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'A.REVELATION IN TEA DRtNK!MG INVOLVING ENORMOUS SAV!NG. STONEHAM'S GOLDEN TIE TEAS. Saves MOMy MORE Cups ofigood Tea per lb. can be made from Stoneham's CeMen Tips than from any other Tea. Saves "nme stonehMm's Cotden Tips proauce strong Tea quickly. Only three minutes required for perfect iniusion. Saves Health Stoneham's CeMen Tips possess none of that harmful astringency found in many so-called cheap ,Teas. Saves Disappointment- Stoneham'S CoMen Tips can always be relied on. To 1*e obtained onty f rem. per W. T. 8TONEHAM [ j! ? !f ? per ARGYLL STORES,. lb. ABERG A VENNY. 6)b. parcets pest paid to any part of the Kingdom. S PRt N Cr Is the Home-Replenishing Season-the time for new FumitMM, Bedding, Carpets, L!no<eum$, etc. Look through your rooms and see what you need, then come and see us. If you are moving into a new house there may be an extra room or two to furnish, or new Carpets and Lines, to be laid down. Whether your Spring Furnishing needs are great or small, it will pay you to ghe us a call. We can meet every requ:rement in artistic and durable House Furnishings at pTtCCS to suit all 1JUØ8S. I E. HOWARD BAYIES & CO Upholsterers, Cabinet Makers, I (E. HOWARD DAVtEs, Proprietorl. & Complete House Furnishers. HtGH ST. and St JOHN'S LANE. ABEMAVENMY. TEL. 52. ?E:S? tttM? tStt<. <SS. ?Ff?C. I THOMAS & SONS, I The Cotden Fteece, I ARE NOW SHOWING THE LATENT I ::SPR!NG:: FASHIONS i A Visit to our IN SHOWROOMS MILLI.RY.Jit.. BLOUSES ROBES UMDERCLOTH!NG is coidiaUy incited SCARVES PRINTED VOILES NIGHTINGAL.E, 3 Stow Hill Newport. MAGNIFICENT NEW PIANOS About Half-price. Best iu the world at lowest prices. POULTRY CORN up IN QUALITY, DOWN IN PR!CE: 3/- PER PECK. Tj?ARM & GARDEN SEEDS, all guaranteed -f NEW. t SEED POTATOES. ARTIFICIAL MANURES. All at lowest possible prices, consistent with good quality. LARGEST STOCKS IN MONMOUTHSHIRE, AND LOWEST PRICES. A J CORN & SEED MERCHANT, 50 Cross St., Abergavenny. IMPORTANT TO Gardeners and Agncuttudsts. HORTICULTURAL FERTILISER For HEAVY POTATO & VEGETABLE CROPS. Large Packets i/- 7lbs. 2/- 141bs. 3/6 2SIbe. 7/- 561b8. I4/- iizlbs. 2y/- Garden Tools Wheelbarrows Garden Lines Wire Netting Tanned Netting. GL R. BOUNDY 22 FROCMORE ST., TeL 80. ABERCAVEMMY. H.BAStL JONES, DENTAL. ROOMS, 12, CROSS STREET, (Second Floor). ABEMAVEMMY. HOURS: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. THURSDAYS: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. CONSULTATIONS FREE. MODERATE CHARGES. REPAIRS completed in 3 HOURS. DEUABLE CURNtTURE of every description H) BEST AND ? CHEAPEST '4 DOWNES I Frogmofe St. Abergavenny I REDWOOD'S BREAD AND CAKES PERFECTION Redwood's Hygienic Bakery Flannel Street. I W. H.BUTT BFGS to atinounce that he has re-opened the Gentlemen's Measure Dept., and is now offering a large variety of Patterns at reasonable.harges. All orders entrusted to him will recCtve prompt and careful attention -HIGH STREET- ABERGAVENNY. JONES & COMPANY FOR M ILLINERY Ladies' and CMMrea's Costumes Coat Frocks afd Gowns Woollen and Silk Sports Coats Bioases. Corsets, Underclothing Cloves, Hosiery, Fancy Neckwear Sernes, Sahardines, VoUes, Prints. HOUSEHOLD LINENS. BANK HOUSE Abergavenny A FACT BEYOND DEPUTE. The Largest Selection of every Description of Household Furniture in Monmouthshire and South Wales is held at their numerous Branches by the Well-known and Old-Established Firm BEVAN & CO., LTD., Wates' Largest Furnishers, PONTYPOOL, NEWPORT, CARDIFF. Intending Purchasers may with absolute con- fidence place their Furnishing Orders in such capable hands, Nihose unbroken record for Sixty-nine years, and whose ever-increasing Business affords absolute proof of satisfaction in Quality and Prices being given to their Army of Customers. Delivery Free to Abergavenny and District, and up to 200 miles from all Branches. BEVAN & COMPANY E. A. PEAKE, \1 FI/3RAL HAI.L, CROSS ST., FOR I Wreaths, Crosses, Chaplets, Anchors, I or any design. 