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Miscellaneous- I Monmouthshire War Agricultural Executive Committee. f" TO FARMERS AMD FARM HAWDS. MOST URGENT. A [ TELEC ;RAM h.?s been rcu:;èd frcm Bo?d J\~ of Agriculture st.uhig th.-t the Ministry of Nation a 1 8. rvi. c.uvsequeret on War Cabinet Order, hs been i striicted to issue to Agricul- tural^ s NO MORE CAlUG-UP KOTiCES as from Wcdaesd-.v. the 26th June, 1918. In view of ti-is the War Agricultural Execu- tive Committee request that any man who re- I reives a Ctllirs-up Notice cn cm after Thursday, the 27th June, 1918, if he so desires, can return this Notice to the War Agricultural Bxeentive t wiij N-,?ill Committee, who will undertake the re s-onsibility of this action. J. RICH JONES, 24 Bridge Street, Newport, Secretary. J Tune 2", TOIS. ■ j Monmouthshire War Agriculture Executive Sontmittee.. WAR AGRICULTURAL VOLUNTEERS- THE Committee are prepared to receive applications for enrolment a« War Agri- cultural Volunteers from- (a) Me 1 of v rs oi age or over, of any (b) Men under {5 years of age placed in M'clic i category B3, C3, or in Grade 3. The Mi nst.r.- .;f Nationcl Service have agreed not to call up for Military Service for the present Men who are carolled as Volunteers. Further particulars and forms of application for enrolment 'mo' b-^ obtained on application to J, RICE JONBS, Secretary^ Man. War Agricultural Executive Committee, 24, Bridge-street, Newport, 21st June, 1918. Rural District of Abergavenny. NATIONAL RE.'i3T3AT80S AST 1935 1918. NOTICE. AI.L M'le P-s ,;5 b. twcLU the ages vI 15 Aan(I 65, ineh:di 'g disch??d i¿iJon and soldiers, must be registered and should be in possession of a N ti >n: 1 Registration Certificate, HGW to Register. Every person liable to registration nraet fill up a registration form, obtainable from a Pott Office or from the Office of any Local Registra- tion Authority, and send the completed form to the 6lerk of the Local Registration Authority (i.e., the Borough, Urban District or Rural Dis- trict Council) in whose area the person register- ing is resident. Changes of Ai3rc?s and Occupation to be fJ1Jtf:1ed. Every registered person under 05 must notify any change of permanent address and every registered m le blow that, age must notify any change of occiraetion within 14 day by writing the particulars 011 the beck of the Certificate and sending it to the c 1 Registration Authority of the place of r- si.h-noe. Production 01 Certificates. Employers are required to e il 1ur the pro- duction of the Regis: ration Certificate of every male between 15 and 63 taken into their employ- ment. If the Certificate is not produced within 7 days the employer must report the failure to produce it to the Local Registration Authority of the District in w. Jcii the man resides. The production of the Registration Certificate of a male may also be required under the amend- ing Act by a police constable or by persons duly authorized by the Director-General of National Service. -laities. Penalties not exceeding .£5 may be imposed on persons who refuse, or wilfally neglect, to perform any duty requir-d to b: performed under the Acts, and, it the case of a continuing offence, a further fine not exceeding £1 for each day during which the offence continues after conviction. By Order. W. H. P. SCANLON, CIIk.) t c- Local Authority for t te area of Abergavenny Rural. District Council Offices, Monk Street, Abergavenny. MADAM COURVOISIER Wishes to inf orm the L cli. 6 of Abergavenny that she has taken ov. r from Mi3S KEN- INGTON the E N'T LIE STOCK of the FAK;y DEPT. Your patron g will receive her best attetition. j Note the Address 52, Frogmore Street.





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