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^ales by Ruction.. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK (Members of The Auctioneers' Institute), AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, ESTATE, LAND AND HOUSE AGENTS. SALES conducted of House Froperty, Estates, I' Timber, Machinery and Plant, Shares, Agri- cultural & Trade Stocks, Furniture, Pictures, Plate, and all Household Effects. VALUATIONS made for Probate, Tenant Right, Mortgage or Sale, and for the Transfer of Hotels and other businesses. Licensed Victuallers' Accounts kept and Stocks taken. Gaugi SALES OF Fc\T & STORE STOCK in Aber- gavenny Cattle Market every TUESDAY, and FAIR-DAY, commencing at 9.30 a.m. ESTATES Managed and Rents Collected. Mortgages negotiated.. SALES of Horses, Vehicles, Harness, &c., in the Cattle Market, every Fair Day at 11 a.m. INSURANCES oi all kinds effected in leading Offices. Register kept of Farms, Country and Town Houses to Let or for Sale. Teelphone P.O. 24. Telegrams: "Chadwick," Abergavenny. Offices: FROGMORt & MARKET STREET CHAMBERS, ABERGAVENNY. ABERGAVENNY iotii ANNUAL BULL SALE. TUESDAY, MARCH 2nd. 1915, TAMES STRAKER, SON, & CHADWICK eT have pleasure in announcing the date of their ANNUAL BULL SALE, for which they beg to solicit early entries, to enable same and full particulars to appear in catalogues, and for which thev will offer the usual Prizes. They will also hold a Special Sale of STORE STOCK on the above date. NOTE.-The Auctioneers will be pleased to arrange for free accommodation for any animals sent overnight for sale. GLEATHE HOUSE, OLD CASTLE. (Two miles from Pandy). JAMES STRAKER, SON, & CHADWICK win Sell bv Auction the HOUSEHOLD AND OUTDOOR EFFECTS, including Milch Cow, Fat Pig, Poultry, etc., on MONDAY, FEBRUARY Sth. Sale at 2.50. ANNUAL FAIR CARDS. THE ANNUAL FAIR CARDS which Messrs. J. Straker, Son & Chadwick have pub- lished for some years, are now ready, and can be obtained at either of the offices, or will be sent post free on application. FflONTAGUE KARRIS, AUCTJOSEER, VALUER, H3JJiE AND ESTATE AGENT. Telegrams Montague Harris, Abergavenny.' Telephone P.O. 41. SALES conducted of all kinds of Property, Agricultural and other Stock, Timber, Furni- ture, &c WE?K? SALES OF FAT & STORE STOCK in the Cattle Market, Abergavenny, every TUESDAY 0.: FAIR DAYS, commencing at 9.30 a.m. VALUATIONS for Probate or Mortgage, and for the Transfer of Licensed Premises. PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE in Estate Manage- ment. Rents Collected. All Insurances effected. Offices LIOFJ STREET, AEERuAVZfiJiY. HILL FARM, GROSMONT. Q.} IMPROVED WELSH EWES .J ,l. X>J I _L1. -ll:Jl. 't' O? in yean. 4 CATTLE, Viz. Two Cross bred Cows in 4 '-Teil?cr at foo:. 2 SOWS in furrow. HORSES 4-year-old Mare, 15IKIS. ?.ms., good in saddle and harness Yearling Cart Filly. SUNDRY IMPLEMENTS AND TOOLS, HARNESS, AND OTUER Ei<V £ Ci3. -> „ R. MONTAGUE HARRIS lias received "V; :.I. _d l'<tLt'-J.d; :l3.