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Sale? by Auction. COUNTIES OF BRECON, MONMOUTH AND HEREFORD. Parishes of Uanbedr, Grosmont, Cwmyoy, Llanvihangel Crucoraey, Uantfflio Per- I tholey, St Michael, Cwmdu. I JAMES STRAKER. SON, & CHADWICK (W. M. CHADWICK, F.A.I.) have been favoured WITH instruction,* to Sell by Public Auction at the ANOlU. HO«L• An&Rl.i&.VEN)iY, OR TUESDAY, the 23rd day of JULY, at 2.45 p.m. (subject to oonditiona of sale) .he under- mentioned Properties :— t——————————— Acreage.Tenant. Annual "Lot 1—3ftaat verv Desirable FFEESIOM 3l Acres I Residence knuwn as or il.aci-,lt possession can HILL 6RAWSE," thereabouts be obtained on com- 1 standing in ITS own GROUNDS, ABOUT J PIE DON. _imi,u_w-1,<2-!g3.'mY'1 u_ -I ■ -—-——T ~I THE SMALLER OF THE TWO FIELDS ? PER ANNUM Lot ——o't Abergav?-nny. the two tields¡ 5 p('r aniium Lot L—-Parisa ot Aoergaven^y. ;.ss?.,ectto?te?ofl4ye? /jSP^ Cr Two Fields a! AecomnMda?on La?s Ifr"m 2??d February. 1911. Thei -rer 8ltuate near Hill G:üllge. I JLM?M-quesa of Abfir?vonny if ? anuum ssintuuacute e near Hill Grange. lessee ?? larger of th. ?? tenants pay- | mel?? is let to !J>88r8 Hall Bros. j?? tithe j upon an annual tenancy. 't.??-P?h ci Li??<lr." 3?c? MrU?vJUyu Brute?5  I All that FREEHOLD FAKM KNOWN &s 'i or N LLWYNON j thereabouts 'te?4—PartstrcfUrcsTr?t; ?7?. o?- ??r- ?- ?'? ?''??' ??  ML that FREEHOLD FARM KNOWN as OR ¡ "GREAT GOITRE" thcred)()ds L ¡ T^C-PTRISHOF Grosmont. "i? op.?fr..?.u Wb?tauce ?8 IO-O P?-trislio C, sir?,) n t. i54a.. 117. op. .1L-ir. -,Idlcu WhLt?.-iice- 10 -0 Al that FREFli(.LD FAIZ-INI -noWn -IS or A1 that FREEHOLD FARM known AS or UPPER GOI'FRE 'J tllereaboiits -L.T ?-?ish? Gr?m?L 12i?)a. 3r. 2,Sp. Mr. JOHN UWIS ?-.5 All that FREEHOLD FAKM known as II or "THE FARN-I thereabouts a 11 i w T- y C, Y, Llanfihangtl Cracorney. acreage I All those TWO FREEHOLD FARMS 263A. Jr. 27P. £16ü knowil AS OR TREFEOW & CROESH-?YD" __??eab??  iLor8-?r?hofi.L!.ti!i?F?U?.ky 03?- 4P. Mr. Howard Wa.kin, 'l'his ""I1\l and   All that FREEHOLD F \HM known as or Dan-y-Skm-id arc ?. j GREA? ilOU;iF. thereabouts f;rl:t t:: i;j sive rental of £4 ISA. Od Thf farms will be liold sepai- ate] F. ¡ 433. or. 3P. J MR. Howard WAT KINS SEE ABOVE All that FREEHOLD FARM known AS or UTTLE SKSRKID j thereabouts DAMYSKIRRia;; ? ? ?  '?tt —Parisrn'tSc.Mic?a'- I, CWMDU. l 2ia.3r.Y?p. lord31 -10-0 :;irA¡c:ra. 14P' rrd (1anUBk'II-l31Í- near Trctuw?r j thereabouts Further particulars with Plans and Conditions of Sale are in the course of preparation nad iaay be obtained of the Auctioneers, at their Office, Frogmore Chambers, Abergavenny; or of MBSSHS- GWILYM JAMES, CHARLES & DAVIES, Solicitors, 51-53 High Street, Merthyr Tydfil. LIVE STOCK PURCHASE SCHEME. AS there appears to be some uncertainty upon several points under this Order, I beg to advise (I) Vendors may (if they so desire) send their Sheep to Market on dead weight basis, provided they give notice at time of entry to their Auctioneer that eucb Sheep are not to be graded. They will then be dealt with in the usual w. y by the Alloca- tion Committee, and until weights art ascertained the Auctioneer actiug as Government Agent will pay Vendor, if desired, on Day of Sale on account of the estimated value of same. (2) The per Head charges of is. od. on graded and ide a lb. on dead weight Sheep, payable by Vendor, likewise the is. per cwt. 011 Cattle payable by the Butcher, have to be remitted by me to the Govern- ment Fund and is not Auctioneer's Com- mission. W M CHADWICK, Dep. Chairman, PRELIMINARY BLACKWOOD A?inouncenient  p' o?w?sioUj ot all Announce nic?.