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Sales by Auction. CATTLE MARKET. TUESDAY XEXT. J. STRAKER, SON & 6KADWMJK will Sell by Auction a Capital MARQUEE 14yds. x 12yds. BRECON ROAD MEWS. 4. 3TRAKER, SON & CMADWMSK are instructed by ltr. Ptrwis, "who is j'jining H M. Forces, toa> fix WKDNBSDAV. AUGUST 7th, for his Important Sale of PASTING HORSES, CONVEYANCES, &c. Full particulars mext wtti. PKEUMTNARY. + BRECONSHIRE & MONMOUTHSHIRE. AN IMPORTAN"t SALE OF A Freehold Agricultural Estate will take place early in September next, including THE NEUADD RESIDENCE & GROUNDS of over 20 Acres, RESIDENCES AT CRICKHOWELL FOUR STOCK FARMS of Soo Acres.- Sale Plans and Particulars are in course of pseparation. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., Auctioneers and Estate Agents. BLACKWOOD THE FREEHOLD RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY known as WOODBINE will be offered by Auction, by instructions of Major D. M. Horhes,'early in September. J. STRAKER, SON 81-CHADWICK, Auctioneers & Estate Agents. FRIDAY, AUGUST 16th. MARKET HALL. IMPORTANT SALE OF, FURNITURE which J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK are instructed to postpone until the above date for convenience of removal. Particulars in Sale Posters. MONMOUTHSHIRE. PARISHES OF LI.ANTHE'WV RHYDIJERCH, HAMI.HT OF HARDWIOC, AND LUNTlLLIO CROSSEXXY. 1ItI. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., has been in- j structed to Sell by Auction at the Ax GET, HOTEI,, ABERGAVENNY, on TUESDAY, 13th AUGUST. 1918* At 3 p.m. precisely (subject to Conditions of Sale), in Two Lots, the undermentioned FREEHOLD FARMS AND LANDS situate as above. I LOT I.—All 4hat V aluableFreehold Farm known as UPPER FARM, Llanthewv Rhvd- derch, containing an area of 136a. or. 6p., with suitable House and Buildings, in excellent repair, the whole being in the occupation oi Mr. George Jones as yearly tenant. LOT 2.—All that Valuable Freehold Farm kaown as LITTLE TRE-RHEW, Llantillio Crossenny, containing ".r. area of 94a. 2r. 23p., with suitable Homestead in good repair, the whole being in the cccnpat^R of Mr. James • Whistance as yearly tenant. For further particulars and orders to view, apply to the Auctioneer, Abergavenny, or to the Vendor's Solicitors MESSRS. GABB & WALFORD, Abergavenny. LONGTOWN, HEREFORDSHIRE. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., nas been ( instructed to Sell by Auction, at the AXGEI. HOTEL, ABERGAVENNY, on TUESDAY, 30th, JULY, 1918, at 3 o.m., subject to Conditions of Sale, the Valuable FREEHOLD FARM known as "UPPER PONTHENDRE" situate as above., and containing in all an area of 23 Acres (or thereabouts), with suitable House and Buildings. For further particulars and plan, apply to the Auttieneer, Abergavenny, or to MESSRS. GABB & WALFORD, Solicitors, Abergavenny MÓNMOUTHSHIRE, PARISH OF LLANWENARTH ULTRA. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., has been, instructed to Sell by Auction at the ANGEL HOTBI,, ABERGAVENNY, on TUESDAY, 30th JULY, 1918 (subject to Conditions of Sale), at 3 p.m. precisely, ALL THAT VALUABLE FREEHOLD LAND called HEOL-Y-BWLA" situate near'Govilon, and containing in all an area of. 5a. Or. 10p. (or thereabouts), and now in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Greenow as yearly tenant. 