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"P- _\o""1M"IIu:I't-. rfl ? s?? ??<? :.?;?.-?-? t,.? ? ? ?3!??.??? ? '"? '? ? ?'? S ??.?? ?f? ?-? '? ? ? ?? ? t. ? t r? ???"? S 'i tt 1:1 :Z. wilaœ5:m.a.141£ ¡ T2:LEPION:J: P.o.. SS. AS A RICH AND STIMULATING LEVERAGE GENUINE COFFEE' r.-( ¡ r.! J ¡¡H' r.r A.L. L 11- .I!J .I.,L. I STANDS UNIQUE .1. However, to obtain the greatest benefit and enjoy- ment from Pure CoSee. the quality must be assured. { I We pay special attention to Coffee, buy the finest growths only, blend and roast on the most up-to-date sywicm, and supply you wit' the utmost value, at  t? E? i1/u f. '.VUlb.'ttbc tit-dr?''picg?irita-n-!th delight, ? ?'<? < a?. ? /B<«? M? tS- Me«?- m < B.'yond th? bit.? .-I dreams."—Mn.Tox. R, 'A V E N N ?'?% H'rtí "v= ? jfa! ?? a ? i?B tj"*a ? E?'aM% EB ?B ? ? !?? E??\aM? ? ? ? ?FS ? ? ? !(t?! Furniture for the l'v.tillion. < 6 !J r"? ? ( i t ? t i t Immense Select i on Newest Des i gns tH) Selection! N e,vest Designs! ?_ Catalogues gratis I Free Delivery ????. Everything for Furnishing? "?????? ???? Bottom Prices! Y .It 1: rJ ? ? ? ?? L o?? '??? ?0?.?? ???''?.S?_'?\ ? 'ft/J.i,,1. r 1'4- ? ?<???? ? ? ? ?????? tt>¡ ? ? ?- 4"?? ????? Reli.ble ? ?? ? ?? FuU-compass ???? ? -It, PtANOFORTES ???? '? \.(. with exceMent touch and ??? ? ? ?*<> ?? ? ? ? ?. ? tone, and cased hi sptendidty ??'? ? ? O Figured Walnut, at 15 Guuieas only! ? Without exception the best value ever offered! Pianofortes & Organs from Seven to Fifty Guineas Ten years' sigued warranty. Scores of Testimonials for inspection. Telephone 146. ABERGAVENNY STEAM LAUNDRY COMPANY, LIMITED, MERTHYR ROAD. Why Buy New Clothes ? When you can have the old WASHED, DRY CLEANED, or DYED equal to new. Reasonable Charges, consistent with good work No sweating of workers. CoHars, 9d. per Dozen. Ii W ¡II! t eI Season. I II' Jt.J It II: ¡ Ne! E<<M W VV GOO¡;S ARRIVING- DA,IL Y. I Latent Designs in Suits and Overcoats. i Frcm 21,1- to Measure. Ready to wesr from 15 6. Grand SelecUon 91 Boys' ard Yonks' Suits and OVïtQats and Drabbets Jack£tzs from 'H. fVlen's Cord Trousers, Vests, from 2/11. Lovely Patterns of to 0-M, 37/5. BUTT, Ihe Clothier, MORGAN & CO Solicit the favour of your orders for I every description of Printing r Lithography, = d: Die Stamping, = Bookbinding, &c. L:7.- LQWEST PRICES. "Chrontcte" Printi-sio Works, Frogmore Btreet, Abergavenny= ???-??????????????????????????????.- Newspapers, Periodicals, F Books, Stationery, and every requisite appertaining to the Printing, Stationery and Fancy Trade. ?? Advertisements inserted in any Newspaper I at home or abroad, at publishers' prices. ?S MORGAN & CO., 11 CHRONICLE OFFICE, Telephone, No. 87. ABERGAVENNY. s Cent!e!M!fs Residence 1 (OLD COURT) TTO LET Occupied for several years by the late Col. Church. Apply, Gwattdn Bros., Abergawenny. SEEDS! SEEDS! SEEDS: Pitt's New and Reliable Seeds No Better ProcurabSe. I Fruit Trees, Roses, Ornamental N Trees and Shrubs. LANDSCAPE GARDENSNS in all its I branches a spessaHty. j CATALOGUES FREE. Cut F!owers, Wreaths, Crosses, Bouquets, &c. HENRY PITT, F.R.H.S., Brecon Road and Old Nurseries, ABERGAVENNY. Licensed agent to stock Md aell poisonoTia oom- pounda for QHC in hoiticuUure. TEL. No. 19. ALFRED PRITCHARD, Generat and Furnishing tronmonger, 2, CROSS ST. (opposite Town H&ll), ABERG4VENNY. TELEPHONE No. 39. ??? Agent for the Leadsng Makers of C? ?3S PI:nh:, Harrows, Putpers, ?? t) Land & Fietd Roiters, li ? Cultivators, Chaff=cutter? ? ?wa ?'i ? A Large Stock of ? ? f:! Galvanized Pig & Sheep ? ? Troughs, ? Cattle Cribs, ? ? Catvanized Roofing, ??? ? Garden Spades, Forks, ? a ? ? ? Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, ? ? ? ? ? Manure Forks, Hackers, ?j j' ? ?" ?? Hedging Gtoves. ? N H Linseed Oil, Lubricating OH, Turpentine, Lamp OHs, Paints and Varnishes. ALL AT MY SPECIAL CASXX FRXCES. Estimates for New Wofk or Repairs given free of Charge. MONEY ON REASONABLE TERMS. \WT'V 7 E DO NOT ASK THE HEAVY CHARGES required by many lenders as we discriminate and choose bonourable borrowers who meet their obligations. Therefore we need only ask a reason- able commercial profit. XIO to .E10.000 advanced promptly and privately to respectable Householders. Write, call, or 'pboue.