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DRAINAGE OF THE WORKHOUSE. I The fortnightly meeting of the Abergavenny Board of Guardians was held on Friday last, Col. V.\ Williams presiding. There were also present Mr. H. J. Gwillim (vice-chairman), Father Wrav, Messrs. Benjamin Price, Morgan W. David, John Prichard, Matthew J. Knight, N Pullin, F. 0 Price. John Baynam, Alfred Edwards, Robert Johnson, and Joseph Howells. Master's Report. The Master reported that there were 6,) in- nutes in the house, compared with 128 for the corresponding period of last year, a decrease of 29. The number of vagrants relieved during tLe fortnight was 61. compared ivitfi 112 fur the corresponding period, a decrease of 51. A concert was given at the Workhouse by the Abergavenny Glee Society, and was much appreciated by the inmates. Old Books For Sale. I The Clerk said that the book-room was full ot old books. Paper was badly needed at the present time. and he asked if the Board would authorise him to sell the books. It was at least 40 years since they had a sale, and there was about a couple of tons of old books. All that they were requited to keep were the minute books and the ledgers. Father W'raj Can't you wait another 40 vears ? The Cleric You would have to build another room to accommodate the books. The Vice-Chairman said that paper was very nee essary at the present time. The price given for old books was i2s. 6d. per cwt., so if there was a couple of tons they would be worth a "lo od sum. Father Wray Somebody ought to see tciese books. The Vice-Chairman Have we abtter authority than Mr. Scanlon < The disposal of the books was left in the hands of the Clerk. Biaenavon Guardians and the Train Service. Mr. Joseph Howells called attention to the inconvenience caused to the Blaenavon Guar- dians b" the alteration in the train service. In order to get to the Board meetings in time they had to leave Blaenavon at five minutes past 8 arid wait at Brvnmawr for the 10 o'clock train. The train they used to come with did not leave Blaenavon till 10 o'clock and there was no con- nection at Bryninawr. The few members who came down that morning came by motor and through the fields to Go/ilon station. If every member came they could not-all ride in the car, which only held five. The Chairman of the Blaenavon Council had written to the L. & N. W. Rly. Co. asking them to alter the motor which came from Pontypool and arrived at Blaenavon at 10 o'clock. If it was put back to 9 o'clock they could catch the train at Brynmawr. He asked the Board to support the request sent by Mr. Gwillim so that the Blaenavon members cuuld get to the meetings in proper time, other- wise they would not be able to attend, as they could not walk1 over. The Vice-Chairman said it was suggested that te train from Panteg should start half an hour earlier and get to Brynmawr at 10 instead of 10.30. At present Blaenavon was cut off from Abergavenny, even on market days. Mr. Morgan David proposed, Mr. Prichard Seconded, and it was carried that the Guardians support the request to the L. & N. W. Rly. Co. Drainage at the Workhouse. The Clerk read a letter from Mr. H. P Wli- liams, Local Government Board Inspector, to the effect that the particulars of the improve- ments and repairs proposed to be effected at the Workhouse, which the Clerk had forwarded, appeared to meet the Local Government Board's requirements, with one important exception, the examination of the drainage system by a qualified expert, the report of his examination to be made to the Board. He thought the Board would be well advised to have this done as soon as convenient. Mr. John Prichard said that as chairman of the House Committee he had had a similar letter from Mr. Williams. Since then he had been over the Workhouse twice, and he thought they ought to attend to this matter at once. In fact he almost felt like taking steps himself, but he thought it had better be left to that meeting, because now was the time wuen they should decide whether to ask for tenders for the whole of the repairs or instruct the drainage to be done immediately. The drainage in tnree or four particulars was very bad. The cesspits re- quired alteration, but it was only a small matter x to alter