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A REVELATION IN TEA DRINKING INVOLVING ENORMOUS SAVING. STONEHAM'S fjOLDEN TIP TEAS. Saves Money MORE Cups of good Tea per lb. can be made from Stoneham's Colden Tips than from any other Tea, Saves Time Stonehm's Colden Tips produce strong Tea quickly. Only three minutes required for perfect infusion. Saves Health Stoneham's Colden Tips possess none of that harmful astringoncy found in many so-called cheap Teas. Saves Disappointment- Stoneham's Colden Tips can always be relied on To be obtained only fi-orn W. T. STUN EHAM I — per ARGYLL STORES, 9 The ABKRGAYKNNY. 6 lb- parcels post paid to any part of the Kingdom, PEACE DAY IS NEAR! —— FLAGS of ALLIES in Various Sizes, also STREAMERS, SHIELDS, FLAG= i i i I POLES, etc., in great variety. = I GET THEM NOW. J 1 j E. HOWARD DAVIES & Co. ™ ™  j (E. HOWARD DAVIES, Proprietor), ABERGAVENNY. TEL, 52, j I I ARE NOW SHOWING THOMAS & SONS, THE LATEST The Golden Fleece, S P R I INLINT 0 ———————! FASHIONS A Visit to our IN SHOWKOOMS MILLINERY BLOUSES ROBES UNDERCLOTHING is cordially invited SCARVES PRINTED VOILES Accountancy INCOME TAX COHHERCML EDUCATION Trading and Profit and Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets prepared. Periodical Audits 1 i performed. Businesses supervised. I Claims for repayment. Abatement or Adjust- ment prepared. Appeals against Schedule D, Excess Profits Duty Assessments conducted. Ideal Courses of Instruction in all Com- mercial Subjects. Students prepared for Examinations. i CKSON -WHITWELL,-  R. h. JA ABERGAVENNY. | EYESIGHT HEADACHE I o This is the result of neglect. Some small ï defect exists in the eyes, which though too n slight to prevent clear vision, is serious 8 because it places the eyes under a constant o strain. 0 Nothing wastes nervous energy Uke eye- g strain—indeed Dr. A. L. Ranney says,1 1 0 look to Eyestrain as the chief cause of nervous 0 derangements." g a Nearly everyone nowadays suffers from 0 some kind of nerve trouble—neuritis, neu- o rasthenia and nervous breakdown are every- o where. 0 It behoves everyone, therefore, to make sure that their eyes are not imperilling their health. U Pains in and around the eyes (especially ¡ behind and above) as well as at the back of I the head, nearly always indicate eyestrain. Whereas medicine can only relieve the symptoms in such cases, proper Glasses will remove the cause, and thus effect a per- manent cure. Headaches which follow eye work such as I reading, sewing, sight-seeing, railway travel- ling, or visits to theatre or picture house—all show the need for Glasses. Chronic headache—the kind which recurs periodically—can be cured, in 19 cases out I of 20, in this way. Best Quality Lenses and Frames correctly Fitted by j HARRY SHACKLETON, Oculist's —— QUALIFIED CHEMIST & OPTICIAN, Prescriptions 9, CROSS ST., ABERGAVENNY. Dispensed. I THE ABERGAVENNY STEAM LAUNDRY, GO., LTD., Merthyr Road, Abergavenny. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT, HIGH-CLASS WORK, REASONABLE CHARGES. Address: Miss TAYLOR, Manageress. W. H. BUTT j BEGS to announce that he '.ias re-opened the Gentlemen's Measure Dept., and is now onering a large vai'ety of Patterns and is now offering a large v a ?,ety of Patterns at reasonable charges. All orders entrusted to him will receive prompt aud careful attention HIGH STRKET ABERGAVENNY. WHITSUNTIDE SHOW. "¿'#I'I'I7' 8. ".L' LADIES' & CHILDREN'S Costumes, Woollen and Silk Sports Coats, Blouses, Corsets, Gloves, FLAGS Hosiery, Underclothing, Neckwear, and BUNTING Dress Materials, Plidn and Floral for PEACE DAY. Voiles, Prints, etc. J- = MILLINERY = Household Linens and Sheetings JONES & COMPANY BANK HOUSE Abergavenny. A FAcrr BEYOND DISPUTE. The Largest Selection of every Description of Household Furniture in Monmouthshire and South Wales is held at their numerous Branches by the Well-known and Old-Established Firm BEVAN & CO., LTD., Wales' Largest Furnishers, PONTYPOOL. NEWPORT. CARDIFF. Intending Purchasers may with absolute con- fidence place their Furnishing Orders in such capable hands, whose unbroken record for Sixty-nine years, and whose ever-increasing Business affords absolute proof of satisfaction in Quality and Prices being given to their Army of Customers. Delivery Free to Abergavenny and District, and up to 200 miles from all Branches. BEVAN & COMPANY Garden Tools. Pf#I A >, p tj95, \I ?' CALL AND INSPECT "f I • MY J UL ? LARGE & VARIED STOCK | ? OF 1 iFARM AND GARDEN TOOLS | ? OF EVERY DESCRIPTION.  