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COFFEE —— Roasted per lb. 1/6 A Costa Bica „ 2/4 Pea Berry „ 2/6 W. T. STONEHAM Argyll Stores Coffee Specialist Abergavenny I n HCmmmn Trading and Profit and Loss Accounts and n?UCfU?UHU?MTtm?M?fV t Balance Sheets prepared. Periodical Audits performed. Businesses supervised. IIIGOME TAX Claims for repayment. Abatement or Adjust- j 11 ment prepared. Appeals against Schedule D, J Excess Profits Duty Assessments conducted. COOMMERGIAL Ideal Courses of Instruction in all Com- mercial Subjects. Students prepared for EDUGATION ExamInabons.  w KSON -WHITWELL- R. H. JAC ABERGAVENNY. PALM SUNDAY, 1919 Monumental Work. j*/ It will pay you to order now from Stock. I Designs and Estimates on application. We specialise in BRASS MEMORIAL TABLETS. ROBERT PRICE & SONS ADJOINING CATTLE MARKET. I NIGHTINGALE, 3 Stow Hill Newport. MAGNIFICENT NEvV PIANOS About Half-price. Bestia the world at lowest prices PERFECT FITTING T  'M TEETH AND PAINLESS EXTRACTIONS. Claude S. Morgan CENTRAL DENTAL ROOMS, (OVER BRADLEYS') Street. TUESDAYS, II a.m. to 5 p.m. E. A. PEAKE. FLORAL HALL, CROSS ST., FOR Wreaths, Crosses, Cbaplets, Anchors. or any design. Bridal Shower. Opera Presentations, and I other Bouquets artistically made up of the choicest flowers in season at the shortest notice. I New and Reliable Seeds have stood the test for over 30 years. Estimates given for Table, Church De- corations, Weddinp- Parties &c. j ROBERT PRICE & SONS, i Builder's Merchants, Adjoining Cattle Market Corrugated Galvanized Sheets, Matchboards, Floorboards, Rafters. Slates and Battens, Pure Linseed 011, Putty, White Lead, Cement, Whiting, Adamant, Agricultural and Glazed Pipes, and all BUILDING MATERIALS. OELIABLE I pURNlTURE of every description it) BEST AND ill CHEAPEST DOWNES Frogmore St. Abergavenny <s REDWOOD'S BREAD AND CAKES I PERFECTION Redwood's Hygienic Bakery Flannel Street. W. H. BUTT FOR Hats, Caps, Ties, Collars, Shirts, and Gent's Underwear. Children's Outfitting a speciality. HIGH STREET, ABERGAVENNY. THE ABERGAVENNY STEAM LAUNDRY, GO., LTD., Merthyr Road, Abergavenny. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. y —, HIGH-CLASS WORK. REASONABLE CHARGES. Address Miss TAYLOR, Manageress. JONES & COMPANY 4 y, Are Now Showing THEIR FIRST DELIVERY OF SPRING GOODS COSTUMES, COAT FROCKS, CHILDREN'S & MAIDS' I DRESSES, BLOUSES, UNDERCLOTHING. & MILLINERY. "r n Bank IFN c> xx ABERGAVENNY. —MM—a——Mcywiim— 1 1 iw 1 —a—«M—1a——^TOim—— IN YOUR OWN INTEREST You should purchase your | FURNITURE From the Firm holding beyond question the Largest Selection in this part of the Country BEVAN & Co., Ltd. PONTYPOOL, NEWPORT, CARDIFF, and throughout South Wales. By the recent Extensions at the NEWPORT BRANCH they now have the Largest Display in one of the Finest Showrooms in the United Kingdom. VISITORS TO NEWPORT are cordially invited to walk through on a tour of inspection, whether purchasers or not. DESIGNS RIGHT! QUALITY RIGHT! and PRICES surely RIGHT, or the Business would not be growing year after year at its rapid rate. DELIVERY FREE TO ABERGAVENNY AND DISTRICT and up to 200 Miles from any and every Branch MORGAN & jSVAISTS THE SUPPLY STORES, Abergavenny andL Crickhowell, HAVE MUCH