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Abergavenny Rural Council. I F I Housing Question TO:B: Considered. I FOOD COMMITTEE UNCOMSTJTUTIOHAL. t The monthiyjFmeeting of Abergavenny Rural District Council W- t:.dd on Tuesday, Mr. Robert Johnson presiding There were also present Mr. E. W. Lewis (v*. e- jii airman), Rev. D. F. Walters, Messrs. Chas. Thomas, F. O. Price, Roger Morgan, John Lewis, David Ed- wards, John Baynam. Matthew j. Knight, Thos. Thomas, Alfred J. Edwards. Wm. Biggs, R. J. Nott and W. L. Dodd.&.sfefct^^rMrft h-j \r The Laie Mr.1Scar.3on. 1 I The Chairman referred to the very sudden aim ( bad death of the late Clerk, Mr W. H. P. Scanlon, and said that the Council had sustained a vety serious loss. Mr. Scanlon wJ ->• very alert in his business, and he was afraid that they would í have great difficulty in finding a successor to fill his position. They had plenty of applicants, but it would not be easy to get io good a clerk. He proposed that a vote of sympathy be sent to the relatives. >•- g. ft. ^1 The vote was carried in silence. 1. i:.1 Rural Housing Changed Attitude. I Arisiug out ot the minutes, which stated that at their last meeting the Council had decided to take no action in the matter oi housing, Mr. Baynam ::iid that he had had several applica- tions for house. and asked what the Council were going to do about the matter. The Chairman Up to nov. we have done nothing, but I think we shall have to. Mr. Knight It is a big question when we take all the parishes hi. and we almost want a special meeting for it. The Chainnu.; We could have a special meeting a month to-day. We should be in a better position then. Mr. Roger Morgan said that there were six empty houses in the parish of Llanvair Kil- geddin, and they need not trouble about .building any more in that parish. Mr. Knight said that there were two empty houses in his parish (Llanthony). Mr. F. O. Price said'that under the reconstruc- tion scheme the old hovels would have to be pulled down and the sanitary arrangements would have to be improved. The Chairman said that it was perhaps for chis reason that some of the houses were empty. Mr. Price said that Mr. Forestier-Walker said at his meetinc at Raslan that if the urban and rural councils did not take this matter up the County Council would do so and spend the money, and he (Mr. Price) thought it was better for that Council to do it rather than leave it to the County Council. Mr. Knight s4 that it was a matter they could not decide at that meeting. A letter was read at this juncture from the Health and Housing Committee of the County Council stating that the War Agricultural Com- mittee were considering the need for the pro- vision of house; in the rural areas and asking for a copy of the report or scheme in the Aber- gavenny area. They asked if there was pro- vision in the scheme for earmarking certain houses for agricultural labourers resident in the area and also for those who were working outside the area. and also whether it was proposed to build single houses or to build them in detach- ments of two or four. The Chairman suggested that they might send » a reply that the matter was under consideration, but under the circumstances they had deferred it for a month. Mr. Dav-id Edwards said that there were houses empty at Llanviha-ngel. The Chairman s suggestion was adopted. Food Committee and Labour Representation. < A letter was read from the Divisional Food Commissioner pointing out that the Rural Food Control Committee was unconstitutional, inas- much as there were seven farmers on it, whereas they were not entitled to more than three except with the special leave of the Commissioner, and they had only one representative of labour, who ws not nominated by any organised body of labour. Having ribgard to the fact that the district was purely agricultural, the Com- missioner would be prepared to allow the com- mittee to remain as it stood with the exception that two in or 3 members properly representative of labour were substituted. The representation ot labour Wi1 a matter which was insisted on by ) the Order, and the constitution of the com- mittee ought to have been completed by the i.:th inat. In another letter it was pointed out that SPthat the committee was not legally I demstituted any acts done i>y titem would probably be held to be ultra vires. The Chairman Where are the labour rueti ? Mr. Knight said that he was not representing the farmers. He claimed that he was represent- ing labour. Members pointed out that Mr. Knight was not nominated by any organised body of labour. The Rev. D. F. Walters said that Mr. Gwillim was a labour representative, as he was represent- ing the miners on the Council and was paid by them to attend the meetings. The Surveyor said that there were railwaymen in the district, particularly at Llanfoist and the Mardy. It was decided that the railwaymen should be t £ ;ked to nominate two representatives. ) Land Needing Reclamation. I A letter was read trom the War Agricultural Committee, together with a circular from the Board of Agriculture, asking for particulars and areas of land exceeding 25 acres which were water-logged or uncultivated, including common iaads, which could be reclaimed by soldier j labour. j The Chairman Does anyone know of any hnd of that description ? I do'n't-, kr-ow of any myself. Mr. Roger Morgan