<; }'clyeu •V'j instructions from Mr. Jas. Watkins, who is giving up farming, the farm being let, to Sell as above On THURSDAY, isth FEBRUARY, 1915. SAT,3 AT ONE O'CLOCK. Auctioneer's- Omces Abergavenny. PERCY WIBBERLEY, AUCTJOrEER: VALUER, ESTATE AGENT AHD IinURAN£ BROKER. Telegrams Wibberlev, Auctioneer, Aberga- venny." Telephone P.O. 142. SALES conducted of all classes of PROPERTY, FURNITURE, FARMING STOCK, GROWING TIMBER and OTHER EFFECTS. VALUATIONS made for all purposes. INVENTORIES taken and checked. TRADESMEN'S BOOKS Audited. LARGE EXPERIENCE in all classes of IN- SURANCES for FIRE, LIFE, WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION, THIRD PARTY, PLATE GLASS, INFOAE MARES, TRADESMEN'S HORSES, &c. WEEKLY SALES OF FAT & STORE STOCK in Abergavenny Market everv TUESDAY and FAIR DAYS. Offices LION STREET (over Bakery Shop), ABERGAVENNY. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. HOALD ALBERT FARM, GROSMONT. THIS IMPORTANT AND ATTRACTIVE SALE of LIVE & DEAD FARMING STOCK for Mr. J. Jones (who is leaving) will be conducted bv MR. PERCY WIBBERLEY On THURSDAY, 25th MARCH, 1915. Detailed particulars in due course. Auctioneer's Offices Lion St., Abergavenny. COEDYGELLI, LLANARTH. Abergavenny 6 miles, Raglan 4, Penpergwm 3. IMPORTANT UNRESERVED SALE of t a neat and capital collection of LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, comprising 20 WELL-BRED HEREFORD CATTLE, 66 RADNOR & CROSS-BRED SHEEP, 2 GRAND SHIRE-BRED MARES, in foal to Hendre Baronet and Moors Lion Most Promisingf Two-year-old FILLY YOUNG SOW and the well-kept nearly new Implements & Machines, Harness, &c., i which RENNIE & JONES are favoured with instructions from the Execu- trix of the late Mr. David E. Evans to conduct on the premises, On THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20th, 1.915, after 12 o'clock luncheon. Catalogues irom the Auctioneers, Newport, Usk, and Monmouth. jHiseellanecras. —— G. W. R. —— EXCURSIONS. MONDAYS & FRIDAYS IN FEBRUARY. I To READING & LONDON for varying periods from Pontypool Road, Aberga- venny, Usk, etc. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18. To LONDON for HALF-DAY. 3, 5 or 8 days. Leave Abergavenny 1.25, Ponty- pool Road 1.50 p.m. Half-day Fare, 6/- SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20. HALF-DAY TRIP to BRISTOL. Leave Pontypool Clarence Street 2.45, Ponty- pool Road 3.0, Abergavenny 1.40 p.m., etc. For details see bills or send postcard to stations or offices. FRANK POTTER, General Manager. 11 Iti. THE Shop, 18, Monk Street, on March lst i- Appl, The Hall, Windsor Rond. RJJL TO Let, small Cottage with good garden and fowl ran.-Apply, John Prichard, Glendower  Let, a small Meadow, Urchard and Garden, L Mtnate on the Monmouth Road. Apply, Waikina, Baker, Monk Street. RT1 IO Let, fro A 1st February, 2. Brynteg Terrace, Mount Street; bath h and c. rent £19 10s. exclusive. — Apply, "Ashton," Maelgwyn Road, Llandudno. r OWER Gelli, Llanvetherine, to let from 1st of Ji May next, with two large gardens, paddock and out houses.— Apply, G. Jones, Brynawelon, Newbridge, Mou. r (-) Let No. 2, Harrinehay Terrace, from 25th L Match nExt.-Apply, F. R. Britou, United Counties Bank. 110 Let. Flough Inn. Ll inpattock, Crickhowell. Apply, Thomas Delafieid, King's Arms. Aber- ) gavenny. I 10 Let, from Aùrlllst. I-<i"bon Honw, Stanhope Street, conta'ining eight rooms, bath b. and c., lavatory.—Apply, Mrs. Sbeen, Melbourne House. -1 io Vet Ctagc. with large garden at Llanvihan- gel Gobion,— Applv. H. Gallianne Lemmon, Solicitor and Notary Public, Abergavenny. 