PLEASURE IN OFFERING ? FI-NE ST ? cÃ&8JIÃÑ -HONEY Per 1/6 Pot. Per Ir6 Pot. FOR PURE HOME BREWED ALES AND STOUT, WINES AND SPIRITS -Tity- THOMAS DELAFIELD, KINGS ARMS, ABERGAVENNY. I • P.O. 30 Abergavenny. I Telegrams Stanley, Abergavenny. II CHAS. P. STANLEY, II BLACK LION YARD, ABERGAVENNY. ———— Always a Buyer of Iron, Brass, Copper, Lead, I Zinc, Pewter, Spelter, Gun Metal, Rags, Bones, Rubber Bottles, Rabbit Skins, etc., etc. BEST PRICE GIVEN. I Upon receipt of Post Card will wait upon you immediately. ALWAYS NUMEROUS ARTICLES FOR SALE. EYESIGHT HEADACHE 9 4 This is the result of neglect. Some small i defect exists in the eyes, which though too [ slight to prevent clear vision, is serious £ because it places the eyes under a constant strain. [ Nothing wastes nervous energy like ey- C- strain-indeed Dr. A. L. Rannev says. "I ( look to Eyestrain as the chief cause of nervous I derangements." Nearly everyone nowadays suffers from ( some kind, of nerve trouble—neuritis, neu- < rasthenia and nervous breakdown are every- where. ( It behoves everyone, therefore, to make sure that their eyes are not imperilling their < health. [ Pains in and around the eyes (especially I behind and above) as well as at the back of the head, nearly always indicate eyestrain. j Whereas medicine can only relieve the symptoms in such cases, proper Glasses will remove the cause, and thus effect 'a per- manenl cure. Headaches which foliow eye work such as reading, sewing, sight-seeing, railway travel I } ling. or visits t- theatre or picture house—all > show the need for Glasses Chrocic headache-the kind which recurs > periodically —can be cured, in rq cases out of 20, in this wav. J Best Quality Lenses and Frames correctly Fitted by HARRY SHACKLETON, QUALIFIED CHEMIST & OPTICIAN, 9, CROSS ST.5 ABERGAVENNY. Oculist's Prescriptions. Dispensed. -Ill II PeLAn mRIiFrI D e 1 MIRACULOUS CHEST I| COUGH AMD j LUNG HEALER i Will immediately arrest the course of the disease j and guard ;iga:ast »U lit eifecu,. j Prices, 1 3 and 3/ of s.1! Chemists and Storw. j if ,,¡¡ficdlt to obtain send .t-ct enclosing 1/6 or M j to tbe Sole Proprietors: G. DEAKJN & HUGHES, The Inflammation Remedies Ca., BIAENAVIMI "THE BREATH OF LIFE." IQH ??T??FF/???   ?rvM GOOD. SESDS SEEDS that GROW. BEST STOCKS PROCURABLE. Potatoes. Potatoes. Nearly 40 Tons of the iollowing Selected Seed in stock Sharpe's Express, May Queen, Midlothian Early, Dyke of York, Myatt's Astleat, Veitche's Ashieaf, St!fto n' Ringleader, Sharpe's Victor, Ninetytaid, Lady Llewellyn, Arran Crsirf, Up-to- Date, The Faster, King Edward, Windsor Castle, &c. Immune Varieties—Edzell Blue, King George, Great Scot, Ally, M2jestic, Kirr's Pink, Tinwal Perfection, Dargill Early, White City, Golden Wcneer, Temptar. SHALLOTS, ARTICHOKES, TRiPOLI ONIONS CABBAGE PLANTS, CUCUMBER & TOMATO PLANTS. I' Special quotation for large quantities. THE LARGEST STOCKS IN- SOTTT; WAIVES. HENRY PITT, F.R.H.S., Seedsman and Nurseryman, Brecon Ro?d Nursery, ( ABERGAVENNY. YE OLD FII M (Established 1857) FOR High-class Monuments Is [still running at full pressure, and for LOW PRICES are unequalled, combined with newest Designs, Materials, and Craftmanship. WAR MEMORIALS IN MARBLE OR BRASS. WILL EVANS, 2, BRECON ROAD.