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I Sales by Auction. CEFNDYGLWYD Mn. NOAH pRjTCHARD has faffi Thursday, Sept. i8th, for his Dispersal Sale. J. Stntker, Son & Chadwick, Auctioneers TWO HIGHLY IMPORTANT AGRICULTURAL SALE FIXTURES. NI m, t" ———— I.FSTRAKER, SCN & CHA5W!CK, F.A.I., are privileged to announce tint their Autumn Sale Fixtures include the Dis- peTS&I S.-Ies at THE GREAT HOUSE, ABE?GA\T:NNY.— Thursday, October 2nd, for H. 'VillisLms, Esq., who is leaving. LL.\SATFR.AED, Tit-arr,d.-iy and Friday, October loth and l7th, for Morgan W. David, Esq., J.P., who is re- linquishing fanning. Will A,,ricultur-lii,s make a note c! t!ic-,se dates ? Agricultural AuclÍonccrs' OSces Aberga- venny. ALTERAT!OM OF DATE. MARKET HALL. FRIDAY, JU'NE 2otb. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADW!CK, F.A. will conduct an Important Sn}c of. Surplus FURN!TURE by instructions of T. H. Sifton. Esq., and Major Webster, the latter's eSects including about One Ton of CORK L!MO in various sizes and !<?n?tb<, as St'.ed by Maples at G!an- I'cnddu Court. pale at Or;, o'clodf MARKE'r HAU. SALE. FRIDAY NEXT. J. STRAKER, SOM & CWADWtCK, F.A.t., are mstructed by D. How,) James, Esq., to include his surplus FURMtTURE including Sundries, Cane Chairs, Part Suite in Mahoxany, Meat Safe, J..1nen Pr<:ss, Clocks, Baths, Lino., Two Large ADDlllster Carpets, Six C;lail' F.uùers, Brass Standard Lamp, IL.ngLg Wardrobe, Marble-top Wash- stands, &.c. MARKET HALL SALE. FRIDAY NEXT. 575 Lots of Puncture mclndjcg 3 Mpri:"t 6rao< P!anot<)r<es, 8<ra<Mt PHmotone by IN.I.,kxa n- 8 )ë posters. J. STRAKER, SOM & CHADWtCK. FREEHOLDS FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. UPSET PRICES. ALL THOSE FOUR VILLAS k (4vv,, i as OXFORD PLACE Yri':è, £1,200. ALL THOSE TWO CORMER BUILDING SITES- fronting Hereiuid Ro. d u4d 0-xiord Street. PTicc, .£.oo. J. STRAKER, SOM & CMAOWtCK, Aue<!<MtMr!. BRECONSHIRE. PARISH OF LLANBEDR. J. STRAKER, SON CHADWICK, F.A.t., will offer by Auctiou on JULY 15th, at Aber- gavenny, tIle THREE FREEHOLD FARMS known as VSGUBO&E\VYDD FARM TY-MAWR FARM HENBANT FARM FarticlUars and plans in due course and all information from H. F. KITE, Esq., Solicitor, 62/63 Queen 6t., E.C. 4. HEREFORDSHIRE. PARISH OF GARWAY. <, tTRAKER, SON" CHADWICK, F.A.I.. will offer by Auction on JULY 15th. at Aber- gavenny, the FREEMOLO FARttM known as YEW TREE and TROTHLANDS. Particulars from the Auctioneers or of H. F. KITE, Esq., Solicitor, 623 Qneen 8t., B.C. 4. PREUM1NARY. BOROUGH OF ABERGAVENNY. J. STRAMER, SOM & CHAOWtCM, FJLt., are instructed to offer by Auction on TUESDAY, JUNE 24t\ tne VALUABLE PMehoM BM:hMag SKe & SewM CcMases Conunanding a frontage of 24011. to Monmouth Road and frontage to MiU Street, including the Valuable Site now hetd on lease expiring ICP4, and occupied by Mr. A. W. HarrMon, Engineer, the wuole producing an AnMwat RtnM of t90 1<< Particulars from the Auctioneers, or of Messrs. DAUNCEY & Sons, Solicitors, Newport. PREUMTNARY. BOROUGH OF AEF.RGANT-NNY. J. STRAKER, SOH & CHADWICK, F.A.t., are instructed to offer by Auction on TUESDAY, JUNE 4th, at the A.NCE!< HOTEL, ABBRCA- vitxnv, at 3 o clock in the Afternoon; FREEHOLD MtLL PROPERTY Particui<u's irnm t ie Auctioneers, of of W. H HOPWOOD, Esq., Town Clerk, Abergavenny. PRBrj]tCKjmv. BOROUGH OF ABHRGAVENNY. J. $TRAKER, <OM & CMADWMK, F.A.t., are inatrn. ted to off-r by Auction on TUESDAY, JUNE 24th, FREEHOLD MORTM aTREET & TUDOR STREET PROPERTIES, t«o MM. H3 & t15 ST. MELEMt ROAD. Particulars in due course from the Auctifteers, W of MESSRS. HODGEK8 & CUMJFPE, Solicitor, Abergavenny. With eady poMession << eev<Mi k)ta. MONMOUTHSHIRE. ON TEX BANK6 OP TUB r<5K. OUTSKIRTS OF ABERGAVENNY. SALE OF FRMWOLD ACCOMMOOATtOM FAP.