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HOME DRESSMAKING. I I A DAINTY SUMMER BLOUSE. I I Our oketch shows a specially pretty after- [ noon blouse, which is quite easy to make. It may be carried out in any soft, dainty material of a washable type, crepe-de-Chine, Georgette, and Jap silk are the best materials to use if you want a silk blouse; and cotton voile, cotton Georgette, printed lawn, or muslin, if you prefer something lesa expensive. Either plain or patterned mate- I [Refer to H. D. 239.] I rials may be used, with equal success, but if you choose a patterned fabric I would sug- gest that you should carry out. the yoke- bands and cuffs in plain material. Smart as this little blouse is, it only takes two yards of 40in. material to cut it. THic P.ATTERN.-This pattern includes six pieces, in addition to which you will need two strips of material Sin. long and 4in. wide for the cuffs. No pattern is given of the cuff, because it is simply a straight piece of material. Also, you will have to cut each piece of the little round yoke twice, as the yoke will have to be double to give it suffi- cient strength. No turnings are allowed for in the pattern. Before cutting out the paper pattern should be lightly pinned together and tried on, and any necessary alterations made. THE CUTTINO OUT.-Lay the material OIL the table and fold selvedges together. Lay the pattern on it, as shown in the diagram, taking care that the front yoke, the basque, and the front are laid to the fold. The blouse, of course, fastens down the middle ofvthe back. TBFC MAKING.—First tack together the shoulder seams of the yoke, and then try it on, pinning it together where it will fasten at the back. Make any alteration that may be necessary to make the yoke fit, and then stitch the shoulder seams, and press well. Lay the yoke and. its lining face to face, and machine round the upper edge. Turn right side out, pin together so that the yoke lies quite smoothly, turn in the lower edges, and tack firmly. Find the middle of the front, measure three-quarters of an inch on each side of it, and let in strip of beading, or work a row of hand-veining. Turn in the top edges of both front and back, and gather, as shown in the pattern. Now join the lower edges of the yoke to the top of the blouse, front and back, with beading or hand-veining. Join the top of the sleeve to the armhole with beading. Now tack up the sleeve seams and the under-arm seams, and try on the blouse. Make any alterations necessary, and then stitch up. the seams. Now face in the edge of the right hand side of the blouse at the back, and stitch the edge of the left side between a wra Next .put on the fastenings, which may be Nut, tons and buttonholes, hooks and eyes, or press studs, as preferred. Turn up the bottom of the sleeve, and gather sufficiently to make it fit the cuff. Join the cuff up, so that it forma a circle, double it, to bring the cut edges together, turn these edges; in, and tack them together. Now connect the cuff to the sleeve by beading. Hem the basque, gather the blouse at the bottom, and gather it as much as is necessary. Join blouse and basque together, and make the joining neat on the wrong side by a band of material or fine Paris binding. HOW TO OBTAIN Paper Pattern of the above SUMMER BLOUSE. Fill in this form and serd it. with remittance in stamps, to MISS LISLE, 8, La Belle bauvage, LONDON, E.C. 4. Vr;le cleanly. Name Address Pattern N PAPER PATTERNS. Price 9d. each. PATTERNS cut to special measure, 1/6 each. MISS LISLE will be pleased to receive suggestions and to iMn'Strate designs of general use to the HOME D?ES?MAKER? ° '°? use o t

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