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German Intrigue Against America.…


German Intrigue Against America. I MR. JOHN RATHOWTS STARTLING j REVELATIONS. t To Mr. John 11 at horn, editor and ui-xiager of I the Providence Journal belongs the credit for bringing to light and thus frustrating the I insidious German machinations in America right from the outbreak of war in August, 1^14.  l I)Y It wjs r. the huge mass of evidence coilccscf. by Mr. Rathom that the United States Government W;re bound to take action. and these revelations no doubt had a deal to do witu America coming into the waL The t,-)rv of how 15 loyal reporters outwitted the heads of the German spy system in America and wrested their secrets from them provides a. thrill'-ug reading as many a rirst-cla>s novel. The Providence Journal had v>"o wireless telegraph stations, and 0:1 the outbreak cf war lfx. Rathom and ids assistants, with great perspicuity, commenced to lister, in Oct SayvilL raid Tuckington and operators worked iu shifts for five mouths without anything being said to anyone about what was beiag done. This only touched the fringe of the German system of intrigue, but as a result of information gai,le(I P,-at,icti,- able to b-niR pressure on prominent Genr- ?-Amencaiis who vere in- volved and secure from them the highest letters of recommendation, which enabled the J ournal men to secure positions iu the various German consulates throughout the country arc. 111 die German Embassy itself. Among the incidents related by x».a«.iiotn are the following 011 August 4, Iq 5, our man iu the embassy was ordered by' Captain Boy-Ed, tlk German naval attache, to come to New York and select a suite of quiet rooms at some quiet notel where Boy-Ed could meet Iluerta. After he left, being a loyal Providence Journal reporter, he came to us to find out where he should get the rooms. So we hired a S'-ite of five rooms at the Manhattan Hotel in New York. Captain Bey-Ed arr'ved the next day. We had tenderly ca? for those rooms, with some instruments made in Germany, and in order to make quite sure that this meeting -would take .place, one of our own men drove the automobile which brought Huerta down from the Ansonid Hod to that conference Every word of that conference, which was translated from Spanish for Captain Boy-Ed's benefit, was handed over to the United Stales Government the next afternoon and in that way tcie people of the country, I tliiuk, got their first idea as to the extent cf the German propaganda, as far as it related to our anairs with Mexico, our sister republic. Another instance of German methods is given by Mr. Rathom a3 iollows :—• Our man in the Austrian Consulate General's offices in San Francisco reported to ua one day a freak of nature. He said that on two occasions, to his personal knowledge, the Austrian Counsel General in that city had positively refused to obey the instructions of his government, through Ambassador Dutnba, who ordered him, first, to blow up the navy yard at Puget Sound, and, secondlv, take charge of the organization of a squad of men who would place bombs on ships sailing to Vladivostok from San Francisco. We felt that a man of this type was worth looking up. It resulted in personal visits with the gentleman called Dr. Joseph Garachoc, who was the Austrian Counsel General in San Fran- cisco, and who has been in the consul service in Rome, in Berlin itself, and in many other cities of Europe. He came on to Washington at our solicitation, and there, at our solicitation, re- signed from the service and told his story over a period of several weeks through the columns of the Providence Journal and the New York Times -1 and that story was responsible for the elimination of 50 per cent, of the Austrian propa- gandists in consul offices in the United States. He is to-day in New York, and he holds an official position with the Standard Oil Company, and he is better off and feels better off tnan he ever did before iu his life. We also discovered in San Francisco that after Dr. Garachoc had declined to undertake any of this work, that one Dr. Franz Bott, the German Consul General in San Francisco, had very willingly taken it on. Dr. Bott went further than his instructions. Not onlv did he attempt to blow up the navy yard, but he sent several tons of dynamite to Canada to bldw up Canadian Pacific Railroad tunnels, and also to establish an armed force which was to go across the line at some subsequent date, a force of some eight or ten thousand reservists, and capture Victoria, Vancouver and other cities in British Columbia, when the word was given." The whole disclosures of Mr. Rathom are a convincing proof of the barbarous and un- scrupulous mentality of the German, and the complete story should be read by the public generally. We have only space for one further instance One of our men went with Boy-Ed and Von Papen once to the home of a prominent German- American in Brooklyn, and there, with them, listened to the declaration of the man who had blown up the Dupont plant at Wilmington and killed thirty-one woikmen, and he came there with the blood fresh on his hands, and they opened a case of wine and drank wine all night to this great German victory. This was a victory against a peaceful, friendly nation, which was not versed in the diplomatic methods of Ger- many, which took these men on trust, who had been treated royally by our people, and who were stabbing us in the back, and attempting in every way they could to create sentiment of disloyalty among our people."



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