-nt with p(hs.iü¡j: of 1J that CHARMING FREEHOLD RESIDENCE t r with EXTENSiVE GROUNDS & COTTAGES iwiiv./Wii us THE WOODBINES which 4. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., are instructed to submit to Auction at an early date. Auctioneers' Offices Abergavenny. t MARKET HALL, CRICKHOWELL. THURSDAY, JULY 4TH. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK are instructed to remove, for convenience of sale, from Liang ttock a large quantity of useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS including Kitchen Utensils, China and Glass, Reception Room Appointments and Bedroom Effects. Goods on View Morning of Sale. Sale at 1.30. Auctioneers' Office-s Abergavenny and Crickhowell. y- WEDNESDAY, JULY 3RD. LLANGATTGCK j UXTA. 10 minutes' wcJk from Penpergwm Station. 4. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK are instructed by Mr. Jam. Watki;:s, who is retiring from business, to S*. 11 by Auction his OUTDOOR EFFECTS, SMART COB, AND MOWING GRASS including Tools, Hay Knife, Hetl Rake, Wheel- barrow, Endless Chain, Old Iron, Ladders, Corn Bin, Oil Tanks, Casks, Two Water Biixrows, Chaflcutter, Waggon Ropes, Cattle Crib on wheels with iron roof, Double-reined Bridle, Gent's Saddle, Reins, Two Sets of Harness, Waggon, Spring Cart, Capital Dog Cart with rubber tyres, 40-gal. Water *Ti.nk. and numerous other effects. Also A SMART SLACK CGJ, i i.2 reliable and free from vice Log, Lker widi the -G8AS3 of 4,1. Acres, to be cleared by the 31st of j uly next. S le at 3 o'cl ck. Auctioneers' (J>JievS Abergavenny. j ABERGAVENNY CA'iTUK MARKET. TUESDAY .NKXT. — J. STRAKER, SON ortU, W;K Hre instructed by Mr. D. W. i) vi s, of (,1 be Farm. Mam- hilad (Wiio a, j.,i„i..g •.ie: Forces) to remove, for co..?'. i ?r" < <f ? 1 is FIV £ EXCLLL;- ?A)RV SOWS til and wiui C lv- s l FOUR GRdjiYtARLIMS CATTLE, 10 Rad:a»r Coui 1. s, Ye .). g ihtmi, Pure-bred S ir-, Ram. Sale at 10.15 sharp. PROPERTY R GIJTER. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK will be pleased to receive p. rticuLrs of PROPERTIES FOR bALE FURNISHED HOUiES TO LET Already many Residences have been let furnished and Properties sold privately, this season, and many clients are sLill uneuited. Estate Otiices Abergavenny. LOWER.HOUSE, LLANTHEWY RHYDDERCH. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS will Sell by Auction on TUESDAY, 2nd JULY, in ABERGA- VENNY CATTLE MARKET, at 11 a.m., the MOWING GRASS on 8 Acres, situate as above, with Aftermath to Christmas, 1918, under direction from Miss Hewertson. SWAN HOTEL BALLROOM, ABERGA- VENNY. ( SALE OP FURNITuitE AND EFFECTS on WEDNESDAY, 17th JULY, 1918, by direc- tion of Miss Jones, Mill Street. Details hereafter. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., Auctioneer. LONGTOWN, HEREFORDSHIRE. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., has been in- structed to Sell by Auction, at the ANGEL HOTEL, ABERGAVENNY;, on TUESDAY, 30th JULY, 1918, At 3 p.m. (subject to Conditions of Sale) the Capital FARM known [s "UPPER PONTHEMDRE" or ANCHOR FARM situate as above, and containing in all 20 Acres (or thereabouts) of very desirable Meadow, Pasture and Orcharding. Also all that Excellent RESIDENCE known as CROWN COTTAGE, situate as Loove, and in the occupation of Mrs. Nicholls as yearly tenant. For particulars, with plans, apply to the Auctioneer, Abergavenny or to MESSRS. GABB & WALFORD, Abergavenny. GOVILON, MON. AT AN EARLY DATE, the VALUABLE i FREEHOLD HOLDING known es BWLA, situate as above. Details hereafter. Vendor's Solicitors MESSRS. GABB & WALFORD, Abergavenny. MONMOUTHSHIRE HORSE SALES. 103 HEAVY AND LIGHT HORSES. S30 IN PRIZES. JOHN H. RENNIE will hold his next MONTHLY PRIZE SALE of CART AND NAG HORSES IN NEWPORT CATTLE MARKET ON FRIDAY, JULY stL., 19*8. at 11.30 sharp. 160 Horses were offercd at June Sde, the chief prices being 160 gns., 150, 147, 130 three times, 125, 124, 121 twice, lIB, 115 twice, etc., 24 Heavy Horses averaging 120 guineas each. Entries for Catalogue close on July 1st, and are respectfully solicited. Vendors should make immediate application for permits, to the County W:r Agricultural Executive Committee, Bridge-street, Newport. Catalogues may be obtained from the Auc- tioneer, Newport and Rennie & Jones, at Mon- mouth and Chepstow. LLANELLEN, NR. ABERGAVENNY. Sale of Desirable Freelidd Pasture Land. MESSRS. PiTTiEN (F.A.I.) & rONB have re- ceived instructions to Sell by Public Auction at the CROWN IIOTFL, PONTVPOOL, Oil MONDAY, the 29th day of J ULY, 1918, At 3.30 o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to Con- ditions of Sale embodying the Common Fcrm Conditions of the Monmouthshire Incor- porated Law Society and such Speck 1 COll-! ditions as sh 11 be read at the lime of SL!e) the following — ALL THAT FREEHOLD BARK, the Cut- buildings and Several Parceis of PASTURE LAND, containing an area of S Acres 2 RGCds 29 Perches, and known as THE LITTLE PLACE," or THE WERN," situate in the Parish of LLANELLEN, near Abergavenny, now let to Mr. John Jenkins, Pcntwyn Farm, Llanellen, as yeaily tenant at a rent of /11 10s. od. per annum, tenant paying rates and taxes. The Land Tax is redeemed The Little Place is within ten minutes' walk from Pentwyn Farm. Further particulars, with Plan, with regard to the above may be obtained (when ready) on application to the Auctioneers, Club Chambers, Pontypool; or from MR. OCTAVIUS T. PRICE, Solicitor, Newent, Glos. Sale hyAnction. -+- Under Instructions from the Right Hon. the Lord Glanosk. B R ECONSHIR E. (Near to the Town of Brecon, in the Usk Valley, ami in close proximity to Tal-y-llyn and T.dyl.ont Stations). Valuable Freehold Agricultural Estates known as THE FETERSTOKE COURT & TREBINSKUN j ESTATES, A. R. P. 2,500 0 0 {or thereabouts). MESSRS. STEPHENSON & ALEXANDER, F.A. are instructed to Sell by Auction, at the CASTLE HOTEL, BRECON, ua FRIDAY, JULY 5th, 1918, at 1.30 o'clock in the Afternoon, the above FREEHOLD ESTATES, which, for the purposes of Sale, will be div4tlt4l into Lots, and