— CHARLES STEVENS, Ltd., Hayes BuHdtngs, The Hayes, CARDIFF. Tel. Cardiff 467., AUas," Cardiff. First and Second Mortgages arranged and Loans on Reversions. Special Terms to Farmers and Agriculturalists. THE WHITE SISTERS GIVE LESSONS IN French, Pianoforte, Violin & Mandolin, Painting. French Painting, Poker-work, Needlework, to Children and Adults, both ladies and gentlemen. They take also yonng ladies who have left school for accomplishments, French and Needlework, at moderate charges. -FRENCH CLASSES are held. Terms: 10/6. if Class is composed of at least six members 12/6 if only four members. For further particulars, Apply to The REV. MOTHER SUPERIOR, Pen-y-pound House. BUSINESS ESSENTIALS. TYPEWRITING AND DUPLICATING. Legal work, specifications, letters, statements, &c., typed intelligently and promptly. Ex- cellent work guaranteed. Duplicating of personal circular letters, trade lists, &c., a speciality. Any number of type- written copies of documents provided. ACCOUNTANCY AND AUDITING. Systems of Book-keeping for different busi- nesses provided. Trading and Front and Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets prepared. Periodi- cal Audits efficiently performed. Accounts prepared for Income Tax and other purposes. R. H. JACKSON. Fern Lea, Hereford Road, Abergavenny. I J; 'Tr/<r'?''? 'a'?.T???TT'??? A"lV' F i Ii f 't" il- "9. 1 ?-? i (.?-ii i. i?i??ii..? A4 T i?tE"? I 3/- PER SM. UVERLd.L PINT SCEW. ST(}PFER MTTLES. HEREFORDSRIEE CIDER ..æ.P- .J 1-1 .J LJ.l _L" _tC¿.L l; 2/6 FlR D 0 Z.PI A L P, (i -k L.Z ,S. 0 R C :'r? ;m ,:f < é"; "c' r..t ¥,j\ >-t' 1fi7. i{: { t;. r ,Ii J7 G. 'd THE SUPPLY STORES, JL £l-. ,l .r '.Á y (; ..1. i) 1 'r l;i_.J. vI,' l'Æ q l 11 .t 1\ Pi \'1\1 I\. For PALM SUNDAY. Additional Iiiscriptions and the Restoration of Old Memorials m time icr Palm Sunday, can be done in proper manner if orders are placed in good time. THOROUGH WORKMANSHIP AN<D-rHE MOST REASONABLE CHARGES. THOROU G I-I V ?'ORKMANSI-IIP A-rU .rHE AIOST RLAIONABLE CHARGFS ROBERT PRICE & SONS, ADJOINING CATTLE MARKET. Redwood's i BREAD I AND CONFECTIONERY PERFECTION. B 'S' K "I r:. HM iL ?jj? ?s?f, s* ??e? S?? s' iS.. c'? ? iF' ?ir????s??!fMmP%??& i! ??t?s??'?6."? Flannel '?'?<<B'?"' Out with that Extravagant Old Grate. A MODERN RANGE -OR- 'R I? ? T ? ?? T3 ? t A ?'' 7? RE&i???? ???iJL -IS- REAL ECONOMY AND COMFORT AMD COSTS VERY LITTLE —FROM— ?n!?P C OB! QT P??b & CS'fu???!?? BUILDE, RS' 11ERCHANTS, Adjoining CattSe Market. JESSE PRITCHARD. PRACTICAI. MASON. 1, Trinity Terrace, Baker Street, ABERG-A. "Y"ENNY. Every description cf BnUdinK V.'r.rR prcmptiyt-. cuteQ. Yards fed P&tbs Aspi-EL"ed Cementeci Gre,Yel!ed at EBoderate charges. Ca.refut aHoct' given to a.ll Jobbing Weih. A Trial Order re6petf'11ly solicited 'S't?T?T'?TT?ft i! JM '\Js' W TY JN L?Jr L<"J"Q BEST & CHEAPEST FOR RELIABLE FUl'wlITURE OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Frogmore St., BER- (i A I Telephone 103. t SWEET ORANGES. V IE 1:1 -17 CI.{El;hP. IC:! Ài ,& .oj<úw. h. I!. I r Pi, I I ""L' ?i?it&?. TH?TC?? il& 9 Ti'?????? ii ??.1S'PP BOOK-KEEPING, SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING, THEORY AND PRACTICE OF COM- MERCE. AND OTHER COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS. A thorough knsw!edge of these sub- jects can be obtained in three months by adopt: ng the efncient courses of mdmdua! instruction provided by R. li. fACKSON (FeUow of Society of Commercial Teachers), Fern Lea, Here- ford Road, Abergavenuy. ESTAF. ?Dl8?. Tr ?"?7? A T\T/V 7"TJLTJ"r LjJ-J. !? JEl? V ?C-L.T,1\?? T??? SCULPTOR, 3. Brecon. Road, OLD MONUMENTS CLEANED AND RENOVATED. it :¡. /¡ ¡"" ):>:1"1 "y:a:t t, '¡'?'¡;' 'w., I l, :G"ft. 1 fr: ."f¡" ( ,t r, y .r; ,1:' .'j" 'J""?t '}- L': I 'Z; .¡-r., I' )'fr', t;¡.: ::(: SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO ARRANGING OF INSCRIPTIONS. MONUMENTS IN MARBLE, GRANITE AND STONE I FINISHED IN AN ACCURATE AND WORKMANLIKE MANNER. -1