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,C OFFEE —— Roasted per lb. 1/6 ? Costa Rica „ 2/4 Pea Berry „ 2/6 W. T. STONEHAM ?,t g? w. T. STONEHAM Argylf Stoe Coffee Specialist Abergavenny INCOME TAX. wmw ASSESSMENTS. ?OW that the maximum rates of Income Tax is 6/- in the ?, it is essential that -? all Nonces of Assessment should be carefully checked to ascertain (a) that the amount assessed is accurate, and (b) .that the duty is charged at the correct rate. The rates of tax for the current year on earned income are as follows Under J,300 £. ;63oo to £600 3- ,{,60ü to i, 1500 3/9 Z1500 to 20W- I Z-000 to £2,5°0 5/3 £2500 to .£30e0 6/- Appeals against assessments or rates of tax should be lodged within 21 days OPdate of notice of assessment. It. H. JACKSON, tneotne Tax Expert, &c., WhttweM, Hereford Rd., Abergawenny. UwwIE CLAIM for our MMbnu ental Work — that it !s Equal to the best London Photos and Firms in DEStGN and QUALITY OF Inclusive WORKMANSHIP, but at teast 50% Terms on ? cheaper. application GENUINE OFFER oF 1Iõ=- lvfElORIALS IN STOCK AT ÓLD'  ? MEMORIALS IN STOCK AT Oi? PRic?s ROBERT PR<CE & SONS ADJOINING CATTLE IMLHJMCETp. THE GREAT DEPOT FOR GRAMOPHONES AND j RECORDS. FINEST XMAS PRESENTS HEXNS & CO., Ltd., ABERGAVENNY. E. A. PEAKE, FI.ORAI. HALL "'CROSS'ST., FOR t Wreaths, Crosses, Chaplets, Anchors. '>, or any design. Bridal Shower. Opera Presentations, aad other Bouquets artistically made up of the ehoicest flowers in season at the shortest notice. New and Reliable Seeds have stood the test for over 30 year$. Estimates given for-Table, Church De- corations, Wedding Parties &c. YE OLDE FYRME. ILL., EV ,I-lNTS ,,1 -J -A l. SCULPTOR, 2 Brecon Road. ABERQAVENNY. Compare my work with others and hot be misled by bluff advertisements, as all I want is a fair price for an, honest job. Unequalled for accurate work in MASONRY, CARVING & LETTERtMG, as I specialize in t]4is one business alone, and it is impossible to put up a nrst-class job and give satisfaction at shoddy prices. t)EUABLE pURNtTURE of every description H! BEST AND CHEAPEST DOWNES Frogmofe St. Abergavenny REDWOOD'S BREAD AND CAKES PERFECTION Redwood's Hygienic B&kery Flannel Street. W. H.BUTT — FOR Hats, Caps, Ties, CoHars, Shirts, and Genfs Unc,e.,rwear. <t Chitdren's Outfitting a slyeeiality. "HIGH STREET, ABERGAVENNY. IHE ADERGAVENNY STEAM LAUNQY, CO., LTD., Merthyr Road, Abergavenny. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT.. HIGH-CLASS REASONABLE CHARGES. < Addres5: Miss TAYLOR, Manageress. \1 XMAS PRESENTS!" I h f' II I We are now Showihg the fo!!owing 1 Suitable G[,,FTS., Fur Sets, Fur Coats, Fur-lined Coatg, Blouses, Children's *Fur Sets, Children's MiMineiy. M I LL I N E R Y Fancy Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Neckwear, Hosiery/Eider Down Quilts, Blankets) Cushions, Cosies, English Fancy Leather Goods. FANCY LINENS. JONES & Co., Bank House, t ,F. -TIZEVOIZ JONES, Propriet"). j;bergavenny. f w&n s& n& Your next question should ?H??????s? be Mv dear ) what firm would you prefer to furnish our Home ?" In ? ??? ? ? ? ?? In reply) of course she