comprise the Farms and Land known as Acres. Acres. Mancst Court 318 BrynHid 24 3 Greenway & Slade 324 Trebinshun 205 Dolymaes 315 Middle Wood 107 Penkelly Court 148 Millbrook I 99 Tynewydd 130 Highgrove. KJO Also numerous SMALL HOLDINGS. COT- TAGES, and GARDENS, LICENSED PREM- ISKS, CORN and GRIST MILLS, &c. The various Properties are situat e within short distances from the Market Town of Brecon, are in excellent repair, arc well farmed, and comprise some of the best Holdings in the County ef Brecon. All are well watered, are ill close proximity to Talybont end Tal-y-Jjyr; Stations (Brccoii a,-d Merthyr Railway). Plans, Particulars, and Conditions of Sale may be obtained upon application to Messrs. Lee and Pcmbertons, Solicitors, 44, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, W.C. J. H. Ftuniedge, Esq., Glsnusk Estate Office, Crickhowell, Brcconshire or to the Auctioneers, 5, High-street, Cardiff. + Wanted. WANTED, a Nursery Maid, immediately. -Mrs. Pritchard, Bryn-Caen. WANTED, Gi l about iS as General.—Mrs. Rackham, Gilwern. WANTED, a Gen: r 1, the end of July.—Apply, Mis. Lews, The Vicarage, hlairulio Cro; ser.ny. WANTED, capable General.—-Apply, Goyirey Rectory, Nantydeny. WANTED, it once, go.xi Geaer: 1, able to wash help give T s. s, "Westward Bo." Windsor-road. Abergavenny. WANTED, Stnnll Furnished House in neigh- bourhood of Gilwern or Govilon, for month of August.—T.W., Chronicle Office. WANTED, Two Unfurnished Rooms for Lady and daughter at school, in or near Abcrga- venny.-C.D., Chronicle Office. WANTED, Sack Scales; Averys or other standard, Tcme, Chronicle Office. WANTED, General able to do plain cooking three in family comfortable home -Mrs. Lyons, Rother House. SMITH Wanted used to general repairs and wheelwright work—Apply, Robert Wynn & Sons,-Haul ge Contractors, Newport, Mon. WANTED, good General Servant, for Farm- house smell family, no children comfort-, able home.—Apply, C.P., Chronicle Office, Abergavenny. WANTED to Rt-ut liouse 3 Reception, 4 ] Bedrooms usual offices, good garden; heelthy j position.—State rent, &.c., Z., Chronicle Office. WANTED, for August, liCFr Abergavenny, Furnished House with four bedrooms, etc., and tennis I wil.- J. E. Woolley, Supervisor Food Production Dept., Pontypool. WANTED, Traction Engine Driver for Timber Hauling and G. n, r-I Work; top weges to good man.—Robert Wynn & Sons, Haulage Contractors, N-. wport, Men. WANTED, Exp i. c d lIe nds and Improvers to the Dressni. king i Iso Apprentices wages to start.—Mrs. Lyons, Rother House, Aber- gavenny. WANTED, strong Cob, 14-15 hands, for driving and working <111 lund. Also four-wheeled Trolley, carry 15cwt. Capt. Whitehead, Goytre H. 11. Abercavenny. WANTED to Purchase, Ladies' and Gentlemen's and Children's Second-hand Clothing best prices given will call on receipt of post card. -Apply, Mrs Jackson, 4 Chapel-road, Aber- gavenny. WANTED, immediately, experienced Coat and Bodice hands in Dressmaking Department. Also Apprentices in Drapery Establishment.— Apply, Thomas & Sons, Golden Fleece, Cross- street, Abergavenny. WANTED, sonic 11-19; also Oak Dresser, Oik Che st, P, 1-b, (k Settle, and Ch-, irs, 3-corncr O; k or M hogany Cupboard, and Bureaux r.d 0 k T bl s; or any pieces of Ok Furniture.