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ARGYLL STORES TELEPHONE P.O. 32. HENLEY'S DEVONSHIRE CIDER 3/6 per Dozen Champagne Pints. 7/- „ ) I Screw Stop Quarts. SYMON'S 6 Gallon Casks 7/ ABERGAVENNY. A CERTAIN YOUNG COUPLE ARE MISSING! The wonderful Bargains iiov4 on offer in the vast stocks held by that well-known firm Bevan & Company, Ltd., COMPLETE FURNISHERS AND PIANO MERCHANTS, PONTYPOOL, NEWPORT, &c., IMMENSE SELECTION. MODERN GOODS. EVERYTHING for FURNISHING. CASH OR CREDIT TERMS. QUALITY RELIABLE. I ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. I PIANOS from 10/6 MONTHLY.1 Illustrated Catalogues Gratis. I I Thoroughly reliable Full-compass Pianofortes in very handsome walnut cases, from 15 Guineas. WHY PAY DOUBLE THE PRICE ELSEWHERE? ) o All Goods are warranted, the greatest care being taken to give every customer entire satisfaction. « ————— o Delivery free to Abergavenny and District, and up to 200 miles from any of the Firm numerous branches in Monmouthshire and South Wales. Telephone 146. ABERGAVENNY STEAM LAUNDRY ?J?? COMPANY, LIMITED, Hj fill MERTHYR ROAD. Why Buy New Clothes? When you can have the old WASHED, ■HB DRY CLEANED, or DYED equal to new. Reasonable Charges, consistent with good work No sweating of workers. Collars, 9d. per Dozen. i War! War!! War! War! W ar W ar j I am NOT putting up my Prices. On the contrary, I am Greatly Reducing all Summer Goods Men's and Boys' Flannel Suits and Children's White Blouses and White Drill Suits to Half Price. Men's & Boys' White Straw Sailor Hats from 6d., as long as they last. rE rE Abergavenny's Clothier, Outfitter, Hatter & Tailor, HIGH STREET. MORGAN & CO. Solicit the favour of your orders for every description of n Printing, = I Lithography, = (2J Die Stamping, = I Bookbinding, &c. I LOWEST PRICES. "Chronicle" Printing Works, iss Frogmore Street, Abergavenny. A Newspapers, Periodicals, Books, Stationery, and every requisite appertaining to the Printing, Stationery and Fancy Trade. km Advertisements inserted in any Newspaper at home or abroad, at publishers' prices. S?*l MORGAN & CO., CHRONICLE 11 OFFICE, Telephone, No. 87. ABERGAVENNY. | • — — j —  p^OIWTTS TH ALT TELL. 4XCylinders cast en bloc. 83 m/m Bore x 140 mm Stroke. Centre Bearing to Crankshaft. Enclosed Valves. Adjustable Tappets. Bosch High Tension Magneto, advance and retard control on dash. Zenith Carburettor, hot and cold air control on dash. Silent Chain Drive to Camshaft and Magneto. Forced Feed Lubrication. Detachable Rims. Thermo-Syphon Cooling. Honeycomb Radiator. Multiple Disc Clutch. Gate Change. Three Speeds and Reverse.. Full Floating Back Axle. Shock Absorber. Perfect Springing. Michelin Tyres. Petrol Tank on Dash. Doublefolding Windscreen. F.nglish Hood, with side curtains. Electric Horn. Comfortable Body. WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC STARTER—The starter that always starts. WESTINGHOUSE DYNAMO. STORAGE CELLS AND FULL ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT-The light that never fails. Regardless of cost no high grade car can have more striking features than this, making THE HUPMOBILE CAR UNSURPASSABLE INVALUE. Standard Four-seater Model M245. Agent for North Monmouthshire and Breconshire :—P. WILKS, CrickhOWell. 