0 Let, Shop. with EOOA living accommodation in Monk Street; immediaie possession.—James Straker, Son & C'aaiwiek. I -C'- =_c- c-.c.. =-c-='=-=-C:= Q&lanut>. -U OU,'3,-?Ma i d. '"ITANTEL,), Girl about 18. us Housemaid.— \? App?y. Carlton Houje. \V"\V 7ANTED, Warehouseman. Apply, W. T. V"\ &wneha.m, Ar??t. Stord, A ber?veuay. \W \T ANTED, til-n-irl Lad its Errand Boy; wages 7s. per week.—D»ni vis. Abergavenny. \V\V 7 ANEED, Farm Hand. Apply, Phillips, YV PEIJTRE, Llanddewi Iihyduercb. \"ANTED young Day Nurse.—-Mrs. Montague I VV Harris, liocktiale, Abergavenny. 5 4 ANTED, an experienced Gneal. Apply, Mr Daviep, Hope House, Gonion,  hp-ti 1),,? e h e?i p \TRANTED, a Portable Shed; must 1)13 cheap.— YV Write, stating size and price to T.A.K.S., Chronicle Office. PPRENTICLS w,,n?t??i f r :b-? Painting and ?? Decor?iog.—Apply. C. Pi?e & Son, 16 Nevill Street. I R ANTED, Laundry WORK by an experienced VV LNUADRC-s-, 1;"11I-: in country.—Write first, N., Chronicle, Office, Abergavenny. J AGGO'NEK, for H'TY TR^.DE K»OD wages to — Day, Frot;nv.irc cit. j V V reliable -toiu y mm. A PPRL'.NTiCES — Respectable Youths wanted in the Carpe:itr>. Masoory, and Painting T'-ados. Apply. Foster Hid Contc^cto s. ?'t?ANT?D, ? ..? G,,? 1, i) 10 TO c ?k: m'o m r ?? family washing Gl. — Ap!?.' C/?'?Mtc'e Dii E SS .M A KIN (J—A n exp«:ri -weed Bkirt Hand i? \?n?)L t»lso Improver and .?.ppr?tUces.—L. ?. nt)O' 13, Fro?!?r.r.j ?n.ct. A'-?e?!wet!!iy. I ,) L¡,ll'C. Gcl d i: -,r ?. T !,r2, I ? ?ANTRD. ? Heavy FMM Gelding or M?r?, ? ? ?cut 16 hands mnt be a GOED WORKER and 'J/I-S the ">'et —S-nd pa?icn?M as to A^E and price to ne Steward, Mon?.oa'h'b?re Asylum, Aberga- vcPy. PPILENTIGFIS—Wanted by Seargeaut Piros., • T Ltd., several smart, intelligent Lads as Apprentices for tli ir Composing and Machine R:) u s. Full particulars given on application.— Anpiy, Coticty \Vo¡'k, Abt^igavenuy. jfor alt. i 'T"D' P'T n'rrm L,,¿¡,1r- 1"rtA on! G'n1" ? ?'1 ARDEN Barrow?, Ladders. C,.rtFi LX —Watkina, 'Wheelwright, Mar-jy, Mon. 17«0IL S.E, 100 Yards Old Wooden Fence and 300 i? Yard of Barbed Wire.—Williams, HaneHen- 0 he Sold by Tender, 20 Poplars, on Lower JL SR.ntou. Llanvihancel Orucoruey.—Apply, Jones, Upper Triley, nr. Abergavenny. GTOR HEARSS.—Late.T .LESION, low price, iVI. easy terms. Also light GLASS Kcarseu and Funeral C-irs. Photys free; writ0 for particulars — Marston, 24, Bradford Street, Birmingham. F> ATS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES & and BEETmS greedily eat Harnson's Reliable Rat Poison. Cats and Dogs will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Prices 6d., 13., 23. yl., and 3s. 3d. Postage 2d.— G. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Abergavenny H. Shackle- ton, Chemist, 9, Cross-street. Brynmawr A. M. Jones, Chemist, 74 King St. Crickhowell: Kirkland. GREY HAIR permanently and speedily re- X stored to its original colour by using Harrison's Hair Colour Restorer. It is not a dye, but by natural means acts as a restorative. Contains nothing injurious, and is beneficial to the growth and beauty of the Hair. In bottles price u. 6d. (postage 3d. extra). Manufacturer G. W. Harrison, Hair Specialist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Abergavenny H. Shackleton, Chemist, 9 Cross Street Bryn- mawr A. M. Jones, Chemist, 74 King Street. IMPORTANT to Mothers. — Every Mothel who values the Health and cleanliness of her Child should use Harrison's Reliable Nursery Pomade. