in three days will be sold to defray expenses. 237A2-27 LEFT, in Mar-selton Car, on Wednesday I JLjf Evening, about 6 olclock, Pair of rim- less Pince-nez. with Gold Chain attached (in black case).—Finder rewarded on returning same to "Pincenez," c/o Loader Office. STD LOST, on Wednesday, Gold Brooch. Red JJ Stones, in Car or on road, Ynistawe to Swansea. Rewarti.-17, Woodlands-terrace, Swansea. 235A2-24 MISCELLANEOUS. -fOIGS are of Wk troubled with W?oiTM: UT Thorley'a Worm Powders will clear same. Sold in Cartons containing t, now* .ders 5d. by Agents in all parts, or by post 12 powders ls. Id., 96 powders 6s. 6d., on re. ceipt, of remittance, by Joseph Thoriey, Ltd., King's Croae. London, N. PiIG Keepers who wish their Pigs to pay 4should use as a Condiment Thoriey a Food for Cattle; keeps Pigs thrifty. Sold in oases oontailling 66 packets Five Shillings by Agents in all parts. Y OU stlould know that Ovum. Thorley's Poultry Spioe, is different to any other Poultry Spice, and contains all that is necessary tor keeping Poultry Healthy and producing abundance of Eggs Sold in caeaa containing 73 packets Six Shillings: Cartons (two sizes) 113. Id. aad Sixpence each, by Agents in all parts. TJOULTRY Keepers should write to Joseph Thorley, Ltd., King's Greet, London, who are the Manufacturers of Ovum, Thor- ley's Poultry Spice, for Thorley's Poultry Keepers' Account Book also Book giving uneiul hints to Ponltry Keepers.—Both sent froo I POULTRY, EGGS, &c. r EGGS from each hen every week are now u obtained by many users of Karswood Spice (containing ground insects). Your birds can do it too. Prove it to your profit. Packets 2d.. 6d.. la.-Davies, Boro' Stores, Ncath-road, laansamiet. 233A2.26 r1llE-noot severe egg-laying test on record ,.L proved that Karswood Poultry Spice containing large numbers of ground ingots doubled the egg supply and improved the birds. Full particulars in every packet. 2d., 61., U. Try it.—Harding, Grocer, Landore. 233A2-26 PALMISTRY. MADAME L R US I LI A.~F .B. OlS •, Scien- H i tific Palmist, Clairvoyant; American Mystic Readings; advice daily; honrs. 11 to 9. Address: 680, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. (Last fsw weeks.) A 3-3 MADAME DALMA, Celebrated Welsh .in. Palmist, Phrenologist. Advice on Mar- riage. Changes. Speculation; attendance from 11 a..m. to 9 p.m.-19. Park-street (off Union.-street). Swansea. AT Llanelly .-Consult Madame MX (from A Barl's Court. London). PaImiste. Clair? voyante. and Phrenologist. In attendance from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; fees from In. Murray-street (two doors from Recruiting Office). Typewritten delineation from 'he ?t6 ?? withJ!.stration chart, 1b. 235A2-28 I ?HARACTEm&eader and Advisory Expert.  —?.i?ame Veno. M.B.I.M.S.. Palmist, gives Advice daily (hours 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.) 222. Oxford-f?trp°t Kwantf" A2-23 Mh. Co I I, oJ AIVRIAGE, 2 Years EVI-DTS. Is 1 acter and Partner added, 2s. 6a. Send atre-, 40 years' experience.—Mr. Wright, b'2, l'on typrid d-roed. Porth. 232A2-24 WINNING NUMBERS. I TELE Winning Numbers in io Drawing on Tb-balf of Bro. Fred Trick are:—715, 20955, 6378 14810, 4364. 24022, 6832. 10513. 24922, 5670, 16030* 1014, 2878. 9564. 8530. 172&9. 6726, 8104. All prizes to be claimed within 14 days from D. J. Bcynqii, 2. Picton-terrace, HWàn- sea. 237A2-27 TVTiV riNNING Numbers Fred Lockley Draw- 6354. 520G, 7296, 8^2. 1026, 5041 60<?9 1016, 5211, 6532. 