said that there was one [ farm in the parish of Llanvair Kilgeddin where there was not an acre ploughed, and it was good, sound, dry land. Mr. Knight It is the reclamation of waste j laud. • Mr. Price It has nothing to do with the cultivation of good land. j The Chairman said that he did not know of any common laud of that extent. Mr. Knight I don't know of any, unless yon nke the Black Mountains, and then you would have something to go on with. It was decided to reply that there was no land of the kind in the district. Surveyor's Application for Increase. I The Surveyor (Mr. A. J. Willcox) applied for an increase on his present bonus of £ 10 per annum, pointing out That he had not applied for art increase of salary lince 1911. The main- tenance of his motor-bicycle and the purchase of petrol cost more than the £ 30 per annum allowed him by the Council, and lie now had to buy another machine which would cost him from I75 to £ 100. He pointed out that under the scale. for civil servants sanctioned by the Local Government Boar A for application to officers of local Councils, he would be entitled to about 29s. per week bonus. The Highways Clerk (Mr. Farquhar) read particulars as to increases granted to the sur- veyors of neighbouring councils, but Mr. Ed- v»ards objected to an turban district being taken as a comparison. He wanted to know how many miles. could be travelled on a gallon of petrol, and contended that according to what they paid the Surveyor as an allowance he would hive to travel 40 miles a day for 300 days in the year, or 12,000 miles in alt. Mr. John Lewis and Mr. Price said that the allowance was not altogether for petrol, but was partly for the upkeep of the bicycle. Mr. Edwards and others said that the toads aid not need looking after so much when .the men were working on the farms. The Rev. D. F. Walters said that the frasis on which Mr. Willcox made the application was the increase in the cost of living. He did not think they could discuss his salary at all, whether it was £ 177 or whatever it was. What they had to decide was whether they were prepared to give tiim an increase in war bonus to meet the extra cost of living. They had given war bonrises to the men, and was it not right to treat their owcers in tke same way ? They considered the I case of the officers of the Board of Guardians on the basis of the Local Government Board cir- cular, and they gave a higher increase according to whether they, were full time officers or not. Mr. Alfred Edwards We are not dealing with the Board of Guardi:ftis' business. The Rev. D. F. Walters I am in order, and I am entitled to point out the basis on which we decided the bonus. According to the Local Government Board circular you should give Mr. WiHcox 29S. per week, and I move that he be given another increase of ijo per year. Mr. Thos. Thomas seconded. Mr. Baynam proposed an amendment that they give a further increase of £ 10, and this was seconded by Mr. Alfred Edwards. Mr. Roger Morgan said that a man wno naa so many miles of roads to look after as Mr. Will- cox had should be paid t200 a year at any rate, j Mr. F. O. Price said that he thought Mr. Willcox had too much work to do to get over the roads properly. On the amendrhent being put to the vote there voted Messrs. Price, Baynam, Alfred Edwards, D Edwards, John Lewis, the Chairman, and W. Biggs. One or two meftibers claimed that Mr. Chas. Thomas "had held up his hand for the amendment, but he said that he did not do so, as he was in favour of making the increase £ 20. However, the voting was declared to be-nine for the amendment, which was therefore ruled to be carried without further voting. Mr. Chas. Thomas said he thought that the amendment should become the substantive motion and further amendments could be made to it, but the Chairman ruled that this was not in order. Mr. Willcox, who had been out of the room, was then called in and informed of the decision, upon which he asked if there was any reason why he should be treated differAitly to the Guardians' officers. To put him on the same footing as he was in pre-war days they should double his salary. He had done his level best for the Council, and he did not think that the £IQ was an adequate increase. A good deal of further discussion ensued, and Mr. Willcox was asked to leave the room again. The members talked about the matter for some time, but though it was pointed out by Mr. Roger Morgan that the amendment had not been properly carried, as only half the members present had voted for it, no further vote was taken, Mr. Alfred Edwafds proposing that they proceed with the next business. One or two members remarked that they had nothing against Mr. Willcox and agreed that he was an excellent officer. Temporary Clerk. I Mr. J. H. Farquhar raised the question of the appointment of clerk, and it was decided to appoint him as temporary clerk for sanitary purposes and supt. registrar until a permanent appointment was made. Footbridge at LJanvair. I Sir. Roger Morgan drew attention to the dangerous coqdition of a footbridge leading from Llanvair to Goytre and crossing the brook dividing the two parishes. Prevoiusly the bridge was kept in order by the owners of the property, but now-the property had changed hands. The Surveyor was directed to attend to the matter. ———— ♦

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