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1 ? wan-p?p?r, dip a c?ean duster in 2rjr' pov/cl-'red borax, and rub it a.H ever the '0 p3It. uli with l i n-?,.t?c- d oil *ro?r€5?rve linoleum, rub vith linseed oil after^-wa^hing; this givo3 a nice polish with- out being slippery like beeswax, and makes Jihe floor covering last muck longer. Î -7 Before taking potatoes, let them stand in hot water for fifteen mirutos. Thc-v will then require only hiui' the time to .bake, and if. a fas-o^n is u this saving is considerable. « Never wet the hand„ les of table kuiveg, Ivor* trims yellow; composition discolours, and bone ^oes dirty permanently. 0 Add a little vinegar to the water in which old potato*' that turn dark in cooking are boiliflg. The acid of the vinegar helps to keep"tli. potatoes white. B-acron can be -made to go twice as far if *fter cuttia? eif t.?e rind you dip c.?-h rasher in Hour a-,i  Tiiis the [Q aour and frr quickly. This pi-CY?nts the bacon from running tc fat. J Rub any steel parts of grates every day with a alightlv oiiv cloth ai.d then with a iJrv duster. Ii tai? is dorse the steel will never rust, and will very seldom need a real cleaning. When boiling or steaming pud-dings, cut a round of while kitchen paper to fit into the bottom of the basin, grease it, and after {reusing the ba?iB. put it in the bottom. fhe ?¡dùng will turn out quit easily. To GET RID O? MICE. One of the most .effectiv? mh(.di of g'd- :;i:t rid ef mice is t-o sprn.kle a little oif of peppermint about thc-ir h:u'.n?. a.? the Hmcil is n?st obB-cxi?s? to t??. Ordu?ry mint, placed on tÓeive! 'i CUP:0",H., etc., v??sd bv mice, is also a verv ture mean* of driving them away. For catching them, kovreTer, trapo should lw baited witn little aieees of food which have been sprinkled with a little an The scent of aniseed 1133 a great attraction for mice. Cmked SINK. 1 To clear a choked sink, pour in a quarter jf a pound of copporas, dissolved in two auarts of boiling water. If this be not trv again before sending for a slumber. To keep 01.13 arain liee from grease—-a frequent cause of obstruction— poirr it once a week at some pot ash dUso>?d in a qnart of boiling water. There will then be little of any incon- venience i rorr, a badly-choked train leading from the sink. USE FOP. A:" EA2TUT:N JAB. USE FOR Al, E,RTln: JXlt. An ordinary earthen jar with a close ht- fcing lid is a a excellent utensil for baking meat, fruit, or fa-riniiceous food. The jai beii^g covered, it is impos>\ole for nourish- meat to e.cape, and the cooking prece.-s is SO gradual that the ingredients ran risk of being spoilt. Put whatever is to be cooired in th £ > jar with the usetwsary quan- titv of liquid; till a shallow tin with boiling water, stand the jar (covered tightly) in it, and place in the oven. Keep the water m th !n bo:i! ing adding a little more from time *to time. Iri-h stew cooked in this way is excellent, and requires little or no atten- tion during the process. HOME MADE LINOUNRN. Take an old carpet that is whple but toe. thabov for use, clean it thoroughly and tack it dOlvn Oil the kitchen floor. Then make a thick, boiled starch of flour and wattr. Rub a 'coat cf this starch ou the carpet with a ■whitewash briwh, and in about twenty-lour hours, or when the starch is quite dry, give it a coat of paint, auy colour will do. Dark red i, a e'??.' shade ?r the kitchen. When t'? ? drv. ??.-c a scccud coat, and yu will luve a cheap and durable hoor-covering. To CKACXXD OR BhokeS CaiNA. 1 One of the simplest and most e'i:ec;iv<- C1nte for thia p?rp<Me i; whit oil colour, STj'h?-i?s'????H"C? in tubes, from which it ? B<)M?cd out in th? d?ired quantity. "Without any previous preparations of any kn.d. increlv paint the broken parts with the «il, press them into position, tie thexn in position, or otherwise secure them. and the •pper;ition is complete. T.) ensure perfect the mended article must be put away to dry thoroughly fox six weeks; after that period" neither heat, nor cold, nor mois- ture should affect the cement. Ii4 after aiiy colour remains, haying out, it must be carefully I scraped off with a knife bcio- the.article is taken into use again, and after it is dried. SOME USEFUL RECIPES. CtrsTAKD Bska^ ■ Pt'DiuNG.—Soak some stale broad in cold water for one hour, then squeeze verv dry, and crumble it ligatlv into V"revised piodish. Fill up the dieh with custard, dot with bits of butter, and bake until it rises and is a nice golden brown. MINCED MEAT WITH POTATOES.—Mince the scraps cf meat and add ci. littl.(- gravy. Mash some potatoes, mix with some dripping, 30rne mill coo. onions, season with salt and pepper. Make the potato mash into balls, form a hole, and fill with the minced meat. Screen the meat with a little mashed potato. Frv in a pan cf boiling fat. Dish the potatc balls. As soon as drained plac-e betweeI1 -Ive -,with a boat each a rasher of bacon. Serve with a boat of brown g:avy or baked tomatoes. MACARONI AND KIDNEYS.—Boil the maca- roni in milk and íV,ter. LighJv fry four sr five kidiieys. Then mince the kidneys, md put them into some good gravy well seasoned. When boiling add half the oked I macaroni, and when thoroughly hot dish it. Then arrange the rest of the macaroni upon top: screen lightly with minced parsley This would make a tasty pie. Put the whole into a oiedish, then cover with a well-made puff paste. Set in a quick oven. When the crust is done and of a golden colour the pie is ready for table. PATS PUDDING.—Stone a quarter of a pound of dates, chop them up finely, and mix with two breakta-t'-upfuls of wholemeal breadcrumbs. Beat in one raw egg, put into biittere-d pudding basin with enough mjlk to moisten, aRd steam for one hour. MACAKONi CHKRSE.—Take a quarter of a pound of macaroni, wash it and boil it steadily in slightly salted water for half an bour. Then heat up one egg, strain thE macaroni, but save the water it was cooked in, as it makes a nice stock for vegetable soup Mix the beaten egg, macaroni, pepper and salt together, and then stir in a table- spocmful cf grated cheese. Put into a soup- plate and sprinkle the top with another tabiespoonful of grated chease then with. JJome grated breadcrumb. and dot 3 few bite of margarine or butter ever the top, only the tininest bjts are neeetisary. Bak. in a quick oven for about five to MTt w-igu —


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