1 For further particulars and orders to view, apply to the Auctioneer, Abergavesn}, or to the j Vendor's Solicitors < MESSRS. GABB & WALFORD, Abergavenny. LLANELLEN, NR. ABERGAVENNY. ill Sale of Desirable Freehold Pasture Land. MESSRl PlnEII (F.A.I.) & SONS have re- J ceived instructions to Sell by Public Auction, at the CROWN HOTEL, PONTYPOOI,, On MONDAY, the 29th day of JULY, 1918, At 3.30 o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to Con- ditions of Sale embodying the Common Form Conditions of the Monmouthshire Incor- porated. Law Society and such Special Con- ditions as shall be read at the time of Sale) the following :— ALL THAT FREEHOLD BARN, with the Out- buildings and Several Parcels ef PASTURE LAND, containing an area of 9 Acres 2 Roods 29 Percbes, and known as THE LITTLE PLACE," or THE WERN," situate in the Parish of LLANELLEN, near Abergavenny, now Jet to Mr. John Jenkins, Pentwyn Farm, LlaneHen, as yearly tenant at a rent of £ 11 10s. od. per annum, tenaht paying rates and taxes. The Land Tax is redeemed. The Little Place is within ten minutes' walk ifroiii Pentwyn Farm. i Further particulars, with Plan, with regard to the above may be obtained (when ready) on application to the Auctioneers, Club Chambers, Pontypool; or from MR. OCTAVIUS T.TRICE, Solicitor, Newent, Glos. Miscellaneous. -c==.c==-='C=c=- C"" :'C- William Andrews, deceased. A LL Persons having Claims against the J' A Estate of the late William Andrews of Aangattock House, Penpergwm and fonherly of Danybryn Abergavenny who died con July 10th are requested to send forthwith full pair ticulars of their claims to the undersigned, Solicitors to the Executors. Dated this 16th day of July, 1018. BOWEN & SON, Town Hall, PontypooL TO FARMERS. t IT is proposed to establish a CAMP OF JL GERMAN PRISONERS in the neigh- bourhood, to assist in forthcoming CORN HARVEST. Farmers needing such labour should communicate at once with Mr. Harring- ton, 24 Bridge Street, Newport. It would assist the Agricultural War Committee in quartering the required number of men in the district. Sales by Auction. NANTYDERRY. PANTEG, LLANGWM. IMPORTANT SALE • OF Valuable Public House, Freehold Farm, Lands, Dwelling Houses, &c. TO BE SCFUD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, BY MESSRS. PITTEN (F.A.I.) & SONS At the CROWN HOTEL, PONTYPOOI., on THURSDAY, the 15th day of AUGUST, 1918. at 3.30 in the afternoon, in the following or such other lots and subject to the Conditions of Sale to be then declared, the following VALUABLE PROPERTIES namely :— LOT I.h that Valuable Freehold Double- Licensed Public-House known as the Refreshment Rooms, with the Stably Outbuildings and Garden belonging thereto, situate close to Nantyderry Station,, in the County of Monmouth, and now in the occupation of Mr. David Hutchinson. This Lot is excellently situated for business purposes, and the House is a..Free House. LOT 2.—All that Valuable Freehold Dwelling- House, adjoining Lot 1, and now let as a Post Office, situate at Nantyderry aforesaid, with the Garden belonging thereto, now in the occupation of Mrs. M. J. Lloyd at the low rental of /n per annum, the Tenant .paying rates. Lor 3.—All that Valuable Freehold Dwelling- House, adjoining Lot 2, with the Garden belong- ing thereto, now in the occupation of-Mr. Edwin Poole at the low annual rental of /6, the Tenant paving rates. LOT 4 —All that Valuable Freehold Dwelling- House, adjoining Lot 3, with the Garden belong- ing thereto, now in the occupation of Mrs. Thomas at the low annual rent of £ 6, the Tenant paying rates. LOT 5.—All that Valuable Freehold Dwelling- House, adjoining Lot 4, with the Garden belong- ing thereto,' now in the occupation of Mr. [ Frederick Leworthy at the low anidial rental of  the Tenant' p aving rates. ?o, the Tenant 'paying rates. LOT 6.