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If rati prick the end of an egg-shell and put it over a bottle-sock it makeo an excel- lent bmnel for pouring thi'juga. Jelly will not go mouldy if 3 piece o! fresh butter h- mixed with it when hot. Line your chthes basket with white American cloth, and you be able to keep it perfectly clean and froe from dust and gravel. A small i!13:d a a piano will protect the telt from moths.  k  Often, wl?n e?o k—g, a k?i-e wi? be t?ed 1 tD cut an o?u-n, a:.d tae ,7' i' i rea"aipI ?cr a Ica? ti'!ie tèn:es a?m? i? done to 1 prevent it. D--t'v l'? '??L? t?n?h ? raw j carrot once or tw.c ,lj w—1 remove the I odour. For decanters that aLA- e hoc. n:e stained b" wine a very g??d ?iet??d ib to pbar ? "Utile vinegar in 't m ,abd' a'du. ad3 ??<mt-' 'a-teaspoonf?I Di' ?a:It: Al?jw t? Li.. &ta'ae? ?'?. a wh;Îe shak?? it oc;a.-na;A?y. and t"t:1 w?s?i with c'??r w?tfr. If a new brocqi is seated in hot water is which a handful of sett had been thrown, it win toughen the bristles? aud make tire broom wear much longer .0 Some Furi^a Do-N'ti I Don't put in the :,1. to fried tU! the j fat is st?? and 2 -l¡P,, ..?.n.:f is aeon rising frotathep-'i D?u?M?t t??muo.yp?ct'a. of bh, or w?t??r ii bt-t? fne?, luto m"  at the same t:me. Don't :ozget to .e- Cn at the faL betrven €?H .0? ? t?d p'.i. into the p?n D- K't uso fat which h? ?f't burnt at a prevou? waking Don't krget. to drain all the pieces of f«--cd carefully alter lifting then: old o: p.i i Dot) t a!sow j fried food to ix-eoute vh'' led before aertriaj; I it up. CLEAKIITS FCEMIT-J Upholstered furniture requires a thorough j cleaning every nov; and thf: tf keep it good condition. The stuffed parts should he covered with a towel aud welt beaten w:tL a- carpet-beater, the towei being occasions .iy shaken to get rid ol tas dnst. The wood- work should b* te r and soapsuds. and aff-erwards oclished a flannel dipped iu ti:rp?uiine. Mahogany noeds only to iie ru'oocd with a dry ulota. POTATO CKOQRXT3.; 1 ..B.)il some good. pr.taioes and mash them,, weil with a little batter, salt, pepper, and a little grated ie&H bacon. Mj.v with an egg, mould into shapes, aiul fry tlia croquets a nice colour. Sorve with wcll-wasoaed brown which amy bo made ineat c^tri-et if no gravy from a ,ma d e o- joint Ls available. ^f.MZS3rE\L PANCAKES. I Take 2, gills m«;»;ai?al, tablesp.^ftRf'il flour, I pint milk, a iittie fat for frying. H tea3[M>cnfuls egg powder, t t-easpocaful salt and pepr-er, 1 teaspooufal bicarbonate of soda Pour enough boiling water on h LL-t coc, T' to make a thick dough. Let it ccol. Then add a ,-v the r beate-i up in half a pint, of railk, a ad a8 much TOore rcilk added aa wn aiak c a bat- ter. Fry the pun cukes in a weii-greac-ed paa. HOW TO Busk Coai Dsat I The mnunt of coal dust which col!?c*s m the cellar is fnonuoi!?, and, if this cap :» burned, a great saving id effected. A 'Y good method of accemplikhiag this is ad bt. iows; Save all the thick paper bags in which you get sugar, currants, etc., arid fill t":1t with coal (hst, and place them aside :n i bbx kept for the purpose. As these coal- bags are required for use, open the'tO?a,i allow a little Water to trickie over the dust, reeloso the bag. ajii lay it on the fire If the Sre is not • touched, H-e- coal- dust :m1, water will fesm into a solid lrtrnp with the action of the boat" and will give put aa" girm!i Tvarmth as would targe pieces of If \he''<&st is 'shovelled"ok" in'"tefe '<yrdinarr way it 'simply falls through into the a,,U-, pan and is wa;t' wherea,i every particle la burned if usetl as described above. Eepairi^G E^ASISL WAK3 I Ename l wars is expensive thesa days and very difficult to procure, so do not throw away old pails ju.-st because thev have hcloa in them. "The holes may be filfed up with the following mixture: procure some huild- arg cement arid mix it wiA cold water to the • consistency of a thick cream. Spread tins evenly over the holes and leave it to dry for a" d,v 'or t-c,, when it will be found to be quite solid 1 SOME USEFUL RECIPES. I POTATO Cases.—B-?Rt a raw egg with some cold boiled mashed potatoes and a little salt, fc-rm into roils or fcali^ rcll ia I oi? t-t bread crumbs, and fry oil till nicety brown. ScET Drr?L:;GS,C:)-, :c.ur O ^8 of suet, put into a hu-"ir with live ouiio of flour, two ounces of fine bi.eadcnimbs. and a teaspoon of sale (ieve. Stir all "-v.'ii together, beat an egg 01 a plate, nud bo it about six tabiespooafuls of milk, ai-d p-it it bv degrees inU the basin. Stir- a'1 vm-11 together, divide it into six auniolaad ti^. them separately, prenousiy dusting the cloth" with ilour. f<r an honr. If these are nr:t allowed to .rt cold, thai;, cut into kiliL-?s-a:id fried, it inaies fit. good dccoitd 1 The above.. ma.lce 3. good pudding. IP>il for alwut tw:, houra in an. earthen mould with the addition of another egg, a little more Exilic, -aid then serve any kind of jam or stewed fruit, Substitute ros. Ja^—Tata a quarter or a pound of coco*butt-«r, a quarter of a j pou-nd of sugar, them in'o a sa'v.epin, stir in a quarter 01 a pound of cocoa, an- lastly, two tcblespooftfcls of custard-powder in a. gill of .milji. Caraiu. 7 boil al: togetuer, J stirring all the time unti- it tliickcns. Thea pour into a mould. When cold, t' s is delicious. It is far mare ec nomical than jain or butter and spread on brcud a Iitrls goes a long way. Bailed Farsn Hjce^mcgs.—Clean and dry the fi&h, then rub with a little salt, at-d rineg-r, and simmer gently on. a strainer in a pan or boiling wafer. Serve with the following aauce: W,h a, bunch of parsley I and boil for about live trflnutes, then chop finch" and piace two in a øaucé boat. Add to it ounces 01 melted butter, and stir. Potted Lentils.—Thss-.1 are a gdfed sub- stitute for butter. Eight ounces of ieatiw boiled in saltrateci westvr tu. soft, using as little water as nfcaasnry alter covering the lentils. Add dried craiubs a couple 'of elices of bread (the out*r erupts can be dried in the oven, and u^ed -for VJitp}, add a Iitt | "ground Tr 7 about ? ??h: '?'at- up 'r; ;Sè: :;k.l:} ? :a2i< -t ¡. meat i» p^tt^d. Butter' fce>& soaked" c^Cr night in boili.ig saltrnvi *.vat<r, may take the plate ef lentils. Don't tee oodA. 1