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In Tins, 4d. and gd. Postage id Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by all Chem- ists. Insist on having Harrison's Pomade. Agent for Abergavenny H. Shackleton, Chemist, 9, Cross Street. Brynmawr A. M. Jones, 74 King Street. Crickhowell: Kirkland. Cost or gtrapelj. STRAYED from Bower Farm, Grosmont, Four Welsh Lambs; raddle twice over shoulder, spittle mark over each ear; crop right.-Apply, J. Whiatous. jftisrfllanemis. I Abergavenny and District Horticultural Society. THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held in the COUNCIL CHAMBER, TOWN HALL, ABERGAVENNY, on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18th, at 8 p.m. AGENDA: 1. Election of Officers and Committees for-the ensuing year. 2. To decide re Flower Show for 1915. 3. Any other business. All Subscribers to the Society, and others interested in Horticulture, are invited to attend. H. H. MATTHEW (REV.), Chairman SAM. B. DAVIES (Hon. Sec. pro tern: Abergavenny Licensed Victuallers' Association. -Î.'ttø i, ———- AT a Meeting of the Members of thej bove AAssociatioll, held this day, it was unani- mously agreed to conform to the wishes of Colonel Pearson and not supply any Soldier of the Roval Engineers until after 5 p.m. H. B. STOCKEN, President. February 11, 1915. NOTICE. THE Abcrgavenny Steam and Hand Laundry -L Co., Ltd., have engaged T. Pollitti aa their Motor Driver, from this date. I The Furniture Buyer's Opportunity which occurs but once a year, and affords to the bargain seeker an exceptional chance for securing unusual bargains in house equip- ment at large and bona fide reductions from the usual LOW CASH PRICES, takes place this year from February 6th to 27th 18 Business Days only. The usual method of demonstrating the ACTUAL SAVING effected will be followed, namely, the PLAINLY MARKED TICKETS showing the usual CASH PRICE will remain on each article and an additional YELLOW LABEL, also plainly marked will display the REDUCED SALE PRICE. A comparison of the two tickets will therefore show the ACTUAL SAVING EFFECTED. Large. 13 Stocks of Reliable Furniture Displayed In Showrooms over a quarter-ofnammile in length, consisting of six floors, each served by an electric passenger lift, and to inspect which is a liberal education in the art of ARTISTIC FURNISHING will be subjected to REDUC- TIONS in PRICE in many cases below the present COST of manufacturing. These showrooms offer a range of Choice. sufficient for every need and by far the largest in this part of the coun- try. They comprise goods suitable in style and price for the Cottage, Villa, or Mansion, and represent all that is latest and best in ARTISTIC ECONOMICAL HOUSE EQUIP- MENT If a copy has not already reached you kindly send for the illustrated Furniture Sale Catalogue containing examples of over icoo bargains out of the many thousands on offer, each item being marked by a distinguishing- number representing the actual article in stock and at the disposal of visitors for critical comparison and inspection. If added to all this it is re- membered that every item bears the name and consequently the fame of P. E. QANEisrr) LM- 'Ou? AN Y-"q (Tra pp ell ) Ltd. Pe ED ?J? ? iL? & Gana ?  ? ?-v <! ?  161=2=3, Commercial St., NEWPORT, < Further comments are superfluous, but please note February Sth to 27th only. rCHAPPELL ARE PERFECTION. These Pianos are a Triumph of British Art. They are sold at prices within the reach of all. The cheapest Upright may be had at 48 guineas, payable at the rate of 24s. per month. and delivered on payment of first monthly instalment, or liberal discount will be given for cash. MINIATURE GRANDS from 95 guineas. Second-hand instruments taken in exchange. SEND FOR CATALOGUE.? HEINS & Co., LTD., ABERGAVENNY. t m Established 1830. ABERGAVENNY GAS WORKS. COKE. REDUCTION IN PRICE. until further notice the price of Coke has been reduced to SIXPENCE PER CWT. to Customeri within the Borough, and EIGHTPENCE PER CWT. to Customers outside the Borough. Hauling extra, according to weight and distance from Works. fHtsellatieous. I COLISEUM ABERGAVENNY. Telephone, 33. MANAGING DIRECTOR RICHARD DOONER. RESIDENT MANAOKR W. H. WALLER. Monday, February 15th, and During the Week. I Matinees on Tuesday & Saturday at .30, I MONDAY, TUESDAY* <Sc WLI)NFST)AY SPECIAL AND EXPENSIVE EXCLUSIVE PHOTO PLAY, MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT. In Two Parts. I HER DUTY. BOY SCOUTS TO THE RESCUE SPECIAL PATHE WAR GAZETTE SPECIAL AND STARRING ENGAGEMENT OF James Willing & Go's. BELGIAN SPECIALITY ARTISTES, In their Wonderful Sensational Performance on the Slack Wire. Direct from the Leading London Halls. By k nd permission, we have secured for one week J. WALKER !of the 124th Company Royal Engineers) Comedian and Entertainer at the Piano THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY: — SENSATIONAL STAR PICTURE, APABUSHEO." In Two Parts. AT THE RISK OF HIS LIFE. A ROWBOAT ROMANCE Keystone). "THUMBS UP." PATHE WAR GAZETTE. ADULTS 3d. CHILDREN, 2d. FFIAAMBZAASAAE ^—111111111 AANGGBIV ADULTS, (Tip np Chaira) 6d. ?CH!H)R!3)?. X- H—R~ •— ADULTS, (Tip-up Chaira 9d. CHI LDH.F.. 6d. 30 BOSiOilOil THEATRE, TOWN I-IALL BUILDINGS, ABERGAVENNY. Lessees MR. & MRS VYYIAX THOMAS. Next Wesk. Fsr Six ti i g h t s. QvfmwmKmg SVSenday, Fete, 15" MR. W. V. GARROD and "Company, including MISS BERTHA KINGSTON, In Tliree Strong Dramatic Flays MONDAY & TUESDAY, A ? ? 7' ? f ? ? ? S? A DAY.   M.! WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY, Ii. ",h It. 'J} 1.1 JI't It I. '11" \) i" 7 <"> 0 S" MouftfryGirnn'London FRIDAY SATURDAY, I THE SlENEiUMEK. I f'j h a 4 D U fa M ? ?' !f TRICES OF ADMISSION PRICES OF ADMISSION Back ('?i? StÜ¡s S;L]L rit  p]? rdin"ry Doon ?/f; 2,- 1/6 I 1/- I (>d. E?Iy Do-T?.. | *2 6 2,- 1/9 1/3 C. Non-Cornmissioned Officers and Men, Half-pri-no to ail parts except Back Pit. Two Performances on Saturday. 3.40 & 9. SPECIAL PRICES: Pit 4d. Pit Stalls, 6d. Orchestra Stalls, Is. Dress Christadelphian Synagogue, LION STREET, ABEEGA VENNY, SUNDAY NEXT, FEB. 14th, 1915, At 6.30 p.m. SpeakerMr. A. R. MEAD (Cardiff). Snbject "Jewish Aspirations for Palestine. Will they be realized? Come and hear. Seats Free. No Collection. -1- BUY YOUR II MALT & HOPS FROM THOMAS DELAFIELD, MALTSTER & BREWER, ABERGAVENNY.


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