- comprising an aregof MO ACRE< OWE MILE OF SALMOM & TROUT FMH!MC situate and imown as LOT Y—BLAENGAVENNY FARM, adjacent to Llanvihanget G.W.R. etation, 3 mitea from Abergavenny, 180 Acres. In the occupation of the Vendor. PoMeafiion on eomptetioa. LOT 2—YSBYTTY FARM, adjacent to Aber. garenny G.W.R. Station. Five minutes walk from centre of Town. Fronting Main Road. Rich Lands of 87 Acres. Ch-cr toco Yards of Usk Fiahing. Rental L295. Tenant, Mr. W. G. Bmten. Poascssion December next. LOT 3—FY8CODLYN FARM, fronting Main Brecon Road, 2 rnNes out from Abefgavenny. usAores. Renta] £235. Tenant, Mr. D. Lewis. 1 Quarter M8e of VahaMe Uak Ptahing. I<or 4—COED CRNOL FARM, Uantilio Crosaenny. 8)a nuies from Abergavenny. 108 Acres. Rental Lgo. Tenant, Mias E. Jones which <. tTRAMZR, MM & CMADWMK, F.A.I., are instmcted to oikr bv PnbHc Auction at the ANGK!. Hona., ABÈaGAvmmv, On TUESDAY, JUM3 24ths 1919, at 3 o dock in tne Aitejmoon. Sale Plans may be inspected at and PartieolaTS of Sale obtained from the Auctioneers O&ces, Abergavmny and any othet infefmrntMn as to Lots i & 4, Messrs. GAM & WAXPORD. SoNcitors, Abergavenny, as to Lot 3, MeasM. DAUNOtv & SOM, SCHtitors, Newpcrt: and as to tot 3, Measra. PAWBMOMS, SNOW & Co., S<thcitQM, 23 lincolk s Inn Fields, W.C. 3. < GREY HALL. < Two m3es from Abergavenay. <TMKt!L MM & GMADWMP F-JLL- win condwet a Sate for Mr. W. J. JenMaa (who has Keenly p?chaatd the iMeheM) of his?Mptos atodt? TjV? & DBAD fAM<ttM <TOW on TVSMAY AftaDoea-, JM<Y 1st. i Sale at 3,.30. AuctkateW C&<ea, tS,-xle,:7 by Auction. PI.NISHYPLWYDD FAR,r SALE.—'Mr. D. Edwards n;j5 altereti the date of his Im- portant Sa!e to take place on Thursday, October 9th.-tf. Straker, 3en & Chadwick, Auctioneers, I TUESDAY EXT. CATTLE: MARKET. J. STRAKER. 60N & CHADWICK, F.A.f., \"ill I S,ll bv Auction, f"r tic Food jF'rcductioQi Depsrtmect, TWO CAPITAL WACGONd. Sale at tl.3o. PRKI.I:\n?<ARY. THURSDAY & FRIDAY, JULY loth & nth. :S-ATYDERR Y HOUSE (adjacent to Nantydcrry G.W.R. Station). ATTRACTIVE SALE OF THE Antique and Modern Fum!sh!ngs including iith and i7th Century Ok Copl- and Chair Tables, Elizabethan Buffets, Chairs and Settles, Chippendale T<bI. and Pole Screens, Marquetry Cabinets, Old Englixh Brass-mountfd Wridag Desks, Tudor Furnishings, Rare Old China and G1&M, entire Appointments of 14 BED and DRESSING ROOMS. Carpets. Turkey Runs. Large quantity of HOtiSEHOLD LINEN, CURTAINS, etc. Catalogues are in course pf preparation and may be obtained at a charge of one s illing each from the Auctioneers and Valuers, Abergavenny. View P-'y (by Catalogue) July gth. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Parishes of. LI.A.mAGEL- YS1ER.LLANWERN, PEyRHOS, and LLANDUEWI RUVDDERCH. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.L, wiu conduct an Important Sale at the ANGEL HOTEL, ABERGKVENNV, on TUESDAY, JULY ist, 1919, a.t 3 o'clock in the afternoon, of Valuable TtMBER TREES, PIT & COPPICE WOODS including 350 Oak, 40 Ash and F.l:n Timber Trees, 6 Acres of strong Larch and Mixed Plan- tations, 20 Acres of Coppice, also strong Alder. Particulars and Conditions of Sale from the Auctioneers, Abergavenny. WILMASTON, PETERCHURCH, HEREFORD- SHIRS. HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE of LIVE AND DEAD FARMtKG STOCK, by instructions from Mr. Arthur Goodwin, who is leaving, late September or early October. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.t., Auctioneer. LLANVIHANGEL CRUCORNEY & ABER- GAVENNY, MON VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARM, SMALL HOLDINGS, COTTAGES & GROUND RENTS FOR SALE MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A. has been instructed to Sell by Auction at the ANGEL HOTEL, ABERGA VE.N'i, on TUESDAY, 8th JULY, 1919, at 3 p m subject to Conditions cf Sale, in suitable lots, All that Valuable FREEHOLD FARM known as THE BRIDGE FARM situate as above and containing in all 134 AcrM (or thereabouts) of excellent Land with Superior HOMESTEAD, close to Main Roads and Stations, and now in the occupation of Mr James Watkins as yearly tenant Also Several Capital COTTAGES, a SMALL HOLDING, and Several FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS in the same locality Also the FREEHOLD PREMISES known as M<<. 