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PRAISES 1 PRAISES I | /<1 tll The flnmat Heating Pfepsra- j $ion on the Market." I KID(BEN) ATKINS, the well- i KID (BEN) ATKINS, the well.. known professional boxer | ||| and Bantam Champion of Essex 1 and the Eastern Counties, writes:- ^PpTa^ Before I go into the Ring in any i S fir W I Boxing Contest, I rub a good supply of i § a f W Zam-Buk well in round my ears and | § f$&jf 1 Mf over the upper part of my body. If 1 H |k||f fa all boxers did the same they would | mm jp|| never feel etiff or suffer from 4 Cauli- ? W jm? flowers.' In my opinion Zam-Buk is I g kM <? the finest healing preparation on the i S ?S |J I market, and as an embrocation for I N ?? stiffness and muscular pains it is a I Mm ?? boon to all sportsmen and athletes in 1 B ? ??? ??? training or otherwise. My advice is I ???i?, '?? Never Be Without Zam-Buk V I Bantam C7tatmnPfaw- B the Eastern oun. ■ i ■ ffi COVERED FROM HEAD TO FOOT WITH I OBSTINATE RASH. I PRIVATE R. J. BETTY, of the R.A.M.C., whose 1 i home address is Canning Street, Dewsbury Road, Leeds, writing from Blackpool, says:— ??????????8 [| I have used Zam-Bok with great success on ??????????? ?; g many occasions both at home and in the Service. ?????????? SR Some months ago I was practically covered from head ? 10 foot with a very obstinate rash which did not prove *? ??? ?? P| ? =enable to ordinary treatments, and it was on!? by I • ■ » fc thenseof Zam-Buk that f rid myself of the complaint. L, £ ? My skin is now free from any blemish whatever. ""?" M ftp ? I have also used Zam-Bu? for Eczema, Sprains, & .??? £  ?  !S and Sciatic Pains. with the best results, and one of jS, ft | the feHowshere who is crippled with spinal concussion, 1» 1 and has to use pneumatic crutch?, says nothing J&l 1 him so much as rubbings withZam-Buk.   ?*?  ? For the knocks and bruises sustained at football  | I Zam-Buk is also splendid. Wherever I go I shall //<■& 7 i1 § always ndeavour to have some Zam-Buk by me, and f I *AR nevw L&A to rowmsmad th? wonderful Healer." jP???? R. J.. |I I K.A.M.C. § ??ca'HS? ? ffw wniq" ?cte?/?c w?y ? which ??MM-BM?'! ?f&<t! t?ff?tett? are S S Mot?Cff togC?Cf, a box of Zam-Buk <;M?a<ttS ?6 Maximum ??fH?. Sno<Mt??. and g| Am.4,:s??54c power in ?C mot compact form. Alike for /tMH?c* sttrihhs CM?K, Bruises, jT Abr?sio?is. atze. Scams. a.? tz,-r, q as /ofCMt'?[go&.?<ttM??.Sctt{? Diseases, Ecsema, jp S ??ef??ott.jB<t<? J??. pimples. B!o?;es, Po?ott? Sores, P:?. ?c.. 7,ap??B,4!e's bility is so t'cmarkable that the Golden Rule for eZ'C1' home is AL WAYS KBEP bility is so remarkableGoUlcnRule evcry]i(Wici "f* ■ "i' Cfltt emuT1 The First Scientific ^NmSPENSABLE. In Swann.. Over 1000 Testimonials Established 1888. YOUR EYESIGHT TESTED AND CCWSULTATION FREE DAILY. HOSPITAL Prescriptions made up at reduced prices. JAS. SCOTT & SONS, D.B.O.A., OCULIST OPTICIANS, <Dip!o^tat by Examination, British Optical and Sight-Testing Association). Patentees of the One-hand Spring Clip Eye Glass. 12, VICTORIA ARCADE (:t,tet). SWANSEA, 22, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. Also at 106, NEWINGTON CAUSEWAY, LONDON, E.C. The dehth hu occurred of Mrs. Lewis, Coronation-terrace, &ttws, widow, who was on the sta?T of Bettws Council School Her son, Lieut. Dan Lewis, is in Mesopo- tamia. For more than thirty year"' the standard combined STAiN snd TARNISH f(,r the decoration of Furni- '•ure a.nd Woodwork.—Manufactured oy JAJ-fES RUDMAN, CAJOEIAN COLOUR WOKKS. BRISTOL. LIFE OF WORRY WHY? There is HardSy Anything to Caust more Worry, Anxiety, Irritation, and Pain, than Ailments of Stein, Flesh, Bona &' Joints. WHY NOT USE n n ain wago I% A fiOMER'S BALMP It will give Irainediate Relief. USE ISOMER'S BALM FOR All kinde of Skin Rash, Sores, Wounds, Uloere, Cats, Burns, Scalds. Excoria- Sione, A.bwiu»io»e, Bad Legs. Varicose Veins. fiOMER'S BALM FOR Eczema, Breaking-out in Children's Heads, Ringworm. Galliags, Irritations, Itcbings, in women and childrea. HOMER'S BALM FOR Piles. Scurvy, Inflamed Corns, Bunions, and Qouty Joints. Rheumatic Limbs, Stiff Joints, Lumbago. fpis VALUABLE remepy SHOULD .i$'g KEPT & USED IN EVERY HOR1E. It will soon put an end to all worry. Ask for GOMLR'S BALM," and see that the name in full is OIl the Box, also the name of JACOB HUGHES," without hieb none is genuine. Sold by Chemists and Stores at lB. 3d. fe., k. (including war taz), or send ls. id., 4s. 2d., or Ss. 3d., in stamps or P.O. to iiaker. | AAÇOP MUUHES, M.P.S., iu.U.S., l » 4anufacturing Chm6t, ?  oo: ??NARTH. CARDIFF. ? HARLEY'S n ? t\ THREE SALTS V /? The safest and *°?"* *w tt ?*F /*y system cleanser. 7U ???(/? SPA IN A SPOON  ?/ T?? 3?d<f ?"" ?" ChemUta !Pt9r"^ t or oit1. from k t C HARUEY, CHEMIST, PERTH. Bk, WW Ibuhummh "TSZ" keeps me from Feeling Tired TIZ for puffed-up, aching, tender feet, f or corns or chUb!a!n<, TIZ is glorious! But 1 U36 Tit." I Oh, Yesl Stairs? W6.?n your poor, eu??rin? fe?t neba from the continual running -up and down the 6-taire, when the leather begins to draw and there is constant friction pro- ducing hard skin, corns, and bunioa-s- don't exprri-ment-juet use TIZ. Get in- j etawt relief. TIZ pute poaee in tired, aching. painful foot. Ah! how comfort- i able your boots fcol at onco. Run up and down all day long, foot ron-t hurt you, won't swell after using TIZ. Sore, tender, perspiring feet neod TIZ, because it's the only remedy that dreWf! out all the poisonous exudations which puff up the feet and cause f-oot torture. TIZ is the only remedy that ftkea pain and soreness right out of corns, hard ekin and bunions. Miss A. Forrester, Greena-way, Atoot, writes: This winter I suffered very much for three roonHis with frostbi# te. I was quite cripplod, and unable to wear anything but a very old shoe. After using1 TIZ regularly evbry night and Le- fore going out for about ten days I was entirely cured and able to walk again with perfect comfort." Get a 1. 3d. box of TIZ at any chem- ist's or stores. Get a whole year's foot comfort for only 16. 3d. And send a box bo your bby at the Front—he'll eppre- y4. t






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