them. There was a deep inspection pit belonging to the town close by the old wood shed, quite as deep as that room was long, and when the lid was taken off the stench was simply i abominable. He was not sure whether they ought not to ask the Town Council to put an escape pipe to carry away the smell. The Vice-Chairman Mr. Williams wishes us to get an expert to advise us. He wants a man of authority to say what should be done. Mr. Morgan David We had an examination some years ago. The Clerk And we were required to expend £500. Mr. Prichard If you carry out the alterations I have referred to. any expert would pass it. x Mr. Howells said that there WLre is members of the House Committee, but there were only a very few at the meeting Wiien the matter came on. There ought to be a 'better attendance when such important matters were being discussed. Father Wray The House Committee is a Lrce. Mr. Howells: Is that why you left it i Father Wray Yes. Mr. Howells Why didn't you improve it ? Father Wray Because you wuuld not let me. The Vice-Chairman Is tna die way you found it ? Father Wray I was there at ue beginning. The Vice-Chairman "It w,s a Lrcc when you found it and you left it a farce. Mr. Morgan David s. id he did uut take the opinion of Mr. Prichard, and LL moved that an expert be appointed. Father Wray seconded. j The Chairman moved that the matter be referred to the House Comuli, tet. Mr. Prichard said there h d b ,11 no cause of complaint with regard to the to linage by the .Medical O nicer, aud there lu u no fever at the Workhouse. Mr. Howvlls suggested that imatter should I be considered by the House LULjttee at their next meeting. They would b- i a position to recommend to the Board solu of experts. Mr. Morgan David withdraw is prupos.itioll,J and the matter was rdernd n L House com-I mittee to report 011. NeN Member for Lvi ■ -.air. The Clerk reported that_ v. ^garel to the vacancy in the representation • Llanvair Kil- geddin caused by the dc. 1 Mr. George Spencer, he had written to u.v. Council asking them to nominate. s >r. lie had received a reply from Mr. i bwinnerton stating that at the annu. 1 -a meeting on March 30th it ws uliaii- (lcci(lcd to recommend the appointing* t i Mr. Roger Morgan, Lower House Ivr. represent the parish on the Board of Gu ■. and Rural District Council. Father Wray proposed ti.u i F. O. Price seconded, that Mr. Morgan u puiutLd, and this was carried. I Increased Asyliiifs o The Clerk read a letter e steward of the Monmouthshire Asylum .-1 g UlaV owing to the increase in the cost ot pi • the rate of maintenance would be incre. • ■ from ijs. 5d. I to 14s. iold. per week. Vacancies at Cwmyoy an ^-er.artn. y The Clerk read a letter fiou. 'L(. J. liams, of 54, Castle-street, 1 imny of the Queen's Head, Cwmyoy, in r. • I. to 11 request to state the reason of his -cc from the; meetings. Mr. Williams wrote at he was no longer living in the parish jL;f v v n.yoy and he did not feel justified in atteneli 1 he meetings, He should hz glad it the Boaid \v..uld accept his resignation and he thanked the numbers for the kindness and courtesy they had 110wn him. The Clerk said he would w i and ask the Parish Council at Cwmyoy to appon.t a successor. The Clerk also read a letter nom Mr. John Vv'atkins, the Guardian for Lh l.v.'enarth Lltla, explaining that pressure of woik prevented him from attending the meetings, i 1d tendering I is resignation. The Clerk said he would ask the Parish Council to nominate someone in Mr. j Watkins' place} j Children of Fallen Soldiers. The Clerk reported the receipt of a circular letter from the I/xai Government Board in- quiring whether there were in the Union any children of men killed in the present war in receipt of outdoor relief. Both Relieving Officers said there were no such cases in their district. I Assistant Nurse. I An assistant nurse being required at the Work- house, the Master said the Matron recommended that the senior wardsmaid should take up the position and that the Board should appoint another wardsmaid. Father Wray proposed that Miss Meale be appointed assistant nurse. Mr John Prichard seconded, and it was carried It was decided to advertise for another I wardsmaid. --+

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