11 & 12 FROQMORE STREET, Abwga- WMMy, and now in the occupation of Messrs. Hodgens & Cunline and Morgan Williams For further particulars and orders to view, apply to the Auctioneer, Abergavenny or to MESSRS. WATKINS & Co., Solicitors, Ponty- pool: or MESSRS. HODGENS & CUNL1FFE, Solicitors, Abergavenny. CWMYOY, MONMOUTHSHIRE. The Auction Sale of FREEHOLD PROPERTY known as THE FARM," CWMYOY, and advertised for July 8th, 1919, WILL NOT TAKE PLACE, having been Sold by Private Treaty. MONTAGUE MARRtS, F.A.t., Auctioneer, Abergavenny. LWYNCECIL FARM, ABERGAVENNY. 28 Well-bred HEREFORD CATTLE 94 SHEEP 3 CART HORSES Collection of MODERN IMPLEMENTS, and the Whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Enects, which MR. MOMTA6UE HARRIS, r.A.I., having let the farm, has been instructed by Mr. I. F. Marsh to Sell by Auction as above on THURSDAY, loth JUNE, igig. Sale at i p.m. sharp. Y8BYTTY, ABERGAVENNY. tmportant Me et Uve and Dead Fanning Stock and Grass Keep. MR. MONTAGUE HARRtS, F.A.I., has been instructed to Sell by Auction by Mr. W. G. Bruten (who is quitting) On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER ist, 1919. THE GREIG, GROSMONT. VALUABLE COTTAGE & LAND FOR SALE. MR. MOKTABUE HARRIS, P.A. has been instructed to offer for Sale at the AJsGEL HOTEL, ABuR(;.tvn,Ny, on TUESDAY, 8th JULY, 1919, at 3 p.m., subject to Conditions of Sale, AH that VALUABLE Freehold Cottage, Garden and Lands situate as above, and now in the occupation of Mr. John Preece as tenant. For further particulars, apply to the Anc. tioneer, Abergavenny or to Messrs. RuTLANDS & TAYLOR, Solicitors, High Wycombe. BRYNGWYN, HEREFORDSHIRE. THE ANNUAL GRASS LETTING at above will take place on SATURDAY, 14th JUNE, 1919, at 12.30 sharp. Under directions of Co! Sir Reginald Ranldn, Bart. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.t., Auctioneer, Abergavenny. HEREFORDSHIRE & MONMOUTHSHIRE. PARISHES OF CLODOCK, LLANVIHANGEL GOBION A..VD LLANARTH. MR. MONTAGUE MARRtS.F.A.t., has been instructed to offer for Sale, at the ANCEL HOTEL, ABERGAVENNY, on TUESDAY, 8th JULY, 1919, at 3 pm in Two Lots, the undermentioned Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES Namely Lor r. — All that Valuable FREEHOLD FARM called and known as UPPER TURMAMT, in the Parish of ClodocJt, Herefordshire, con. taining in all 94<L 2f. 13 p. (or thereabouts) of capital Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land, with suable Homestead, and now being in the- occupation of Mr. Jamea Williams as yearly tenant. LOT 2.—AU that Valuable VILLA RESI- DENCE, COTTAGE, GARDEN, ORCHARDS and MEADOW LANL, containing in all <<L tr. Mp., called ABERFFRWO, situate in the Parishes of Uanvihangel Gobion and U&narth, Monmouthshire, and on the Main Road between Raglan and Abergavenny, two milea from Pen- ptTgwm, and now in the occupation of The Misses Lewis and Mr. Wyndham Lewis. For further particulars, apply to the Auc- tioneer, Abergavenny; or to MBMRS. WATKINS & CO., Solicitors, PontypooL Sales by Au(tion.. CEFN FARJM, Li.AXViUANGi:r< <mp0fta-t Sate of Live & Dead Farm!ng Stock. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., has been instructed by Mr. Dwid Edwards (v.'ha is to Sell bv Auctinn On MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1919. I TREVELOG, CWMYOY. SALE OF LIVE & DEAD FARMING STOCK bv instructions from Mr. Edward JcnLdos, WEDNESDAY, 1711' SEPT., 1919. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A. Auctioneer. LLANTILLIO CROSSI:NY, MON VAI.UABLE FREEHOLD MUL & LAND FOR SALE MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., has beeu Matrncted to Sell by Auction at the AN<,El< HOTEr.. ABERGAVENNY, on TUESDAY, Sih J f'LY, 1919, at 3pm, subject to Conditions of S L-. AH that VALUABLE Freehold Water Corn Mti! kuo'.7n as LLANTILLIO MIIJ,, and MILL' liOFSE & BUILDINGS, together \ the! Vduble Meadow, Pasture and Woodland, and coatamm.g m all 15 Acres, or thereabouts For further particulars, apply to the Auc- tioneer, Abergave-uuy or to the Vender's Solicitors Missus HODGENS & CUNLirFE, Abergavenny ABERGAVENNY, CRICKHOWELL, LONGTOWN AND TINTERN. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE FREE- HOLD BREWERY PREMISES, LICENSED HOUSES, OFF-LICENSES, MALT HOUSE, FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES AND COTTAGE. MESSRS. NEWLANO, HUNT & WILLIAMS have received instructions from the Trustees of the late Thomas Dclaneld to offer for Sale by Auction ft the AKG.HI< HoTEI., ABERGAVIP-NY, on TUESDAY, Iíth JUNE, 1919, at 2.30 o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to conditions of sale) Lot i.—The very Valuable Freehold Old- Established, Well Accm.tomed, Fully Equipped BREWERY PREMISES (Four quarter plant), Wine and Spirit Stores and Omces. The fully Licensed Inn, known as the KING'S ARMS," also the Shop, Warehouses, and Premises ad- joining (No. 27 NeviII Street). Lot 2.—The Freehold Fully Licensed Inn, situate in the Ross Road, Abergavenny, and known as MONMOUTHSHIRE HOUSE," together with Commodious and Substantial Warehouses and Garages also the Two Cottages Nos. 3 and 5 Ross Road. Lot 3.—The Compact and Well-arranged Freehold Malting House and Stores, with the valuable connection, Lower Monk Street, Aber- gavenny. Lot 4.—The Freehold Dwelling House and Off-Beer Licence, known as ASTON HOUSE," Union Road, Abergavenny. Lot 3.—The Freehold Fully-licensed Premises, known as THE NEW INN," situate at Long- town, in the county of Hereford, together with 16 ACRES of .MEADOW and PASTURE LAND. Lot 6.—The Freehold Fully-licensed Premises, situate at Tintem, and known as the CHERRY TREE INN." Let 6a.-The convenient Dwelling-house and Grounds, known as GWYN HOUSE." Lot 7.—The Freehold Licensed Premises, known as THE PLOUGH INN," situate at Llangattock, Crickhowell. Lot 8.—The Leasehold Licensed Premises, known as the QUEEN'S HEAD," situate at Crickhowell. Lot 9.—The Leasehold Licensed Premises situate at Clydach, known as BELLE VUE." Note.—The whole of the above properties, being Lots Nos. i to 9 inclusive, will be offered nrat in one lot, and if not sold, will be offered in the lots as described. Lot 10.—The Long Leasehold Shop and Premises, with Commodious Outbuildings, Stable and Tailor's Shop, being No. 21 Nevill Street, Abergavenny. Lot 11.—The Freehold Dwelling-house, Shop and OS-Licence, being No. 71 St. Helen's Road, Abergavenny. Lot 12.—The Convenient and Substantially Built Freehold Semi-detached Dwelling-house known as ALBION HOUSE," No. 53 Union Road, Abergavenny. Lot 13.—The Commodious Dwelling-hou&e and Freehold Cottages, being Nos. 7, o and 31 Tudor Street, and Nos. i, 2 3, and 4 Court B. Lot 14.—The Substantial Freehold Comer Shop and Dwelling-house, known as COM- MERCE HOUSE," being No. 150 St. Helena Road: also No. 148 St. Helen's Road, Aberga- venny. Lot 15.—The Three Suhstantia! and Well. built Dwelling-houses, being Nos. 142, 144 and 146 St. Helen's Road, Abergavenny. Lot 16.-The Three Freehold Cottages, being Nos. 42, 44 and 46 Lower Monk Street, Aber- gavenny. Lot 17.-The Freehold Garden and Building Site, situate in Ross Road, adjoining the Mon- mouthshire House. Lot 18.