1; 3,u' 'Phone 32. Also Local Agents for OVERLAND & SUNBEAM CARS. I WE DO NOT ASK THE HEAVY CHARGES ? V required by many lenders as we discriminate and choose honourable borrowers who meet their obligations. Therefore we need only ask a reason- able commercial profit. X10 to X10,000 advanced promptly and privately without guarantors or security, repayable by instalments which can be conveniently spared from your income. Our business being absolutely genuine, unless cash actually ad- vanced not a penny charged. Write, call, or 'phone. CHARLES STEVENS. LTD., HAYES BUILDINGS, THE HAYES, CAR- DIFF. Tel. Cardiff 467. Telegrams, 'Atlas,' Cardiff. THE WHITE SISTERS GIVE LESSONS IN Frsnch, Pianoforte, Violin & Mandolin, Painting, French Painting, Poker-work, Needlework, to Children and Adults, both ladies and gentlemen. They take also young ladies who have left school for accomplishments, French and Needlework, at moderate charges. FRENCH CLASSES are held. Terms: 10/6. if CJass is composed of at least six members 12/6 if only four members. For further particulars, Apply to The REV. MOTHER SUPERIOR, Pen-y-pound House. » BUSINESS ESSENTIALS. TYPEWRITING AND DUPLICATING. Legal work, specifications, letters, statements lYe, typed intelligently and promptly. Ex: ei,l ,.at work guaranteed. 1 -nplicating of personal circular letters, trade 1is", &c., a speciality. Any number of type- written copies of documents provided. ACCOUNTANCY AND AUDITING. Systems of Book-keeping for different busi- nesses provided. Trading and Profit and Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets prepared. Periodi- cal Audits efficiently performed. Accounts prepared for Income Tax and other purposes. R. H. JACKSON. Fern Lea, Hereford Road, H- JACKSON. Abergavenny. 1912 VINTAGE PORT (Sandeman's). Quantities for laying down at special price. VIN ORDINAIRE CLARET, 11/- per Doz. MORCAN & EVANS. THE SUPPLY STORES, ABERGAVENNY & CRICKHOWELL. H. POWELL, Telephone No. 2. The Abergavenny Motor Garage, Brecon Road, Aberoavenny. Open and Closed Cars for Hire. ALL kinds of REPAIRS executed by Competent Mechanics. I Motor Char-a-banc runs every Thursday to various places of interest, leaving Abergavenny at 2-30 p m. ——— (See Bills.) ——— Dtralop, Prowodnik and Goodrich Tyres stocked. All kinds of Accessories. THE OLDEST, LARGEST & BEST EQUIPPED GARAGE IN TOWN. SOLE AGENT for STUDEBAKER CARS & N.S.U. MOTOR CYCLES. DEMONSTRATION CAR ALWAYS AT YOUR DISPOSAL. Hygienic Bakery. -:0:- The Pioneer OF THE Bread and Confectionery Trade. I J. H. REDWOOD. I The Bread and Confectionery Pioneer. Flannel Street. •i Sunshades Re-covered FROM 1/3. I Book of New Patterns (33) to select from. R. J. HARRHY. 5, HIGH STREET, ABERGAVENNY. j BEDDING PLANTS! BEDDING PLANTS! THE LARGEST COLLECTION IN THE COUNTY. j 150,000 TO SELECT FROM. Geraniums, Begonias, Calceolarias, Ver- benas, Heliotrope, Lobelia, Salvias, Dahlias, Violas, Zinnias, Marguerites, Agoratum, Asters, Stocks, &c., &c., ALSO Tomato, Cucumber, Vegetable Marrow, Celery, Cauliflower, Savoy & other Plants. Cut Flowers, Wreaths, Crosses, and Bouquets a speciality. HENRY PITT, F.R.H.S., Brecon Rd. & Old Nurseries, Abergavenny Licensed agent to stock and sell poisonous com- pounds for use in horticulture. Tel. No. 19 P.O. DOWNES BEST & CHEAPEST FOR RELIABLE FURNITURE OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Frogmore St., ABERGAVENNY. Telephone 103. JESSE PRITCHARD, PRACTICAL MASON, 1, Trinity Terrace, Baker Street, ??E?CrAVEB?BWY. P li exe- Every description of Building Work promptly exe- !lted. Tardi and Paths ABphalted, Cemented or -h  "P e-It  travelled at moderate charges. Careful attentiol, given to all Jobbing Work. A Trial Order respectfully solicited. EVANS'S Sculpture and Monumental Works. ESTABLISHED 1857. Cemetery Memorials of all kinds in Granite, Marble or Stone. i Old Monuments Cleaned. Inscriptions Accurately Engraved; Finest Materials and Workmanship. MODERATE CHARGES. DESIGNS & PRICES FREE ON APPLICATION Residence, Works and Yard- 2, Brecon Road, Abergavenny. Opposite the Post Office.