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Wh' t I Who Stole! Tur om I r ImIUII   Story I Por the True Story   BtE MEXT U 1- A y5  f j t!a?!t ?t??ijtr ?)t )? > OF THE  WORLD ;¡III 11 .AdI r: Mr. J. H. Simcox (from photo) C,. IV'. 1 ¡fJflllttl I Crippled with Ga?t -1 PT, II I De W"' i's Cure a ter 12 years. Have you any of these symptoms P First thing in the morning—Head- ache, stiff joints, sluggishness, puffi- ness under the eyes, or nasty taste in the mouth ? During the day—Lack of energy, stabbing or wearying backache pains when you stoop or remain long in one position, rheumatic twinges in the limbs, urinary difficulty or bladder dis- comfort ? At the end of the day—Swollen feet. bad appetite, general weakness and irritability ? These symptoms mean kidney and bladder weakness, and may lead to deadly Bright's Disease. Here is the case of a man who suf- fered for 12-years from Kidney trouble, telling how he was completely cured. Mr. J. H. Simeox, the well-known Birmingham tradesman, of 23, Buck- ingham St., Birmingham, said in 1915: "For over 12 years I suffered such agonies from rheumatic gout that often I could not bear anyone to come near or touch me. "My limbs swelled enormously. One foot was so bad that I had to have a special Jboct made. I hobbled about like a cripple, and was laid up for t hree and four months n't a time. I tried every remedy that I heard of, doctors' pre- | scriptions and embrocations without 'success. Then twelve months ago I tried a box of De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills, and they gave me so much relief that I decided to continue taking them. The swellings gradunlly went down, and I became quite free ? from pain, and in a few weeks could move about quite easily, Since that| time I have been cuite free from mv old trouble." Confirming this statement in 1918 Mr. Simcox gaid:- "I have been a new man since taking De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills. I shall always have great pleasure in recommending them to anyone suffer- ing as I did." There are many kidney remedies that get no nearer to the seat of the trouble than to regulate the bowels. De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills go straight through the Kidney and Bladder, ffuskng them out and toning them up to the healthy activity which is essential t" general good health. Within 24 o. rs the pain is relieved and a blue tinge in the urine proves to you for your own satisfaction that this wonderful remedy has actually passed I rIght through the system. Perfectly safe for old and young alike, they hardly ever fail to effect a perfect and permanent cure. I. I   *HE'  ? Jl Ridney&Bladder iB B  ??- v?j?A? 'ss?HL_B?_ ?? TBrs??T?'B  re I i ? PUIS 1 When you buv the pills be sure that they are De Witt's in the white boxes, prated in bh? and ?Sd. Give them a f: ir trial and prove for yourself what r'llilf the hnn You can get a box f" m-Boots Cash Chemist All ? branches; Evan Join* Son and Co. Ltd. ?. R. Henderson, 142,.Stat^ ionrond, ?D???Ma?ts?ecT, Llanelly. T? price is 2/9 per box,oramonth's supply of thus,, wonderful little pills for Or if you would like to, try them first ?i?o ? ?. , ??ny? all •= have to do is to bend your apph- cation to th- ??hera: E. C. De Witt & ( o., Ltd. (Dept. 209A), 44/4-j, ¡ Sthhone r'?- Ton?n, W.I, stating '< Chemist? name and address fuU\ and "bat ?' s'tft: from, when .? onerous sample will be sent you in plain wril)i)(, -4 ,1 Baby Carriages WE HOLD THE LARGEST STOCK IN WEST WALES. Reliable Quality QDJy Pugh Bros., FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS. Phono 273. j

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