—All thai Valuable Freehe!d Field'con- taining by admeasurement 11 Acres 29 Perches (more or) less), situate at Nantyderry aforesaid and at the rear of Lots I to 5, and now let to Mr. William Knipe at the low rent of £ 12 per annum. LOT 7.—4.11 that Valuable Freehold Field con- taining by admeasurement 18 Acres 3 Roods 29 Perches (more or less), situate at Nantyderry aforesaid, and formerly forming part of Lower Pentwyn Farm and in close proximity to Lots 1 to 5, and now let to Mr. William Knipe. LüT 8.—All that Valuable Freehold Field con- taining by admeasurement 9 Acres 3 Roods 17 Perches (more or less), situate at Nantyderry aforesaid and formerly forming part of Lower Pentwyn Farm and in close proximity to Lots i to 5, and now let to Mr. William Knipe. Lots 6, 7 and 8 are excellently situated for building or agricultural purposes. Lots 6 and 8 have extensive frontages on the main road. LOT 9.—All those Valuable Freehold Lands containing by admeasurement 28 Acres (more or less), formerly forming part of Panteg Farm, situate near Griffithstown, in the Parish of Panteg, in the said County of Monmouth, and now let to Mr. John Williams. This Lot-is ex- cellently situated for building or agricultural purposes. LOT 10.—All that Valuable Freehold Farm containing by admeasurement 79 Acres 2 Roods 34 Perches (more or less), together with the. Farm House and other Buildings belonging thereto, known as the CHURCH FARM," situate in the Parish of Llangwm, near U, in the aid County "of Monmouth, and now let to Mr. James Paget at the low 4nnual rental of 59.Jos. od. For further particulars, apply to the Auc- tioneers, Club Chamberstyontypool or to BYTELWAY & SON, Solicitors, Pontypool. Miscellaneous. TO POULTRY KEEPER& REGISTER for your requirements under Government Poultry Rationing Scheme with with A. J. WIBBERLEY (Late Saunders & Co.) Corn and Seed Merchants, 50 Cross Street, Abergavenny. Although there is a shortage of Feeding Stuffs for Pigs and Poultry, A.J. W. can supply all reasonable requirements. „  ?OTTrCE O. N and after July 31st on:enns for Goods will be Cash in Seven Days, owing to most of our Goods having to be paid for in seven days. F. J. VAUGHAN, Grocer, High Street, Abergavenny. Pandy Branch, National Farmers' Union. THE HALF-YEARLY MEETING will be L held at the SKIRRID MOUNTAIN INN on SATURDAY, JULY 27th, 1918, at 7 p.m. All Subscriptions to be paid on or before that date. ALLEN JAMES, Chairman. An Important General Meeting oa ABERGAVENNY BRANCH OF FARMERS' UNION. will be held on TUESDAY, JULY 30th, at the ANGEL HOTEL, 2 p.m. All Farmers are invited toattend. 7/6 PER 1000. V RED, White, or Ox Cabbaie Brussels _L? Sprouts, Savoy, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Sprouting Broccoli. Delivered free, in lots of 1000. Can mix them as desired. BAILEY, Llanvapley Court, Abergavenny. DO YOU WANT MOflEY ? THEN apply-'to the Actual Lender, as below, for sums from jfio upwards. Confidential and straightforward business. Repayments to suit borrower's convenience. Special terms to Farmers. No Sureties required. A. SHIBKO, 84, High Street, '0 Newport, Mon. FALSE TEETH BOUGHT.—Full value by return, or offer tnade, or write for Free Book- let, which explains clearly the value of any artificial teeth.-F, Lewis, 29 Londdfh-street, Southport, Lanca. SECURE A HOUSE of Your Own immediately with your rent. 3 5,000 Rent JPayers have done go. Why not you ?—Particulars, Williams, 393, Caerleon Road, Newport. LEARN TO PLAY THE PIANO at Home. New Vamping Card, enabling anybody to play immediately. Price 2/2 post free. Send to-day. • Satisfaction guaranteed.