—The Freehold Cottage situate at Chapel Hill, Tintem, known as GWYN COT. TAGE, together with the Orchard adjoining. Further particulars of Sale may be obtained from the Auctioneers, at 19 Commercial Street, Newport, or from J. R. Jacob, Esq., Solicitor, Abergavenny. LLANVAPLEY, MONMOUTHSHIRE. HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE op VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARM which DAMPIER, FOOTtTT & BEMMETT will Sell by! Auction, at the ANGEL HOTBL, ABERGAVBNKY on TUESDAY, 24th JUNE, 1919. at 2.30, o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions of Sale to be then read ALL THAT VAi.uAMj! FREEHOLD FARM, with Productive Kitchen Garden and Outbuildings, situate and known as NEW HOUSE FARM, LLANVAPLEY, about 5 miles from the Market Town of Aber. gavenny, containing in all 67<L 2f. Mp. (more or less) of Productive Orcharding, Arable and Pasture Land. Three of the Pasture Fields adjoin the River Trothy. The whole is in the occupation of Mr. G. G. Biggs (on a Christmas tenancy) at the very low Rental of 190 per annum. The Tithe (paid by the Tenant) last year was LZS 8s. 7d. Tuere is also a Chief Rent of/I 38. id. per annum. For further particulars, Plan, and Order to View, apply to the Auctioneers, Palace Chambers, Ross or to MR. W. THORPE, Solicitor, Ross. NEWPORT, MON. IMPORTANT S.\LE OF THRESHING MACHINERY. MMMt. MEWLAMD, HUMT & WILLIAMS have received instructions from the Monmouthshire Agricultural Executive Committee to Sell by Auction in the NEWPORT CATTLE MARKET on M?. '?????? Valuable T SS?? ??' AND TRACTIN ENGINE, viz. 5 aayton and Shuttleworth 4ft. 6in. Drums 2 Ruston Proctor 3ft. 6in. Drums I do. 4ft. 6m. do. I do. 3ft. do. Marshall's 3ft. do. 6Massey Harris 4ft- Gin. Trussers Howards 3ft. do. Homsby 4ft, 6in. do. Barrels' 6 h.p. TRACTION ENGINE. N.B.—With each Drum sold a Belt and Jack will be included. Sale at 2.30 o'clock prompt. Further particulars from the Auctionws, t9 Commercial Street, Newport, Moa. PAMTYCOLLYM, LLANVETHERIIIE. 20 Acres ofCMSS KEF TO LET BY TENDER. Wanted. WANTED, once, strong Youth.- Morm. Bristol St&res. LABOURERS Wanted.—Apply Foreman, J. G. Thomas & Sons, GIaugr'yney Court. WANTED, a Bey for Farm work live in.- Watkins, Dunryn, Ltauvapley, Abergai-eiuiy, WANTED, any quantity of Milk top price given.—Apply '\Vatkins, Bryii;ua-,N-r. NICE respectable Girl, to he!? another in house- work, etc.—Mrs. Lee, !0, Gold Tops, Newport. WANTED trustworthy General plaiu cooking three in family.—TuH, Oxford 8t. Post Omce. WANTED, a Kitcheumal:d.kpply ilngcl Hotel. WANTED, a Pram., in cood condition.—Apply J.B., Chronicle Office. WANTED, good Donkey, young.—Apply Mrs. Tresawna, Lion House, Abergavcnny. WANTED, Sitting-room and Bedroom, uu- fu.rB!shcd. T?ith use of kitchen.—Apply H.F., "Ch-ronicle Office. APPRENTICE to the Ironmongery Wanted.— Apply by letter to B.W., Chronidc OEce, Abergavenny. WANTED, at cnce, experienced Assistant male or female.—Wm. Davis, y CroM-strcet, Aber- gavenny, WANTED, Rood General or Help.—Apply Mrs. Marfcll, Peutwyn Pariu, Nantyderry, Near Abergavecny. -1 WANTED, rarm Labourer; hedgin' g and ditching.—Capt. WhiteheEd, Goytre Hall, Abergavenny. WANTED, a young Housemaid some ex- perience country girl preferred.—Apply Mrs Corntid, Tue Knoll, Abergavenny. BOARD and Accommoda.tion desired by Single Man about 30.5. per week. Box 5°, Chronicle Odce. WANTED, Tack for Two Yearling Colts and 15 Sheep.—Williams, White House, UantiJio Crossen-.iy. INTELLIGENT APPRENTICE Wanted for the Printing Trade age 15 16. Apply Chronicle Printing Works. GENERAL SERVANT Wanted good home to suitable girl.—Address B 24, Chronicle Omce. WANTED, to Rent or Pardiase, small House in Abergavenny district.—S., 7 Harford-st.)! Tredegar. WANTED, a Between-Maid, at once reference. —Apply Mrs. Lawson, liszdy Park, Abcrga- venny. WANTED, Second-hand Pianos and Organs, for cash. Best prices given.—Send card to Hems & Co., Ltd., The All-British Firm, 23 Frog- more-street, Abergavenny. WANTED by Advertiser (Bricklayer), a Car- penter to join him in Building Repair Work. Work in hand and a connection.—C.B., Chronicle Omce. WANTED, a Shorthand Writer and Typist male or female.—Apply in own handwriting, stating wages required, Bishop, Solicitor, Abergavenny. FARMHOUSE LODGINGS.—Wanted for three weeks, August-September, Rooms for Family (two children) in Abergavenny district.