L? QULITY GUARANTEED f f f [ 1 LAWN MftWrDQ -;round and :_t I J I LAWN-MOWERS At Moderate Charges. j j i> ¡ .J ?S?'i?.?' W. B VANI Furnishing & General Ironmonger, The Hardware Stores. 10, CROSS STREET, ABERGAVENNY. Vegeta' Per Tin 6d. & 112d. An Assortment of Choice English Vegetables, cooked leady for use in Stews, Soups, etc. Indian Chutney 113 & 211; BMpere. t New Shipment. Lisbon Red Wine Port Typej 4s. per bottle. JN/lOHGr^JXf & EVANS THE SUPPLY STORES, Abergavenny and. Crickhowell, THE PORTRAITS OF FIVE NOTABLE MEN viz: LLOYD GEORGE HAIG BEATTY FOCH WILSON Each separately mounted on heavy bevelled-edge mount will be sent Post Free to any address for 9d in stamps. This OFFER is made to remind you of the NOTABLE FIRM of P. E. GANE, Ltd., PAINTERS = DECORATORS = HOUSE FURNISHERS 161=2-3 Commercial St., NEWPORT. = to whom orders must be sent. R. J H h -_J_- — I arr y I :;s;: the ? High Street "T 5 H igh Street RA™ LADIES' HAIRDRESSER Sales en emen s !WOIn for the purpose, nUMMnBnRFEMLLAA* b Ladies'& Gentlemen'sR.J.H. begs to inform the UMBRELLA R.J..H. begs to inform the U A IDTIDEOOFD Ladies of the Town and ??? HAIRDRESSER Neighbourhood that he is ?.?HB???? now able to cater for HAuDRzssLNr,  (inLcAlruidr?isn' g to cater that hae nd REPAIRED Wholesale and R8tail ManlcureXpt; Manicure Dept. RE-COVERED TOBACCONIST I MoOpeDnEeRd.ATE CHARGE5 I Heins & Company, Ltd. « The All British Piano Firm We ask you to call and see our Stock. IF YOU WANT A NEW PIANO WE HAVE IT. IF YOU WANT A SECOND-HAND ONE WE HAVE IT. IF YOU WANT A NEW ORGAN WE HAVE IT. IF YOU WANT A SECOND-HAND ONE WE HAVE IT. IF YOU WANT A VIOLIN WE HAVE IT. OPEN ALL DAY IF YOU WANT A MOUTHORGAN WE HAVE IT. IF YOU WANT A JEWS-HARP WE HAVE IT. and ECUVECPRV Y DAY IF YOU WANT A GRAMOPHONE WE HAVE IT. All through the IF YOU WANT A RECORD WE HAVE IT. IF YOU WANT A NEEDLE WE HAVE IT. WHITSUN IF YOU WANT A GOOD ARTICLE at a FAIR PRICE COME TO US. MHAOI LIinDAAVYSS IF YOU WANT ADVICE about BUYING A PIANO, COME TO US. HOLID"S. IF YOU H.?.vE AN OLD PIANO OR ORGAN TO SELL OR EXCHANGE, COME TO US IF YOU WANT VALUE FOR MONEY, FAIR DEALING, FREE DELIVERY, PLENTY OF VARIETY FROM WInCH TO SELECT, AND A GUARANTEE WITH A REPUTATION BEHIND IT, COME TO THE OLD ESTABLISHED AND ALL-BRITISH FIRM OF HEINS & COMPANY, LIMITED. BUSINESS METHODS CHANGE, We have to Keep Up With the Times, but there Is one thing which has NOT CHANGED FOR FORTY YEARS, and that is OUR ADDRESS— Heins & Co., Ltd. THE OLD FIRM THE ALL-BRITISH FIRM, WITH THE 23 FROGMORE STREET, NEW STOCK. ABERGAVENNY. YOU-PASS IT ON YOUR WAY TO THE STATION. NIGHTINGALE, 3 Stow Hill Newport. MAGNIFICENTNBW PIANOS About Half-price. Best in the world at lowest prioes, POULTRY CORN UP IN QUAUTY, DOWN IN PRICE: 3/- PER PECK. FARM £ GARDEN SEEDS, aU guaranteed J* NEW. SEED POTATOES. ARTIFICLAL MANURES. All at lowest possible prices, consistent with good quality. LARGEST STOCKS IN MONMOUTHSHIRE, AND LOWEST PRIcES A J. WIBBERLBY, CORN & SEED MERCHANT, 50 Cross St., Abergavenny. CHEESE VATS AND CHURNS SEPARATORS G. R. BOUNDY 22 FROGMORE ST., Tel. 80. ABERGAVENNY. H. BASIL JONES, DENTAL ROOMS. 12, CROSS STREET. (Second Floor). ABERGAVENNY. HOURS. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. THURSDAYS; 10 Euro, to 1 p.m. CONSULTATIONS FREE. MODERATE CHARGES. REPAIRS completed in 3 HOURS. {— ————————————————— if DELIABLE FURNITURE j of every description III BEST AND III BEST AND DOWNES I j DOWNES Frogmore St. Abergavenny REDWOOD'S BREAD AND CAKES PERFECTION Redwood's Hygienic Bakery Flannel Street. WANTED to purchase ANTIQUE W Furniture, China, Glass, Old Sheffield Plate, Pewter, Brass, Bracket and other Clocks, Sporting Prints and Engravings, etc. Particulars by post will receive prompt attention. HARRY LYONS, ROTHER BOUSE, ABERGAVEIffiT. COLLECTORS are invited to com- xnonioate with the above, who has several pieoes for sale which may be seen by appointment j