—Evans, 37 Collier- street, Newport. M. HAMER Will shortly Open Shop No. 25, CROSS STREET for the Sale of HOME-GROWN VEGETABLES, and will supply them at the lowest possible prices. A TRIAL ORpivR SOLICITED. J. HAMER requires twos three or four days a week Gardening. Over35 years' experience. Address as above. Wanted. WANTED, General two in family plain cooking.—Apply, H.T.V., Chronicle Office. WANTED, a strong General; references,- Thomas, Ruperra Hotel, New Tredegar. WA>jfTED, an Experienced General. —r Mis. Powell, 46 Frogmore-street. WANTED, a Young Girl for Housework.— .Apply, Mrs. Watkins, Monk-street. MRS. ROSSER, Pendre, Lansdowne-road, Aber- gavenny, requires a good-General Servant. WANTED, Boy tojearn Mechaaical Dentistry "and assist generally wages for services.— Hughes, Frogmore-street. WANTED, Working Barmaid and good Genla1 reference required.—Simmonds, Station Hotel, Abertillery, Mon. SMALL Furnished Country Cottage or Rooms required near Abergavenny, for a convalescent Offic& -Particulars, Strakfir, Son & Chadwick WANTED, Pupil on Mixed Farm no premium. —Apply, Williams, Pantycollyn, Llan- vetherme, ar. Abergavenny. J- 1 — WANTED to Purchase, a Small Holding *good house Gilwem or Govilon preferred; Thomas, Ruperra, New Tredegar. DISCHARGED Soldier seeks Employment; used to horses.— J. Swallow, S, Laundry Place, Abergavenny. WANTED, Situation' as Groom-Gardener; kit- chen garden .only ineligible cottage wanted. No fam;ly.-C,NVells, Bonvilston, nr. Cardiff. ASSIS^ A NT in Office .and Brqwery.—Apply, Delafield's Brewery, 20, Nevill-street, Aber- gavenny. -,4- offered for key and possession of a House 1n Abergavenny 2 rtception and 3 bedrooms required. State reut.-Xric4, Howick, Near Chepstow. WANTED, to Buy or Rent House, with few acres Abergavenny district preferred.—All particulars, "Odessa," Chronicle Office, Abergavenny. HOUSE Wanted, Abergaveany or neighbour- hood: 6-7 rooms one lady. £I given for key and possession. State rent.—Miss Parry, 213 Chepstow-road, Newport, Mon. WANTED to Purchase, all kinds of Ladies', Gentlemen's and Children's Left-off Clothing; good prices giwy,.—Mrs. Hemmings, 20, King- street, Abergavenny. WANTED at Crickliowell Poor J,aw Institution, Wardsmaid for Infirmary. Salary, £ 20 per annum, with lodgings and."q,.at!ons.-Apply, with copies of two recent references, Clerk to Guardians, Town Hall, Criekhowell. WANTED to Purchase, Ladies' and Gentlemen's and Children's Second-hand Clothing best prices given will call on receipt of post card. —Apply, Mrs. Jackson, 4 Chapel-road, Aber- gavenny. WANTED, immediately, experienced Coat and Bodice hands in Dressmaking Department. Also Apprentices in Drapery Establishment.— Apply, Thomas & Sons, Golden Fleece, Cross- street, Abergavenny. J To Let. -r- SITTING ROOM and Bedroom to Let, at Nevill Lodge, Brecon-road. Would suit two lady friends.—Apply at above, or L., "Chronicle Office. TO LET, immediate possession, Carfax," Holywell-rcad 2 reception rooms, 3 bed- rooms, bathroom (b. & c.), attic. —Apply on premises, or T. Foster, Esq., Holywell-road. For Sale. GARDEN BARROWS, Ladders, Carts, Gambos, &c.-Waikins, Wheelwright, Mardy, Mon, FOR SALE, 30 Stofe Lambs; shorn and castrated. Apply, Williams, Pantycollyn, Llanvetherine. 9 —■— ■ —— 65-GUINEA New Upright Iron Grand Piano-I forte for immediate cash sale, 35 guineas.— Nightingale, 3, Stow Hill, Newport. HORNSBY'S BINDER, sft,; for Sale; just overhauled in good working order price, 35 guineas.—Apply, J. Jones, Ironmonger, Crickhowell. FOR SALE, several young Belgian Hares and Flemish Giants. Also a few pairs of Homer and Tippler Pigeons.