— Wright, Gwerthonor-rOtid, Pengam, Cardiff. WANTED, Omce Accommodation in or near main street of Abergavenny three rooms and lavatory required.—Full particulars and lowest terms to be sent to Box T.F., Chronicle Omce. WANTED to Purchase, Ladies' and Gentlemen's and Children's Second-band Clothing best prices given will call on receipt of post card. —Apply, Mrs. Jackson, 4 Chapel-road, Aber- gavenny. WANTED, by Yomig Couple, key 01JOur or six- roomed House in or near Gilwem. One or two acres of ground attached preferred, suitable for poultry.—Address E.H., Chronicle Omce. URGENTLY WANTED. ANTIQUE FURNITURE.—Messrs. A. Dim. mock & Co, of London, whose Agents are Collecting in this District, are open to purchase all kinds of Old-fashioned Furniture. Special prices given for Old Carved Oak, Farm-house Tables with turned legs. Gate Tables, CoSers, Carved or Plain Linen Chests, Welsh Dressers and Shelves, Wardrobes, Bureaus, Bookcases, Chippendale Chairs, Sideboards, 8 -day and Grandfather Clocks with brass dials. Old Chma, Pewter Plates, Shemeld Plate. Con- dition and distance no object.—District ad- dress Mr. A. DiMMOCK, Mill St., Usk, Mon. Miscellaneoús. ALEXANDRA ROSE DAY HOSMTAiT WEEK. JUME 23 to 27. Wards in charge of the following Ladies :— HOSPITAL: Headquarters. Tne Matron and Staff and Mrs. Cunliffe. CANTREF Mrs. T. E. Lloyd. CASTI.E Mrs. Edwin Footer. GROFiELD Mrs. Mertonij ones. PMORY Misses Marsh. CATTLE MARKET Mrs. Lawson. W Monday, JMM 23— Collection. TuMday, JttM 24—" ROSE DAY. Street Collection and Benefit Performance at the Coliseum, by kind permission of the Directors. Sats booked at Messrs. Heins & Co. WedHMday, JuM 25-" THE NUGGETS will kindly give Two Benefit Performances at the CASTLE. Afternoon, 3 p.m. Evening 7 30. See handbilla. ThUMday, June 21-Tue Members of the Aber- gavenny Cricket Club have kindly arranged a special Match. Tea will be provided on the ground. See separate bills. FWda* y, JMM 27—MAMMOTH JUMBLE SALE in the MARKET HAH at 3 p.m. Ad- mission 3d. See handbills. A.M.CUNUFPE, S. A. H. PEGIXR, Hon. S-c. Org. Hon. Sec. State AMe<t Housing $ch$<Me. ABERGAVBMMY RURAL DMTRtCT COUNCIL. nJnL HE HOUSING COMMITTEE of the above Council will hold a PUBLIC ENQUIRY with a view to assisting them in determining the number of Houses needed by the Working Classes in the Parishes of Btyngwyn, Llanarth, Bettws Newydd, Clytha, Cwmyoy Upper, Cwmyoy Lower, Foothog, Old Caatle, and Bwlch Trewyn, as below:— i Ptn<h« at BrYngwyn and LianarM At the School at the Pitt, Uanarth, oa Monday next, 16th June, at 6 o'dock "p.m. Pth$hM et B<Mw< New," and Ctytht: At the Clytha Arms, on the same evening at 8 o'clock p.m. PMi$tM$ e< CWmyo, Upper, Cwmyoy Lower M< Footb81 At the School, Cwmyoy Lower, on Friday, the 20th day of June, 1919, at 6 o'clock in the evening. Pari" et OMC«M$ Md Bwteh Trtwya At the Pandy Inn, on the same day, at 8 o'clock in the evening. Dated this nth day of June, 1919. JAMES H. FARQUHAR, Clerk to the Coaadl. ? ? L. T-ost or Strayed. FOUND in Treveddw Mowing Crass, Five Ducks. Ovner can have same by paying damages to grass.— James. 140ST, from the Cilwern mountain, on May 28th, 1919, Two-year-old Dark Bay Mare, about 13 hands three white feet, white spot on nose short tail, shod stamped C.D. on two front hoofs. Ten shillings reward.—Apply C. Davies, The Hawthorns, Gilwern. For Sale. GARDEN BARROWS, Ladders, Carts, Cambos, &c.—Watkins, Wheelwright, Mardy, Mon. FOR SALE, Two Chests of Carpenter's Tools.— Apply Watkins, Penpergwm. EGGS t &verd dozens—neither for cooking nor eatmg, from G. R. Boundy's, Frogmore-st. TWO FREEHOLD HOUSES for Sale, Pen-y- bryn and Pen-y-van, Wyudham-road.— Inquire Mr. A. Bath, New York House, Wyndham-road. SPRING CLOTHES PEGS. A few gross at G. R. Boundy's, Froginore-street, Aberga- \(.nny. FINE LOT of Pedigree Belgian Hares and Flemish Giants, 6 weeks old cheap.