woulT say ?Oh, where ?S???? mother purchased our ????? ?Jjj? beautiful goods, the I WELL-KNOWN OLD-ESTABLISHI!D FIRM Of' BEVAN & Co., Ltd., PONTYPOQL, NEWPORT, CARDIFF, &c. ?TT H ? I R numerous Branches throughout ? South Wales give Purchasers by far the largest Selection of everything of the newest Designs to be found in the Principality. QuaHty Guaranteed. Lowest Possible Prices., Delivery Free up to 200 Miles. I BEVAN & COMPANY. & lEVAISTS WMIE SUPPLY STORES, Abergavenny and HAVE MUCH PLEASURE IN OFFERING Very Fine LIGHT DINNER ALE AMONTILLADO 6/- per Dozen Plat Bottles. AND MANZANILLA HEREFORDSHIRE SHERRY CiDER ALS' 6 SOMF, CIDER 5/6 per Dozen Pmt Bottles. Choice Old MADEIRA. STILL WHITE WINES PRICES ON APPLICATION. A few Dozens at 48/- and 54/ ?——————————————. rP&V????n????T? ? CO.OP. FRUIT I FRUIT ? ??? ???U'!T? ?? T J. ? ? ?Ti ??., PERSIIORE, Woms. WE HOI.D SPECIAI. SALES OF' ? ? EGGS. EVERY THURSDAY: B:'XES SUPPLIED. C. ARNOLD CRA PP, Manage,. P.O. 30 Abergavenay. Telegrams: Stanley, Abergavenny. CHAS. P. STANLEY, BLACK LION YARD, ABERGAVENNY. Always a Buyer of Iron, Brass, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Pewter, Spelter, Gun Metal, Raga, Bones, Rubber Bottler RabbitISkins, etc., etc. BEST PRICE CIVEN. Upon receipt of Post Card will wait upon you unmediatety. ALWAYS NUMEROUS ARTICIAS FOR S.u.a.  ———————— ?—— ? ———:——— ? —————————— .1 R. M. W!L.HAMS, LTD., Chemi;sts <& Opticians. EYESIGHT TESTED OccuUsts' All Prescriptions Repairs Accurately Promptly Dispensed. Executed. FULL RANGE op SPECTACLES — AND LENSES IN STOCK — X?tc! Cross <St, Aber?avenny Angel. Hotel Cross St., Abergavenny DEAK!HS MIRACULOUS OHEAT COUGH AND LUMC HEALER Will tmtpedjatety arrest the course of the <htea<a and guard agrams t at' Ht effects. Prices. 1/3 and 3/ of aU ChetMSts Md Stores If difficult to obtam send direct enctoaint !/<! or ww to the Sole Propnetors: G. DEAKtN & HUGHES, The tttaammatiott Remedies Co.. BLAEMVOM. "THE BREATH OF LIFE." THIS IS T14E ??STUFF? STUFF ? ? DO YOU COOD. NIGHTINGALE, 3 Stow Hill Newpor;. MAGNIFICEN'V NEW PIANOS About Ha.lf-price. Best in the world at lowest prices. FOR PURE tiOME BREWED ALES AND STOUT, WtNES AND SPXRHT8 TRY TEOMAS DELAFIELD, KtMGS ARMS, ABERGA VENNY. ———————— ? ——— VEGETABLE PLANTS. CauMower, Celery, Cucumber, Brussets Sprouts, Tomatoes, VegetaMe Marrows. Savoys, Cabbages, Kates & BroccoM aKatt/-per100. BedInø Plants! Bedding Plants I Oeran!ums, Begonias, Calceolarias, Mar- gurietes, HeMotrope. DahHa, Violas, Lobelia, Asters, Stocks, &c. Insecticides, X Potato Wash, Kalakilla, Abol, Ex All, &e. 0 Bordorite, Sulphate of Copper, and I, Pure Washing Soda. Wreaths, Crosses, Bouquets & Cut F!oweM. HENRY PITT, (F.R.H.S.) Brecon Rd. & Old Nurseries, Abergavenny. Licensed Agent to stock a,ud se]! Poisonoaa Com- ponnds for use in Horti6lture. Tel. No. 19. !——————* —————— New Grates soon pay for themselves apart from iki creased warmth and comfort, and are astonishingly cheap at ROBERT PRICE & -SONS-9 LION STREET & PARK' ) ROAD. District Agents for the Celebrated Oakeley Slates, and the firm for all Building Materials, Timber, &c.