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SIXTH WELSH SPORTS. I ENJOYABLE PROGRAMME AT CLYNE VALLEY. Old* King Sol was on his beet be- haviour for the 2nd 6th Welsh sports", and a largo company of civilian well-wishers not only basked in the gracious warmth of his rays and the verdant gradeur of Clyne Valley, but watched a most interesting programme of' athletic events. From the popular com- manding officer, Lieut.-Col. Thomas, down to the newest man in the ranks, all worked unsparingly in the one endeavour to make the event a success, and provide pleasant diversion for the many friends who had come to see what Tommy could do on the course. The subalterns es- pecially, worked exceedingly hard, and some of them had been up putting things in order since soon after five o'clock, when most "civvies" were in bed. The Racecourse proved a most con- venient venue for the meeting. There were a dozen or so events on the card and, as it was intended to be a day of mirthful enjoyment, most of these were productive of amusement. The three sprints were keenly contested, although in one of the finals a man held back just short of the tape to let his pal run in first. The two events which yielded most fun were tilting the bucket, and the pillow fight. In the former case some of the competitors came in for a good "duck- ing," and enjoyed the joke as heartily as the onlookers. Two of the partners were dressed up in female attire, and at a dis- tance looked plausibly feminine, but on closer observation their moustaches gave them away. A regular "battle royal" was fought on the pole with pillows, the com- batants being blindfolded. Many of them stuck to their post like glue in most gro- tesque attitudes, and refused to be beaten off. The judges had an unenviable task in awarding the prizes, and the difficulty was surmounted by dividing the spoils. A very smart exhibition of Swedish drill was given by a body of the men, who responded with wonderful precision and alacrity to the word of command from Staff-Sergt. Instructor Feedon, who hails from th" Alder shot School of Gym- rip sties. The performance of the men did their instructor great credit. The boxing exhibition between Private Tommy Phillips. of Neath, and four comrades was a good finish to an inter- esting programme. Tommy gave his challengers'' n good deal of rope in- stead of "making rings around them." Results of the events are appended:— loi) yai-d-, open fiat (handicap) .—1st heat: 1, Corpl. Eaton, B. Company; 2, PtA. W. Twomey, A. 2nd heat.: 1. Sergt. Hinton, D.; 2, Pte. J. Canton, A. 3rd heat: 1, Lancc-corpl. ,T. H. Short, D.; 2. Pte. G. Arnold. I). 4tli heat: 1, Pte. G. Paddison, A.; 2, Pte. D. Richards. D. 5th heat: 1, Pte. G. Roes, D.; 2, Corpl. Mitchell. D. Final: 1. Lance-corpl. J. H. Short; 2, Srgt. Jlinion; 3, Corpl. Eaton 4, Pte. G. 11. Rees. A close race. Inter-company relay race.l, D Com- pany's team: 2, B team; 3, C team; 4. A team. Three-legged race-t, Sergt. Hill and Corporal Holland; 2. Privates Howell and Hnnan: 3, Privates Evans and McAdams. Sack race (buglers only).—1, Drummer W. Bloomfield A. Co.; 2. W. O. Stevens, A.; 3, Drummer Matthews, A. 220 yards open flat (handicap).—First heat: 1, Corporal Eaton, B. Company; 2, Lance-Corporal O. Hoynon, A Company. Second heat: 1, Sergeant Hinton. D Com- pany. 2. Private G. Arnold, D Company. Third heat: '1, Lance-Corporal J. Short; 2, Sergeant Bancroft. Final: 1, Corporal Ea'on; 2. Lance-Corporal J. Short: 3, Sergeant Hinton; J. Private G. Arnold. Short held back for Eaton to win. Tilting the bti(-ke"I, Private J. Profit and Private G. Jones, D Company; 2, Lance-Corp-<r;il O. Beynon and Private R. Evans. A Company; 3, Private J. Canton and Private Twomey, A Company. J. Canton; 2. Lance-Corpora I O. Beynon; •'?, Private Freed man, B Company. Second heat: 1, Private Picton, D Company; 2. Lance-Corpora l Sterio, C Company; 3, Private Jones, D. Company. Third heat: 1. Corporal Eaton, B Company; 2, Private G. Arnold, D Company; 3, Private Lawrence. C Company. Final: 1, Eaton; 2, Beynon ;1, Sterio. 