—Pitman, Mount-street, Abergavenny. ALUMINIUM WARE of excellent quality and variety in size at G. R. Doundy's, near the Post Ofnce, Abergavenny. FOR SALE, Flat-bed Spring Waggon, with thripples equal to new.—Price, Wheelwright, Penpergwm. LADY offers, privately, Three beautiful Irish Damask Tablccloths, nenrly two yards square. Also Six handsome Serviettes. Unsoiled. Perfectly new. Accept 33/6 lot: worth double. Approval willingly.—Write Box 40, Chronicle Omce. RUSTLESS and Stainless Table Cutlery—Table and Deseert.—G. R. Boundy, near the Post Office, Frogmore-street. FOR SALE or Hire, reliable small Pony, Dog- cart and Harness driven by lady.—Apply Prichard, G!endower, Abergavenny. FOR SALE (Freehold) Two Semi-detached Houses (Blorenge Villas, Mount-street, Aber- gavenny). Baths (h. & c.) Near L. & N. W. Station.—Apply Lewis, Oak Tree, Bryny- gwenin, Llantilio Pertholey, Abergavenny. RATS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES and BEETLES greedily eat Harrison's Reliable Rat Poison. Cats and Dogs will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Price 6d., ?s., 2s. 3d., and 3s. 8d. postage 2d.—G. W. HARRisoN, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Abergavenny: 11. Shackleton, Chemist, 9, Cross-street. Bryn- mawr A. M. Jones, Chemist, 74 King-street. CrickhoweU Kirkland. A RESIDENCE with immediate possession, near NEWPORT, Man, £1,85° do. do. USK, Mon. £1.750 do. do. TINTERN, Mon. £1,35° Also f,th'.T properties of various natures. Apply for full particulars to Davis & Sons, 26 Stow Hill, Newport, Mon. (Property Specialists for the County). GREY IiAIR permanently and speedily re- stored to its original colour by using Harrison's Hair Colour Restorer. It is not a dye, but by natural means acts as a restorative. Contains nothing injurious, and is beneficial to the growth and beauty of the Hair. In bottles, price is. 6d. (postage 6d. extra). Manu- f.eturer: G. W. Harrison, Hair Specialist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Abergavenny H. Shackleton, Chemist, 9, Croes Street; Brynmawr A. M. Jones, Chemist, 74 King Street. FOR SALB, with immediate possession, a pretty little Residence, Caefeni House, Tredilion Road, A bergavenny, containing Kitchen Cellar and Storeroom in basement. Entrance Hall and Three Reception Rooms, Kitchen, Scullery, Larder and usual ofEkes on ground Boor, Fire Bedrooms, Bath and W.C. on nrst floor, together with Stable, Coach-house, Lawn, large Garden and Orchard well stocked with choice fruit trees, and the nshmg rights in the river adjoining: also Workman's Cottage and Garden. The property is within 6v€ minutes' walk of the L. & N. W. R. and G.W.R. Junction, and can be seen by appoint- ment.—Apply to Owner, Pritchard, above addreM. Reason for disposing, going abroad. Miscellaneous. P 0 30 Abergavenny. Telegrams Stanley, Abergavenny. ? CHAS. P. STANLEY. BLACK HOM YARD, ABERGAVEMMY. Always a Bnyer of Iron, Brass, Copper, Lead Zioc, Pewter, Spelter, Gun Metal, Ragt Bones, Rubber Bottles, Rabbit SkiM, etc etc. BzaT PMca civM. Upoa receipt of Post Card will wait opoa yo* immediately. AI.WAV8 NmntMcs AnTto.M FOR Sam. MONCMENTAr WORK. ? IT WILL PAY YOU TO ORDER NOW FROM STOCK DESIGNS & ESTIMATES on appMcation. ——WE 8PEMAUSE IN- BRASS MEMORIAL TABLETS. <OBH!T Pt!<GE & SONS9 Adjoining CaM!e Mafket. COULD MOT SLEEP FOR !TCmNG. tKOLAK CUREB ME. "?yOU use INOI?AK for Itching Eczema. Y. Pimples, Insect Bites, or any skin trouble. First touch wul stop itching and start certain cure. No matter what you have tried, use INOLAK, the only remedy that will DRAW OUT all that causes skin trouMe. Does not burn or sting. Will always cure. Get INOLAK, 1/3, 3/ 5/ of ROBERTS, Chemist, Frogmore Street, Abergavenny, and Chemists everywhere. MoalllOuthshlre AgHcuKunt! Execute Committee. MOTtCE TO FARMER$. HARVEST LABOUR. THE Comnuttee are given to understand JL that a large number of UNSKILLED