—Pitman, Mount-street, Abergavenny. -FOR SALE, Large Galvanized lion Building, used as Stables and containing large quantity of timber. Owner given up horses. Also Chaffcutter, in good working order.—Apply, Watkins, Baker, Monk-street. iI. TO BE SOLD by Private Treaty, Capital Building Site, containing an area of one acre, now bripgiug In good tent as garden, in an ideal positlton in this favourite residential, town.—Full detail's on application to Montague Harris, Estate Agent, Abergavenny. 7- II Lot or Strayed. j LOST, small Yorkshire Dog. Finder rewarded. Detainer prosecuted.—Apply, Great Western Hotel, Abergavenny. LOST from No. 3, New-road, Nantyglck, a Light, Bay Mare 13 hands sHod and docked.- Finder will be rewarded.—William Jones. j LOST from Cefn Cottage, near Abergavenny, Six Wethers pitch-mark cross in circle on crup.—Apply G. Williams, Upfer Hpuse, Crickhowell. STRAYED to Tycenol, about March, Speckled- faced Yearling Wither ear marked both ears. If not claimed within 7 days Will be sold to defray expenses. -Watkirs, Oldcastle. :n_ MiscellaneoLit?. CHEISTADELPHIAN HALL, tHRISTADELPHIAN HALL, LION STREET, ABERGAVENNY, SUNDAY NEXT JULY 28th, 1918. At 6 o'clock (Please note alteration of time). Speaker: Mr. E. A. RUSSELL, of Swansea Subject "THE REDEMPTION OF MAN" Come and hear and jadge for yourself. Szate are free, and so collection. Miscellaneous. The "GRASSMERE" War=Time Floor Covering. {. Sanitary, Artistic and Inexpensive, the Grassmere Floorcovering is an ideal material for Bed, Bath and Smoke Rooms. The fiapply is strictly limited and such as desire a I reaHy cheap and stylish cover for the floor will do well to pay us ana early visit of inspection. They are made • in several sizes and we give below some examples and prices, jz. 4ft. 6in. by 6ft. 4/11 G-ft. by 7ft. 6in. 13/11 v 7ft. 6in. by 9ft: 17/11 ill, 8ft. Bis. by 10ft. 6in. -27/6 „• Ae,  • V <> # JI î • I I c. f'  y.. P. E. GANE, Ltd., -2-3 Commercial St., NEWPORT. I THE "HOUSE FURNISHERS." Every joint m < R.-leigh i. hq ud-brazed, us., dipped into molten 4>rass, inttetd as in oth er bicyde», dependiug OR G !5*UN *U:ining th* materia! in. Hence the itrenst6 cd Raic-iih frametl.. K uA b LL:STEEL" R t' ,.IØ,I B'I1"< r\iiI\¡n¡111J11/1/IfiTHf: "(: —?  ? ?? tten?t ?iftt—hM? ev#deoc 01 ??M ? ?? &e?<ce It gtwe? <? h?c« r&dw$ g e ??? Ra1lgh g, &RERGAVE Y g Cycle Co. Ld. NN Núttin han:. TmL fld ll ''y A,, bergavenny "Cycl,e Co., 53 Cross St. 'C< V-A.D.  T. "f¿1: THE SUMMER SALE TM!1Dll11rmmnmm ¡THE SUMMER' SALE. I.. THE "TO'LDE FLEEÇE Commenced July 22nd, and. will ATTRACT THE ATTENTION of all KEEN SHOPPERS BARGAINS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS THOMAS & SONS, 59 CROSS ST., ABERGAVENNY. The Greatest Stocks in Abergavenny Direct from the Leading Growers I HAVE just received an entirely New Stock of Seeds for rowing now until 3rd week in August. _L Onions Red Italian Tripoli, White Lisbon, Giant Rocca, Golden Rocca, Ailsa Craig, Crans- Tile Greatest Stocks in Abergavenny Directfrem the Leading GroWers ton's Excelsior, White Spanish. Lettuce: McHattie's Giant, Lee's Immense, Hardy Green Hammersmith. Turnips: Green Top Stone, Oran g e Jelly. Cabbage: Wheeler's Imperial, Hammersmith. Tnrnip ?Ilam's Early Dwarf, Early Offenham, Emperor, Daniel's Defiance, Wheeler's Warminster, ger, LARGEST STOCKS IN ABERGAVENNY. Drumhead, <&c., &c. THE f?zj?L??i? TreRGAVENN^ SEE^ ^TORBS^ I FROGMORE STREET. ? I ■»/ 1-1 MVH /]■ ? ABERGAVENNY. —| FLORIST ♦isSEEDSMANx^ Fraser's always Always Fraser's M <+ BANK HOUSE SUMMER  TT SALE NOW PROCEEDING. Great Reductions in all Departments. JONES & CO. (F. TREVOR JONES, Proprietor) « Miscellaneous. .C