—Write ill particulars to James, Chr' ■ n h Ofiice, Ab' rgavenny. WANTED, "7oit  WANTED, 'Vou to know Eminent Physieiaus declare Tom, l' ?s t? h< ?hc 1'iimt Liv?r Todc. Eat them i.<-w and gi t the b- nefit of their nature 1 iiin., r I s- lis. I 1: d; ily sup, ii, s of my own fr vi g, from Nev:ll II: 13.—Percy Fraser, The Seed Stores. To TJet. TO LET, I-leas; t Front Sitting Room and Two Bedrooms.—Si ring Grovi OaJJ; nd-road. TO LET, Two Front Rooms (Unfurnished).— Ab-rgavenny. PITWOOD F lIi g Contract to L t, near Aber- gavenny. Also Hot so Halt;lie rs Wanted.— Apply, Vaughan biLS, Timber Co., Tredegar. FURNiSHED Ib):, Jtdy, .'aigust, Septem- ber g. idea, pi. te, linen 3J- guineas Weekly. Apply, T., Apply, T., C FOR SALE, Utility (h;at nuiet to manage by lady.—Jones, J.^urtls, Llai ioist. FOR SALE, Aged Horse suit greengrocer or milkcart.—Apt ly, Embrey, Cadvor, Govilon. GARDEN BARROWS, Ladders, Carts, Gambos, &c.—Watkins, Wheelwright, Mardy, Mon. 65-GUINEA New Upright Iron Grand Piano- forte for immediate cash sale, 35 guiuew.- Nightingale, 3, Stow Hill, Newport. Miscellaneous. 1 I Golden Fleece, Abergavenny. SUMMER DISPLAY IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. The two things that matter to-day are Price and Quality, therefore TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW of the BEST VALUE obtainable in Millinery, Costumes, Blouses, Jerseys, Hosiery, Ladies' & Children's Clothing of all descriptions. Household Linen, &c. THOMAS & SONS, 59 Cross Street, Abergavenny. PLANTS! PLANTS!L PLANTS! RUY direct from the largest grower in Abergavenny. Sturdy Outdoor-Grown Cauliflower, I) Brussels Sprouts, Savoy and Cabbage now ready. TOMATOES I TOMATOES II TOMA- TOES !II-Ca,rter'¡; Sunrise, Kondine Red, Bide's Recruit. Now is the time to plant. One Sd. plant grown outeido can produce lOlbs. of fruit worth 1/- per lb. in August. Aster*?. Stocks, Petunias, Marigolds, Sweet Scabious, Coreolosis-,ill at 6d. per. dozen. Ofr/1: IjfirVy 1 \? A^GA^MY SEED STORF.& j R/PR\ T?f? FROGMORE STREET. | ??nA\r?/? ? ABERGAVENNY. —| ? ?i rJt??CJU)I) JK r ——————— — ♦ilFLORIST D Fraser's always Always Fraser's • ■ Get in Touch with us. > We can supply you with all your requirements in Footwear o and Clothing. POWELL & SON, Frogmore Street, The Complete Ladies', Gent's & Children's Outfitters. BANK HOUSE r- SUMMER = SALE NOW PROCEEDING. 2-OOT 7*4%9 GREAT REDUCTIONS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. jonsrss & CO- I (F. TREVOR JONES, Proprietor) J)(nMniaaagMBHawiBiss>ara!nHi3aisa3EenaB!9nmBaBBsaaBHHBBBBnMMHnnBMBBMBMi ■ For Sale. -F- -J- MOWERS.-Albion and Massey-Harris Mowers and Diabolo Separators in stock.-Morris, Crickhowell. FOR SALE, all G1 8S of Greenhouse, and part of another, with Heating Apparatus. On view, by appointment.—-Vicar, Llarxllen, Aberga- venny. TO FiSH FR YHRS. Bakers and Caterers.— Compound Fat, in place of Cotton Oil with- drawn by Ministry of Food.—Prices Co. Ltd., Colli gdou-road, Cardie. ALLOTMENT HOLDERS and Gardeners can wonderfully increase their crops by top dressing with Horticultural RITO.—Sold by Percy R. Fraser, Abergavenny Seedsman. HORNSBY'S BINDER, 5ft., for Sale: just overhauled in good working order price, 35 guineas.