2593, 2631. 4946. 5826. Prizes to br* claimed Monday to Saturday next week at Saliburjr Club. 237A2-24 PENHALE'S ilSI a !HmtftL.&- ? STORES 232, High Street. B beg to poiiii out to parents the ad- vantage in securing the Boy's Spring Suit at once—as Clothing of all description is continually advancing in price. We have been fortunate in securing 650 Bovs' and Youths', Suits at nearly Pre-War Prices. 14 DAYS' SPECIAL SALE BOYS' & YOUTHS' SUITS. 1200 BOYS' HENLEY" SUITS, Dark ?UU Patterns, to Clear at IS& Lld.; worth 13s. lid.; !-izes 4 to 7. A splendid School or Best Wear Suit. OAA BOYS' •- RUGBY" SUITS, Dark Pat- ZtUv/ terns, to Olear at 15s. lid.; worth 2-a.; sizes 6 to 9. Splendid Suits for Higher Grade or Grammar School Boys for School Wear. or A YOUTHS" LONG TROUSERS SUITS; ?«?U Dark Pattern: Newest Style; 208, 25s.. 30s. These Suits are Genuine Bargains. This Sale wm be Definitely Closed on Febru- ary 23th. BOYb' TWEED KNICKS from 2s. €d 4 to 6. BOYS' JERSEYS from 2s. NORFOLK SUITS, 6s. lid. £ A MEN'S Strong Tweed Trousers, to 3U clear, 5s. lid.. 6s. Ud. Q FECIAL Line Youths' Long Tronaera. 0 48. lid.; all sizes. OA ME?'g Smart Tweed Snits. 258. M.; 30 grand valus. OAA DUNGAREE Trousers (Indigo Dye), a Bib and Brace. 4s. 6d.; Jackets, 3s. 6d.; Trousers, 3s. 6d.; every garment guaranteed. Post orders promptly de- spatched. Shirt Department. fTAA REAL WELSH SHIRTS, made in <JUU Llandyssul; Silver Grey, 6s Ild.: worth 8s. 6d. Tho Flannel in each Shirt cannot be bought for 6s. Ud. This is posi- tively the last lot at the price. State size of neck-band required when ordering. ? ?r? MEN'S Dark Grey Lindaey Working OUU Shirts, 38. lid. Thia is a Boon these days. Underwear Department. 9/\ DOZ. NATURAL PANTS or VESTS to ?w Clear 2s. 6d. r worth 2a md. MEN'S STOCKINGS are diflicult to cet. ill. But wo have 50 Dozen. Welsh Knft. to Clear la. 6d.; worth 2s. 1 0 DOZEN CO IT ON SOCKS, to Clear 6id. J-U per Pair. -|<> DOZEN WOOLLEN SOCKS, All Wool, -L? la. 3?d.: worth Is. 6d. RAINCOATS. LADIES who bought Penhale t> Ooate are JL< delighted because they are LINED through, are Roomy and Comfortable. Special Offer this week: New Tan Shades, 25s., 309., 35s. 6d. GENT'S Storm Proof Ooats. Lined Check: 25s. 6d.. 30s.. 35s. 6d. BLACK Oil Cotton and Oil Silks—Gent's: 1 10s. 6d. to 35s. 6d.; Ladies'. 12a. lid. to i 42s.: Boys' and Girls* from 10s. Ud. I G ENUJr-:E BARGAINS in School Boys' and 5 Girls' Lined Check Raincoats, 10s. Ud. to 16s. lid.; Waterproof Capes. with Hood, 63 lid. PEMHALE'S TAILORING DEPARTMENT. ?'V MAE ein TORWR" vn GymM 0 ?y Tre?aron, ac yn de?!t anghemoa gweithwyr Abertawo. "DIGON 0 LE DAN Y CESEILJAU AO HEFYD RHOl TIPYN 0 STYLE A FIT YNDDI YN Y FARGSN, WE GUARANTEE our Fit. Style, and r Quality. Adinlraj Serge, guaranteed Indigo £3 Z n0 Beatty" Serge £3 10 0 M £ 3 15 0 !™Jellicoe" Serge w £3 15 0 Smart Grey and Brown Worsteds— £ 3 3 0 Grtv and Brown Tweeds- —- £ 2 10 0 LADIES' OOSTUMES- Nirrger, Sax, Bottle, Navy and Black Serges Jtrom RS 3 0 We can Execute, if necessary. 20 Suits or Costum-OT in 24 hours. Train Fare Allowed up to 2s. on Parcels of £2 on Production of Ticket. PENHAlE'S SJIf PEN HK' S CLOTHING, ? OiunLe 23? High Street, Swans ea. ASTkOLOGY. S-rRO.LOGY.-F.?l?ia i-? life Horoscope, AFuture Events. Marriage Partner de- sc??bed. Changes, Jourueys, Legacies, Lucky Days, Placet, etc.; send birth date, Is. P-0., ,Tkp,d q u- rí33A" .a-h.>p.=.UU.lbU. .6



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