J.c-'c; f- Great Attractions-at Abergavenny Bank Holiday, Monday, Aug. 5th, and Tuesday, August 6th, 1918. Annual Horticultural Exhibition In Market Hall, Monday, AUG. 5th. Nearly 100 Classes. GRAND Fete in Castle Grounds v Monday & Tuesday, Aug. 5th & 6th. Sensational Variety Performances. Waltzing Competition. Full Programme of Dance Music t by the Tredegar Qrass Band. Amateur ATHLETIC SPORTS. Bailey Park, Tuesday, Aug. 6tb. For prices of admission aud full details, see bills. Proceeds in aid of Local Charities. W. LI.KVVF.I.I.IN, Secretary. Horticultu.ral & Allohnents Association. LET THURSDAY, AUGUST 15th, BE YOUR HOLIDAY and come and see the Aid to Food Production at PANDY SHOW and also help our Disabled Soldiers. The Show that is still going strong after 40 years. To Open at 2 p.m. in the Grounds adjoining Llanvibange! School. GRAND EXHIBITION of Vegetables, Fruits, Preserves, Needlework, &c., &c. Six Open Prizes for Vegetables and.nearly 50 Open to 12 Parishes. SPORTS.-49 Events, including DRIVING COM- PETITION FOR LAND GIRLS. Music will be provided. DANCK to follow. Refreshments at moderate charges. Madam Sarahanza, Paimist, will be in attend nice. Hoop-la. Bran Tub. Quoits. Shooting Gallery, &c., &c. Schedules may be obtained from any of the Leading Seedsmen in Aber.gavenny' All particulars of Horticultural Section from GEO. CALDICOTT, .HOll. Sec., Llanvih'angcl Cru- corney. All particulars of Sports Section from GEO. WATKU^S, Pandy. Admission, i/ Children, Halfprrce. LLANFOIST Innaal Uoriiculiural SbOlIl and Sports o will be held on Thursday, August 22nd> 1918, Under the Patronage of THE RIGHT HONOURABLE LADY LLAXC.AVI'OCK. « NEARLY 80 OPEN AND AMATEUR CLASSES FOR VEGETABLES, FRUIT, FLOWERS. &c. 14 SPORTS. EVENTS & Other Attractions. Schedules may be obtained from any Seensnian in Abergavenny, or MR. H. J. RicE, Llanfoist, Abergavennj- MR. A Q. NORMAN, 123 St. HeleÙ,-Rd Abergavenny, Joint Sees. q The Proceeds to be given to the T<XvANI-OIST SOLDIERS & SAILORS' WELCOME Hmn: Frxn. Bethany Baptist Sunday School. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES win be held on •SUNDAY NEXT, JULY • 28th, at 11.0 a.m. and (¡,jo p,m, Preacher: REV. MYRDDIN THOMAS (Maeste.^). Seats Free. All .are cordially invited. COLISEUM ABERGAVENNY. Telephone, 33. MAN JOIN 3 DIRECTOR RICHARD DOON^K. 'RESIDENT MANAGER W. H. WALLER. Doors open at 7. Commence 7.30. Saturday at 6.30 and 8.30 p.m. Matinee: Tuesday and  Saturday at '2.30. ■" MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY:— ALICE BRADYin a Great Domestic Drama BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. Chapter 7 46THEIFIGHTING TRAIL Vhe Super Serial. 8th Instalment MV FOUR YEARS IN GERMANY." Special Comedy by Fox A MILK-FED VAMP. PATHE GAZETTE. -THURSDA Y, FRIDAY & SATURDAY FLLSE, FERGUSON, the Aettiest of Screen Stars, presents BARBARY SHEEP. A Fine Screen Drams. Chapter 5: THEOFATAL RING." P Comedy AFRAID TO BE FALSE. PATHE GAZETTE. NEXT WBBK.—CHARLIE CHAPLIN in "A DOWS LIFE." • • ADULTS 4d.. AOULXS, ADULT9, (Tip-up Chaird I ad. ADULTS, (Tip-np Chaira 9 < NO COUPONS NEEDED. NO COTIPONS NEEDED, WE PAVE r SPARE RIBS FOR THAT BROKEN UMBRELLA. • The Umbrella Repair Depot: II. J. HAERHY, 5 HIGH STREET, HAIRDRESSER & TOBACCONIST. JESSE PRITCHARD, PRACTICAL BUILDER, 1, Trinity Terrace, Baker Street, Every deacr?pti<m of BsHd.a? Work pM?cttj, exe- ot!ted. TaKM &Bc Path Aspaskefh ??enKat?ci ?r Gravelled ac mofierate. charges. Carefiii atrentiei?. given to ail Jobbing Work.. > Seating Apparaiaa, feoil&r and Grate Fixijig a spooiaiity. • A Trial Orlfr respi-ctfnUy solicilea