—-Apply, J, Jones, Ironmonger, Crickhowell. TO BE SOLD by Ilrivalle Treaty, Cipital Buildieg Site, containing an area of one acre, now bringing in good rent as garden, in an ideal potion in this favourite residential town.—Full details on application to Montague Harris, Estate Agent, Abergavenny. Lost or Strayed. STRAYED, February last, a Welsh Ewe (now with lamb). If not claimed, will be sold. Owner can have same by paying expenses.— John Baynam, Gott Farm. 7/6 PER 1000. RED, White, or Ox Cabbage Bmoels P, Sprouts, Savoy, Cau, Broccoli and Sprouting Broccoli. Delivered frtt; *n lots of 1000. Can mix them as desired. BAILEY, Llanvapley Gaarf, Abergsmtsngsy. DO YOU WANT MONEY? THEN apply to the Actual Lender, as below, for sums from £ 10 upwards. Confidential and straightforward business. Repayments to suit borrower's convenience. Spedd terms to Farmers. No Sureties required. A. SHIBKO, 84, High Streti, Newport, Mon. FALSE TEETH BOUGHT.—Full value by return, or offer made, or write for Free Book- let, which explains clearly the value of any artificial teeth.—E. Lewis, 29 London-Ptreet, Soutliport, Lanes. CERISTADELPHIAH HALL, LION STREET, ABERGAVENNY, SUNDAY NEXT, JUNE 30ttt, 1918. At 6 o'clock (Please note alteration of time). Speaker: Mr. F. WALKER, Bristol Subject The Problem of Death and the Promise of a Resurrection. Come and hear and jadge for yonrseif. SaatB are free, and DO collection. Miscellaneous. P. E. GANE, L Id. House Furnishers, 161-2=3 Commercial Street, .NEWPORT. Furniture I I Carpets Ml Fabrics i r I Decoration I ill Characterised by Distinctive Style. Ill Moderate Price. mi Unimpeach- able Quality. P. E. GANE, Ltd House Furnishers, 161 »2=3 Commercial Street, NEWPORT. IIIMiMHWailiMII ill* I II'IIMM——————W COLISEUM ABERGAVENNY. Telephone, 33. MANAGING DIBKCTOB RI' HARD DOONEJS. RKMDBNT MANAGEK W H. WALLER. Doors open at 7. Commence 7.30. Saturday at 6.30 and 8.30 p.m. Matinee Tuesday and Saturday at 2.30. MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESD YY MARY MILES WINTER, the pretty English Screen Siar, in CHARITY CASTLE The Prettiest Dome si ic Story ev r written, presented in 5 parts. FATTY ARCHBlH; LE in a screamingly Funnv Cam -iy A HOUAN HOUSE. Chapter 4 MY.FOUR YEARS IN GERMANY." Chapter 1 T'a- (-;■< vrt SI rid yet procured—. THE FIGHTING TRAIL PATkf GAZETTE. THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY. Secured at great cxpc, s., the Screen Version of tiie famous Author's Masterpiece, THE DEEMSTER (ilv d 1,1. ivaNK). Starring I>ERVvlCNT CAINE the title r 1 Sere. n in 8 parts FATTY ARCSf £ il £ KiE i ■. HIS WEDDING NiiSfrlT." GRAND OPENING Ci TER of the Great j ti 1 THE :A1 AL RING WHiTF. PATItt GAZETTE. ADUL18 4d. i> I.•••. (Tin np Chair t-I Cl- J ADULTS, I ?Tip-p ChfdM I 1-. Children 4d. and Fd. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday >:ights i.not Monday and Thursday) with Adults oniy. <MssaMsa<f ;r. Abergavenny Horticultural & Allotments Association. SPRAYING POTATOES ON ALLOTMENTS. nI MHE ASSOCIATION are prepared to Spray Potatoes at the following charges :— Members of Association 1/- per Plot Non-Members 1/6 W, LI.KWEIXIN, Secretary.