300 yards flat handicap, open.—First heat: 1. Corporal Eaton; 2, Private W. j D. Richards, D Company. Second heat: j 1. Sergeant Hinton; 2. Lance-Corporal J. Short. Third heat: 1 ..Private G. 1-1. Rees, D Company, 2, Private J. Williams. Final: 1. Williams; 2. Rees; 3, Hinton. A runaway race, both first and second men finishing with a big lead. J20 yard s Private T. S. Jones; 2. Corporal Wilcox; 3, Sergeant Jones. Two of the heavy brass players and a trombonist finished in a. bunchy while the kettledrum was left a long way behind, unable to keep up the roll." 100 yard s sack race, open: 1. Private .McAdams, .A Company; 2, Private W. Hughes. D Company 3. Private T. Wil- liams. D Company. Pillow fight, open.—This event created a great deal of fun, and it was not an easy matter for rhe judges to allocate the prizes. Eventually, they were divided ljetween Staff-Sergeant Beedon. Private Twomev. and Drummer Broomfield. Quarter-mi 1° obstacle race.—1, Corpl. Eaton; 2, Pte. Rees; 1, Corpl. Corby. Tug-of-war.—Sixteen teams competed, and in the final pull Sergt. Bancroft's team beat Sergt. team. The lengthy programme was concluded with an exhibiti n of boxing by Pte. Tommy Phillips (Neath), of D. v'on_— ny. who tooV on for a few rounds in turn Staff-Sergt. Beedon, Corpl. Eaton, Sergt. Beater, and Pte. Nelson. The victors were presented with the prizes by Mrs. Thomas, wife of Lieut.- Colonel Thomas. In moving a vote of thanks to her, which was accorded with rousing drg. Major Clark thanked Mrs. Thomas for the kindly interest she had taken in the Battalion and the ladies and gentlemen who had kindly contributed the prizes. We have had twelve months' service in Swansea," said the Major, "and I only hope the troops in other parts of the wli-ld have been treated as kindly as the inhabitants of Swansea have treated us. We shall be leaving the town shortly, and w,,3 shall go a way with lively recollections of the treatment we have received here." (Applause). Lieut.-Col. Thomae, replying on behalf of his wife, said it had been a labour of love to Mrs. Thomas to do what she had done for the men and to help him in the discharge of his duties as commanding officer of that very fine Battalion. They were always very pleased to do everything they could for the comfort and well- being of the men. (Applause).. Tea was afterwards served at the camp, the officers and the men entertaining their fripndc, in their respective quarters. The following were donors of prizes:— His Worship the Mayor (Alderman Dan Jones), Mr. and Mrs. James Fulton, Mr. J. S. Brown (Oxford-street). Mr. Wil- liams (Castle-street), Mr. Camden (St. Helenas-road) Mr. Harold Mills (Wind- street). Alderman Ben Jones, J.P., Messrs. Duck, Son and Pinker, Mr. Brader (Heath- field-street), Messrs. Atkinson (Union- street), Messrs. Ben Evans and Co. (Temple-street), Mr. William Rosser (Gower-street), Mr. Sidney Heath (Col- lege-street), Mr. F. Gage (High-street), Mr. H B. Ganz (High-street), Mr. C. A. Sander (Wind street), Mr. Charles Dickens (Oxford-street), Mr. E. H. Seidle (Mumbles), Mr. W. E. Hasquen- cort (Higli?treet). Mr. J. Miron (Dillwyn- str'?t). VI r. Roy (Pegler and Co.). Mr. Nli-. R4r-17 (Peglei- and ?o. ), .,Mr. Davies and Co., Ltd. (Fisher-street), and L 14r. Cxoucli.








A GLORIOUS END. I ———«———…



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