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COFFEE —— Roasted per lb. 1/6 A Costa Rica ••• „ 2/4 Pea Berry 2/6 W. T. STONEHAM Argyll Stores I -Coffee Specialist Abergavenny COMMERCIAL EDUCATION. Special Courses of rapid and thorough individual instruction and training in Shorthand, Book-keeping, Typewriting, Theory and Practice of Commerce, and other Commercial Subjects. Efficiency can be secured in three rqonths with ordinary diligence. Students piepared for examinations. Classes will be re- sumed in September. ACCOUNTANCY. Systems of Book-keeping for different businesses provided. Periodical Audits and Supervision undertaken. Preparation of Income Tax Returns and Accounts, and Conduct of Appeals. R. :0:. JACKSON, Fellow Society of Commercial Teachers, Fellow Book-keeping Teaoher,31 Association, Fellow Institute of Conuaeroe. Fellow National Shorthand Association, Fellowef the London Association of Accountants. WHITWELL, ABERGAVENNY, WE CLAIM for our Monumental Work that it is Equal to the best London Photos. and Firms in- DESIGN and QUALITY OF Inclusive WORKMANSHIP, but at least So Terms on cheaper. application GENUINE OFFER OF MEMORIALS IN STOCK AT OLD PRICES ROBERT PRICE & SONS ADJOINING CATTLE BILARKET. WE MOVE WITH THE TIMES. PIANOS By the Leading London Makers. GRAMOPHONES CASH or HEINS & Co's. EASY PAYMRNT SYSTEM. HEINS & Co., LTD., THE ALL-BRITISH FIRM, 23 Frogmore Street, ABERGAVENNY. E. A. PEAKE, FLORAL HALL, CROSS ST., FOR Wreaths, Crosses, Chaplets, Anchors, or any design. Bridal Shower. Opera Presentations, and other Bouquets artistically malle up of the choicest flowers i. season at the shortest notice. New and Reliable Seeds have stood the test for over 30 years. Estimates given for Table, Church De- corations, Weddinp Parties &c. JESSE PRITCHARD, PRACTICAL BUILDER, 1, Trinity Terrace, Baker Street, ABERGAVENNY. Every description of BnHdiD Work promptly exe- cuted. Yarda and PMha Aaphsdted, =p."u Ne- Gravelled at moderate charges. Careful attentior given to all Jobbing Work. Heating Apparatus, Boiler and Urate Fixing a speciality. A Trial Order respectfully solicited I wr I The Welshman's Favourite, t MA.BON Sauce > r-sgr As good CI8 its Name. I DON'T FAlL TO GET IT. 1 St 1>_ SI., GsxrliC S I OELIABLE pURNlTURE of every I' description HI BEST AND H| CHEAPEST I DOWNES Frogmore St. Abergavenny REDWOOD'S BREAD AND CAKES PERFECTION L Redwood's Hygienic Bakery Flannel Street. W. H. BUTT — FOR Hats, Caps, Ties, Collars, Shirts, and Gent's Underwear. Children's Outfitting a speciality. HIGH STREET, ABERGAVENNY. THE ABERGAVENNY STEAM LAUNDRY. GO., LTD., Merthyr Road, Abergavenny. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. HIGH-CLASS WORK. REASONABLE CHARGES. Address: Miss TAYLOR, Manageress. ———- AUTUMN GOODS <>^•3 FURS & FUR COATS MILLINERY LADIES' & CHILDREN'S WOVEN UNDERWEAR CREPE DE CHINE BLOUSES JONES & CO., BANK HOUSE (F. TREVOR JONES, Proprietor) THIS HAPPY COUPLE I i FELL DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH GOODS SUPPLIED BY I BEVAN & CO., LTD., ¡ Pontypool, Newport, Cardiff, &c., | AND THE RESULT IS THAT THEY HAVE A MOST COMFORTABLE HOME. i IMMENSE SELECTION. NEWEST DESIGNS. LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE. I EVERYTHING FOR FURNISHING. I DELIVERIES FREE TO ABEIZGAVENNYT DISTRICT FROM ALL BRANCHES. MOKGAN & EVANS THE SUPPLY STORES, Aberga,venny and Crickhowell, HAVE MUCH PLEASURE IN OFFERING Very Fine AMONTILLADO AND MANZANILLA SHERRY ALSO SOME I Choice Old MADEIRA. BOTTLICD 1887. PRICES ON APPLICATION. LIGHT DINNER ALE 6 per D07en Pint Bottles. HEREFORDSHIRE CIDER 5 6 per Dozen Piat Bottles. I STILL WHITE WINES 30 per Dozen Bottles. I PERSHORE CO-OP. FRUIT MARKET, LTD., PERSHORE, Worcs. I I WE HOLD SPECIAL' SALES W EGGS. EVERY THURSDAY: BOXES SUPPLIED. C. ARNOLD CR4PP, Manager I P.O. 30 Abergavenny. Telegrams: Stanley, Abergavenny. CHAS. P. STANLEY, BLACK LION YARD, ABERGAVENNY. Always a Buyer of Iroa, Bras*, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Pewter, Spelter, Oat Metal, Rags, Bones, Rubber Bottles, Rabbct^Skias, etc., etc. BUT MAS acror. Upon receipt of Post Card wüI wait upon you immediately. AtWAYS Nummotrs ARtfctxs ftit SAMC. I R. M. WILLIAMS, LTD., l Chemists & Opticians _— I I (RM 4. ?. .11 F -? m EXAIA.INAL EYESIGHT TESTED Occulists' All Prescriptions Repairs Accurately Promptly Dispensed. Executed. FULL RANGE OF SPECTACLES AND LENSES IN STOCK j Angef/iiotei Cross St., Abergavenny YE OLDE FYRME. WILL. EVANS, SCULPTOR, I 2 Brecon Road, ABERGAVENNY. Compare my work with others and not be misled by bluff advertisements, as all I want is a fair price for an honest job. j Unequalled for accurate work in MASONRY, CARVING & LETTERING, as I specialize in this one business alone,, and it is impossible to put up a first-class ) job and give satisfaction at shoddy prices. —~ II FOR PURE HOME BREWED I ALES AND STOUT, i WINES AND SPIRITS > -TRY- I THOMAS DELAFIELD, KINGS ARMS, I ABERGAVENNY. —— Large Selection of —— WRITING PADS, GENTLE- MEN'S POCKET BOOKS & I, WALLETS IN LEATHER.— A New Range of —— ¡ PHOTOGRAPH & OTHER ————— FRAMES. I MORGAN & CO., CHRONICLE OFFICE. VEGETABLE PLANTS. Cauliflower, Celery, encumber, Brussels Sprouts, Tomatoes, it- -a- Savoys, Cabbages, Kales & Broccoli all at 1/- per 100. Bedding Plaits I Bedding Pluts I Geraniums, Begonias, Calceolarias, Mar- gurfetes, Hefiotrepe, Dahlia, Violas, Lobelia, Asters, Stocks, &c. Insecticides. X Potato Wash, Kalakilia, Abol, Ex All, &c. Bordorite, Sulphate of Copper, and Pure Washing Sada. Wreaths, Crosses, Bouquets & Out Flowers. HENRY PITT, (F.R.H.S.) Brecon Rd. & Old Nurseries, Abergavenny. I Licensed Agent to std sell Poisonous Com- pounds for nse in Horticulture. I Tel. No. 19. I New Grates soon pay for themselves apart from increased warmth and comfort, and are astonishingly cheap at ROBERT PRICE & SONS. LION STREET & PARK; i > ROAD. j District Agents for the Celebrated Oakelev Slates, and the firm for all Building Materials, Timber, &c. A