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Wednesdav Before Major Sanford On the chair), Mr. W.' L. Thomas, Mr. Edwin Foster, Mr. Robert Johnson and Sir. Gower Andrews. Kicked the Horse. joseph Pichtle. a Belgian, employed as a farm hand at Llausaintfiraed, was ,tiiiiiiloncil for cruelty to a horse by kicking it, on the 22nd inst. Mrs. Bosanquet, wife of the Chief Constable of Monmouthshire, said she saw defendant coming out of a held near her house with a wagon. He brought the wagon out through the gate and when he had gone two or three yards up the lane he s < vagely kicked the horse in the sco 111 a eh. She call-(I to him and he came blCk for a minute or two and said It is all right it i, Mr. David's mare." She said that whoever .vned it it should not be treated in that way. ] >efendant said he had only kicked it on the legs, j That lie had kicked it before and that the men at j the farm had also kicked it. She told him his c-induct was scandalous and that she would report him. lIe gesticulated freely, put his hands nearly into her face and shouted at her as she was going across the field. Defendant said that he came out oi a very awkward place with a long wagon and had to turn round in the lane. The horse pushed him into the lrushes and he held on to the bridle and simply kicked her on the left front leg. He had never been cruel to a horse, and his employer would say so, but madam came along and said he had a bad character. He said he hadn't and she replied thai lie had. The way she came and talked to him was enough to make anyone lose his temper. Mr. Morgan David, defendant's employer, said defendant had worked for him since last July. The last two or three months he had been work- ing a team regularly and witness had never seen him unkind to a horse at all. He had taken to the horses and worked them well. Witness had never seen any indication that he was bad tempered. Defendant was ifned 5 guineas, indading costs. Another Adjournment. Lrvant Lewis, collier, Llauwenarth Citra, was Summoned for assaulting his wife, who also applied for a separation order. This case had been adjourned frum last week, and Mr. 1). C, Harris now appeared for defendant. | Complainant asked for a further adjournment to get witnesses and instruct a so icitor, and this was granted. "Letting Drive Wit;, Bo!h Hands. Alice Roberts, married woman,.was summoned for assaulting Elizabeth Bissett en the iSth inst. Complainant, who lives at 2, Ova toil Terrace and whose husband is in France, said that on Thursday morning she was coming home from work about a quarter to 11. As she was turning up Lewis s-lane she met her sister-in-law (de- fendant) coming down the street. Defendant said she (complainant) had been talking about her, and thereupon defendant struck her in the face and moutli three or four times. The Magistrates' Clerk Has there been any ill-feeling between you before ?—In January there was. If it had not been for the constable I should have had it more. 'Defendant said that complainant came on to her and scratched her hands. She had an awful tongue and was a terror to herself and everybody else. P.C. Trigg, who was called by complainant, said he was coming down Lewis's-lane, in plain clothes, and saw defendant striking complainant against a door. She was letting drive with both hands, and witness parted them. Com- phillant was not attempting to strike de- fendant. Witness did not see the start of the bother. Defendant was h;:ed 5s. and bound over to keep the peace. Defendant She ought to be bound over, too. The Chairman ever mind about that. 1 A Dose of Castor Oil. I Samuel Jones, labourer, was summoned for Using obscene language within the hearing of Lewis's-lane on the istli April. Defendant said I he had no recollection of it. P.C. Climer said that at 10.40 p.m. cn the 18th he was on duty in Lewis's-lam; and heard I defendant in the house quarrelling with his wil4 and making use of obscene language. (Witness produced a paper containing the words used by defeiulant). Witness knocked at the. door and told defendant that he should report De- fendant replied that it was not him, but his wife. The quarrel had been going on for some con- siderable time and the neighbours could not go to sleep. Defendant was sober. Defendant said his little- girl, aged five, had been suffering from whooping cough. He held the child's mouth and one of the other children held her legs while his wife gave her castor oil. His wife said to him, You are choking the child." He might have used some expressions, but he had no recollection of it. He was per- fectly sober and had no intention of doing it. Supt. Davies How many times have con- stables been called to your house before owing to your conduct ?—That does not affect this case. Have they been more than once ?—Probably. Will you say they have not been dozens of times ?-I could not say. Supt. Davies said that was defendant's 25th appearance. Defendant said he went out to France in 1914 and was in several engagements and was blown up with a mine in 1915, being the only one of 30 who came out alive. Supt. Davies Good men lose their lives, but others come through all right. Defendant was tined ¡ 1 and bound over to keep the peace.

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