11 I Bridal Shower. Opera Presentations, and I other Bouquets artistically made up of I the choicest flowers in season at the shortest notice.. I New and Reliable Seeds have stood the test for over 30 years. Estimates given for Table, Church De- corations. Weddinp Parties &c. Writing Pads aud Compendiums, all pticea fM!& 7id. each. Treasury I;ote Cases, Letter Cases, Wallets, all prices.—" Chronicle O&ce. TTTANTED to purchase ANTIQUE Vt Furniture, China, Glass, Old Should Plate, Pewter, Brass, Bracket and other Clocks, Sporting Prints and Engravings, etc. 0 10 Particulars by post will receive prompt attention. HARRY LYONS, MTHER HOUSE, ABEMAVENNY. COLLECTORS are Invited to com- \j municate wit the above, who has several pieces for sale which may be seen by appointment. There are some things you cannot afford, but you can afford a PIANO. By Buying uow YOU SAVE MONEY as Pianos will NOT GET CHEAPER. Do not put It off, but GO NOW to the Old-Established and Reliable Firm of HEINS & Co., Ltd., Frogmore St., Abergavenny. And make your choice of an Instrument YOU can have a PIANO, or ORGAN,- by simply PAYING A SMAn INSTALMENT. Suppose you select one of our ROSEWOOD MODELS at t2-2-0 MONTHLY. All we ask you to pay at the time is the FIRST TWO GUINEAS, and then the same amount Monthly, and the Piano is your absolute property when the last payment is made. '<! iMt! WE DELIVER FREE AT ONCE, AND GUARANTEE ALL WE SELL 'j Do NOT Fur IT OFF, GO NOW AND You Win SEE An THE LATEST AND MOST UP-TO-DATE MODELS, IN ROSEWOOD, MAHOGANY, AND WALNUT, AND SOME BEAUTIFUL ORGANS IN WAI.NUT AND SOI.ID OAK. SHOP SO! LED AND SECOND-HANDS ALSO.ON VIEW. ANY OLD PIANO, ORGAN, OR HARMONIUM TAKEN AS PART PAYMENT. SEE WHAT YOU ARE PAYtNC FOR. Call or Write to the AII=British HEINS Co., Ld., ABERGAVENNY. *L R.J.Harrhy 5 High Street UMBRELLA L adies' & Eenttemeu's ?? HAIRDRESSER REpAtRED Wholesale and Retail RECOVERED TOBACCONIST 1 Ladies' Hairdressing H A V I N G engaged the services of a PRACTICAL LADIES' HAIRDRESSER d,ud spectaity Stted out a Room for the purpose, R.J.H. bega to iNform the Ladies of the Town and Neighborhood that he is now able to cater for I LADIES' HAIRURESStNQ (including Shampooing). 1 Manicure Dept. atse epemed. MODERATE CHARGED r 3S4 .3 i} I Garden Toots. CALL AND INSPECT MY LARGE & VARtED STOCK OF FARM. AND GARDEN TOOLS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. QUAYHTY GUARANTEED LAWN MHwrDQ Cround and Reset t LAAWWiM ?MUWLKb At Moderate Charges. W. BEVAN, m I I I r I I Furnishing & GeneraI The Hardware Stores. tO,CROSS STREET, ABERGAVENNY. PJLANTS PLANTTS PLANTS BUY YOUR PLANTS FROM THE GROWRR. Early Cabb&ge, Early CculiSower, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Vegetable Marrow. Mangel, Swede and Turnip direct from the GroweM. ALL KINDS OF BIDDING PLANTS. Stocks and Asters, gd. per dozen. PLAMTS have been MY SPEC!AUTY tor the past EMHT YEARS. ??a? f??xi?LA? V ABERGAVENNY S19F.D SWR=- j t ?/i ?t?iA )t ? ? FROOMORE STREET, t ?r?!/A\r?!/f "? ABERGAVTENNY ?j FLOMT ? ? FRASER'S ALWAYS! 4s ALWAYS FRASER'S;! ? tt tt ? We]Lelpiaaimat M<t. 4