LABOURERS are available at Emptoyment Exchanges in the County, and as Genaaa Prisoner Labour may poasibly be withdrawn shortly. Fanners in need of Harvest Labour are advised to make application to the ne&reat Employment Exchange. L. A. WILLIAMS, Secretary. SeToy BniMinge, Newport, Moa., 6th June,:0!o. —————————————————————— ————————————————————— ———————— 7 -=-=_ r THE DIRECTORS OF LLOYDS BANK LTD. desire to call the attention of their customers and others to the advisabiity of investing all available moneys in VICTORY LOAN. Re George Davxes, Deceased. Pursuant to the Act of Parliament ci the .m)J ciiid 23rd Vict., C. 35. 1 -T?OTICE IS HEREBY CI\'EN that all ?? Creditors and otjier persons having any Debts. Claims, or Demanda against the Estate of George Daies, late of Beechcroft, Aberga- veuny, in the County of Monmouth, Retired Engineer, deceased (wuo died ou the 27th day uf August 1918 and whole Win and Codicils were proved in the LIandaff District of the Probate Division of His Majesty's Higu Court of Justice, on the 14tli day of February, 1919, by Thomas Edward Lloyd and Reuben Henry Jackson, two of the Executors therein named, are hereby required to send in particulars of their debts, claims or demands to us, the undersigned, the Solicitors for the said Executors, on or before the 25th day of July, 1919, after which date the said Executors will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto, having regadr only to the claims and demands of which they shal! then have had notice and they will not be liable for the assets I of the said deceased, or any part thereof, so dis- tributed, to any person or peraons of whose debts claims or demands they snal! not then have had notice. Dated this nth day of Jtmr, YQIQ. GABD'& WALI-'ORD, Abergavenny, Solicitors for the Executors, The Licensing (Consolidation) Act, 1910. NOTICE OF PRINCIPAL MEETtNS. COUNTY OF ?tIONMOUTll. OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the N Principal Meeting to be held pursuant to the Licensing Rules, 1910, by the Compensa- tion Authority for the above area, will be he!d at the County PoHcc Court, PcntonviHc, New- port, Mon., on the Third day cf July, 1919, at n a.m. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY ALSO CIVKN that the Compensation Authority wu! at the meeting be prepared to hear, with reference to the renewal of the Licences of the several premises specined in the subjoined list. all those persona to whom under the Licensing (Consolidation) Act, 1910, they are bound to give an opportunity of being heard that is to say, the persons interested in any licensed premises in question and, unless it appears to the compensation authority un- necessary, any other persons appearing to them to be interested in the question of the renewal of the Licence of those premises (including the justices of the licensing district). LIST OF LICENSED PREMISES. Name A situation .Nature of LiooQMO of Prannsea Licenae ?_? GuildnalTInn,Publican's Charles JohnDavics High Street, Abergavecny Three Salmons, Alehouse FreJericJk Ernest I Caerleon Rickard The Wheatshesf, Beerhouse Samuel James Penalt Poster Troy House Inn, Alehouse Viokt Kiernan St. Tnomas Square, Monmouth (Signed) T. LYNDON COOPER, Clerk of Compensation Authority. Dated this 13th day of June, 1919. Abergavenny BoroMgh Sthw Baad Draw. WINNING NUMBERS. 6I2 258 125 J. SHAW, Draw Sec., 59 North Street. Q STU" ? DO YOU GOOD. DEAKIN'S MtRAOUtJOUB <MHBVr OOUGH AND LUME HEALER WiB :ntMt<tMtttIy Mmt th< tMMM ef die <htM< tad twMd <t*ta<t tM ill of Pricea. 1/< Md < wf tN C&OM6" 04 sorm <f difficult to obcala Mnd dhwct MttMht V* <* M 80 t&< So!* Propdetert: Q. DEAKtM & HUQHta, Th< bdlammattor¡ <!en«dt« Go,, lUlU.. "THR BREATH OFUPB." ABERCAVENMV FARMERS' UNION. A Genera! Meeting of Members will be held at the AMGEL HOTEL, AbMrgavMwy, On Tuesday Mexi, JMM 17th, at 2 p.m. All Members are urged to attend.