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  •v-x-x x*0H^jfi«lra&xgraiaB5»aB|g8M  PRIVATE M. SUTCLIFFE, MOTOR TRANSPORT A.S.c.. BRITISH EXPEDITIONARY FORCE. "I think I ought to let you know how much I have benefited from the use of Phosferine, duringthe course of my duties in France. I had the advantage of a knowledge of its value as a remedy for neuralgia and nerve troubles before I en- listed in September, 1914-0ne month after the declaration of War, when I joined the Mechanical Transport Section of the Army Service Corps. On proceeding to France in the following November, I took a supply of Phosferine with me, and found the tablet form the most handy and convenient. During the two years and te-i months that I have been on active service, I have had plenty of nerve-racking duties. Being attached to an Ammunition Column, I am continually rushing the Stuff up to the boys at the guns, passing through shelling varying in severity every day, and the fact that I have been able to keep myself fit and mentally alert 1 attribute entirely to the use of my favourite nerve-tonic, Phosferine. It has been simply invaluable whenever an attack of neuralgia threatens (and I used to be troubled with it long before I joined up) I take one or two tablets, and I am soon right again, and the pains entirely disappear. The vow I made, from my experience at home, never to be without Phosferine, has served me excellently during my long period of active service; and I know of nothing which is so calculated to help a soldier to withstand the rigours of a strenuous campaign." From the very first this fine soldier accurately foresaw the great part Phosferine would play in enabling him to overcome suffering, and even the most extreme exertions. Phosferine freed his system from the tendency to nerve disorders, so that no special effort exhausts his energy, no extra hardships break down his endurance, because Phosferine ensures the vital force to outlast the rigours daily experienced. When you require the Best Tonic Medicine, see you get PHOSFERINE m B m a B?B aa i tn A PROVEN REMEDY FOR Nanrmis Debility Inflnown Indigestion j SblflMIBMI Exhalation Neuralgia Matertity WaakiMM Premature Decay Mental Exhaustioa Low of Appetite Lassitude Neuritis Faintness B rain-Fag Aiueraia Baekuht Rheumatism Headncbo Hysteria Sciatica Phosferine has a world-wide repute for curing disorders of the nervous system sere completely and speedily, and at less cost than any other preparation. SPECIAL SERVICE NOTE  Tablet% t6 T alet Iona parfim6* e<MV«M?t for men an ACTIVE SERVICE. trayalWs, Me, It "a be =c4 My timo. a&jrwWc, in accurate doses, as DO water is needed. Tke 219 tabe it small enough to carry in the socket, uti ceataios 90 doaas. Vfiur sailer I er widier wiIJ he the better for Phosfcrjpe—send him a tube ef tablets. Sold by all Chemxtt. Stores, etc. Tke 219 size contains aearly four times the 11 it size. MaaaaaMHBMHBnMaMBBaaaMaaaaRMaBsaMaMMasaMaonMaw GRAND Theatre, SWANSEA. NEXT WEEK. TheGEORGE EDWARDS COMPANY AND PRODUCTION, from DALY'S THEATRE, London, (Under thi direction of ROBERT EVETT) t( D E TTV J» BmsP Ima 1 8 B £ A MUSICAL PLAY, in Three Acts. Bô9k Seats Now at Gwynne H. Brader's,17, Heathiield-stoeet. Tel .No., 291. NOTE.—NEJW CURFEW TIME. COMMENCE AT 7.15 P.M. < i PICTURE Saturday. No case is too severe for CHOCOLOIDS. the I If you are" neny" or bilkm take iffare'for Constipation. Boxes 1/3 and 2/6 of CTIOCOLOIDS; the Cure for Constipation. all Chemists.—(Advt.) Boxes 1/3 and M of all Chemists.—(Advt.)







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